Hormone Imbalance: Why stress is ruining your health


This week I’m thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Sara Gottfried (in case you didn’t already know about this women’s health champion!). Over the past year, Sara has become a friend and mentor of mine. Before I met Sara, I didn’t fully understand how much stress could throw off my hormone balance and affect my overall health. And I’m guessing that some of my readers are in the same boat. That’s why I filmed this interview for you. I hope our conversation empowers and helps you as much as it’s helped me.

Watch my interview with Dr. Sara Gottfried above or download it here and listen on the go. Note: To download the mp3 file right click (or Ctrl+Click on a Mac) on the link and “Save Link As” to save it to your computer.

Why am I blown away by Sara’s work? For starters, she’s a Harvard-educated physician, board certified gynecologist, speaker, yoga teacher, wife, and mom of two daughters. She’s also the kind of doctor that makes me cheer—a practitioner who’s getting to the root causes of health issues impacting millions of women. And she’s not throwing pills at her patients’ problems. Instead, Sara is teaching us how to address these challenges with an integrative approach. You know, all the stuff we love at KrisCarr.com—diet, lifestyle, holistic mental and emotional therapies and supplements.

I recently read Sara’s new best-selling book, The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Vitality with The Gottfried Protocol and it really helped my daily wellness plan. With a couple tests and a few simple adjustments, I’m seeing major improvements in my energy levels, which had been less than ideal for a while. In this interview, Sara and I delve into a huge topic for most of us—stress!

Here’s a peek at the questions we covered:

  • What’s runaway stress and how does it impact our hormones and health? Take Sara’s free quiz to begin exploring your hormonal health.
  • What are some practical ways we can overcome runaway stress? Sara and I share our personal strategies (Sara loves the Inner Balance app).
  • What’s the link between cortisol and challenges like depression, moodiness, chronic disease or gaining weight? Find out how Sara and I have measured and improved our cortisol levels.
  • What’s public enemy #1 of our well-being? We all need to be aware of this priority and keep it in the forefront of our minds each day…
  • What foods reduce stress in the body? You could easily start adding these foods to your diet today.
  • How do carbohydrates impact our hormonal health and stress levels? Hint: they’re not your nemesis.
  • For a green juice drinking yoga mama in our audience who’s rocking some of these tips already, what’s she NOT thinking about or addressing? You don’t want to miss Sara’s insider tips!

Watch the video above or download it here and listen later. For more information on Sara, her free resources, programs and books, visit her website. Note: To download the mp3 file right click (or Ctrl+Click on a Mac) on the link and “Save Link As” to save it to your computer.

Your turn: I really want to hear about what you’re struggling with when it comes to stress, hormones & your well-being. Comment below with your insights & tips.

Peace & happy hormones,

Kris Carr

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94 responses to Hormone Imbalance: Why stress is ruining your health
  1. Thank you, Kris! This was great information. Really enjoyed this!

  2. Fantastic interview with a wealth of information – totally empowering! Thank you gorgeous, intelligent ladies very much :)
    Heading over to Amazon for Sara’s book to get more info!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this video, Kris and Dr. Gottfried! It is such a relief to hear that our blood work doesn’t always tell the full story. I am a 25-year-old graduate student and recently went to my PCP to sort out a host of symptoms: hormonal acne (after years of clear skin), no period for over 8 months, and a low sex drive. First, I was told that my low sex drive didn’t “fit” with the rest of the symptoms. High testosterone (linked to acne) should make me have a greater sex drive, so that symptom must be resulting from high stress. As for the amenorrhea, she ordered some blood work to rule out PCOS. Of course, I was relieved to find out everything was normal. But what now? My PCP said that many people have hypothalamic amenorrhea, and that it doesn’t mean I won’t be infertile or have any other issues later in life. But what about my acne? What about the low sex drive? Is this my new normal? Of course, one of my options for both acne and amenorrhea is to take an oral contraceptive, but I’ve tried a number of formulas and have had unpleasant side effects with all of them–most distressing of which were migraines and a general disgust with other people (I would cringe when someone even touched me). And for the acne, well…I’m currently trying a physician-prescribed laboratory approach. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, oral and topical antibiotics, spironolactone, you name it, I’ve tried it. As a student of public health with a particular interest in functional medicine, I can’t help but think that all of these symptoms are linked to a hormone imbalance that can be “treated” or managed without systemic medications or harsh, topical chemicals. I am going to order The Hormone Cure and can’t wait to read it. I regularly practice yoga and eat a plant-based diet, but I’d love to know what else I can do in my daily routine to help order to my chaos. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions on how to self-regulate my hormones?

    • Veronica — I am a woman from a family of women with all sorts of autoimmune stuff. One of my nieces has many of the symptoms you do. What ails you sounds like it has to be healed from the inside-out (as I think you are finding since the topical stuff isn’t fixing it) and is likely hormonal, possibly from autoimmune influences.

