My Crazy Sexy Team Reveals Their Deepest Desires

Hi Sweet Friends,

It’s about that time. Another year is coming to a close, and it’s a great opportunity to look back and take stock. 2012 was full of new beginnings for me. I had ups, downs and everything in between. You probably did too. And like me, you probably have a lot to be grateful for, what a year!

Instead of launching into a lengthy list of resolutions and goals, I’m reflecting on how I want to feel in 2013. What emotional threads do I want to weave through every aspect of my life — including my business? And I’m not stopping with me. I’ve asked the spectacular women who work with me to share their feelings too. You don’t get a glimpse at my mavens very often. So today I’m peeling back the curtain and revealing a whole other side of my life.

As my company grows, so does my unicorn stable. And each Crazy Sexy unicorn on my team is unique. They all come to the barn with full lives — they have families, responsibilities, dreams and bright futures. Each person has a variety of strengths and weaknesses (so do I!), and it’s my job to guide and nurture them as best I can. Truthfully, these women make me a better person. Despite our differences, and in part because of them, we come together each day and work toward a common vision — bringing greater health and happiness to everyone who reads my books and visits

Kris Lauren Natanya

Lately I’ve been asking myself the following question as I reflect upon 2012: How can I be a better leader? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself the same thing, whether you’re trying to be a better boss, teacher, mother, mentor or one of the countless other types of leaders we have out there in the world. In my humble opinion, management of any person in any capacity is one of the greatest challenges one can take on (and also one of the most rewarding).

Let’s be honest. We’re complex, emotional beings even when we’re at work. How many of you have cried on the job? Yelled? Cringed? Blushed? Puked? Ripped a phone out of the wall and smashed it to pieces (Oops, did I really share that? Tis true. I have witnesses). We’ve all been there in some way. And I say this to myself and to you: It’s OK. Sometimes the pressure mounts and blows. If you’re feeling any shame or willies around those memories just shake them off and breathe them out.

I’ll start  …

“I forgive myself for losing my temper and melting down in front of my team. I have compassion for myself, and I know that I’m doing the best I can and that it’s enough. Ahhh … ”

Before I go on, I should say that I didn’t come to this ah-ha alone. Many of you know and follow one of my best friends, Danielle LaPorte. She recently launched The Desire Map — a revolutionary way to identify, engage and launch your deepest desires. The book comes in two parts: Book One carries the wisdom, the guidance and the heart of Danielle’s teachings. She gives it to you straight and doesn’t waste your time. While reading Book One, my desires started stirring, whispering and peeking out from their hiding places. Then I dove into Book Two (the workbook), and I kept thinking about my team.

Danielle’s writing exercises tap the source. She’s psychic, intuitive and a touch spooky. Long story short, this work really helped me feel present, plugged in and clear about what I wanted. And I think one thing a leader really needs to understand is what they want AND what their team wants too. What floats our boats? Rings our bells? Lights our boards? If I had a better idea of our desires, and I could help everyone ignite their fires through our work at … well, look out WORLD.

The Desire Map

That’s why I assigned each of my team members some Desire homework. I was a little nervous when I opened up the document. Would I be able to offer them opportunities to fulfill their Desires through our work? After soaking in their responses, I realized that their desires were relatively simple and straightforward. My mavens are looking for what most of us want: Peace. Health. Passion. Space. It wasn’t so much their differences that popped out at me, it was their similarities. I was reminded of how much we’re all striving to make room for self-care and to create authentic, juicy, joyful lives. And I realized how easy it is to help them (and myself!) make space for those things.

When we communicate better, work smarter (not harder) and support each other, everyone experiences less stress and less late nights on the job. When I kick off our Monday morning meetings by taking ten minutes to check in with them, we move forward with our work day with more understanding, inspiration and commitment to each other and our work. And when I stop everything to talk one-one-one with a team member who is having a particularly stressful day, they feel heard and our business grows stronger.

