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Your searing questions: Answered!


Hiya Dearest Readers,

This week I galloped over to Facebook and asked what searing questions you needed answered. So let’s just cut to the chase and get the Q & A par-tay started!

Lauren-Rose: How do you resist temptation? Also, I try to educate family and friends about food, but they brush it off and I end up feeling stupid or prissy.

Ahhh, temptation … I rarely resist temptation! What good can come from deprivation? Granted, I don’t eat animal products, but if I want a piece of dark chocolate or a french fry, I don’t deny myself. I used to be very rigid. Today, I see my health quest as a long term endeavor. The vast majority of the time, I’m on a clean and healthy path. Therefore, when I veer off it’s no big deal.

It’s all about portions. Because I still indulge in some extra pleasures from time to time, I feel more freedom on a regular basis. Freedom begets more freedom. So when I do have that fry or chocolate or even a glass of wine, I don’t need to overdo it. I’m not cheating or doing something wrong, I’m enjoying the spice of life and I’ll do it again, so there’s no need to hoard the chocolate truffles or binge on a bucket of tater tots. Truthfully, I don’t want to overdo it because I like the freedom that comes with feeling good more than the fake freedom-inducing feelings that accompany a binge. Also, when we feel like we’re doing something “wrong,” it’s easy to imagine that we’ll never get the chance to do the “bad” thing again. That’s what I call scarcity syndrome. To avoid scarcity or lack we naturally go nuts! And like a greedy squirrel, we try and store up for the winter in about 20 minutes.

And then come the strippers … Or is that just me?

You are safe. Chocolate isn’t going anywhere. Have a bite, smile, move on. That’s why I included the Sweet Seduction recipes in Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Some may say that I’m breaking my own rules with these decadent creations, but this wouldn’t be a Crazy Sexy cookbook without some sweetness. The dessert section comes last in Crazy Sexy Kitchen because these goodies aren’t the centerpiece of the Crazy Sexy diet, but they are still a delicious part of life on special occasions!

Lastly, when I do feel that urge to overdo it, it’s not because I need another martini–the craving is a result of my inner state. The feelings leftover from the not-so-nice email I received that day or the less-than-stellar night of sleep I got the night before or the pressure I experienced during a launch, etc. The urge to overdo often comes from feeling trapped and strung out. To be honest, that’s why I used to smoke. I felt overwhelmed always. Taking a cigarette break allowed me to pause and breathe deep. Too bad all the toxins and carcinogens went with that time-out! So as you can probably see, overindulgence is just a symptom. The root of the problem lies in our emotional state. Are we happy? Are we playing enough? Is there enough space in our lives, or are we booked to the minute? Once again, self-care to the rescue! Grab some bubbles and soak in your tub, dear friend. Indulge in YOU, and you’ll indulge less in what doesn’t serve you.

Johanna: When you’re feeling less than stellar/sparkly, what are your go-to techniques to pull yourself out of the slump?

Great question, Johanna! When I lose the pep-in-my-step I do several things. One: MOVE. Tony Robbins says it best, if you want to change your “state” (condition, attitude, etc.), get active. Walk, jog, jump on a trampoline, do 10 minutes of yoga, put on your headphones and DANCE your assets off. I know this is a simple tip, but it really does help. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just move your glorious body!

Next: I evaluate whether I’ve had enough free/quiet/me time. When my sparkle dims, it’s usually because I’m feeling sucked dry. The only way for me to charge my batteries is to be alone. Later hubby! Bye-bye business! I head into my cave (my bed or loft) and quietly lick my wounds. Then I get vocal by letting folks know that I’m feeling depleted and need some room to regroup. My besties always listen. The folks who don’t listen just have to deal with the word “no.” And over time, they get ushered out of my unicorn stable. The only vampires I allow in my life are the ones on TV.