      I have an MPH and I let “regular” western medicine have their way with me for many years. The apparently were intent on killing me. I now joke folks should go to someone who practices “functional” medicine vs. the current dysfunctional model. Follow your instincts, they are pointing you in the right direction.

      Low libido and acne are big hints that hormones are out of whack, now you just need to figure out why. Thank god for folks like Chris and Dr. Sara

    • Hi Veronica,
      I am from Australia. I am a Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist here and I work with Young Living Essential Oils, (YLEO). We recently had a tour here by Dr Dan Purser, from the USA. He discussed his findings regarding female and male hormones, during a very interesting presentation. I summarised this presentation in the last newsletter article on my website, if you’re interested to read it. The link is: http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=14c45e1e75a7fe9ccbbc25ef8&id=6e7e3616f4

      Dr Dan has helped to develop and test YL essential oil based products for the regulation of hormones, which are fantastic. He also has a number of books available online, which might help you.

      At a guess, you possibly require a boost to your Progesterone and Estrogen levels, if your Testosterone has tested high. I would suggest considering Progessence Plus and Clary Sage, or Sclaressence. Your symptoms match with many of the symptoms outlined by Dr Dan, particularly for low Progesterone levels.

      Of course, look at what else you can do to come into balance with your health. However, these are fantastic products that can work miracles for many people.

      All the best with it,
      Kerry Wailes

  4. This is what I needed…but I also need more help.
    I’m health conscious yet I’ve been dealing with a recent condition which has reared its head: chronic recurring multifocal sterile osteomyelitis of the bone marrow, bone & surrounding tissues of the spine. It’s been a hell of a journey. I know my healing must include fruits and vegetables, however, I have IBS/leaky gut and react even to juiced fruits and veggies. Finally, for sure I see and feel the connection between my adrenals and my health, including inflammation and pain.
    So my question is, which this far no one has been able to help me with: how to heal with foods as I have the IBS/leaky gut which cannot cannot handle green anything?
    Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

    • You might want to check out the GAPS diet, esp. for early gut healing (you don’t do anything raw, have to blend your food etc).

      I have Hashimotos and it is common for anyone with autoimmune to have some degree of leaky gut (my digestive issues are mild and I don’t have a lot of food reactivity so it wasn’t as obvious). Things that have helped me are: going gluten free, organic, limiting all chemicals (lotions, shampoos, laundry detergent), not eating prepared foods (the stabilizers and binders in them are really bad for IBS), l-glutamine, bone broth, coconut oil (( use it as skin lotion, warm it up and slather it on, so I get wonderful skin and the health benefits both), apple cider vinegar, water kefir (natural probiotics vs. taking pills), and digestive bitters. Lots more but those are the most helpful I believe. And I tried dry brushing and was surprised how not only does my skin look amazing, but my digestion and lymphatics were improved by it.

      Good luck to you, important to make sure the IBS isn’t a symptom of other imbalances but these nutritional and healthful changes help everything!!

  5. Thank you both for this wonderful video, so full of valuable information. One thing that really hit home for me was the issue of going paleo/cutting out carbs. I’ve been doing this for a few months, and while it has helped me shed a bit of weight (or maybe that’s due to bike riding!) i’ve noticed I get cranky and irritable, tight feeling inside. I’ve been having the hunch that I’m missing something important and your video validated that feeling for me. Thank you! Must read your book! :)

  6. Thank you ladies! Both of you are a delight and always have wonderful info. to share!

  7. Loved it so much. Thank you ladies. I’m a health coach and stress management is the core of what I teach because my clients are go-getters! It was very helpful for me to hear all of this in a different way, different language because many of my clients respond to different wording about stress and hormones.

    This was also a little nudge for my own health; to test myself and measure it. I have a feeling my cortisol levels are through the roof! Thank you thank you. Purchased the Hormone Cure book while I was watching the video and will be taking the quiz right after I post this comment. I’m also thinking of reaching out to Dr Sara about becoming a teacher of the Hormone Cure, does she still do that? Kris, do you know where I can find more information about that? Thanks again. Wonderful way to start my day.

    Lots of Love,
    Shannon Vigil

  8. Nice job ladies! Yep, fat and cranky, that describes me lately! Thanks for all the great information!

  9. Thank you, very helpful. What was the name of the greens that Sara mentioned was her favorite but didn’t know if it was in season yet?

  10. I love you beautiful ladies!! Thank you so much for this valuable info! I am on my way to Amazon.com to get Dr. Sara’s book!

