What Is Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique


Hi Sweet Readers,

My dear friend Nick Ortner visited me a few weeks ago to film a Chat & Chew episode about one of my favorite stress reduction and physical healing techniques — Tapping. Nick and his team have brought the power of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, aka Tapping) to millions of people, and now they’re bringing it to us. Get ready for an amazing experience!

Why is it called “Tapping”? Because with EFT you literally tap on acupressure points (your body’s meridian points) while saying simple affirmations and focusing on a particular negative emotion, trauma, addiction or event (the list of possibilities goes on and on). This powerful combination of ancient Chinese medicine, modern psychology and positive reprogramming is changing lives every day by helping people resolve and finally move past their greatest mental and physical blocks. I invited Nick to my home to share this life-changing practice with you. In this video, Nick and I introduce you to Tapping basics and teach you how to tap step-by-step. It’s so easy, anyone can do it anywhere. You can start right now — just watch the video to learn how.

Backstory: A few years ago, I discovered EFT for the first time. It seemed like I couldn’t speak with a colleague or open a newsletter without hearing about Tapping and its incredible healing power. Tapping was on my mind. I was curious. So, I listened to my gut and packed my bags for an EFT retreat near my home. The experience that followed was nothing short of miraculous. I’ll never forget the swift transformations that occurred in just a few days as hundreds of people learned to tap and began dealing with emotional, mental and physical issues that had been deeply impacting their well-being for weeks, years, even decades.

Over the course of the weekend, I got to know Nick and his phenomenal team, and we’ve been as close as siblings ever since. Nick is my personal Tapping coach, and he’s even joined me on some of my Crazy Sexy retreats and worked with cancer patients to address the fear, depression and other challenges that come along with diagnosis.

If you’ve never heard of Tapping before, please approach this practice with an open heart and mind. It looks silly. It feels silly. But only at first. When you begin experiencing the benefits of EFT, I think you’ll come to embrace it as a gift. Tapping is my touchstone. It’s there to calm my nerves, mend my heart and center my mind. I tap before walking on stage and speaking to a crowd of thousands, I tap when I can’t sleep at night, I tap before a cancer scan, and I tap when I’m just plain old sad, mad and scared. We’re human and we need tools to deal with all the stress that comes along with being human. I hope you’ll add Tapping to your fabulous, sparkly tool belt. I know it’ll help.

Lastly, I hope you’ll voice your questions and share your experiences with Tapping in the comments below. See you there!

Peace & meridians,

Kris Carr

P.S. Hey friends! The tapping event mentioned in this video has passed, but stay tuned for future opportunities to learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique. I'll keep you posted!

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129 responses to What Is Tapping: Emotional Freedom Technique
  1. I started tapping about a month ago and it’s totally true about the shift for me, I now use it constantly for anything that causes me stress and anxiety. I feel happier and in control which for me is a great feeling! I shared it with my husband and my family. But what was great is that my daughter saw my doing it one morning and started copying me! She’s only 4 but I’m glad she’s learning that she can deal with any emotion she might have when she gets older and that she’s not alone.

  2. I love your bluntness, Kris! “They’re just accessories… like I glued them onto a pile of sh*t!” Love, love, love it! And I’m really pumped about tapping – it may look silly, but it makes total sense. Of course we hold stresses in our bodies. Plus, Nick is incredibly earnest and it’s easy to see why you trust him.

    I’m open to tapping and ready to try it for myself. Thanks for inviting us to learn some things from Hippieville :)

    • Rose, that was my favorite line too! Mantras can seem so trite — they don’t get to the heart of the matter to change my beliefs, they just cover up the real feelings.

      Kris, it was fascinating to watch you with Nick. Though I’ve watched lots of other Chat & Chews, this is absolutely the most relaxed and comfortable I’ver ever seen you during an interview. Your comfort with Nick and confidence in him and the technique was so palpable that it in turn made ME comfortable with him and EFT right away.

      I read about EFT for the first time two and a half years ago when I was researching tools for my dad who had just been diagnosed with a rare sarcoma. I was totally overwhelmed and wasn’t able to put it into practice then. Since my dad passed away, I read about it in grief books as well but didn’t use it then either; now the universe brought it back to me at just the right time. I know it could have helped my dad immensely and like that I can share it with my family – my mom especially – for dealing with stress. It’s such a relief to have something to “do” when you feel like everything is out of your control. Thanks for bringing Nick and EFT to us. Love your genuine sunshine mixed with reality. That’s what makes you one of my favorite people to watch and my FAV person to see live (even if you’re scared like woah). You rock.

