Crazy Sexy Kitchen Trailer


Hi beauties!

So here she is, the behind-the-scenes “making of” Crazy Sexy Kitchen mini-documentary! A whopping thanks (and a fake gold statuette) to my brilliant husband Brian for his creative mojo and editing wizardry!

Here are some of the ingredients that went into this badass book trailer:

  • A year of creative planning (thank you, Hay House!)
  • Twenty (ish) manuscript drafts (I’ve lost count)
  • Hundreds of hours of writing & editing & sweating (thank you, Corinne Bowen!)
  • Decades of education (thank you, Grandma & my books)
  • Oodles of shopping, tasting & cooking
  • More cooking (thank you, Chef Chad & guests!)
  • Set designing & art directing
  • Even more cooking (thank you, me!)
  • Producing (thank you, Mom, for teaching me how to keep the trains running!)
  • And finally…Drum roll…I give you the “making of” Crazy Sexy Kitchen!
  • Sit back and enjoy the show.

Peace & film follies,


Kris Carr

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105 responses to Crazy Sexy Kitchen Trailer
  1. Spectacular! xo

    • Very exciting ! The trailor is off the hook !!!
      Looking forward to a more healthy cooking journey
      with a healthy dose of fun!
      Best wishes for success & continued good health to you !

  2. Wonderful! Just pre-ordered my copy. Can’t wait for it to get here!! I finally have my husband on board with juicing and eating more vegan meals. He’s been making juice when he’s home for lunch everyday – he says it gives him a boost to get through the rest of his day. He’s an elementary physical education teacher.

  3. So tasty! I can not wait to cook my way through this book!

  4. bursting with love flavah. what a truly awesome accomplishment. xoxo

  5. Kris, do the recipes have the nutritional info with them?

    • Hi Tracy!

      The recipes have symbols for things like gluten-free, soy-free and raw, but there isn’t a detailed breakdown of the nutrition info for each recipe. I hope that helps!

      Creative Director at

  6. SOooooo tempting !! I WANT to taste everything ! I think I’m gonna dive in this ocean of recipes and creative ideas… for my family’s well-being, and our health and happiness.

    THANK YOU KRISS ! (And everybody that were involved in the making of this precious book…)

  7. Kris,

    Like everything you’ve generated…the books, the movie, the blog, the e-book (all of which I’ve bought or watched, this is terrific AND important!

    Keep goin’ girl. I’ve been working this for the past several years and it’s anti-aging too:)

    Blessings, babe.


  8. congrats miss kris! cannot wait to DIVE in and start making some crazy sexy magic in my kitchen <3

  9. Kris, I cannot wait to get my hands on Crazy Sexy Kitchen!! It all looks so delicious!! Kudos my dear!! Be well!!

  10. Thanks, Kris for what you are doing. You have inspired me to hug the animals and eat the plants that God has created for us to consume.

  11. Kris, love every bit of this… the new cleaner, simpler, brighter, shinier site, and the new cookbook… I’ve photocopied so many of Chef Chad’s recipes from Crazy Sexy Diet, giving them away for friends, family and clients. They are soooo good. You’re both amazing and inspiring. I can’t wait to get this book and share the love. Thanks for all you do.

  12. Kris,

    Wish you could see me getting jiggy with your video! I’m doing the happy dance of Oh My My Sweet Goodness, can I love you more than I already do? Apparently YES! I cannot wait to get my kitchen wrapped in this crazy sexy green love. Perhaps I should paint my walls kale green in anticipation?!

    I love what you are doing and thank God for Hay House and their willingness to publish books that move us forward with our health and wellbeing!

    And your upcoming interviews … I’m sitting waiting not very patiently. Breathe deep and hurry up.

    I love you! So much! Oceans of gratitude pouring out your way ..

  13. One Word: FANTABULOUS!!!!! As a Vegetarian for almost 8 years and a vegan for just under 6 months, I rely heavily on YOU (no pressure)! So, thank you for who you are & what you do. I can’t wait to get the new book.

    Peace and love,

  14. Love, love, love the new Fantastic color, design, navigation and your photos are the best.

    Crazy Sexy Kitchen trailer Rocks! So much flavorable love. I deeply appreciated your inspiration behind the change.

    Wishing you continued success, laughter, peace and joy!

  15. Kris,

    Your energy and sense of humor are unbeatable! And that husband of yours — if I could find a cutie-patootie like that who cooks, too, I’d be in vegan heaven — really!

  16. Ooooh la la! You just keep getting better and better! Congratulations on the cookbook, the new site, and the trailer. As usual, filled with your beautiful, happy, energetic spirit!

