Clean Foods, Clean Living

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I’m a clean eater. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it’s about eating from nature’s bounty: fresh foods in their most natural state. Nothing with a label, nothing processed: purely nuts, seeds, fresh produce, healthy fats and lean proteins. Not sure what to make of this? How about whetting your appetite with kale cashew pesto with chia seed falafel; fresh spinach salad with roasted eggplant and avocado-basil dressing; and leek and tomato-apricot soup? I learned… Read More >


Does Your Comfort Food Really Meet Your Needs?

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Foods are strongly linked to our emotions and moods. Therefore, our day’s events can drive our eating habits. Due to our hectic lifestyles and chronic stress, many of us are turning to food to soothe, comfort and provide relief from intense feelings or low moods. We are bombarded daily by stressors, whether in our environment, workplace, family, relationships, financial or all of them. As these generally bring forth unpleasant feelings or low energy, we may… Read More >


Diabesity – A Reversible Epidemic

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What life threatening, life sapping, energy robbing condition affects one in every two Americans (that is, every other person) including 80 percent of those overweight and up to 40 percent of normal weight people?  What condition is responsible for more deaths from heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and dementia than anything else?  What condition also causes acne, infertility, sexual dysfunction and depression? What condition accounts for more then 70 percent of our $2.4… Read More >


What To Do When You Doubt Everything and Want To Stay In Bed

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Do you ever start questioning everything you’re creating, everything you’re working on and everything you’re working toward? Do you sometimes wish you could just pull the covers over your head and stay in bed all day long? Gurrrl, I feel you. Now before we go any further, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Millions of highly successful people go through periods of questioning what the heck they’re doing and crave a few… Read More >


The pH Diet and Your Fertility

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If you’re like most people, you probably have vague recollections of boring high school chemistry classes when you heard the word “pH.” Don’t let chemistry class stop you from accessing one of the greatest factors for health, including your reproductive health. Chemistry 101 All you need to know about pH to start reaping the health benefits of a more balanced body chemistry, is that it is a measure of acidity (think vinegar) or alkalinity (think… Read More >

Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies


PLEASE NOTE: My juicing and blending e-guide is no longer available for purchase. But don’t fret toots, you’ll love my new book, Crazy Sexy Juice, coming October 2015. It’s packed with new information, oodles of original recipes and more. I can’t wait to share it with you! Find out more here. Juicer & Blender Whisperers, Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the day! Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies is here! I am so excited to offer this beautiful… Read More >


Be Your Own Advocate

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It’s 1982, and tomorrow I am donating my bone marrow for my 9- year-old brother, who has leukemia. I am his only hope. I’m scared for him and truthfully just plain scared because tonight will be this first night I have ever stayed in a hospital. I have never felt so vulnerable. Hospitals do that. Make you feel vulnerable, and in this state we often give away our power. A nurse’s aid waltzed into my… Read More >


Why Antidepressants Don’t Work for Treating Depression

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Here’s some depressing recent medical news: Antidepressants don’t work. What’s even more depressing is that the pharmaceutical industry and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have deliberately deceived us into believing that they do work. As a physician, this is frightening to me. Depression is among the most common problems seen in primary-care medicine and soon will be the second leading cause of disability in this country. A study published in The New England Journal of… Read More >


Redefining Creativity and Home at Midlife: An Interesting Shift in Priorities

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An excerpt from “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Dr. Christiane Northrup: As a woman in midlife today, I am part of a growing population that is an unprecedented 48.5 million strong in the United States alone. This group is no longer invisible and silent, but a force to be reckoned with — educated, vocal, sophisticated in our knowledge of medical science, and determined to take control of our own health. Think about it: more than… Read More >


Healthy Is the New Sexy

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So you’re a “wellness warrior,” but for some reason you are still not always practicing what you preach with self-care, and everything you’ve been “meaning to get back into for a while now” still keeps getting put on the back burner. What gives? I am not here today to mother you. Lordy … I don’t want that job. But I am here to take a stand for what I know is possible when you commit… Read More >


Are You Suffering From a Nature Deficiency?