  11. Wow, watching this was huge for me! I’ll be sharing it with friends as stress management & the impact it has on our wellbeing is something the world needs education on. As well, I’ve needed some blood work done for some time and been avoiding it because I have deep veins – knowing there is a four point option for cortisol is awesome. I’m going to ask my naturopath if this may be an option for me.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this video. xo

  12. Kris,
    Thank you so much for the video.

    How can one go about finding a doctor like Dr. Sara. I am so sick of going to the doctor and they just hand you a bunch of pills and send you on your way.

  13. Zita said on May 13, 2014

    Wonderful to see two of my mentors unite for the common goal :)
    Love u!

  14. This was fabulous, Sara and Kris together are a magical conversation couple, you both hit so many health topics of significance, thank you both. More of you two together, please! I took copious notes, and there are so many wonderful gems here that a second hearing is definitely needed, so be sure to download the audio to listen later. It lives on my iTunes now for future hearings.

    One big takeaway for me from Dr. Gottfried, among many, was to get a doctor on your team who is a co-investigator with you. It’s hard to find an MD who will drill down with you on testing, who won’t box you into a general category (“you’re not hypothyroid! You’re right in the range of normal!” This was complete BS for me. I turned right around once I began thyroid medication, even though I was “normal.”), who will spend more than the allotted 10 minutes time. And Kris’–be intuitive about your health–your opinion is as valuable as your doctors…maybe MORE so~!

    Thanks again~!

  15. I love this interview! As an animal rescuer, and President/Founder of a national equine rescue, I find myself under constant stress. I love the information and also the idea of non medicating by reducing our stress, eating the right foods, and raising the level of consciousness for all living beings. My organization began 10 years ago, after I learned about the happy little pill Premarin, made from pregnant mare urine that women have been prescribed since the 1940’s. One happy little pill to eliminate your menopausal hot flashes. But, what about the side effects? What about the horses? What about the foals?
    Going back to the basics, taking care of our own health, and the planet! Thanks Kris for your daily wisdom and wonderful informative guests!!!

  16. Excellent interview, such valuable information!

    Kris, I can relate to your problem with low cortisol, esp. in the morning, it is such a stressful way to start the day! You mentioned you take licorice, can you share what brand you use and how much you take?

    Thank you, thank you!

  17. You two are just magnificent. You heal my soul and I’m so lucky to have you virtually in my life. Thanks for all you do!

  18. Lyn said on May 13, 2014

    I would love to know is Sara uses DIM with her patients who have too much estrogen in the body.

  19. Thanks for always “going deeper”. I’m having a few challenges – chronic headache … Menopause …anxiety … I pretty much have myself dead and buried. This interview reminds me to not “abandon” myself. Words of wisdom that I learned from u kris carr

  20. Kris, I absolutely needed the reminder that sometimes even health coaches need a nudge back into the practices they know are best! In general, I eat well and exercise well. Lately I’ve been massively stressed and gaining weight, which always go hand in hand for me, and in the past 2 months my periods have been crazy. Normally, I just do some yoga or take a few days off and my stress levels come back to normal and the paunchy tummy weight goes away. But this time, that hasn’t happened so easily. Here’s where the reminder comes in, years ago, I learned from tracking my temperature and my ovulation cycle that I am low in progesterone. At that point I put into practice a few things that really helped but since then have fallen by the wayside: vitamin B12, magnesium, and fish oil. Watching this video and taking Dr. Sara’s quiz, which immediately produced the result of “You are probably low in progesterone,” gave me that DUH moment – I mean – HELLO!!! I totally already knew that about myself… but somehow I’d forgotten! I immediately hopped on my favorite supplement site and ordered up my next dose of progesterone balancing goodness.

  21. Moya said on May 13, 2014

    I have never heard of Dr. Sara Gottfried, but I am so glad you had her on and that I was able to hear her because I have been not feeling really well, and am going to the Doctor (a new 1) today And would really like to find out what’s wrong with me! Sorry to much :( But she has gave me a lot to check into Have a great and healthy day <3

  22. Very helpful video. I am saved again and hope many will be..

  23. Wow wow wow,
    Thank you both for such a rich conversation. Most of all, for making this information fun, as well as helpful; for coming from a love base vs fear base which is empowering. So great- I pass all this good stuff right on to my family, friends, and coaching clients. Totally inspiring mentors and beautiful role models, inside and out.

  24. Kris & Sara: Thank you. This is just what I needed at this precise moment. Kris, you are my hero. I admire you, your trajectory and your willingness to share so many great things. You are a role model.

  25. Liz said on May 13, 2014

    This is super fascinating! Thank you for sharing, I’m going to have to check out Dr. Gotfrieds book. I think the whole endocrine system is amazing, it’s wonderful to have these insights.