    Thanks, Kris!

    xxx Jennifer

  17. I’m so looking forward to this book! Crazy Sexy Diet catapulted me into a healthy, plant based lifestyle. That book is like my bible! Whenever I find myself getting lazy with my diet, or forgetting how important it is to take the time to care for myself, I read it again and move forward with renewed energy. I know this cookbook will refresh my recipe rotation and infuse my diet with flavor and fun! Best of luck and many thanks to fabulous Kris and her crew!

  18. “I’m serious I thought this was real crab!” Loved that. When you can make hearts of palm taste like crab that’s some serious taste bud trickery!

    Your cookbook looks amazing. I salivated. I smiled. Looking forward to it.

    And your new site is smart, sleek and gorgeous, just like you! Bravo!

  19. Love the new website. Love the books. Love the DVDs. So does my physician husband!

  20. Love, Love, Love you! You’re as cute as that little dumpling that you were wrapping. I’m super excited about the yumminess in your book! Watching the trailer really felt like I was behind the scenes. By the way, I’m digging the marble counters in that kitchen and your vintage (real or made) bookshelf and mirror. Hugs and love. Pam

  21. From one Qween of Pleasure to another Qween of Pleasure… your recipes make me feel so loved, by you and when I cook this food, I am loving myself the best way I know how, your words make me sometimes (OK a lot) laugh till I pee my pantolenes, your vision makes me happy, whenever I need boost I read something you wrote… I just feel so, so, so much better knowing your in the same world as I. :)


  22. This video made me smile! Recipe book videos don’t normally make me this happy. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!!

  23. I’m so happy for you Kris!

  24. kris

    I have been a big fan of yours ever since I picked up your first book! You have made a huge difference in my life and I thank you for it.

    I can’t wait for your new book-the trailer says it all!!!!


  25. Woohoo!! Congratulations on your new site and your awesome book trailer, Kris!! I just pre-ordered my copy and CAN’T wait to get it. :)


  26. Thanks again Kris. Def looking forward the everything from you. Have always looked up to you and you keep doing your thing and it is just amazing. I ALWAYS spread the word about you. Much love to you. Happy Dancing! xo

  27. To my 10 year old daughter, Kris is no less than a rock star. After watching the trailer, she said, of course, ” I want to see it again!” I can’t wait to get the book and cook with my daughter. She thinks being a vegan is so, COOL!

  28. That trailer made me sooooo hungry. I’m gonna get me one of your cookbooks. All the best Kris to you and your crew. Thank you for all you do!!

  29. All I can say is WOW!!! Oh, and LOVE!!!! I want this book NOW!! :-)))

  30. It’s beautiful Kris, just wonderful! So exciting! I can hardly wait for the book to arrive in the mail. Got my Breville and my Bella bullet blender ready to rock. Yay! Thank you so much for being so awesome, so you! :) xo

  31. So excited, have been vegan for 6 months after reading your book, I feel great, I tell my friends that is what makes it so easy to stick with it….thanks for the help with a cook book can not wait!!! Aloha

  32. Totally AWESOME Kris!!! I love it!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

  33. Sooo excited for you. This is amazing. Thank you. I can’t wait to try out some recipes in the book for my dinner parties. The site is just beautiful. Congrats Kris.

  34. I love it! I want it!

  35. Love the new site
    Your new book came out just in time for me
    I have been struggling with major digestive problems a d looking to go 100% plant based food and didn’t know what to prepare- so I loved that you said there were simple things to make- hooray for the non- chefs.
    This new site feels so intimate and love the video
    Hope to see you again in woodstock-I ran up to u like a crazy fan in sun frost, you truly are beautiful inside and out

  36. Kris….you’ve done it again!!! YAY! Can’t wait to share this yummy, wonderfulness of healing food with everyone I know =)
    Thank you!!!
    Becky B

  37. Love the trailer! Desperately need more healthy recipes for my family, so I can’t wait to buy it!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  38. Kris, you have no idea how excited I was to see the email marking the launch of your new site in my inbox! And now to have a cookbook coming out?! I feel a tear of happiness developing in the corner of my eye.
    Thank you for your inspiration and I can’t wait to start cooking!

    Yours in inspired wellness.

  39. Girl to girl: You are just f’kin awesome. I’m thrilled to spend my scarce pennies to buy the book and support you and your mission. Kudos!

  40. Hi-ya! I’ll honestly say that I had no interest in purchasing this book but I watched the trailer anyways. Although I am unemployed right now, I WILLZ be pre-ordering this jewel before the end of the week. Need to re-jumpstart my healthy eating regime. Thanks Kris and team for always being so awesome, shining your light, and sharing it with the entire universe!!

  41. This digital playpen makes me feel adventurous and creative. Simply fun and deeply touching; all at the same time! Uninhibited, passionate inspiration… that’s what going on in me right now. Thank you.