      So psyched for the Tapping Summit!

      Much love,

  3. I have been tapping for 1 week and my life feels so much better. I’m excited about the tapping summit :-)

  4. Love this technique! Feeling really nervous about starting my own business and really need something to give me the courage to do it. When I started tapping my hand all I could think about was how it would fail terribly but by the time i got to the side of my head I realized that my idea was addressing a serious need in the marketplace. Thank you so much for empowering me with this technique. I’m sure ill be using it forever.

    I am a big fan of both you and Nick and follow you both. It’s nice to know that you are friends.

  5. THANK YOU . I can’t wait to instil *Tapping* into my daily schedule

  6. I tapped years ago, and than one day stopped, I have no idea why. You are a true gift to me, The stress and issues of my life right now are overwhelming, but, I can and will tap my way back to peace and calm. Thank you. For you.

  7. It is so amazing to me how the universe works. I heard about this technique a week ago and suddenly I see it everywhere. I guess I better take the nudge/shove and give it a try! Thanks Kris x

  8. Interested in learning more.

  9. Thank you Kris and Nick! It’s a perfect timing for me to learn this technique. I know about EFT but have never tried it for my stress. Thank you so much!

  10. Since last Friday I have been anxious about a work project issue I need to sort out. Watched the video and tried tapping just to get the feel of it. Wow! After procrastinating and fretting all morning my head suddenly cleared to work out a way to deal with the most immediate task. Thanks Nick and Kris

  11. My biggest issue with tapping is having the patience to keep doing it for more than 5 minutes. Maybe I need to tap around patience first!

  12. It’s always a pleasure to see and hear anything Kris introduces. What a fascinating technique.

  13. I love tapping..I don’t do it nearly as much as I need to, but this interview was my reminder to include it more in my life, thank you!

  14. I love it: will do the summit and share with my peeps!

  15. I tapped along with you and Nick and was so suprised that I had tears in my eyes….it struck something in me….thank you (I think) :)

    • Me too! I think maybe because, at least for me, there are some issues that I need to tap about…issues that are way more than surface deep.

  16. im so anxious and stressed bc im unemployed since sept. im going to try this and see if it helps. ive got nothing to lose and if i lose my house I will really need this!

  17. love love love it. Im a young EFT practitioner and I hate how weird EFT seems at first. Flossing is wierd, but we do it. Thank you for using your charm to push EFT into the everyday routine too!

  18. I love love love it. Im a young EFT practitioner and I hate how weird EFT seems at first. Flossing is wierd, but we do it. Thank you for using your charm to push EFT into the everyday routine too!

  19. Thank you for showing us the technique. I tapped along with you both and I immediately felt lighter. I have fear of embarassment which you can imagine cripples me in quite a few areas of my life. Actually its always there! Thank you for sharing your anxieties with the world it does help us accept that this is normal and we can still thrive and be amazing (like you)!! blessings always!

  20. As for video, would it be nice to include CC (closed captions for the deaf or hearing impaired) for I am deaf and partly blind so I could read and understand what you two were saying.

    • I agree kris- if you add subtitles it benifits everyone. People can watch it in a quiet office at work with out the volume. Plus there is a whole bunch of people out there you could reach with your message. Thanks for your feedback Cheryl

  21. Kris and Nick – you’re truly the BEST! One of the best talks about EFT that I’ve heard to date. You distill it all down to it the nuts and bolts of how you can apply it to make profound positive and permanent changes in how we feel, see, and think about ourselves. That’s the beauty of “tapping” – and letting go of the things that are holding us back, and preventing us from attaining the true joy and happiness we all deserve. Thank you Kris for sharing your personal story, which is something we’ve all experienced in some shape or form. I’ve felt many of the same things as you (on PS), and we often see the finished product (looking amazing, confident, in-charge, and so relaxed) thinking that person makes it look so easy – when we have no idea what it took to get there. Thank you guys – for all you do! You both ROCK!!

  22. I do a journaling version of this and finding EFT seems like the logical next step, a great way to actually get into my body and uproot the physical sensations of the issues.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  23. Kris and Nick – you’re truly the BEST! One of the best talks about EFT that I’ve heard to date. You distill it all down to the nuts and bolts of how you can apply it to make profound positive and permanent changes in how we feel, see, and think about ourselves. That’s the beauty of “tapping” – and letting go of the things that are holding us back, and preventing us from attaining the true joy and happiness we all deserve. Thank you Kris for sharing your personal story, which is something we’ve all experienced in some shape or form. I’ve felt many of the same things as you (on PS), and we often see the finished product (looking amazing, confident, in-charge, and so relaxed) thinking that person makes it look so easy – when we have no idea what it took to get there. Thank you guys – for all you do! You both ROCK!!