  26. Rose said on May 13, 2014

    Hello, thanks for this video, so much new information for me re cortisol. As someone diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year I’m certainly going to take this further. One question I have relating to thyroid issues, I’m finding plenty of info relating to correcting thyroid problems, but little on living without a thyroid. I’m taking daily thyroxine and while I realise there may not be a healthy alternative to the drugs, I’d love to go deeper in understanding how I can support my body now it’s functioning without a thyroid. Any and all suggestions, links, info gratefully received.
    One of the many and unexpected blessings of cancer has been finding this community, so happy to be here.

  27. Dear Kris, I have so,so much to thank you for I don’t know where to begin. Kris I’m from Ireland & first followed your story when my little 7yr old niece, my precious Mum, my sister my aunt & godmother my mums youngest sister where all diagnosed with this crazy c this was back in 2006, sadly in 2007 my little niece my brothers only daughter lost her battle with brain c. Jemma was such a brave child & an inspiration to me to this day. My brother Trevor never recovered from her loss & passed away 2010, 6 mths later I lost my precious Aunt Vi to breast c and just 7 weeks later my most precious Mum passed with cervical c. Now if the pain of losing so many of my precious family wasn’t enough, on the day the dr told me my Mum had only two weeks to live 1 hr later I was given the devastating news that I have colorectal c. As you know Kris my world fell apart I had to go for my chemo / radiation assessment the day after my Mums funeral, rite back to the place where I took my niece,my mum,my Aunt for treatment and where just weeks before my Aunt Vi had passed away. As I was my Mums carer she lived with me, I believe it was pure stress not from looking after mum, or other personal things in my life but due to the immense stress my boss put me under at work that caused my cancer,I had been misdiagnosed for 8 mths I was told I had piles, a tear in my bowel ( fistula ) the pain was indescribable but after having been admitted to hosp for the third time they found it & I’m so glad I found you Kris I know we all have our stories its life and it sucks but I give thanks for people like you, you are my life saver Kris and my sisters who is now 7 yrs in remission . Sorry for the litany Kris but thank you & Sarah for lifesaving advice. Forever in your debt, Glynis x

  28. is it possible to get a transcript of this video? I would love to hear about this since I think this would help with what I’ve been struggling for over a year and not sure if it is pre-menopause (I’m 44) or stress or other. I’d really appreciate it!!

  29. Moni said on May 13, 2014

    This was really interesting to listen to. I suffer from stressrelated disease, but I’m feeling much better now and I have gone to eat raw food instead of traditional meat, Chicken, fish and a lot of refined stuff. I feel this is the food My body has been longing for, so I’m quite happy about it.
    I reacts on the thing about the omega you were taking about in the interview, why did you not mention the Chiaseeds. Are they not a good omega-3 source?

  30. Thank U thank U thank U

    (wish I knew what my FB website is / I put a meditation for hope & healing daily on FB / also need help w/ LINKEDIN also wish I kept my OTR LICENSE)

    I am from BOSTON / love to meet ya next time U visit – I would love to give U the BEST Freedom Trail Tour as I have learned
    PHENOMINAL FACTS since I have retired from BNHP in 2011

    781 413 5082 also come C me perform . . .

  31. So glad U changed your “book” name from diet to WELLNESS !!
    Namaste – keep CHA CHA CHA IN


    Has anyone here ever heard of PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)? This really hits the nail on the head for what I have been experiencing for years, and I wonder if there is a way that this can be remedied through the management of hormones via food, stress reduction, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations? I will DEFINITELY be picking up a copy of Sara’s book ASAP.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  33. Do U remember me Kris ??
    Attended your NY writers workshop
    6/12 cues 1. Wore head scarf
    2. Sat in front row (1st only)
    3. Kissed Reis . . . on the cheek
    ( of course)

    U C I balance mania & am a little
    C R A Z Y

    I would like permission to use your material in my “classes” BUT it’s ok if
    U R too busy to respond / by doing so U have been more SUPPORTIVE than ever
    ( THANKS TO LOUISE L Hay & Dr. Lissa Rankin & my boyfriend – ROCKIN ROLLER
    Thank U for offering a comment section

  34. That was excellent Kris, thanks so much x

  35. Thank you so much for this, Kris and Dr. Gottfried. I was just thinking about you, Kris, and how you realized you had to completely change your life in order to have a life. I’ve been struggling with OCD my whole life, but wasn’t diagnosed until 4 years ago. It’s not life or death, persay, but sure feels like it a lot. My body doesn’t like medications, so I decided that behavioral therapy was the only option. I have worked hard and long to find a happy place. Recently, I thought I’d be okay to pursue my dreams and go back to school (not that I needed school for it). Just today, I had to gather up my courage and for the first time quit something I was so committed to because it wasn’t right. I haven’t been this stressed and panicky in a long time, and I realized that all this time I wasn’t quite doing as well as I thought. It’s a really great thing to know, but my body is now ragged from it. I also realized that my dream of being on Broadway and in TV and film may not be the best thing for me. (At least getting there in the “normal” fashion) The anxiety it causes is great, and the consequences are now not ones I am willing to make. I know there are so many ways to perform and share my voice. But I have yet to find enough homeostasis in my body to make any real progress.