Lastly: My friend Cheryl Richardson said something really smart to me the other day. She said, “When we lose connection to our spirit, the outer world and all its stimulating distractions become more alluring.” Think about that and if it resonates with you, consider packing your bags and going on a spirit-cation (ooh, that’s cheeky!)–a designated time you spend cultivating your core connection. 20 minutes per day? A 3-day retreat? Maybe a week-long pilgrimage? Only you know what you need. I know in my bones that I need about 2 weeks off. No renovation. No work. No demands. I’m taking that time in February. How about you?

Pamela: Do you ever feel your healthy food choices alienate you?

Pamela, I did in the beginning, but not anymore. It’s taken time to feel comfortable with myself, let alone my food choices! These days I plan ahead, bring my own food when needed, know how to order in just about any restaurant and don’t freak out if I can’t have it exactly the way I want. I guess you could say I’m more flexible now. When you’re flexible and take each situation one step at a time, people are drawn to you. What is SHE doing? Why is she so relaxed, healthy and positive? If you’re feeling alienated, you might want to clean up your unicorn stable (see above). As a result of living a plant-passionate, fully awake, activist life, I’ve met so many new and remarkable friends!

Jillian: Please share your take on soy. Many of your new recipes seem to feature soy and that has uncovered my deep seated fear of the stuff. Thanks!

That’s a fantastic question, Jillian. Actually, only about one fifth of the recipes in Crazy Sexy Kitchen contain soy. Since I’m not a doctor or a dietician, I asked my pal Jen Reilly, R.D. to write about soy in Crazy Sexy Kitchen. See the excerpt below. The frustrating thing is, no one seems to agree on the topic. Therefore, my go-to sources for my health and yours are as follows: Neal Barnard MD, Keith Block MD (my personal integrative oncologist) and Mark Hyman MD (see his response to claims that soy is harmful below). My stance is simple. Keep it to a minimum and make sure it’s organic and non-GMO. I consume soy in moderation and prefer tempeh, organic tofu and edamame. Processed food is processed food, even if it’s so-called healthy. Therefore, faux chicken wings and meat analogs are not the healthiest choice on a regular basis. As far as soy milk goes, I use nut and seed milks more often.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen excerpt by Jen Reilly, RD:

Soy products, including soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and edamame, are rich in soy protein, essential omega-3 fatty acids, and phytoestrogens. Soy protein and omega-3s are important for heart health, while phytoestrogens actually help reduce breast-cancer risk among premenopausal women. Less processed soy foods such as edamame, miso, and tempeh are richer in nutrients and antioxidants, more digestible, and often taste better than the more processed soy foods. Many meat-like products such as veggie burgers and veggie dogs are made from soy and are highly processed. Although these products often contain food additives, and may not provide as many health benefits of the lesser-processed soy foods, they are still great transition foods when moving from a meat-heavy diet to a plant- based diet. Just make sure that any soy product you buy is not genetically modified. It’s always best to keep things natural.

For estrogen-sensitive diseases, such as estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer, the jury is still out on how much soy is safe. Some oncologists suspect the phytoestrogens (literally meaning “plant estrogens”) in soy may encourage cancer-cell growth, and recommend that women who have had estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer play it safe by avoiding soy completely. However, it’s important to keep in mind that in Asian countries where soy products are part of the traditional diet (including during puberty and breast tissue development, which may be a key factor for soy’s protective role), not only are cancer rates lower than in the U.S., but the rates of cancer recurrence are lower despite soy consumption. There is also better overall breast cancer prognosis among women who consume the most soy in Asian countries.

You may also want to consider that many of the same doctors who tell patients to avoid soy never mention the abundant amounts of estrogen and other growth hormones found in dairy products. If you’re avoiding soy as a result of a cancer diagnosis, please strongly consider dumping the dairy as well. And if an allergy exists or soy needs to be avoided for other reasons, keep in mind that soy is NOT an essential part of a plant-based diet and can be eliminated without compromising health. There are many soy-free meat-substitute foods that are widely available (and delicious!).

Here’s Mark Hyman MD’s response to the claims that soy is harmful (full article here):

What the Data Says About Soy

If you want an excellent, unbiased, scientifically sound review of all the relevant human data on soy, I recommend reading the 100-page report from the Agency for HealthCare Research and Quality entitled, The Effects of Soy on Health Outcomes, which reviewed thousands of studies based on rigorous criteria for scientific validity. Its conclusion was this: There is no evidence of significant benefit or harm based on the quality of evidence that exists today.