    Tim Marshall

  24. I personally loved this vlog! I am 31 yrs old and lost my 24 yr old brother suddenly 9 months ago. My wonderful grief counselor introduced me to tapping to release the trauma I have stored in my mind and body, and although this is a tough, tough subject to tap over, I can honestly say it works. I resisted it at first because my subconscious does not want to let go and move forward, but I’m aware of this, and the more I tap, the more I look at a picture of my brother and smile rather than cry.
    Tapping WORKS and I LOVE it <3 Next issue to tap about- fear of public speaking, too! So much love to you Kris-thank you for all you do and all that you share with us <3

  25. I just the video tapping

  26. Love Love Love you KRIS!!! Thank you for your inspiration and help!

  27. This was really helpful Kris. I am just learning about EFT and I find that I don’t really get a shift. Perhaps I am not taping long enough?You said sometimes you tap for 45 minutes? I will keep at it.

    • Shirley, it can definitely take longer! And sometimes it’s easier to actually tap with a coach, just to get the juices flowing. xo

  28. Kris & NicK: You guys rock! I love that Kris knows that healing for ourselves can be accessed in so many ways. Thanks a million! Ann

  29. Amazing video and experience! I love how you bring new (but ancient) ways to help soothe our modern anxieties and stresses. More of these please! :)

  30. Okay, I’m ready to try it! My first intro to tapping was remarkably uninspiring to me, but I acknowledge that I am stuck and overwhelmed so sign me up!

  31. Kris and Nick – Thank you so much for introducing me to EFT and Tapping. I suffered from extreme anxiety while in the car and being in the passenger seat due to being hit from behind 3 times. When I drove, I was better as I had control. I was Not a great person to have along in the car. Once I tried tapping in the summer, my anxiety was greatly reduced. I am still working on it but I no longer worry at the same level. I am now working on letting go of my fear and worry. EFT is so amazing as IT WORKS!

    I usually only do it for a few times and see success and now I will try it again and do it for a longer period of time.

    Since I have learned about it, I share the technique and am surprised how many people I know actually use it. I guess I was not ready to learn about it before so I am pleased your brought it forward last year as well.

    Thanks for bringing Nick to the table to share with us once again. The more we learn, the more we grow.

    Keep up the fabulous work!

    Jo-Ann Blondin

  32. Hi Kris,
    Thank you for doing this interview and sharing… I have done tapping before and sort of let it go… after seeing this, I remembered and learned more about how helpful and powerful tapping is…
    I am definitely going to sign up for the summit and go back and see the healer who helped me using tapping back in the day…

    Have a great day and thanks again! I love your website!!

  33. I learned about EFT last year from Nick’s world tapping summit and it has helped me so much! I’ve used it for stress, cramps, colds, etc. and it works better than anything else! Thanks for this video Kris I need to learn m

  34. Hi Kris,
    I have just started to follow your emails after a recommendation from Jon Gabriel.
    Our famly have decided to get healthier and start drinking raw juice.(thanks for the recepies)
    I have just read a book saying how good tapping is,so when I open your email and there is Nick and yourself talking about it I thought WOW(Having never heard about it before)
    As the saying goes “The teacher will come when the student is ready”
    Thankyou for being you,you are a real open book and inspiration.
    Your biggest fan in Sydney, Australia

  35. Sooo fascinating, I first heard about tapping on your site about 1 year ago. I didn’t understand anything. Last week I went to a book store and ended up buying a book about tapping!!!!! Perfect timing!! Will start today!! Thank you so much!! Woohoo!!! XXXX

  36. I just took up Tai Chi. I’ve been tapping as a part of this practice (same points plus up & down arms). I’m going to add identifying stressors & affirmations to my practice. Thanks.

  37. I’m amazed at how moved I feel just having watched the video! There’s something really touching about the very idea of moving through emotional blocks like this. Thank you so much for sharing – I need to learn more about this!

  38. Beautifully done! Thank you for taking tapping and work like this to the main stream. So easy and free. Love work like this. Your visitor Rose was right on the money. I also loved Nick using the term truth for something that may not feel right. It is a wise way of addressing a negative feeling. Hippieville has it going on.