    Dr. Gottfried, do you ever work with people who have anxiety disorders like OCD on how to level it all out? I have come to the conclusion with my husband that living in LA may not be the best for us anymore at this point in our lives. I’m starting to get okay with that fact, since really I just want to collaborate with other musicians and artists and have a community, which I don’t have right now. I have done a lot of different types of meditation, yoga (I’m actually a certified instructor), and all sorts of alternative medicine for the great amount of pain I’m always in. I eat the way most people do on cleanses because my body started reacting as if all food is an allergen and yet I still mostly feel anxious and crappy. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to know if you have any thoughts!

  36. Great interview that just got me thinking about, not only cortisol, but things like, am I really doing my best to get my greens (I love them and am vegan but why aren’t I starting my day with green juice?) and am I really doing myself a service when I check my phone/email while I’m still in bed? (Noooo!) So, this morning I did ten minutes of yoga with my dog. :-)

    Also, having dealt with fatigue, depression and anxiety for a very long time, Sara’s book intrigues me!

    Thank you!

  37. Thank you, Very helpful, I’m going to get the book..I have a question, what about the men? where can they get help?

  38. Nice video. I enjoyed it very much. You both have lovely, luminous skin.

    It was driving me crazy trying to think of who Kris sounds like, and then it came to me. Kate Walsh! You sound like sisters :)

    Thank you and I’ll look for the book!

  39. As someone who suffers from endometriosis, anything around hormones and hormone balance/imbalance is definitely of interest to me. Since it’s such a hormone-driven issue, I’m always looking for anything I can do in my daily life to help keep it in check.

    Can’t wait to read the book! Adding it to my Amazon wish list so I can purchase when I get paid :)!

    • Cia said on May 14, 2014

      Hi Candace
      I suffer from that too. I’ve been out of pain and healed for 1,5 years now. Change of diet, breathing excercises (to get more oxygen in your body) and acupuncture helped me both to resolve the pain and the problem. I also commented below on two other great reads when it comes to hormones. Good luck! Xx

  40. I loved the video! I’m always interested in learning more about hormones in the body as my disease is dependent on hormones. I look forward to reading the book which has been added to my list.

  41. Thank you lovely ladies!! Sara your information is beautiful and Kris you are a divine soul. There needs to be more wonderful people like yourselves in our lives.

  42. Hi Kris, Thank you for the many inspirational messages you post. I’m not often on fb; – but am so fortunate to have found this interview with you and Dr Gottfried. Will be forwarding it to my daughter, Dani, who has been struggling with ‘poly-ovarian-cystic-syndrome’ for years – and I think that Dr Gottfried’s book will help her. – Thank you again and blessings. Have a great day, Helen.

  43. I have hashimotos, cortisol low in the morning and 20 years of high stress (severely disabled daughter, passed away after 5 brain surgeries, shortly after another daughter diagnosed with crowns and almost died from malnutrition, had a brain tumor removed 6 months ago and husband with prostate cancer now). Have been taking tons of supplements and working on getting off 50 plus pounds. Last 3 weeks been on cleanse, protein shakes in morning, greens and very little animal protein. Cannot get weight off. Feel like crying constantly. Help me please. I eat 85% very good, almost no sugar, no processed foods, have tried elimination of high allergic foods, no carbs (other than in veggies) for three weeks and lost a grand total of only 5 pounds. Discouraged.

  44. Mary said on May 13, 2014

    Love both of you and really enjoyed this interview. I did the tests recommended by Dr. Sara in her book and found my cortisol is way high and everything else (DHEA, estrogen, progesterone) were really low. So I’m working on the cortisol and using the recommended supplements. My struggle is in the dietary aspects – I don’t have a juicer so am constantly trying to make a smoothie that I like, with no success. Haven’t found a protein powder that I like and can’t find a veggie combo that tastes good to me. Any suggestions for easy on the “newly green palette” smoothies? Also, trying to eat my greens is a struggle. I have a 2 year old and there is little time for prep or cooking. Any quick ways to cook veggies that are simple but flavorful? My other question for Dr. Sara is that I am on a combo birth control pill (yasmin), is that helping or hurting? 43 and do not want any more kids.
    Awesomeness all around ladies!

  45. I’m at such a transitional time in my life and more and more I realize I’m feeling stressed out and anxious during the day. While most people are saying this normal, it’s hard to deal with daily. I loved this interview. Thank you for helpful, takeaway tips I can start using today.

