Raw Food Strategies for Your Family

July 14, 2011
By Guest Blogger

Raw food is a plant-based diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fermented foods, seaweed, live water, herbs and more. By definition, raw food is not heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw food includes lots of fresh dishes and also foods that can be made in a dehydrator. Crackers, breads, cookies and things like kale chips can be made in a dehydrator. However, if you don’t have one, you can still make so… Read More >


Detoxification Through Yoga

July 12, 2011
By Guest Blogger

Yoga is a powerful system that can be applied in many different ways to produce various health-enhancing effects. As a yoga teacher and lifestyle expert, I have traveled the world for almost a decade studying and teaching these profoundly simple and effective techniques that can heal the body, restoring it to its natural state of radiance and vibrant health. One key to creating radiant skin and health is sweating, which purifies the cells, eliminating toxins… Read More >


14 Ways to Combat Corporatitis

July 11, 2011
By Frank Lipman, MD

In my integrative and functional medicine practice, hardly a day goes by when I don’t see several patients suffering with a touch of corporatitis maximus (CM). While you won’t find CM defined on Wikipedia or easily searched on Google, you will find it lurking in the minds and bodies of stressed-out, over-extended, over-committed employees of corporations, everywhere. So what exactly is CM? Well, to be honest, it’s a catchall phrase I use to describe the… Read More >


5 Easy Steps to an Alkaline Diet

July 7, 2011
By Guest Blogger

As we all know, Kris is a huge fan of the alkaline diet (see here, here and here). In her Top 15 Crazy Sexy Diet Tips, her second most important tip is to “Learn about pH, the acid/alkaline balance, and say goodbye to the standard American diet (SAD), acidic diet in favor of alkaline foods.” However, I know from experience that this is easier than it sounds. In this little tutorial I want to make… Read More >


Meditation: What It Is … and Isn’t

July 6, 2011
By Sharon Salzberg

When I first returned in 1974 from studying in India, I’d commonly find myself at a party or in a social situation where someone would ask me, “What do you do?” When I replied, “I teach meditation,” I’d more often than not hear them say “Oh,” as they sidled away. The implication of their reaction was very clear: “That’s weird!” Nowadays, largely because of scientific research into meditation’s effect on the brain and immune system,… Read More >


Raw vs. Cooked: Which Is Better?

June 24, 2011
By Jennifer Reilly RD LD

As a dietitian and cheerleader for all green and life-extending foods, there’s one food I absolutely can’t wrap my fork around: raw broccoli. I eat kale right from the stalk and down wheatgrass shots with an ear-to-ear smile. But when it comes to broccoli, it’s got to be steamed, roasted or sautéed. So the question arises, am I killing my broccoli, and is it even worth it if I can’t juice or chomp it in… Read More >


Seven Ways to Beat Allergies Naturally

June 22, 2011
By Michelle Schoffro Cook PhD

Aaa-choo! ‘Tis the season for Kleenex, eye drops and decongestants. Allergy season is upon us. Its symphony can be heard in the refrains of sniffles, sneezes and nose blowing. If you suffer from the wide array of seasonal allergy symptoms such as fatigue; sinus congestion; itchy eyes, nose or throat; or watery eyes, don’t let a high pollen count get you down this summer. Here are seven natural ways to beat allergies from my latest… Read More >


How to Choose Health (Especially When You Don’t Feel Like It)

June 21, 2011
By Guest Blogger

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I don’t always feel like getting on my yoga mat. Or making dinner. Or shaking it at the gym. Or … well, I think you get my point. Sometimes I am too busy, or don’t feel well or just darn don’t feel like it. You see, I spent a long time dieting. I know a lot of people say that, but sometimes it’s hard to know… Read More >


How to Stop Attacking Yourself: Nine Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease

June 17, 2011
By Mark Hyman MD

Inflammation is a “hot” topic in medicine. It appears connected to almost every known chronic disease: from heart disease to cancer, diabetes to obesity, autism to dementia and even depression. Other inflammatory diseases such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and autoimmune disease are increasing at dramatic rates. As physicians we are trained to shut off inflammation with aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil or Motrin, steroids and increasingly more powerful immune-suppressing medication with serious side effects.… Read More >


Chocolate’s Startling Health Benefits

June 14, 2011
By John Robbins

The food police may find this hard to take, but chocolate has gotten a bad rap. People say it causes acne, that you should eat carob instead, that it’s junk food. But these accusations are not only undeserved and inaccurate, they falsely incriminate a delicious food that turns out to have profoundly important healing powers. There is in fact a growing body of credible scientific evidence that chocolate contains a host of heart-healthy and mood-enhancing… Read More >


Does Suppressing Our Emotions Cause Dis-ease?