  39. Thank you, Kris and Nick for this Chat and Chew. I heard about tapping at last year’s San Jose I Can Do It conference where both of you spoke. I tried the Summit last year, but didn’t fully commit. I admit I was skeptical. Still, I am curious. I have been hearing a lot about tapping recently – my new yoga teacher even had us do it during our class last week! Needless to say, I am convinced I need to give it another try, so I will be joining Nick’s summit again this year. Thanks for the push!

  40. Instantly Amazing! I started with the vidio yesterday, continued it ouside as I warmed up for a run/walk; it started with a specific topic to discuss with my daughter and continued to expand (I’d already been “peeling the onion”) to worthiness. It shifted to strength and courage. I confronted my daughter on a difficult topic for me – the dynamics of putting dad in the middle. The process continued into my dreams and a significant clearing of my Mother/ Father/ Daughter triangle. For that and what’s to come, I am grateful.
    It’s like Spring Cleaning with Meridian energy boost!

  41. Wow! The Universe providing the information I needed, reaffirming at precisely the right moment!

    A friend introduced me to tapping about 6 months ago, and of course I keep reading about it here and there, but I watched this video today while being enmeshed in thoughts from Marianne Williamson’s “A Course In Weight Loss” (a book suggested when I ordered Chris Karr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen). Thank you beautiful souls!

    My life is at such a crossroads and struggle seems to be the norm and I know this is the darkest before the dawn but I am ready! I am ready for change – even as much as I hate change and fear the unknown! Here I come!

  42. Hi Kris,

    This is the first time I have heard about Tapping and am thrilled to join the Summit. You have been changing my life over the last few months and I am loving it. I just got the Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Kitchen for christmas and have been immersed in the books ever since. Even my mum caught on to the lifestyle changes I did and was wondering if your books are also in German. I have to check that 😀

    Thank you soooo much for your sparkling and fun-tastic personality and your strengths.


  43. Thank you for this video. I felt like I was sitting right there with you! I intend to merge this into my daily routine of self help and share with my daughter too…you know, teen angst :-) I look forward to learning and sharing more. What a gift.

  44. Damn. Do I feel silly ; and although I have been mocked by both humans and felines in my household. I will continue to do the exercises. Since I have stress coming out…the ears.
    Thanks for the hot tip!

  45. Hi! I was introduced to you through your book, Crazy Sexy Cancer, that was lent to me by a family member 1-1/2 years ago when I was diagnosed with invasive melanoma. I loved your book and have since purchased your cookbook and juice/smoothie recipes.

    I was very excited to see that you are doing EFT. I have recently become an EFT practitioner and I’m starting my own business with EFT and Reiki. I’m hoping to add hypnotherapy to it this summer. Business cards and website are in the works!

    Take care,


  46. wow i started the tapping technique few months ago and fells great! i am so excited about the tapping summit. thanks for sharing :)

  47. I followed along in the video trying tapping for the first time and almost immediately burst into tears. Looks like this is something I should be doing all the time! Thanks for spreading the word.

  48. Kris, I have already signed up for the summit, thank God it’s free, too… I recently heard about tapping on one of your videos I was watching on YouTube and I thought it sounded interesting. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. When I hear what you have to say, I always feel empowered, like I can accomplish anything, including perfect health!

  49. I have just started following you and I started to read your book (crazy sexy diet) and love everything about you and what you share with us. I myself always feel anxiety when Im going to speak in front of a group (even a group with ten people) and I think this could be a good thing for me! Thank you for being you! / Tove (all the way from Sweden)

  50. This is a completely new concept to me. It sounds incredible. You put together such a wonderful video, describing the purpose of tapping, summarizing the methods and the intended effect. I am really excited to continue to read and watch more about tapping. I think it is a tool that could be effective for a wide audience. Thanks to both of you for introducing this concept!!! I am so grateful. Kris, I can’t put into words how much your books, blogs, and videos have changed my life in the past few years. Thanks again.

    • “He did the Beach Boys better than the Beach Boys did.”I alywas admired Weird Al, first because he’s talented enough to do just about anything musically and do it with excellence. Second, because he took that raw talent, pointed it squarely at a niche market, and made himself rich. God bless America.

  51. Chris you are amazing. You help so many of us. With a diagnosis comes greater emotional than physical pain and our treatment doesnt address that. So thank you for teaching us how to cope!!

  52. Does in matter which side you begin with or you do alternate left and right for as long as it takes to feel calm at that time? All the points each session or can you do your hand when in tight moment? Thank you so much for this resource, Kris. I’ve been interested for years but never gotten around to researching this and as I’ve proclaimed this my inner wellness year, I’m excited for new tools.

    Much peace and love!

