Are You Suffering From a Nature Deficiency?

By Frank Lipman, MD   |  3Comments|

This modern, hermetically sealed lifestyle is turning many into indoor zombies — with dulled senses, suppressed immune systems, depressed spirits, and sharply increased risk for illness and disease. One can hardly call that living — particularly when the healing power of nature is so close at hand and, literally outside your front door. If you are suffering from a nature deficiency, and there’s a good chance you are, the good news is that it’s an… Read More >


10 Things I Learned from People Who Survive Cancer

By Lissa Rankin MD   |  46Comments|

When I interviewed women who had survived breast cancer for my art project The Woman Inside, I noticed that they all had one remarkable thing in common. They had all faced down death and decided to live every day like it might be their last. And then they all beat cancer. The more interviews I did, the more I noticed that these women were living differently than most of the people I knew who had… Read More >


Time to Take Out the Trash

By Kimball Johnson MD   |  3Comments|

The saying “garbage in, garbage out” is familiar to us all. But what if you don’t get the garbage out? If you don’t remove your household garbage, you’ll build up piles of trash. Your house would remain standing, but it would quickly get cluttered and smelly, and eventually it would become unlivable—literally a sick house. Similarly, if you allow “garbage” to build up in your body, you will experience increasingly unpleasant consequences as time goes… Read More >


5 Tips to Beat Your Holiday Sugar Cravings

By Guest Blogger   |  5Comments|

It’s the holiday season again, bringing festive good cheer, celebrations with friends and family and usually more delicious sweet treats than you can handle! So before we launch into the negative effects of too much sugar (and, of course, give you some healthy alternatives!), we want to give some background of the sugar addictions we have in this culture. Since the beginning of civilization, sugar has been directly linked to feelings of love, comfort, joy… Read More >


5 Ways to Save Billions and Boost the Nation’s Health

By Neal Barnard, MD   |  11Comments|

While Congress debates how to cure America’s massive debt problem, let me offer a doctor’s prescription: five smart cuts could save taxpayers $383 billion and make Americans healthier at the same time. Right now, the U.S. government spends billions subsidizing the least healthful foods, fueling America’s obesity epidemic and escalating healthcare costs. In contrast to federal nutrition guidelines that emphasize healthful vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, federal subsidies go in the opposite direction, supporting meat,… Read More >


Natural Cycles: Foods to Manage Your Period and PMS

By Guest Blogger   |  17Comments|

This is a period piece. No, it’s not about a famous Shakespeare play or fabulous costumes made to recreate a 19th-century drama. Nope. This article is about menstruation and menstrual cycles. There’s no reason to get shy or grossed out. We gotta go there — because chances are you watched the same lame video I did in middle school health class that taught me … well. not a whole lot. There are so many misconceptions… Read More >


Sweat With Love: Three Ways to Rejuvenate Your Workout

By Guest Blogger   |  50Comments|

God, do I love to dance. I love the way music feels in my body. It’s like the boom, boom ka of a drumbeat calls my cells to celebrate, which call to my bones, which call to my muscles, and before you know it, I am movin’ and groovin’ with pure abandonment. I loved to dance so much that, in 4th grade, I decided that was it. Move over Jennifer Beals: There’s a new flash… Read More >


Healthy Down There: Help Your Man Have a Healthy Prostate

By Guest Blogger   |  14Comments|

A number of recent studies have documented what women have known for a long time: Men hate to go to the doctor; they are less likely than women to seek out alternative health approaches for their conditions, and they are much less apt to take preventive health measures than their female counterparts. Prostate issues are ubiquitous in men older than 50. The current medical model emphasizes a PSA test, often followed by invasive diagnostic tests… Read More >


On Having Gratitude This Thanksgiving

By Leslie Carr Psy.D.   |  6Comments|

Happy Thanksgiving! If you’re reading this post today, and you’re currently in the U.S., you’re probably engaged in any number of annual rituals – from cooking to watching football, to silently (or not so silently) cursing family members who drive you crazy. Many of you might also be thinking about what you’re grateful for right now. If you are, I’m right there with you. As my sister, Kris, can confirm, I’ve always been a huge… Read More >


Why Dogs Are Better Than Therapy

By Peggy Drexler PhD   |  11Comments|

Petting dogs has been proven to be good for health. It was one of those days in our house where an argument was hanging in the air like a gas leak — just waiting for a spark. Like most houses, the combustion — when it inevitably came — was not the kind that lifts the roof off. More like a sustained rumble of muttered asides and one-word answers. Then my daughter walked in and asked… Read More >


Is Healing Your Body a Full-time Job? Tips for Easing the Overwhelm

By Guest Blogger   |  33Comments|

Does this sound like a typical week? A doctor’s appointment, a massage, acupuncture, daily yoga, therapy, 25 daily supplements, morning green juice, daily meditation, cardio, cooking, and that’s after cleaning the house, getting the kids to school and finishing the sales presentation. Wow, I’m tired just thinking about it. Healing your body from illness can seem like a full-time job on top of your regular life ? a job you didn’t even apply for. How… Read More >


Crap In. Crap Out.

