Is Your House Ready for Guests?

By Alejandro Junger, MD   |  16Comments|

My son — a very important guest to us — was born last month. For nine months, my wife and I had been asking ourselves: Will our house be clean and ready for his arrival? Before this, I’ve been working at cleaning the planet (one person/body at a time) telling anyone who would listen that what is making everybody sick isn’t bad genes, bad luck or bad karma. It’s bad food and lots of toxins.… Read More >


3 Causes of Illness (and 10 Tips to Overcome Them)

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Some people who eat a very clean diet think that a “perfect” diet = perfect health. It would be easy to believe that if you just maintain an extra clean diet most of the time, all bodily ills can be avoided. Unfortunately this is just not the case. While what you do and don’t eat plays a huge role in how good you feel, it is not the only factor in staying symptom- and disease-free.… Read More >


Oh, Poor Me – No Junk Food in My Childhood?

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While growing up, food is what set me apart from my peers. Naturally, being the daughter of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of the best-selling books “Eat to Live” and “Eat for Health,” is going to result in some pretty unconventional school lunches and after-school snacks. As a young child, it didn’t take me long to figure out that my friends were being packed ham sandwiches and chips, and I was not. My parents only packed… Read More >


Survival Guide to Being a Gluten-Free Vegan

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So you’re vegan and gluten-free? No wheat? No meat? What to eat? Well, a lot actually. Instead of Bread -Starchy vegetables can take the edge off of bread cravings. Try a baked sweet potato with a drizzle of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast flakes. -Most gluten-free breads actually contain eggs. I recommend making your own. I’ve tried a few gluten-free flours on the market, and I like… Read More >


The Secret to Making Your Detox Effective

By Frank Lipman, MD   |  4Comments|

What is detoxification? Detoxification is what your body does naturally to neutralize, transform or get rid of unwanted materials or toxins. Although it is mostly ignored by our current medical system, the detoxification system is a key component of our body’s functioning, constantly working and interacting with all the other functions of the body. So a good detox program improves and optimizes the function of your body’s own built-in detoxification systems. This is done by… Read More >


Open Letter to Dr. Mercola

By Gabriel Cousens MD   |  26Comments|

Dear Dr. Mercola, Thank you for your excellent, thoughtful, and sensitive discussion on vegetarianism and the China Study. I have been researching and exploring the benefits of a plant-source-only diet for over 38 years (since 1973). Given the length of my practice and the scope of my experience, I have come to some working conclusions on the interrelated topics of diet, health, and longevity. I am writing this for the people who have become confused… Read More >


Replacing the “Guinea Pig”: Safer, Humane Chemical Tests

By Wayne Pacelle   |  2Comments|

In June 2010, the Environmental Defense Fund and its partners in the campaign to reform U.S. law to regulate chemicals made an impassioned plea for American consumers not to be treated like “guinea pigs.” I’d like to remind our friends and colleagues in the environmental and consumer protection communities that advocates for animal protection – while respecting the interests of all animals and believing that none of them should be treated like disposable lab equipment… Read More >


Integrative Cancer Treatment

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This Oct. 6 marked a landmark day I have been dreaming of. Five years ago I was told that if I had surgery and did chemo and radiation, I had a good chance of living another five years. Well here it is. Although I did do some chemo – a decision I question frequently – I did not do surgery or radiation and live with my breast cancer tumor every day. I am not cocky… Read More >

Kris Carr

Be a listener not a fixer


Recently, I stumbled upon a big ole pot of wisdom after doing some inner detective work and reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned through my fabulous coaching practice. It’s pretty simple. People don’t want you to fix them. They want you to LISTEN. Not only is being a fixer-upper a drag for others, it’s a major energy drain for you. My friends and family don’t need me digging into their business night and day, they… Read More >


Is Candida Sabotaging Your Health?