“The dangers of soy are overstated. The benefits may be too.”

So what’s a confused consumer to do? Give up on soy until we know for sure? Or chow down on soy nuts? Don’t panic. There are some things we do know about soy, both good and bad.

First, you should be aware that the amount of soy used in many of these studies was much higher than what we normally consume — the average dose of soy was equivalent to one pound of tofu or three soy protein shakes a day. That’s a lot of soy! Most people just don’t eat like that. So when you read negative things about soy, remember that many of those claims are based on poorly designed studies that don’t apply to real-world consumption.

You could apply that thinking to other studies, too — like those that show that broccoli contains natural pesticides or that celery is high in toxins. Sure, those foods might cause you some problems — but not in the amounts that most of us eat. The same is true for soy.

Second, it’s important to recognize that many of the common claims about soy simply don’t pan out when you look at the evidence carefully. Let’s review four of these claims and the science behind them so you can have a better understanding of the real relationships between soy consumption and potential health threats … read more.

I hope these answers help you. Did something resonate? If so, what? Tell me in the comments below. Or if you have a burning question that wasn’t answered above, leave it in the comments and I may choose it for a future Q & A.

Once again, I am LOVING your Crazy Sexy Kitchen love notes! Check out this glowing review from Carol:

“So happy to receive my copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen this weekend. Kicked it off by making Avo Toasts for lunch and Chickpea with Root Veggie Tagine for dinner. It was indescribably delicious. I am so grateful for this beautiful book filled recipes for optimal health and, equally important, delicious dishes. Thank you, Kris and Chad.”

Have you grabbed your copy yet? Don’t delay hot stuff!

Peace & knowledge-seeking,

Kris Carr

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65 responses to Your searing questions: Answered!
  1. Hey Kris,

    Can’t wait for Crazy Sexy Kitchen to reach the UK, its on my Christmas wish list. I’m hoping Mr. Claus will drop it by early. I cooked my boyfriend’s family an all vegan Christmas lunch last year, their first one, and they absolutely loved it. It would be scrumptious to incorporate some Kris Carr specials in this years festivities!

    I’m now going to go pack for my spirit-cation…. Jx

  2. Thanks so much for the soy answer – in conjunction with your ‘don’t freak out’ answer, I feel far more confident about eating a little soy occasionally. It’s just a teensy part of a plant strong, organic, non processed diet that may or may not include dark chocolate covered goji berries. Ahem. Seriously, I am so appreciative that you took the time to answer, you truly do rock, Luvvly :-)

  3. Kris,

    Thank you so much for this information… It’s fantastic… Especially the one on avoiding temptation…

    You rock!!!
    Samantha :-)

    • PS. I couldn’t wait for Crazy Sexy Kitchen to come out here in Australia so I bought the kindle version. I’ll get the paper version when it finally comes out here :-) xxx

  4. Congrats on your “The Doctors & Access Hollywood LIVE” appearances. You are sure to shine!

  5. Kris, I love you and I’ve learned a lot from you. I read and listen to everything you do. I recommend you to all my family and friends. I’m a super huge fan. So I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that I have to buy a third copy of “CS Kitchen” from a brick-and-mortar bookstore (having already purchased two copies online) to get in on the ‘dinner’ events. I get why you’re doing this, I just wish there was a way to include us online folks.

  6. Love how you keep it simple and back to basics. The more I read the responses the more I realize that our culture here in the United States it seems is lacking in how to first nurture yourself and rejuvenate when you become depleted. Connecting with your spirit when you begin to break down and most importantly,recognize when it is happening! Thank you for this amazing resource and your commitment to educate people <3 Maria Foti

  7. Hellooooooo Kris,

    I love that you are doing Q&As now. It’s so helpful to hear your educated and experienced-based answers on common questions we all have or have had asked of us. I know I often struggle for easy wording and simple analogies to explain my food choices to people – esp. soy! I was on the fence for a long time about it. So THANK YOU!