  53. I can’t believe I’ve never done this before! I had another page open with Louise and Nick at the same time that I saw this link on Facebook, so clearly…when the student is ready, the teacher appears (twice in one week)! I am going to be doing this constantly. I’m going to be a tapping freak. I feel like running around and telling everyone about this! I feel like such a dork but I can’t contain my excitement! Thank you thank you thank you, Kris. You are amazing, you are awesome, and OF COURSE you deserve to be up there speaking! You are inspiring millions!!! XOXO

  54. I am willing. That is where I am at this moment. I am excited to learn about tapping or EFT and see what happens. I know that some type of shift is happening in my life yet I have no idea what it is. Maybe EFT will show it to me. We’ll see.

  55. I attended the event your recently spoke at in Las Vegas. I loved your segment and have shared your website with my nephew who has stage 4 terminal cancer (melonoma) He is 34 years old with a wife and 3 small kids. He had just graduated with his degree for surgical nursing when he was diagnosed. I think your books would be a blessing for him to read. Lori

  56. First time I hear about this technique. I would like to know if something exists in french. I do understand english a little, but I would like to get the exact technique, and what I have to tell myself while doing it. I’m not sure I understand correctly what I have to say.

    I hope that my english is not so bad, that you can understand what I’m trying to explain.

    Thank you very much !

  57. I love your Chat & Chews! This was awesome! Have not been doing tapping much, so eager to learn at the summit & do more of it! Cannot wait! Kris, lookin hot! Can’t wait to see you at I can do it IGNITE NYC! Since we’re all being blunt here, w/ Kris glueing on affirmations onto a pill of $h*t…The shift you guys talk about sounds awesome & similar to orgasms. Am I allowed to say that on here? The truth, jus sayin, it’s the truth. Tapping, EFT, what a cool concept!

  58. What a blessing to see this video and utilize a great practice. I’ve noticed that when I’m bored, I tend to eat and I’m trying to avoid most processed sugars as well. When the cravings hit, it’s a 10 and I sometimes give in but then that craving dies down after a few minutes. How useful a tool is EFT when that craving hits!!! I also have pain and stress that revolve around my chronic illness and financial burden and I think this tool will help tremendously. Thank you!!

  59. Thank you for sharing, Kris. This is really powerful stuff. I watched the Louise Hay video on the EFT summit website too and all I can say is… wow. Lots of love to you! xoxo

  60. Thank you for this video!! It’s exactly what I needed. I had a stressful phone call about an hour before I saw the video and my anxiety levels were an 8 on a scale from 1-10 (pretty high), I watched the video, and followed the tapping excercises. I felt so at ease when I finished, and it really did bring my anxiety down a bit. This is something I will definitely continue exploring, and passing the information along.
    Thank you Kris, you’re such an inspiration to us all!!

  61. I tried several times to log in to the tapping world summit and the secret letters don’t show up next to the box.

    please help

  62. I am new to tapping and am trying to use it for a TMJ dysfunction I have. I experience daily tension headaches and severe neck pain, so I am hoping that this technique may help me with that. Thank you for posting this short video, and I look forward to the Tapping Summit.

  63. I never heard of tapping till now. It looks like something I will really enjoy and use! Thank you for sharing!!!

  64. Tried signing up but security verification on the site to view the video is not working. I’ve tried to sign up 4 times…no success. Am I doing something incorrectly?

  65. This video has been on my list to watch since you posted it. But with two critically ill kittens and a car on its last leg, 2013 has been a really bad year. I happened to watch about 60 seconds of the video this morning (I admit I fast forwarded to the part that demonstrates the technique, totally skipping everything else). I tried it with you as you demonstrated and thought….”Okay. I’m not sure that’s going to work.” An hour later I found myself in the vet’s office making that tough decision to let my kitten go. As I waited for them to bring him in so I could say “Good-bye” I remembered Tapping and I tried it. I worked to calm and center me. I was able to have a very touching few minutes to say farewell to my friend without scaring him by sobbing. Tapping kept me from being overwhelmed by the grief and I was able to support both my kitten in his last moments and my partner as he, too let go.

    Thank you, Kris. I wish I could fully express what being able to stay grounded during those last moments ment but all I can tell you is, “Thank you”. That and maybe I’ll watch the whole video now! :)

  66. Hi there. First of all Kris, I think what you share/spread is so beautiful, and Im so happy I found you! Secondly….as far as tapping….I have done some tapping primarily (faster EFT) which is like the shorter version of EFT and I happen to be someone who is very TYPE A personality, and i have soooo much that I want to tap out, that I feel like I will be doing it all day everyday. My problem is ****The minute I think of one thing, another pops in my mind…(its quite exhausting) and the ANXIETY comes along with each new thought because I then feel overwhelmed. BOTTOM LINE: I need to TAP THE FACT that I have SO MUCH TO TAP. So, Id love some advice for this. Thanks so much!