June 13, 2011
By Guest Blogger

By Lynn Zavaro In 1984 Louise L. Hay wrote a small little book called “You Can Heal Your Life.” Since that day over 35 million copies have been sold around the world and she owns what is now the biggest publishing company in the self-help movement. Louise’s principles were simple, yet groundbreaking: We create every so-called “illness” in our body. The movement has taken it even further to suggest that suppressed feelings can cause dis-ease… Read More >


Do We Really Need to Detox?

June 8, 2011
By Tracy Piper

Can you remember all the junk food you have eaten in your life? From childhood, high school and through college? All the environmental and chemical toxins we have come in contact with? Now, imagine a magical potion taking them all away, washing us squeaky clean and making us new as a baby. Sadly, there is no magical potion, but there is hope. We can revitalize our body and our cells, reduce our toxic load and… Read More >


Getting Our Mojo Back

June 2, 2011
By Kimball Johnson MD

Thirty years ago, armed with an undergraduate education degree that I didn’t want to use and a hunger for the medical field, I decided to go to work as a paramedic on an ambulance for inner-city Atlanta’s largest indigent care hospital. I was betting that the experience would either cure me or kill me. I loved it. In fact, I wanted more. I was “hooked” on medicine. I went on to get a great education… Read More >


Supervise Your Sunscreen

May 23, 2011
By Guest Blogger

By Monique Reavis Can you imagine a time when women painted blue veins onto their skin to evoke translucence? Pale skin was lauded as posh and tanned skin represented the toiling working class. Quite the contrary to where we are now! In fact, it was two influential women in the 1920s that sparked the pop culture tan trend: Coco Chanel and Josephine Baker. Coco returned one day from a French Riviera holiday and instantly won… Read More >


Don’t Settle for Being Well. Be Vital!

May 20, 2011
By Lissa Rankin MD

I’m so honored to be here with my new girl crush BFF Kris Carr on the main stage with all you Wellness Warriors to share with you why I believe you can be your own doctor. Because you can, you know … But first let me tell you why I went to school for 12 years to become a doctor – and then quit. I could write a novel about that. But to make a… Read More >


Addicted to Stress

May 19, 2011
By Guest Blogger

Every thought, every emotion that we experience can be as addictive as any drug. Every idea that we have about life, every thought and emotion we feel has a chemical reaction in the mind and body. This constant flow of chemicals creates the most complex laboratory possible, and we all have one that is in constant change. What an amazing, mysterious and powerful tool the mind can really be! In there lies infinite potential. It’s… Read More >


How to Approach Fitness Like You Do Brushing Your Teeth

May 10, 2011
By Guest Blogger

By Courtney Benavides Imagine if you only brushed your teeth twice a week. I’m quite sure those pearly whites of yours would soon become pearly yellows. And the buildup of plaque, tartar and other dental issues would certainly manifest in lightning speed. The dentist bills would pile up and your friends would run scared every time you opened your mouth. Even your dog would be afraid to give you a kiss. However, fortunately for your… Read More >


The Gift of Green

May 5, 2011
By Guest Blogger

By Brooke Melikidse Why do so many people wait until something hardcore has happened in their lives before a change is made? We just sail along, all easy breezy, until that one fateful day when we have a holy you-know-what moment! So many of us are walking on this road of life as if we were asleep. Not really noticing the beauty or potential around us. Our to-do lists of needless errands keep us so… Read More >


The Happy Seed – Hemp’s Healing Properties

May 3, 2011
By Alexandra Jamieson

May 2-8, 2011, is the second annual Hemp History Week, a nationwide public education campaign designed to renew strong support for hemp farming in the United States. Even before the official founding of this country, the hemp plant (Cannabissativa L.) and its products played an important part in the growth and prosperity of the European transplants that rooted themselves here. Hemp’s beneficial uses, including making paper, ropes for shipping, cloth, as well as a variety… Read More >


Staying Green and Healthy When Time Is Running Short

April 29, 2011
By Gena Hamshaw CCN

Time management: it’s the quintessential predicament of contemporary life. Social critics, journalists and statisticians remind us that for all of our “time-saving” technology, we seem to save very little time. They’re right: time is the single thing we all wish we had more of. This year, at the ripe young age of 28, I decided to go back to school to for a post-baccalaureate degree so I can begin medical school in 2014. I am… Read More >