  46. Thank u soooooo very much Kris and Dr.Sara..This session has been an eye opener to me.

  47. Flora Health’s Udo’s Oil or 7 Sources is a great source of omegas for vegans, though can be a bit pricy.

    Thanks for an awesome interview!

  48. This is perfect!! I am planning to write a blog about the effects of stress and our reactions to stress. I am so excited to share this video as part of my blog!!

  49. Cia said on May 14, 2014

    Thanks Kris for sharing! Other tips on great reads when it comes to hormones and women are Claudia Welch – Balance your hormones, balance your life and Toni Weschler – Taking charge of your fertility. Very much the same holistic approach.

  50. Kaz said on May 14, 2014

    Kris THANK YOU so much – this is such a treasure chest of info.
    I was diagnosed Hashimotos/hypothryoidism in December last year. I am working on
    healing through nutrition and lifestyle and choosing not pharmaceuticals. There was
    so many gems in this talk with Dr Sara that I will take away and work on.

    Namaste from Australia.

    • Hi Australia, here is Austria :) I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a long time ago but only recently I stated to keep a serous eye on my Vitamin D levels and selenium levels. Hashimoto’s patients are low in vitamin d most of the time… supplementing it should be done together with somebody who knows about the connection, so I am working together with my doctor. Another interesting aspect: often gluten-free is mentioned in the connection of Hashimoto’s – so I am on day 2 of my gluten-free diet, especially because my antibodies are always wild. Maybe that’s also an idea for you? I have been taking t4 for a very long time and do not have any problems with them. All the best.

  51. Jane said on May 14, 2014

    Really enjoyed listening to this interview. I’m working on reducing stress and improving my diet to help me cope with my endometriosis.

  52. Thank you Kris for interviewing Dr Sara. I always enjoy her wisdom and knowledge. (and I’ll admit being infatuated with her!) I do recommend her book The Hormone Cures highly to my friends and readers. I also have the hard cover version and want to get the paperback with the extra 50 pages of information.

  53. Great information and so helpful. Now for some green juice with a dark chocolate chaser.

  54. G’day Kris,

    This is a really important interview as so many of us are completely zapped by modern life. Sara’s such a fantastic resource.

    As a single working Mum, I’ve experienced first hand a total crash which landed me in hospital. Like Sara, I was prescribed all manner of things like radical hormones and anti depressants until I finally got the right help and information. Using a completely natural approach and specific protocol, I feel better than ever and know exactly what to do when I’m super busy to avoid any downturn.

    Here are some additional important keys to balancing the OAT (adrenal-ovary-thyroid) axis :

    – Gentle liver detoxification to increase your clearance. When your liver’s congested, which is the case for most of us, you can often have a reverse effect from supplements, even the good ones, and feel worse.
    – Slow introduction and reduction of supplements. It’s very important not to just jump right into new supplements – wean on to new ones and off the old ones over the course of a couple of weeks.
    – Take a breather. Becoming acutely aware of how you breath will enable you to recognize when you’re in fight/flight mode – the common sympathetic nervous system response to stress, real or perceived. Don’t panic, just stop, drop and breathe :
    1. Watch for rapid, shallow mouth breathing in your chest.
    2. If you notice this, begin breathing calmly through your nose, into your belly for a minute. Even 3 breaths will help.
    Learning how to regulate your breath/nervous system in this way is one of the single most useful things you will do to help you manage stress and therefor keep a healthy OAT axis.
    If you’d like more information on this, you can pop over to my site and grab my free instructional videos http://soniasommer.com/ Or feel free to drop me an email and I’d be very happy to offer any additional ideas and strategies to help you.

    Lots of love to all of you beautiful, busy women, Soniaxo

  55. Dear Kris,

    Thank you for all you do. Two years ago I was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Thanks to your inspiration I’ve been able to hold the belief that the body can heal itself and have been on my own healing journey ever sense. I suffered a set back three days ago with a terrible bout of gout which is unusual because I’m on a whole foods plant based diet. But test results showed high levels of uric acid in my blood. I felt so defeated at first. After all I’ve done, I thought for a brief moment that no matter what I do, this will end badly. Then I watched this video and was reminded again there is always a way. The body can heal and I can do it! Thank you for helping keep a light on when everything seems dark.

  56. Lisa said on May 14, 2014

    Thanks for this interview. It was such a blessing and a gift! I’ve been working on some healing aspects with fatigue, thyroid, and adrenals. Even though I have a very enlightened, integrative physician who rocks, I feel this information is the missing piece. I’m so stoked to get Dr. Sara’s book. It was refreshing and very useful. Thank you!

  57. I have hypothyroidism. I’ve been told by my naturopath that having too many raw greens can be bad for my thyroid. Do you and Dr. Gottfried agree with this? And do you have any green juice recipes would be good for someone with hypothyroidism?
    And on a side note: thank you for such a great interview! It was so fascinating! I’ve already downloaded Inner Balance and ordered Dr. Gottfried’s book from Amazon!