  67. Thanks for the extended vid. I watched one of your tapping blogs and was fascinated but wasn’r confident with what I was doing. Really happy to have some insight. Love and smiles, Clare.

  68. I found out about EFT a couple of years ago and it has been the most amazing thing ever. Everyone should get a chance to experience this technique it is very powerful. I am totally excited about the 10 day online event. I can’t wait.

  69. Hi Kris
    To be honest, I receive this email related to tapping about two weeks ago, and I thought that it was a bit out “hippie” or out there once I read the description. However, it has been in my mind ever since I open my emails (I did not erase it), and today I finally watched the video and I am very open to the idea now. I am in a very interesting point in my life where I feel very anxious and confuse and this method resonate, as a way to feel better.
    Thank you very much, I know that I do not know you personally but you irradiate positive and calming energy. Keep it coming girlfriend!

  70. EFT provides a new type of relief for trauma or pain and is especially useful for those attending trauma treatment or pain rehab. Although this therapy does not benefit everyone, it may provide a valuable solution to those who have not found relief through other trauma therapy types.

  71. I have used EFT with much success. I did it in a therapist’s office and could not believe the fast results! I used it to take the ’emotional charge’ out of a situation.

  72. I think I could do this! I can’t seem to stay calm very long for yoga, but this i might be able to manage. I have been under a great deal of stress this week and even with that quick demonstration I felt it decrease after only one round. Will be trying this…

    Question – is it best to do this in the morning? or the evening (a la AM/PM yoga)? Does it calm you, or excite you? Does that depend on the topic?

    Thanks for this.

  73. This is fantastic thank you for doing this video. I am a holistic nutritionist, i focus on family and childrens nutrition and i would like to know how to teach this technigue to help children, I also have 3 kids that are 4,7, 9 years old.
    Thanks for everything you do, your are fantastic and so inspiring

  74. Thanks so much for this. I am new to tapping – so new, that I’ve never heard of it before! But I am open to it, and I am grateful to you for posting this. (and I am going to sign up for the tapping summit) Down with the deluge of mental clutter! Yay!
    great big hug,

  75. oh – duh! silly me – the summit is over… but I am going to watch what vids I can find, and learn more about this superpower.

  76. Love that Nick continues to share and share AND share his passion and knowledge on EFT! Tapping has helped me for years and it is helping my clients. The best thing about it is that it’s simple and easy to do…no driving to see a healer/facilitator etc it’s all built into US. EFT is an incredible reminder that we ALL have the power within to tap (no pun intended) into our innate well-being at anytime and it never fails…it’s always there drawing us in. All is well. :)

  77. I’ve been tapping on and off for about 2 years now. I can honestly say that it has helped me shift my perception in a lot of different areas. BUT I want to get into the habit of going to tapping first. Like as soon as something happens, instead of freaking out for days, I need to go straight to tapping.

    So I do have the video The Tapping Solution with Nick at home and you two have inspired me to get that DVD back out and watch it again. I watched it a while ago and now it’s time to watch it again.

    Thanks so much,

  78. Going through through many article about EFT aka Tapping certainly I found this one is the best I had ever found. Specially Nick and Kris added an extra layer to make it more easy to understand, what is main hidden concept behind the technique.

    Definetly a good read!

  79. I’m hoping this will help me. I have a fear of, well, everything, and flying! I Worry about everything and I feel like it is making me miss out on a great life that I could be having!!

    Thank you for sharing this technique.

  80. I’ve tried tapping, and like affirmations, I feel like I’m “putting an accessory on a pile of shit” (such a funny way to phrase it!). But I’m going to keep at it; I’m finding out that my big block is that I’m kind of terrified of being uncool. So embarrassing to admit! So, in a sense, I suppose it has worked. I’m gonna tap on it:)

  81. Lisa said on May 13, 2013

    I heard about EFT several years ago but never persued it. Last week I asked my holistic doctor about juicing. She recommended that I research Kris Carr on what she had to say about juicing. So I did and also came upon EFT tapping. Now I would like to speak with Kris or Nick about this technque for melting away emotional problems. Is there a way I may speak to either one of you? I live in Chesterfield, MIchigan.