    I have a burning question for another Q&A:
    What is your understanding of the blood-type diets that require people with blood type O to consume lots of animal protein. From the perspective that animal based foods create acidity and acidity leads to illness and inflammation, how is this healthy? Type O people also thrive with intense activity – does that activity work to balance the acidity with all the oxygen inhalation from intense work-outs?

    LOVE you SO much and I wish I could come and hug you at your book signing! I live a bit too far away to make it!
    Peace and Carrots,


    • GREAT Q Kirstie! I will definitely answer THAT one. Thank you. xo kc

    • I do know recent research has shown that the most ancient blood type is type O blood. So it may have to do with our hunter gatherer ancestors. Although the more animal diet does not make sense considering that the majority of hunter gatherer diet was still based almost completely in plants (easier to obtain and lots more of it).

  8. Thanks for sharing your sparkle…and your take on indulgences…it helps to hear the reminder!

  9. “I don’t want to overdo it because I like the freedom that comes with feeling good more than the fake freedom-inducing feelings that accompany a binge”

    This idea can go WAY beyond food!

    Think about spending–I like the feeling of freedom that comes from being financially secure more than the fake freedom-inducing feelings that accompany overspending.

    ..and relationships! I like the feeling of freedom that comes with having a rock-solid relationship rather than the fake freedom-inducing feelings that come with cheating or looking outside my relationship for attention/affection.


  10. Kris, the message of self-compassion is critical and I’m so glad to see it in your article today. When we get black-or-white we can increase the stress, which doubles the guilt factor, multiplying the chances of us derailing into another pleasure cycle that just makes things worse. Restorative exercise, breathing room, and meditation are critical tools for success – thanks for underscoring same.


    Lani Muelrath

    • Thanks for the great post. I always look forward to Mondays for the newest post from you. I really appreciate the question about feeling alienated by food choices because my family and I struggle with that right now. We live in the middle of cattle country with lots of soy/corn/cattle farmers in the family. Currently we eat plant based in our house and when we are at restaurants. However, when we are invited to family/friends homes for a meal we just try to take as little animal products as possible. Not quite ready to profess to the family how we feel.:) However, we don’t really like eating it anymore and so we find we avoid meals at friends/family unless we absolutely have to like holidays. It does feel alienating right now. So it helped alot to know that it took you awhile to grow into yourself and that it seems to be a process. Doing the food feels great and is easy but dealing with outside pressure is the challenging part. Thanks for sharing your insight and I do feel over time we will grow into this new way of being. Maybe in the future you could share how you told your family and friends you were vegan and tips for communicating with them about it.

      • Sorry I didn’t realize I was commenting on someone else comment.

      • Hi Kristi,

        My family is very traditional in their eating habits and I had the same fears about being plant-based at gatherings. What I’ve found over the past few years is that they are much more flexible and open-minded than I gave them credit for! They’ve modified many dishes to meet my needs (using Earth Balance and non-dairy milk, leaving the cheese on the side) and I make a few vegan recipes at holidays, birthday parties, etc., to share. I think that they eat healthier today because of it, but without resentment because they still include their favorites and I don’t judge them for their choices. We all win!

        Good luck!
        Corinne Bowen
        Creative Director at

      • Thank you so much, Corrine, for your response. I really appreciate it!

  11. >>And then come the strippers … Or is that just me?
    >>Read more at the blog …

    Oh, maaannnnnn……..
    I followed the link and there was NOTHING about Strippers.

    But it was still a great article (after my hormones got under control). LOL

  12. I think I’m finally starting to understand something: it seems overwhelming to switch from an unhealthy lifestyle to this totally different way of consuming. There are SO many changes to be made, it seems. And many of them will have us feeling alienated from those around us. When people see you start eating better, you’re actually threatening THEIR own habits. So of COURSE you might feel alienated. But just like any kind of personal growth, the journey itself is the process of you accepting YOURSELF – part of that is being able to be with people who are put off by the “new you.”