  58. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed it. I am a health psychologist and teach about many of the things Sara talked about in the video. I am curious if she has any recommendations for approaching our physicians about cortisol/glucocorticoid and hormonal testing?

  59. Hi Kris, I am so glad people like you and Sara exist, who find and share with a sexy-easy-to-understand way all the information that makes our health better. I have been taking baby step after baby step to a better health, starting with yoga, then vegan-at-dinner thanks to you, than green juice (yeaaahhh!!!) plus much more greens daily and more to come… Such interviews touches me, and for the fun: I listened to this web interview on my phone while walking in my living room (to exercice more my body!) and took a bit of 85% cacao dark chocolate when the topic got brought in the interview :-)
    Really love you and look forward to more of your tips, infos and so on.
    A Big Hug from France!

  60. That was a really good and informative video with Sara Gottfried. Thank you! I wish she were in my town! I’m a very stressed out mom of 10!

  61. Two awesome health advocates for the NATURAL Way ~ 3 Cheers!

    Functional medicine is the answer 4 me too, but who is a CDN Dr. Sara?
    I believe testing is crucial, and would LUV a “Charlies Angels test kit” for Cortisol, Estrogen, and Thyroid, especially 4 us Canadian Gals : )

    Licorice for low cortisol, is the protocol in the book?

    Kudos 4 sharing your Fabulous Advice on hormonal havoc ~ look forward to round 2

  62. Hello you two beauties, :) and thanks for this hormone-test:
    I knew that I was low on progesterone and that I have Hashimoto’s (I have been taking t4 for a long time). I had started to see the connection between Hashimoto’s (or any autoimmune disease?), low vitamin d, low selenium, low iron and… gluten! Yesterday was my first gluten-fee day and the hormone quiz test-results recommended again to go gluten-fee. Thanks for confirming the decision to go gluten-free for some time (two months?)! I will see whether I’m really gluten-sensitive or not. Another positive aspect: the recommendation to eat dark chocolate. I am addicted to 100% cocoa. Now I feel even better about it. Maybe my addiction is the reason I don’t think I need to worry about my cortisol ;) (test said it was fine too). Yoga definitely helps too. I practice very short sessions but every day.

  63. Thanks so much to both of you for an inspiring video – you are both so beautiful and sexy, and your honesty and openness is so refreshing. Thanks for helping me on my journey to be more self aware, happier and healthier!

  64. Great interview. Thanks so much. So much to think about regarding our hormones and stress and how to keep things in check. It`s so interesting observing the body react to different types of stresses. Its so important to listen our bodies and the messages we receive.
    Yay to green juice and dark chocolate!! :)

  65. An amazing vegan option supplement to provide all that you need to obain your omegas/EFAs.

    Optomega – organic blend, all natural vegetarian product produced from certified organic unrefined cold pressed flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and extra virgin olive oil. Excellent source to give your body the EFAs it needs and balance your intake of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.


    Happy to provide further info/insight.

  66. I’d love to hear which fish oil you recommend. I am a certified holistic health coach and recommend Carlsons Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil to my clients at 3 grams daily. I’ve found it to be a great product but am always open to better options. Thank you for all that you do! Such an inspiration.

  67. I have only watched a quarter of the video but plan to finish. I am concerned if my iced coffee habit is raising my cortisol. I am a petite person but I have ‘obese’ looking arms and a little belly. I never thought of having a cortisol test, now I want to run out and get one!

  68. Very interesting to me but now that I have reached menopause I wonder if a lot of these suggestions different for me now. I see a ND who has helped me regulate my thyroid and has given me a supplement called cortisol manager with ashwagandha 250mg and magnolia blend 225mg which I take twice a day. I deal with OA and fatigue a lot and try to stick to a healthy antiinflammatory diet for a couple years now. Never had the four point test but wonder if I should as I feel depleted a lot. I see my regular PCP for usual bloodwork which are fine as well. I am your typical slightly overweight 58 year old but want my oomph back! Any other suggestions?

  69. thanks again for bringing it home to me. I awoke this am soo stressed. Perfect timing.
    you inspire me.
    health & happiness

  70. Such a positive and empowering interview! Thank you so much for sharing this vital information. I’ve recently struggled through some thyroid and adrenal issues of my own and thought and though it is better, there is still more work to do. Really excited to put this new info into action.

  71. Amy said on May 16, 2014

    Thank you for posting this interview, it was so informative and cortisol is something new to me entirely. I am a 38 year old vegan and take very few supplements. I do however take flax oil and I noticed you didn’t mention it as a valuable source of omega 3s. Is this worth taking and if so how much do you recommend? I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much for all that you do, you are truly an inspiration!

