Natural Deodorant Review!


Hi Sweet Friends, Let’s talk B.O.! Do natural deodorants really work? Why should we use them? Which ones are best? As per usual, there’s more here than meets the nose! In this video and blog, I’m giving you the down and stinky scoop on deodorants and antiperspirants. Like many of you, I’ve been on the hunt for natural products that work for years. I finally tested over a dozen products and included the results in… Read More >


What’s Really in Your Beauty Products?

By Stacy Malkan   |  17Comments|

Penis deformation? I don’t like those two words together. It’s not easy to make fun of deformed genitalia, but Stephen Colbert gave it a valiant try when he interviewed NYT columnist Nick Kristof about the bizarre plight of fish in the Potomac River (and the humans that drink it). As Kristof explained, hormone-disrupting chemicals are causing strange genital malformations in the wild kingdom — frogs, fish and salamanders with mixed-up sex organs. In the Potomac,… Read More >