    And here’s the big thing I got from this: it’s ok AND necessary to take it slow. To start implementing changes. To see it all as a journey rather than a major upheaval. And Kris, I have found myself saying that I will start down this path when (one day) I’m pregnant and I “have to” be healthy. But I’m calling bullshit on myself. Because I could be diagnosed with cancer tomorrow and then “have to” – so what the hell am I waiting for? I’ve spent the last year off coffee and on green juice. Next step: my food! And it starts right now. Today!

  13. Kris,
    Thank you for the great blog. I especially liked the well reasoned approach to soy consumption. I think that I will save the link to that article “The Effects of Soy on Health Outcomes” for the next time the issue is being debated – and it surely will be.

    Also, the approach to “forbidden foods” is wonderful. Don’t say that I can never eat that food again but when the temptation arises consume in moderation.


  14. Kris you have helped me teach my family to be brave and try new foods. My kids are drinking their veggies and I love that! My daughter really loved the Green Colada I made yesterday. Check it out for yourself on my blog devoted to Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Your message is soooooo awesome, and I am really having a blast working my way through your baby CSK. Access Hollywood wow! say Hi to Billy and Kat!

  15. Thank you for this fantastic post and all that you are doing. I loved CSK so very much! My partner and I made the tofu scramble yesterday morning for Sunday brunch and our taste buds and tummies were tantalized. I purchased an additional copy of the book in order that I could access the online cooking classes with you and Chad. Thank you for putting the effort into filming these. They are incredibly helpful!
    A question: In the videos, Chad addresses how to cook with less oil, which I really appreciated as I try to use as little oil as possible. However, in CSK nearly all of the recipes call for oil. I was wondering, with the exception of the baking recipes (where I realize measurements need to be more precise) is it possible to eliminate oil from most of the other recipes?

    • Hi Michael,

      Here’s what Chef Chad had to say about your question:

      “Yes, you can eliminate oil in most recipes, not all though. When baking, use parchment paper, non-stick baking trays or silpats. When sautéing without oil, heat up the pan first, add onions, and once they begin to stick, add veg stock or other liquid to deglaze and caramelize. Also, for some of the salads, you may need to bulk up the other flavorful ingredients in the recipes (herbs, spices etc.) when omitting oil.”

      I hope that helps!

      Corinne Bowen
      Creative Director at

      • Thanks very, very much for the response. It does help. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing thus far so it’s good to know I’m on the right track. Peace and good health to all!

  16. These were great questions and answers. thanks for being thorough and providing us with the resources to look more deeply into the answers! You’re awesome!

  17. Another fabulously uplifting candid and genuine insight. As always, thank you for sharing Kris. The comment you shared from Cheryl Richardson really struck a chord. You are such a gift, thank you! x

  18. Hey Kris and Crazy Sexy team, just a note to say I love the new format and look forward to the blog each Monday! I also learn and get inspired from any commenters. I do wish you’d do more videos…they give me more permission to let go and be bit more goofy (I say that in the best way possible) in my own life! Can you tell me if its normal at the start of this process to feel almost angry that you will be giving up some of your food addictions but also have part of you really crave and enjoy the new food habits, I.e., my morning newbie cucumber juice? I’m only in the first week and taking baby steps at my family docs advice. Thanks!

    • PS: Having taken nutrition in university and having a business in the health care field I learned years ago about moderation and that deprivation only led to wanting something more…the child in all of us I guess. Besides my gran believed in feeding the soul and her daily sherry (well and box of chocolates under her bed ; ) My hubby overcame most of food addictions after being diagnosed with ADHD a few yrs ago. Life changing. Hr does still struggle with stress and chocolate but we found that if he keeps his fave dark 85% chocolate in the freezer and allows himself two sqs a day along with a bite of some really good artisan organic cheese (forget the so called lite crap he calls it), it keeps his daily cravings in check. Like you he is now able to allow himself some indulgences (the 20%) without fear or desire for an all ot binge fest. With help he has also learned to be aware of his stress levels and the need for down time. He gets up early to make my juice and my gluten free muffins and is looking forward to trying out yours and Chads new recipes!