Do we have big picture, logistical, day-to-day aspects of our business that need work? Of course! But at the core of every business are people. People with DESIRES. I know that I’ll continue to use The Desire Map as a personal tool AND a business tool. Can you imagine if more companies started tuning into their employees’ feelings? Can you imagine how much more powerful, efficient and impactful our world could be if we took a little more time to be present and tap into our passions rather than our spreadsheets? I bet we’d be a heck of a lot healthier too.

Here’s an inside look at my team’s Crazy Sexy desires. See if some of their responses resonate with you or stir something up. Then, check out my question for you at the end of this post. My hope is that this simple exercise will empower and inspire you, bringing you a step closer to your desires. I know it has done just that for me and my team.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Contentment
2. Creativity
3. Connected

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Slowing down and turning off when the day is over. Embracing my weekends fully and not allowing work to seep in. Spending more quality time connecting with friends and family at our farm. I also want to deepen my relationship to the Divine. To go on a spiritual retreat and learn from new teachers (even if it’s just a weekend workshop — that I’m not teaching!). Lastly, I love animals and plan on spending more of my free time in service to them. Animals instantly connect me to each of my core desires.
  • What I’m doing this week: Journal (which I did by candle this AM — heaven!). Read & soak. Let this one day be a sponge day, rather than an outpouring from me, take in some other wise words. Yoga. 15 minutes. I promise myself 15 minutes!
  • What I’m no longer doing: Overcommitting.

Tina: My three core desired feelings are:

1. Cherished
2. Free
3. Abundant

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Strengthening my faith by nurturing my spiritual practice.
  • What I’m doing this week: Taking 30 minutes to do something for myself each morning before jumping into the day. Breaking up my daily routine by doing at least one thing out of the ordinary each week. Listening to an abundance meditation CD.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Ignoring my needs.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Energy
2. Clarity
3. Love

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: I’m being patient and creating more space in my life by having faith that I don’t have to work on every dream TODAY.
  • What I’m doing this week: Making 32 oz. of glorious green veggie juice. Waking up at 5:30AM so that I have two hours of writing/work/organization time before my kiddo wakes up. Wine and conversation with my husband, extra hugs and reading time with my daughter.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Saying “yes” to every opportunity.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Juicy
2. Celebratory
3. Alignment

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Putting my action items into a calendar, so I know I’ll have time set aside to take action on each desired feeling.
  • What I’m doing this week: Making a vision board to hang in a prominent place in my house, so I’ll see my desired feelings everyday. Moving my body! Whether it’s a walk, a run, a brief solo dance party, or a bit of yoga. Acknowledging the good stuff today. From the itty bitty to the mighty. Journaling to discover my Truth today. (So I can act from that Truth tomorrow).
  • What I’m no longer doing: Overfilling my schedule.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Cherished
2. Nourished
3. Expressed

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Cultivating a sense of community in my new town. Teaching more yoga. Building free time into my calendar. Moving my workspace out of my bedroom.
  • What I’m doing this week: Taking a bath with essential oils. Wearing clothes that inspire me and feel great. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Journaling each morning.
  • What I’m no longer doing: Rushing through lunch, missing the gym and skipping my morning routine just because I work from home.

My three core desired feelings are:

1. Calm
2. Content
3. Confident

  • What I’m doing in 2013 to feel that way: Deepening my yoga and meditation practices, taking time to be grateful each day, and being proud of my accomplishments and my good qualities instead of focusing on what I think I lack.
  • What I’m doing this week: Yoga, meditation, and spending time nurturing my passions (aka what I am good at!).
  • What I’m no longer doing: Judging myself for where I think I should be, rushing from point A to point B, and living in the future.

Dearest Team Crazy Sexy: Thanks for sharing these feelings with us all and for allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. I’m going to place your Desires on our company vision board. Keeping them close as I continue to improve our workflow and business.

Now I want to hear from you.

I invite you to list your core desired feelings and answer these same three questions in the comments below. I also encourage you to come back and periodically read the responses. You may be blown away by how similar we all feel. I can’t wait to get a glimpse inside your heart. xo!

Peace & dazzling desires,

Kris Carr