    Lisa Mannino

  82. Lisa said on May 15, 2013

    Kris could you contact me on my cell. I’m read up on EFT and have view some of your videos and it makes sense to me. However, I’m a practicing catholic and I’m not sure if this type of theraphy is accecptible. I really need to speak with you or Nick Orthner. As for juicing I’m sold on that. I’d like to hear from you or Nick regarding EFT in reference to church practices. Would you be so kind as to send me your email so we can discuss this topic further. I don’t want to put it to rest till I’ve received feedback from you or Nick Orthner. I live in Michigan.


  83. Would like to find out more.

  84. Thanks Kris for sharing this technique. I teach the MELT Method which is a simple self technique that rehydrates the connective tissue and helps calm the nervous system. Tapping is a nice compliment to MELTing. I have to get Nick’s book.

  85. Loved the video. I actually tapped along with you. I do have a lot of anxiety about going places. Restaurants, visiting people – it is like being in my own prison. I hope this tapping can help me.

  86. need to link into you & Nick, just about to return to work after cancer issues and the contract has finished and i have been made redundant. Need confidence, loving my juicing x

  87. Just watched this and will definitely try it. My deep and paralyzing anxiety occurs when I have to leave my house to go almost anywhere. I have tried hypnotherapy and a few drugs. The drugs just made me so tired. I noticed most responses were from January – and I just saw this on your FB. I am looking forward to experiencing the shift. Sign me up. Kris you are such an inspiration. I changed my eating habits and am now a happy vegetarian, thanks a lot to you.

  88. Kris:

    Thanks for sharing! Very insightful!

    I thought it was very ironic when you shared your anxiety around public speaking. This is the first video I’ve seen you in (I’ve only otherwise read your book / blog) and my first impression was… Wow! She’s so composed, and is a great public speaker! :)

    I love your work – you are truly an inspiration!


  89. Interesting!! I just found your site and LOVE that you are sharing with the world how to change their perspectives on defining what cancer can be to anyone who has been told and diagnosed with those words “you have” and these are your odds You are such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air teaching others not to just climb a mountain but how to conquer it. I started tapping a few months ago. I was unemployed and down to my last few hundred dollars. I was in a relationship with a man who would not make any committments with me, had lost everything I had ever worked for (I was a real estate appraiser and didnt have any work) I felt hopeless and scared. Tapping is CHANGING my life quickly. I am now making money doing what I love (I’m an esthetician) and I’m living with my boyfriend in a committed relationship. I am considering incorporating tapping on clients during the massage part of the facial service to reduce tension and facilitate a peaceful state giving them both a skin care treatment AND a little emotional release at the same time. Tap on everything and I mean everything, it really does cause remarkable positive changes in every aspect of your life. It’s amazing!!!!

  90. Thank you SO much for this, Kris! I’ve watched videos on EFT and never quite grasped it, till now. Thank you. xx

  91. I need your help to get my life back on track!

  92. I did not see any information on the tapping summit that you talked about. I was introduced to tapping by a therapist. I started doing it but stopped. I am going to try it again.

  93. Just what I needed to see today. Tears in my eyes as I watched the video. Thank you for sharing.

  94. Thank you for sharing. I have heard just a little about this and I am interested in learning more. So thank you for the video and I am going to try it and keep learning more about this.

  95. Oh, Kris and Nick! Thank you both so much!!! sending love to you! thank you, pure souls, for your help to the Earth!!!

  96. Sign me up!:) Have heard about this before but your video helped to clarify what it was. Thanks!

  97. Thank You,

    Even though (lol) I’ve heard of this many times and even bought
    a whole tapping program, the visual and you two expressing so authentically
    makes all the difference in the world!

    Loving myself, Laurie

  98. Please send me info on the Tapping Summit . Thanks much

  99. Tapping is a powerful tool to help shift negative feelings and anxiety.. I was first introduced to it at a seminar workshop with Norm Sheally, and it was profound. I had a deep sense of peace. Since then I have done tapping when needed, however after watching this video I realize how much more I could get out of this tool if I practiced on a regular basis. Gettting specific the the root of what is going on is key, sometimes the clarity is not always there for me, afer watching this video, I realize it can be easy to find clarity to tap, based on past life events, especially back from childhood.

    My favorite part about tapping is letting all the crap out!!! LOL, it allows me to release, instead of pretending everything is all right, and you said it best Kris, “like taping an affirmation on a pile of shit! “Ha, yes,I can relate, Affirmations, can only be words and without the feeling sand emotions behind them it is like the Energizer Bunny rearing to go with out any batteries…

    I have had anxiety in the past of public speaking, and I had to do presentations and classes in the past and found myself out in my car or in the bathroom tapping before the presentation….It helped tremendously.