      Life is too short for deprivation and crappy ‘lite’ versions of real food! Lose the guilt and feed your soul once in a while…

  19. So wise KC, so wise. You’re like a gorgeous buddah/angel/guide with sass!

    Your words hit me like a sledgehammer “overindulgence is just a symptom. The root of the problem lies in our emotional state…” cue my bottle of organic red wine last night. Yes, bottle. But told myself it was organic so all was well with the world. Time to dig a little deeper. Actually not that deep. Over-scheduled and over-stressed. Make space.

    Potential future question: Where do you stand on bikram/hot yoga? I have been given several conflicting views on the subject, from it being cleansing and invigorating and wonderful for you; to it being extremely dangerous ‘cooking’ your internal organs, shocking the body, and over-extending joints and ligaments leading to all sorts of muscular/skeletal problems. For the record, I prefer my moving meditation at room temperature.

    Right. I’m off to give myself some yogic love to try and get these toxins a movin’.

    Keep doing what your doing, we all need a little sparkly buddah-angel-guide-KC in our lives!

    Much love


    P.s. Your dining room looks AWESOME! Do you ever find yourself just sashaying around that brilliant table and chandelier?

    P.p.s. Times like these I wish I could come and give you the squeezy hug of your life in NYC; however the trek from Sydney is just a little too far (not to mention pricey!)

  20. Have it! Love it! Can’t put it down! 😀
    Thank you so much Kris!!!!

  21. I love this – especially the part about reigniting your sparkle! Also – your words about temptation should prove extremely valuable as we enter the holiday season. Thank you!
    Much love and light,

  22. Dear Kris, I have bought the crazy sexy kitchen recipe book and love it, I thought there would be a video, with the book. Would you be able to do video’s of cooking classes, like example crazy sexy kitchen with a video of all the recipes with Chef chad sarno. I would love to buy something like this.



  23. Hey, Kris!
    I read a previous article about you dying your hair back to its natural color to avoid toxins…. but I see your hair is blonde and pink now. I myself, was a every-six-weeks-blonde, and decided to give it up 5 months ago and go natural. It’s been kind of difficult… can you please share/talk about your decision to keep dying your hair? Are you using more natural dyes? This is a tough subject for women, it seems. THANK YOU! :)

  24. Hello Kriss,
    I am french, living closed to Cannes, I am sure you have heard about this little town, famous for the film festival !!!
    I wish I could be in NY for having the opportinity to meet you but it is not so easy… I am a naturopathe and chinese energetic medicine therapist and of course I believe in your “juicy food” !
    As I am in France, do you know somebody who is doing a “juicy retreat detox” for 2 or 3 days ? Or may be, one of your contact might know…
    Even if we don’t know each other, I am sure you are an awesome and gorgeous person ! I look to your picture everyday and you give me energy and good vibration for the day !!! You look so radiant ! Thank you very much for that !
    Hope to see you one day in NY or may be in France, you should come and sell your book !!!
    I wish you all the best and I am looking forward to hearing from you,

    • Nathalie, I totally agree with you: Kris, you should come to visit French people! We need you here as well! I love your CSD, it’s my new best friend! And it’s buddy CSK is on my wishing list for X-mas…can’t wait! You’re just formidable!!

  25. Kris and/or Corinne,

    I’ve tried to link to you on FB but it says that you have too many friends, which of course doesn’t shock me. Is there another way to link to you or did this bird miss the vegan worm?

    As always, I love the information you share and the joy with which you share it.
    Take care,


  26. Make this tasty snack Fresh Citrus Olives. They are that good… Seriously!!

  27. Check out my mom’s Julie/Julia Project using Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

    • Chocolate Walnut Cake is pure chocolate bliss. Check it out on my blog. Click CSK Project and witness something totally yummy! Vegan Chocolate cake that seriously rocks!!