  72. I am interested in the mention of alternative inflammation markers to homocysteine and c-reactive protein. Would love to hear more on this!

  73. Sara mentioned her body doesn’t test for inflammation using homocysteine or C reactive protien. If I heard it right, if I had stage 4 cancer NHL and my CRP was ‘normal’… does that mean that could be the case for me? Been in remission 4 years but have many of same problems as before ie. chronic fatigue, overweight, anxiety, IBS etc. which are all usually signs that inflamation is a big ‘problem’ yet CRP is still testing fine. She made reference that she gets some other test …. what test is it? How does it indicate ‘inflamation’. Thanks for this interview. Look forward to seeing more like it in the future.

  74. So glad you found Dr. Gottfried. I am so excited to learn more. Several of my friends are struggling with hormone issues. I hope to find out more and educate everyone so we can ALL feel better! :)

  75. Wow, I cried! THANK YOU! at last I know what I have been trying to deal with for the last 4 years, and especially the last few months is hormonal! well I know I am menopausal but the info on cortisol explains soo much! did the quiz, bought the book and I am using dowsing to check my levels and tapping (thanks Nick Ortner!), and yoga to help …(legs up the wardrobe is so sexy!…AND they really work to reduce stress and the high cortisol levels, but I know I have to keep at it. oh and relaxxxx ( check out OM ing too!!)

  76. Where can we get the cortisol saliva test? Through a Dr or can we do it on our own?

  77. Useful information. Fortunate me I found your site by chance, and
    I am surprised why this accident didn’t came about in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  78. Thank you! Very helpful and insightful. Love you both!

  79. Two of the women I admire and trust most together? YES! I learned so much and will be watching this again. Thank you thank you! I vote for a regular collaboration :)
    love and gratitude!

  80. Big thank you to Kris for this interview :)

  81. I have never ever heard such crap in all my life!! WTF are you talking about? You don’t know! Nebulous pseudoscience!

  82. Loved the interview and the bling dashboard for the yoga mum, green juices chic’s, discovering that my hormones are going a bit crazy right now.
    I like that you took it further than stay off carbs, de stress and go deeper and start listening to your body which is exactly where I am at, and still searching for my way out of the swamp. getting that crazy muffin top and so tired…. thanks
    Motivating in a peacful way.

    Lots of love.
    Fiona in France

  83. Thank you so much for sharing this interview! I kept this email with a link to this video for over two months in my inbox until today because I was too stressed and crazy busy to watch it until now. But just seeing the header back in May reminded me that this was the second time I heard about Dr. Gottfried’s name and book. Hearing you recommend her research and work finally pushed me to educate myself on curing my hormones! I bought her book as an audiobook last month and then got the hard copy to take with me to my doctor’s office today. She had never heard of this book so I shared a link to both of your websites. There are not any functional/integrative health professionals within 6 hours so I have finally decided that if I can’t get the care I need, I will demand more of the care that IS available. Both of your books and your work related to health (nutrition and lifestyle) is life changing! I cannot thank you enough!

  84. Nice interview. The advice is practical and important. Stress affects all of us, and working to improve our overall health definitely helps to improve hormonal imbalances. In addition to lifestyle changes, i.e. diet, sleep, exercise is the ability to also assess hormone balance, particularly adrenal hormones, which play a vital role in total body physiology. The adrenal hormones of cortisol and DHEA are linked to every organ system and the balance of cortisol throughout the day is critical for maintaining proper energy production and diminishing inflammatory stress. Salivary testing is a great way to assess for cortisol production throughout the day and determining the extent of adrenal fatigue/stress.

  85. This interview was a real treat since I adore both Kris and Sara!

    I am a two time Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, and I completed my second go round of treatments a year ago. I had a stem cell transplant and radiation. I’m 29 and my oncologist thinks that my body will not produce a period again on its own. I don’t want to be on birth control or hormone replacement therapy forever, because there are scary side effects from that. It is hard to find clinicians who are willing to merge the ideas of natural healing with western medicine practices so I was so relieved to learn about Dr. Gottfried and read her book with great hope. It can be scary trying to navigate your hormones naturally, but you both are a wonderful inspiration.

    If there’s anyone out there who has had experience with early menopause or regulating hormones naturally after cancer treatments, I’d love to talk with you! I’m looking for all the help I can get so I can continue to live a happy and healthy life!

  86. Thank you very much for sharing this information.
    Many women do not know why they are stressed let alone how to handle it.

  87. When will you ladies be talking about endocrine disruptors

  88. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue for almost four years. Have been to several doctors, spent lots of money on naturopath doctors and even been to an environmental doctor and no one seems to be able to help. I read your article in a magazine re too much copper in the system I would be so excited if this were the answer to my problems, What advice can you give me as I live in Toronto.