    Thank you for sharing, and I will look for the tapping summit. You and Nick make it easy to understand and to put into practice…


  100. I’ve tried tapping a few times but didn’t notice any results.

  101. Very interesting site and info! Thanks . Will keep visiting surely!

  102. I discovered tapping probably about 7 years ago, but I never truly “got it” until Nick’s eloquent and generous writings, videos and communications around this amazing tool! Tapping is extremely comforting to me — if more folks “deeply and completely loved and accepted themselves” — we could solve SO many of the world’s problems!

    I felt so blessed to see both of you onstage last weekend at the Washington DC I Can Do It summit — thanks to you for all the important work that you do. Kris, as a cancer thriver too, I am deeply in awe of you and your crazy, sexy work :-)

  103. Thank you for the many things you have brought forward and bring to light with your journey. YOU are amazing!

  104. Kris you are SO meant to be on that stage. Of all the speakers at the I Can Do It I went to YOU were one of my favorites. You are awesome and we need you.

  105. Very information and alternative relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety reducer….beats being medicated any day. Thank you for sharing.

  106. I’m 24 & just got diagnosed with smoldering myeloma, witch eventually. One day will become multiple myeloma! It’s been a month already one day I was just searching online lost & their u came up!!! Kris kart thank God u have given me soooo much hope for a better tomorrow.
    I have a 3 year old :) he is the air I breathe yours truly, chantay

  107. Does this tapping technique work for depression, bipolar and anxiety combined conditions ..they are consuming and medications don’t seem to be enough. Any books on this technique available?
    Thank you

  108. I? just read about EFT for depression. And I found your video very hefulpl and funny because you cover such a wide range of emotional compulsions around eating. I am grateful that you had the courage to make this video and allow the public the freedom to access the information. Especially since so many therapists charge huge fees and copyright material. May the universe bless you on your journey through life.

  109. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing trauma dissolver !!!! God bless !!!

  110. I have read a bit about tapping but didn’t know about looking at my problem and going about shifting it by using the tapping method. I am looking forward to achieving the results that others have obtained by putting it into practice.

  111. Hi from Serbia….all you there :) You are great…This is great thing, and I am really focused on it. I like tapping so…so much, but I am just the beginner….Hope to see you…but, for true.
    Just want to tell you that I am a Reiki Master..and very soon life coach…My teacher works by Mary Morrissey program..and I am proud for that fact. My wish is to see you face to face….because it’s like a miracle to me!
    Thanks and best wishes from Serbia.

    Vesna :) <3

  112. Please sign me up for the tapping summit.

  113. I would love to try this to help me lose the hormonal lbs that I have gained in my 50’s and deal with pain from Lyme’s Disease. Also, I am still living with my x-boyfriend until I find the right place for me.

  114. I’m ready to try something new. Stress over the years really can wear a person down. This year has been especially hard with my husband, my best friend being diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. This emotional stress is like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel myself slipping into a role of caregiver and trying to find a “cure” for him, but I really just want to be his wife. We are both working really hard on improving our lifestyles. Knowledge is power. For me my stress comes from the “unknown”. Not knowing what those next blood tests & cat scans are going to show, not knowing if this new “chemo” is going to slow this cancer down. Not sure how we are going to pay our bills, but especially,not knowing how I will be able to go on without him. It terrifies me. We are fortunate to have an amazing, loving family. I know I am wasting the precious time I have left with him being afraid and being stressed. I just don’t know how to let this fear & anxiety go and enjoy life again.

    I’m interesting in learning more about Tapping, and letting the stress go of things I can’t control.

  115. Thank you, I really feel this works and is another natural way of healing from the inside out..God bless and I’ll be doing this regularly :)

  116. I saw this done by Iylana Vanzant. It has just reaffirmed that I need to look into it more. Thanks.

  117. Need to try this!

  118. I have been doing EFT for years and I got nowhere. Maybe because I used it on myself? I switched to faster eft, which is a modified EFT tapping version. ANd I love it. You can see how the tapping points differ here, they use only 4 points with faster eft. It is much simpler http://www.faster-eft.com/quick-faster-eft-protocol/

  119. What an inspiration! :) Tapping really is a shifting process. Everyday we face different stresses, and I think this can help to handle and deal with emotions and stress. Thank you so much for sharing this!I have also found an interesting topic same as this. You may take a look on this maybe for reference or another idea https://youtu.be/tZ-9D-EDHnI. I hope this would be helpful too.