  42. FUN & YUMMY! Relishing my sneak peak download and awaiting my preordered copy. So excited to try new recipes :) happy dance in my kitchen while juicing with my new juicer. Thanks so much Kris for all that you are and all that you do….love love love the new website, trailer, all of it.

  43. The excavator at the end rules! I was literally rolling laughing on the floor.
    All the best from germany and keep on doing such great work.

  44. I LOVE this video and can’t wait to get the cookbook. When I do, I’m going straight for the French Toast. :)

  45. Oh, darling dearest good-goddess! YOU ARE hilarious, fantastic and such a sparkle explosion! I am so incredibly happy to see your joy and feel all the love that you and your team spread to the world

    I have to say – TOTALLY Earthsprout approved;)

  46. I simply LOVE your new setup ♥♥

  47. I love the trailer for the book and I’m sure I will love the book. Your make everything look like so much fun. Congrats and I raise my green juice to you.

    • Love it! You have made it look so appealing, fun , entertaining and to know that it is good for us and the planet is just awesome! Cant wait to get my hands on the book. Appreciate all the hard work and dedication that goes towards creating these awesome projects :))

  48. I loved the book trailer and each Monday I jump for joy when I see your name in my inbox!!!

  49. Congratulations Kris! Loved the trailer.

  50. Congratulations Kris! Love the trailer.

  51. Squeeeeee!
    I can’t wait!

  52. We love you!!!

  53. WOW!!!! Very Exciting trailer for the cook book cant wait to get it. Thanks Kris for all your sharing May God continue to bless you and your husband a hundred fold. I looking forward to taking this journey with you to a new healthier me so that in return I can help and share with others. Peace and Blessings

  54. LoL I know this isn’t the link to put my eM addy in for the weekly newsletter but the “subscribe” link isnt working for me (on an iPhone)

  55. Loved the Trailer!!!! Already preordered the book and cannot wait to get it! You look like u had such a great time working on it, although I can only imagine how much WORK and TIME went into it, and I thank u thank u from the bottom of my heart! May u always have peace in your heart. Denise Watson Florida

  56. Awesome awesome Awesome!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on the book and pass it along to the chef in our house (my boyfriend). He’s slowly eliminating meat from his diet and adding more veggies. I know a recipe book like this will help him along.
    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}

  57. SOO SOOO EXCITED!!!! Pre-Ordering..NOW! :-)

  58. Can’t WAIT!!!

  59. Absolutely fabulous trailer! Can not wait to get my copy! Kris I adore you and everything you do. You so inspire me to be the very best. Love your new website!
    You go girl! I’m with you every step of the way! Hugs, Debra

  60. Good Stuff, do you currently have a flickr account?

  61. Every time I go to your website or watch your videos or read your matierials, my heart feels light and I just feel good. Lookinig forward to trying your recipes and living my life more like yours. Thank you.

  62. I love this!! I’m sure I’ll buy this fabulous book plus 2 more for my daughters! Keep up the good work and good health Kris!!

  63. Kris:
    We so need to see a line of crazy sexy tee shirts and jammies!! Water bottles and tote bags while you’re at it. Por favor!

    San Antonio

  64. Kris, you are back and better than ever, Lady! This book trailer took me right back to the earlier days of your film, Crazy Sexy Cancer, which in my opinion highlights the true and authentic you, the Crazy Sexy Wonder Woman who set me off on my own wellness revolution. I am so over the moon about and literally cannot wait for more. Thanks for taking us back to your roots, and love, love, love the new site!

  65. Fantastic video. The book will be spectacular.

  66. Chris-
    You are an inspiration! I am just starting my journey to becoming a health coach and I love your passion and spirit! It is what I’ve always wanted, work that is meaningful and inspired. Thank you for what you do :)

  67. Ahhh … I cannot wait! And, “yes,” I am officially hungry for more ; )

  68. Kris!

    Good and bad news –
    The BAD :( … I may have to scratch the idea for mine! lol

    Your desire to help people is palpable.

    What a gift to stumble upon you while working at our local high school. Our Health classes make Crazy Sexy Cancer a REQUIRED movie every student MUST SEE before graduating! It moved me, and has since been fully part of my coaching work with clients who have cancer.

    I recommend and use Crazy Sexy Diet all the time. You are part of the greats like Dr.”s Campbell, Esselstyn, Fuhrman and Barnard. Your story and enthusiasm are inspiring to young and old alike.

    Be sure you come to Philly on your book tour!!

    May God continue to bless your health, your work and the impact you are having on his children…and animals :)

  69. I like the way you greet your viewers with the words “health and happiness”. It’s no coincidence that you use those two words in the same sentence since awesome health comes from great (and tasty!) eating habits which allows for a wonderful measure of health. This is all within our control and your video reminds us that eating well is not at all about deprivation but a celebration of life! Thank you for nudging us along in the right direction in this life long journey.