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This modern, hermetically sealed lifestyle is turning many into indoor zombies — with dulled senses, suppressed immune systems, depressed spirits, and sharply increased risk for illness and disease. One can hardly call that living — particularly when the healing power of nature is so close at hand and, literally outside your front door. If you are suffering from a nature deficiency, and there’s a good chance you are, the good news is that it’s an… Read More >


10 Things I Learned from People Who Survive Cancer

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When I interviewed women who had survived breast cancer for my art project The Woman Inside, I noticed that they all had one remarkable thing in common. They had all faced down death and decided to live every day like it might be their last. And then they all beat cancer. The more interviews I did, the more I noticed that these women were living differently than most of the people I knew who had… Read More >


Time to Take Out the Trash

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The saying “garbage in, garbage out” is familiar to us all. But what if you don’t get the garbage out? If you don’t remove your household garbage, you’ll build up piles of trash. Your house would remain standing, but it would quickly get cluttered and smelly, and eventually it would become unlivable—literally a sick house. Similarly, if you allow “garbage” to build up in your body, you will experience increasingly unpleasant consequences as time goes… Read More >


5 Tips to Beat Your Holiday Sugar Cravings

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It’s the holiday season again, bringing festive good cheer, celebrations with friends and family and usually more delicious sweet treats than you can handle! So before we launch into the negative effects of too much sugar (and, of course, give you some healthy alternatives!), we want to give some background of the sugar addictions we have in this culture. Since the beginning of civilization, sugar has been directly linked to feelings of love, comfort, joy… Read More >


5 Ways to Save Billions and Boost the Nation’s Health

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While Congress debates how to cure America’s massive debt problem, let me offer a doctor’s prescription: five smart cuts could save taxpayers $383 billion and make Americans healthier at the same time. Right now, the U.S. government spends billions subsidizing the least healthful foods, fueling America’s obesity epidemic and escalating healthcare costs. In contrast to federal nutrition guidelines that emphasize healthful vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, federal subsidies go in the opposite direction, supporting meat,… Read More >


Natural Cycles: Foods to Manage Your Period and PMS

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This is a period piece. No, it’s not about a famous Shakespeare play or fabulous costumes made to recreate a 19th-century drama. Nope. This article is about menstruation and menstrual cycles. There’s no reason to get shy or grossed out. We gotta go there — because chances are you watched the same lame video I did in middle school health class that taught me … well. not a whole lot. There are so many misconceptions… Read More >


Sweat With Love: Three Ways to Rejuvenate Your Workout

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God, do I love to dance. I love the way music feels in my body. It’s like the boom, boom ka of a drumbeat calls my cells to celebrate, which call to my bones, which call to my muscles, and before you know it, I am movin’ and groovin’ with pure abandonment. I loved to dance so much that, in 4th grade, I decided that was it. Move over Jennifer Beals: There’s a new flash… Read More >


Healthy Down There: Help Your Man Have a Healthy Prostate

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A number of recent studies have documented what women have known for a long time: Men hate to go to the doctor; they are less likely than women to seek out alternative health approaches for their conditions, and they are much less apt to take preventive health measures than their female counterparts. Prostate issues are ubiquitous in men older than 50. The current medical model emphasizes a PSA test, often followed by invasive diagnostic tests… Read More >


On Having Gratitude This Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re reading this post today, and you’re currently in the U.S., you’re probably engaged in any number of annual rituals – from cooking to watching football, to silently (or not so silently) cursing family members who drive you crazy. Many of you might also be thinking about what you’re grateful for right now. If you are, I’m right there with you. As my sister, Kris, can confirm, I’ve always been a huge… Read More >


Why Dogs Are Better Than Therapy

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Petting dogs has been proven to be good for health. It was one of those days in our house where an argument was hanging in the air like a gas leak — just waiting for a spark. Like most houses, the combustion — when it inevitably came — was not the kind that lifts the roof off. More like a sustained rumble of muttered asides and one-word answers. Then my daughter walked in and asked… Read More >