The Secret to Staying Motivated

Hiya Gorgeous,

Ever wonder where all your motivation went? Has it been years since you’ve felt the spark? Do you get fired up to start a new exercise routine, meditation practice or eating plan only to sputter out within a day or two? Pretty deflating, right? Well, today I want to share how I sidestep this pattern.

I know that lasting change is what so many of you are looking for—it’s what I was looking for when I was diagnosed, and later when I was struggling with adrenal fatigue. Sometimes, raw motivation has worked in my favor and other times, it’s gone up in smoke. So, what’s made the difference? What makes it stick sometimes and not others?

Get Clear on Your “Why” (The Reason Behind Your Goal)

When motivation has seen me through, it’s usually because I was clear on “why” I was doing what I was doing. The underlying reason is my fuel. Also, it has to be MY why—not someone else’s, or it doesn’t work. Which means, I can’t compare my life, my dreams or my goals to others. Plus, my why has to serve my mission and my highest good (not just my jean size). Because when I’m motivated by my ego or my wounds, the results rarely fill my well and keep me going.

But when our motivation is fed by the core, real reason behind our goals, it never sputters out. We can lean on it anytime we need more fuel. We can tap into it to get us over the finish line. And, we can also offer our efforts up to something greater than us. For example: helping others.

Your why is your power center. And the more you spend time contemplating what drives you, the easier it is to cut through the noise, focus and create the life you want to live. And, guess what? It may take a little time to get clear on your why, but it’s well worth the effort.

So, how can you get clear on your why so you can create lasting change and a bangin’ life filled with magic? Pull out your pen and paper, folks—we’re gonna do some soul digging!

1. Start by asking yourself some basic questions: Why do I want this? How do I want to feel? What will this goal allow me to do for myself and my family? And, how can I pay it forward if I meet this goal? Allow yourself to write down everything that comes up. Really go there. Paint the picture for yourself, because your answers to those questions will help you create a really strong “why” (reason behind your goal).

2. Once you’re clear on why you want what you want, identify 1-3 goals you can create to support it. Personally, my life goals are pretty straight forward. I want to feel my best, do my best and make an impact. So, my “why’s” back up those desires. Drinking my green juice daily boosts my energy, bringing my focus and creativity to my work makes it meaningful no matter how crappy or fantastic my day is, teaching people about a plant-based diet helps my readers (and the animals I love so much), etc. Make sense? So, what are your 1-3 goals that can support your why?

3. Post your goals and your motivation behind them somewhere you’ll see every day.

When you reinforce your goals and why you’re doing them, you strengthen your chance of making them happen. It’s how I’ve created better health (in the face of crappy cancer), built my amazing business and created a life that I adore (most days!).

Your turn: What do you want and why do you want it? Be brave and share ONE thing.

Peace & motivation,

Kris Carr

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