  28. Hi Kris! My wonderful sister just gave me your Crazy Sexy Cookbook for my birthday on Nov. 5th… I am going to try some of the recipes tonight…. I can’t wait. I do have one question? after watching your movie (and I loved it) I’ve become interested in wheatgrass juicing and growing it at home since at this juncture in my life I can’t get out on my own to go to the expensive health store and buy shots ( too many health problems to even start on about) I guess my question is, is it really worth the time, effort and some finacial investmest to do this, are the benefits of wheatgrass really that impressive? I bought the dvd from Michael Bergonzi on growing wheatgrass and sprouts and watched it many times so I am pretty sure I can do this at home. What are your thoughts if any you have on this subject.

    Thanks so much,


  29. Can you make juices ahead of time and freeze them? My nutritionist says that the enzymes are gone after 15 minutes, I hate cleaning the juicer…ugh.

  30. Love your responses!! Love your save the tuna recipe and the sweet potato burgers-delicious. Great cookbook!!

  31. Kris, I was wondering if you could tell me what you do with all the juice leftovers? My mother-in-law has stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She’s been living with it for 2 years. As soon as we found out, we immediately started her on juicing and a vegan diet with zero sugar and very low wheat consumption. This morning she was told by her oncologist that her cancer has shown some spreading to her pelvic bone as well as other parts. Thank God, no spread to her organs. She quit juicing about a year ago because she thinks that it is a waste of money because of the leftover pulp. I’ve kept trying to get her back into juicing but she wont budge. She does drink green smoothies and other superfood smoothies. But I really want her to juice again. Any suggestions as to what I should say to make her change her way of thinking?

    • Goreti — if she’s drinking green smoothies consistently that’s good too. Juice tends to be more medicinal. You get more nutrients because you use more veggies, also your body absorbs it very quickly, which means you get to take a break from digestion. But green smoothies are great too, they really are. If she won’t budge then I guess I’d respect that. I hear your frustration though. xo

  32. Dear Kris,
    I was introduced to you by a nutritionist that is working with my fibromyalgia. I am vegan, gluten-free, no peanuts, and no to some other random things that affect my condition. I’ve been on and off the wagon, dealing with cravings for foods that could literally kill me. I’m a recovered smoker, alcoholic, and now it’s time to face the food! I love “Crazy Sexy Kitchen”. Just made Warm Kale and Quinoa salad tonight. Delicious! Usually I do crave the healthy stuff, but I think just that fact that I’m-for today-not going to let myself have it, makes it appealing. Human beings were made way too complicated! Anyway, thanks for putting yourself out there and being so very important to my new food which means my new life! I just want to feel good!

    Hugs and kisses,
    Michelle P.

  33. Dear Kris,

    I’ve been reading the Crazy Sexy Diet, Crazy Sexy Kitchen and other related reading material for a little bit now and am going to give the whole thing a go in January: a good time for new beginnings! Until then I have been mentally toying with the idea and building up a repertoire of knowledge and recipes.

    The searing question I keep coming back to is about eating out a restaurants, at friends’ houses, and on-the-go. Eating out and having/going to dinner parties with friends encompasses a large part of my social life. Having friends to my house would not be an issue if I were to follow the CSD, nor would cooking at home on my own. But what are your tips for choosing food at restaurants? And if friends are cooking, do you politely ask them to cook you an option that would suit your diet, or do you bring something along for yourself? I would so appreciate specific tips in this area, because it is the main thing I think would hold me back from venturing on the CSD properly!

    Thank you so much, and for all you do. Your positivity is infectious and delightful and I’m trying to adopt more of a similar attitude myself.

    With love,


  34. Hi! Just discovered you and I am so excited. I now have 2 copies (bought one for a friend) of CS Kitchen and one of CS Diet. I don’t know it this is the right place, but can you tell me which vitamix would be best. I see the 5200 comes in 3 versions. I will be cooking just for me (maybe hubby). There is a compact version I am considering but I also see one that comes with a separate container for grains? Any advice appreciated. I plan to watch the cooking classes now. I am a complete Newbie. Thanks! Tammy

  35. As an older person and athlete for over a year I was not normal, muscles cramped easy didn’t recover well, I was in pain, I had tingling in a shoulder that wouldn’t go away & no clue why.