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I always thought I knew yeasts. They were the good guys that put the foam head into my beer and the bubbles into champagne. I was surprised when a holistic doctor told me that they can live almost anywhere. Believe it or not, one type of yeast called Candida albicans lives in each one of us. With other beneficial organisms it occurs in our digestive tracts where it forms a part of the intestinal flora.… Read More >


Six-Time Cancer Survivor Discovers Wellness

By Guest Blogger   |  40Comments|

What would you do if your doctor told you that you had cancer? What would you do if he or she told you that you had cancer for the sixth time? Not many people can answer that question. In fact, my oncologist once told me that he couldn’t even give me a prognosis because there are perhaps only 12 people on the entire planet who have gone through what I had gone through and survived.… Read More >

Kris Carr

Seth Godin & Power Storming

14Comments| Today I’m talking about throwing caution to the wind. Do you find yourself getting stuck because you’re afraid something won’t be perfect? I know I fall into that trap time and time again and frankly it’s a bore, snooze, blah. This morning, an email from Seth Godin inspired me to reinvent a program I’ve been developing over the past few months and I am so excited to share it with you today…POWER STORMING! I’ll… Read More >


Using Stimulation to Your Advantage

By Brendan Brazier   |  10Comments|

Unexpectedly hearing a loud noise when the room is quiet, you might feel a sudden rush of energy. This is the most basic form of stimulation, left over from your primal survival mechanism. Your body assumes the loud noise is a threat and prepares you for action by engaging the adrenal glands to draw more energy. In reaction to the first onset of stimulation — a form of stress — we gain energy. We become… Read More >


Prescription for Health: A Meat-Free Diet

By Neal Barnard, MD   |  18Comments|

It’s come to this: Researchers in the United Kingdom are now suggesting that fast food chains should hand out cholesterol-lowering drugs with cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and other menu items to combat the effects of these fatty foods. But they also say that statins don’t stop all of the unhealthy effects. As a doctor, I agree that statins are not the solution, and I’m calling for a reality check. Decades ago, we learned that the fat and… Read More >


11 Tips and Tricks to Kick Your Coffee Addiction

By Kristen Suzanne   |  25Comments|

Addicted to caffeine? No problem! Been there, done that. Boy, do I remember the days … working long hours, drinking two or three triple-shot soy cappuccinos. I’m surprised my adrenal glands are still functioning. Better late than never, though. I was determined to kick the coffee addiction, and I did just that with the help of the following tips and tricks. - Fresh-squeezed orange juice in the morning can give some pure raw energy instead… Read More >

Kris Carr

Trust & Calling Conditions

26Comments| Do you trust your inner wisdom or do you bounce around like a beach ball listening to everyone else’s advice but your own? When our minds are full of noise and confusion it’s hard to get to the heart of our true needs, emotions and feelings. Even though I’ve learned this lesson hundreds of times, I can easily forget my own advice. Luckily, one of my treasured mentors, Dean Ornish MD, saw this block… Read More >


Love List: Staying healthy on the road…


This Crazy Sexy healthy lifestyle is all well and good at home, but how the heck do you take it on the road? Answer: forward thinking and planning ahead. I don’t know about you, but my job requires lots of travel. I have a choice: I can let my health fall apart, or I can do my best to stay balanced in unfamiliar territory. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of bum f@ck nowhere, it… Read More >


Adrenal Fatigue 101

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Adrenal fatigue is one of those illnesses most people haven’t heard about. It is usually caused by stress; if you overload your body with too much physical, emotional, and/or psychological stress, your adrenals have to deal with it. Even infections, injuries, and environmental stress take a toll on the adrenals. If the glands aren’t in an environment to recover and replenish, adrenal fatigue often occurs. When you hear someone say that they’re burnt out, it’s… Read More > Healthy Home

20 Ways to Detox Your Home

By Frank Lipman, MD   |  16Comments|

Many of us have done a detox to eliminate internal toxins from our body, but how many of us do anything about the toxins in our own homes? Common household and body care products are increasingly being found to have negative health effects on the nervous and immune systems, on our reproductive systems, and on our endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The average home contains 500-1,000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see,… Read More >


What’s the Secret to Candle 79’s Success?

By Joy Pierson   |  11Comments|

I love farmers markets more than any other market or store. I love carrots more than karats! Knowing the people who grow my food is important to me. I love weekly visits with the farmers from our area. Seeing the farmers’ pride and joy for a job well done caring for the land and their crops enhances the flavor and nourishment of what I buy from them. I love tasting the delicious fruits of their… Read More >