By Laurie Gerber   |  16Comments|

Crap in, crap out. It’s just time to stop eating crap. I know it’s obvious, but what you put in affects what you get out, and I am not talking only about your bowels. When you eat dead, processed, sugared, preserved crap, how could you possibly expect to feel good, lively, clear-headed and brave? It just doesn’t match. Although I know you are all shaking your heads in agreement, here is what’s really going on… Read More >


Music Has Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast

By Guest Blogger   |  16Comments|

“Mommmmmmmm, the police are here again! The neighbor is complaining and wants you to stop the music!” Stop the music? That’s like asking Kris Carr to stop juicing! It’s blasphemy. Four years ago, six of us crazy sexy forty-something suburban housewives went out on a limb, bucked convention, defied stereotypes and started our own rock ’n’ roll band. There was only one glitch. Not one of us could play an instrument. But that didn’t stop… Read More >


One Size Does Not Fit All

By Guest Blogger   |  71Comments|

I’m fat. Not size-14, average-American-woman fat. Really fat. And I am healthy. Why? I would say I am healthy because I strive to maintain a vegan diet. This was not always the case. I used to have high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, migraine headaches (weekly) and a general fear of my body caving in on me. I got some test results, and I was upset. I didn’t want to take medication for the rest… Read More >


MD vs. NMD for Baby

By Kristen Suzanne   |  6Comments|

Just before Kamea’s 4-month birthday, we took her for a wellness visit with her naturopathic medical doctor (N.M.D.), whom she had been seeing exclusively for all wellness visits. We’ve been happy with him and look forward to having him be Kamea’s primary doctor. In addition to being a pediatrician, he’s our family doctor, too. Whenever I have questions with my own health, this doctor knows I’m breastfeeding and is familiar with my family, so it… Read More >


Low-Fat Diets: Grossly Misrepresented

By Dr. T. Colin Campbell   |  7Comments|

For more than two decades, many commentators have discussed and cussed so-called low-fat diets and gotten away with talking nonsense. It is time to look at some facts. Virtually all of these discussions are based on recommendations of reports of the National Academy of Sciences during the 1980s when the initial suggestion was made to reduce total dietary fat to 30 percent (from the average of 35-37 percent of calories). I know because I co-authored… Read More >


Tart Cherry Juice: Natural Lunesta

By Jennifer Reilly RD LD   |  10Comments|

There’s not a soul out there who can argue against the need for sleep. Not only is it beautifully rejuvenating both physically and mentally, but it also boosts your metabolism, quiets any tendency toward the “F-its,” and helps you choose healthier foods during the day. Without adequate rest (seven or more hours a night), your body is stressed and responds by making more cortisol. This gives you a quick burst of energy, which is perfect… Read More >


Sugar Addiction: A Nation In Need Of Rehab

By Guest Blogger   |  28Comments|

Imagine how American society would function if drug dealers pumped 150 to 175 pounds of heroin per person per year into the veins of the elderly, the middle-aged and the young alike. Legally. Well, sugar, an addictive substance that speeds along the same brain pathways as heroin, enters the food supply in those quantities. The result of this sugar surge is that more than one in three adults now has either Type 2 diabetes or… Read More >


Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness for People with Cancer

By Dr. Keith Block   |  4Comments|

Many people facing a diagnosis of cancer are looking for ways to release stress and tension. Yoga and mindfulness training that is, practices intended to cultivate present-moment awareness and relaxation are two of the best-studied options in this regard. But can such practices really help people with cancer?To answer this question, in this blog, I examine some of the most recent research findings concerning the potential benefits of yoga and mindfulness after a cancer diagnosis.… Read More >


Plant-Strong Keeps You Pant-Strong

By Guest Blogger   |  11Comments|

One of the most amazing things that happened to our father’s male heart patients while on his Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease diet was not that their cholesterol numbers went down, or their blood pressure numbers plummeted, or their weight dropped effortlessly, or their type 2 diabetes went away — it was that another part of their body was doubling in size. I could not believe this HUGE piece of evidence was not gaining more… Read More >