    Then my hearing a broadcast on GMOs, especially glyphosate or Roundup corn-soy-canola were describe & I like Mexican food & figured it had Roundup corn too often so went organic, non-GMO.

    Symptoms were turned around in 6-wks and now 12-wks later I’m again able to run, something I haven’t been able to do for the whole time. That’s so radical just pointing out because what these do to a body is reduce uptake of minerals & water so can have assorted negative effects to each person and lowering immune system response is one of them.

    I assume you may have an organic, non-GMO diet but if not would suggest it. The url: scroll down or search on Don Huber.

    This is a big deal to me

  36. Love my green juice! But I am wondering if I should be consuming it all at once. I generally make between 25-30 ounces of green juice in the morning and down it with a little E3 Live. Would my body be better served if I drank 16 ounces in the morning and sealed up the rest for the afternoon? Ideally I would make fresh green juice twice a day, but the amount of cleaning that the Breville Ikon requires isn’t friendly to a busy woman. I would love to hear your thoughts on this!! Drinking 30ounces makes me feel great, but just not sure If I am wasting a lot of the nutrients by overloading my body.

  37. Hi Kris
    I am thrilled to find your site and books and everything.
    I know you get a ton of e-mail but I have a question. I have been feeling awful since my cancer treatment (3years ago) and as usual can’t find anyone good but only traditional advice here in Canada. Is there any way I could get the name of your integrated oncologist? I am willing to travel to the US I am so desperate!

    thank you so much
    Love Bonnie

    Wishing you all that is best.
    Love Bonnie

  38. Hi Kris
    I am thrilled to find your site and books and everything.
    I know you get a ton of e-mail but I have a question. I have been feeling awful since my cancer treatment (3years ago) and as usual can’t find anyone good but only traditional advice here in Canada. Is there any way I could get the name of your integrated oncologist? I am willing to travel to the US I am so desperate!

    thank you so much
    Love Bonnie

    My e-mail is bpagtakhan @

    Wishing you all that is best.

  39. Hey there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to
    make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when browsing from my iphone.
    I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to fix this issue.
    If you have any suggestions, please share. With

  40. Kris, there are times someone brings cookies or cupcakes to work and I am so temped to eat just one. but I usually don’t because I don’t know the ingredients…are there any GMOs in it? So I stay away. I learned to bring Medjool dates with me and that satisfies my urge for a sweet treat…although Christmas time, I have to eat at least one Sees dark chocolate.

    As for the rest of my vegan raw, organic diet… its easy for me to stick with it. I have your recipe book, along with a few others so I am not feeling deprived. My food is delicious and so is my cancer free life :)

  41. Read this at the right time.. Really needed to read this right now. Was having a melt down and craving all the wrong stuff. x

  42. I love you, Kris Carr, but what I really need to know is where did that gorgeous table in the picture come from???

  43. I love your articles Kris … I recently started tapping I was skeptical at first but wow the shift in my head, heart and body is amazing. I was suffering with really bad anxiety … I felt so low … I kept punishing myself as you do thinking what a bad person I was … I was juicing, eating really well, eating organic food, yoga , meditation but nothing was shifting this horrible feeling I had about myself . That was until I started tapping … I found it was safe to let myself have a voice about my concerns , worries and really find out why I was so anxious …. I finished off my tapping session with positive affirmations omg the shift in my whole body was just short of a miracle … I felt calm and my body felt like for the first time in such a long time it could breath …..ahhhhhh what a feeling.
    So kris have a wonderful Xmas and an amazing New Years … Thanks for all your knowledge, your honesty , you truly are one amazing women xxoo

  44. I really enjoyed reading this post. I especially enjoyed your response to Lauren Rose when you mentioned that the root cause of overindulgence has to do with your emotional state and your desire to be happy. You have a great zest for life and you inspire me to carry on with my own mission to help others to live a happier and healthier life.