  70. YUM!!! Can’t wait for it, so excited!

    You’re a goddess!

  71. You are one of a kind! I LOVE your energy and your vision!
    GREAT job on the book, I CAN’T wait to get it in my hands!

    Keep on doin’ what your are doin’ my friend, you are making our world a better place!

    Love, Sue Maute

  72. Ahhh!!! This brought tears to my eyes. Love love love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book and I LOVE the comment from your team member who said he’s been only eating vegan and loving it (while even losing some weight!)

    You’re a rockstar. You know that. Keep it up.


  73. Congratulations!! I loved, loved, LOVED the trailer and can’t wait to get a copy of the book!

    To your continued awesomeness and inspiration!


  74. Just preordered the cookbook. Cannot wait to literally dig in and cook my way through start to finish! Thank you thank you!

  75. beautiful kris thank you for crazy sexy cancer book I loved it!! I feel blessed and glad you can be a part of my life!!!!!! much love and wellness Katharine

  76. Congrats, Kris on this next chapter in the Crazy Sexy journey!

  77. I love you, Kris! I ain’t perfect by any means, but I am working towards a healthier happier connection with others…

  78. The book looks awsome, can’t wait!!

    I’m drooling just from watching the trailer …….

  79. I am so excited for this to come out!

  80. Bonjour Kris ! Félicitations ! french for congrat…. I love you and your the best , thank you:) Merci !
    Lise from Québec / Canada x0x0x0

  81. Okay, of course I want the book…… After reading Crazy Sexy Diet…….. Im feeling fabulous and am totally ready to be even more creative with Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Great trailer…… YUMMY!!!!

  82. Cannot wait for this book!! YUM.

  83. Hi Kris
    I have had your book ever since it came out I love it so much. We just found out my mom who is 73 has brain cancer. They removed the cyst that was extremely large and now are saying it is the worst possible kind of cancer you can have. They want to do radiation and chemotherapy. But say that it will definitely come back. So my question is why would they put her through that if its not a cure. I am juicing for her everyday and taking all sugars away from her. I’m so nervous that I dont have enough time to get her body strong enough for what she is about to go through. Any helpful advice is very welcomed. Thank you so much for all you have done.

  84. You need to have a TV show. You lift everyones spirits. Everyone needs more K.K in their life. Thank you for doing what you do!!! My whole family loves you. You inspire my teenage daughters to make healthy choices. YOU ROCK!!

  85. Cannot wait to get this book….it is my birthday present to me! Gonna try going vegan, again, when it comes!!! Pretty sure with this arsenal of recipes I can do it. Watched the trailer again. I’m gonna share with my meat loving boyfriend. If the recipes taste as good as they look I don’t think he will mind and maybe make some good changes himself.
    Much love and gratitude for everyone involved. you are changing lives for sure,

  86. I love your work!!! You have opened my eyes to what is possible. I cannot thank you enough. I am a looooong time ER nurse. I see sad health everyday ( yes I meant Sad) People need help and encouragement and good food. I am also trained in nutrition through Bauman College to be an educator. The philosophy is much the same. I am trying to take every ounce of your joyful wisdom to perhaps, just maybe, help others to be all that their juiciness can be. Peace out and passion out!!!

  87. I love the book…pre-ordered it and have it lying right here by me as I type 😀
    THANK YOU for the inspiration that you provide!!! You are truly remarkable!
    Question…what kind of headphones are you rocking in this video? 😀 I LOVE them!
    Thanks! <3

  88. I’m trilled, I’ve recieved two fabulous books! One’s a gift to my new daughter (in-law).

  89. Thank You Kris.
    You are Amazing :)

  90. Can’t wait! My daughter turned me on to this book /site /blog! Can’t wait to start cooking!

  91. There’s nothing better for you than plenty of water and sleep.It’s none of your business!She’s under the weather.I’ll still love her even if she doesn’t love me.How are things going? The girl in red is his girlfriend.The girl in red is his girlfriend.Don’t worry.Don’t let me down.He dare not tell us his evil conduct.

  92. I’m super excited about ur book and recipes, i have just began a transformation in my life for the greater good!!!! which includes diet,excercise,and an overhaul on my negative self talk! U truly are an inspiration!! I think ur an amazing,strong, women. I just purchased ur book through my books Iphone app and was curious if the online cooking classes were available to me as well? I was super excited when i saw the classes, but did not know how to gain access to them.
    I sincerely wish much happiness,peace, and serenity in ur journey!! :)

  93. I am new to this website. Loved the trailer!!!!
    Cannot wait to order and try the recipes!!!! :)

  94. Just purchased your Juicing ebook. Got hospital library to purchase others and m first to borrow them. lucky me. Kris, I am so grateful for not only helping with changing my eating habits but also making me laugh. Love you.