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Hi Prevention Partners,

Welcome to our first installment of Prevention Month goodness! I’m excited and inspired to help shift our collective attention towards wellness, especially after your incredibly powerful response to last week’s kick-off blog. This week, I turned to some of my most-influential mentors and health experts to give you their utmost prevention tips. We’ll get to that wisdom in a minute. First, a little back story, followed by a new definition of prevention (one that you can customize yourself!).

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was lost, scared, and I had no idea where to start. As I began searching for help and answers, I got more familiar with proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle practices and spiritual garden tending. Naturally, as my studies progressed, I had the painful realization that I wish I had known these things BEFORE I got sick. Did I beat myself up? Not once. Never. And if you know me, you know I could have (very social smoker, heavy drinker, stress junkie, recreational goodies lover, par-tay frequenter). Could I have prevented my cancer diagnosis? I’ll never know. For me, the “why’s” are useless. They get me nowhere. What motivates me is acceptance, forgiveness and change. And truthfully, if it wasn’t for my diagnosis I wouldn’t have the best job ever—connecting with you!

Here’s what makes sense to me today, if 75–90% of the chronic illnesses are preventable, why not have some fun and live a little? Just do it in a way that makes you feel great while still having a grand ole time. Think that’s impossible? I beg to differ. Shake off the past and get on your yoga mat. Head off to the market and purchase some greens. Go for a walk in the woods and tell the trees what’s bugging you. Adopt a dog or cat and cuddle them. Sit in the tub and breathe deep. Call a family member to say “hello, I love you.” If they’ve passed on, you can still call them up in your mind. Heck, you can even watch bad TV, just as long as you get some sleep! It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You don’t have to throw out everything in your house, relinquish your heels, or shack up with a swami in a quiet cave. Simple and subtle daily shifts will lead to profound health leaps.

In addition to making my own shifts, I’ve also built a network of health practitioners and spirit lovers who keep me motivated. I also rely on the internet. (Not Google so much ’cause it scares me. Every time I Google something I think I’m gonna die by lunch.) Instead, I follow my favorite people online, take their tele-classes or get inspired by their weekly work. These teachers helped me find my way through the prickles and into the party that is now my world of prevention. Yes, you read that correctly—party!

Prevention doesn’t have to come with a negative connotation. While I wish there was a better word, there isn’t (not one that millions of people can understand). So it’s our job to give prevention a make-over. To take it from boring or threatening to inspiring and empowering. Each of us can create our own personal definition of prevention. A definition that we hold sacred, like a mantra or a guiding prayer. My definition goes something like this: Living in a holistic, compassionate and spiritually connected way that honors my entire being. Every morning I remind myself of this mantra. And then I add, “and may it be a hoot!” Boom. Slippers on the ground. Off to make the juice and cause some trouble.

Now for an awesome round up of wisdom. I personally asked each of these tuned-in superstars what they would tell someone who wanted to live a healthier, happier life free from chronic illness and stressful shizzle. Their answers totally invigorated me, and I hope they do the same for you.

Crazy Sexy Expert Prevention Tips

Tend to Yourself

In any moment of anxiety or loneliness, the best medicine you can offer yourself begins with pausing, and mindfully opening to the feelings in your body and heart. Then gently place your hand on your chest and inwardly send a caring message. You might mentally whisper, “It’s okay, sweetheart,” or “Forgiven, forgiven,” or even “I’m sorry … and I love you.”

    • Tara Brach, PhD | Meditation expert, author & founder of the Insight Meditation Community

Create Community

There is nothing like having the support of like-minded people. Start a book club, attend a local meet up or join an online forum. You are more likely to stay healthier and happier along your wellness journey by developing a buddy system for inspiration, support, solutions and friendship.

        • Alejandro Junger, MD | Cardiologist & founder of The Clean Program

Protect Yourself

Stay safe in the sun. More than a million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the United States every year. I protect myself and my family by always having a stash of protective clothing and hats with me when we’re outside. And I always use a safe and effective sunscreen from EWG’s Sunscreen Database.

            • Ken Cook | Founder of Environmental Working Group

Set The Tone

When you are talking to other people, begin your conversation with a positive statement: “It’s a great day.” “Oh, how lovely you look.” “I woke up feeling terrific today.” “I am so grateful to see you.” Start your conversations with something that makes the other person feel good. That way, you get to feel good, too.

                • Louise Hay | Author & founder of Hay House

Release Your Expectations

Practice yoga with ease. Don’t worry about fitting into the poses. Allow your body to move how you feel. When you give your body and mind space, you can heal ailments and prevent tension from building into disease. How you move is how you are. Practice how you’d like to be.

                      • Tara Stiles | Yoga expert, founder of Strala Yoga

Block the Party Crashers

Endocrine disruptors you’re exposed to daily, such as bis-phenol A (BPA) and phthalates, can wreak havoc on your hormones. They act like other guests at the party in your body, drinking and chatting, but they are actually crashers who will disrupt the entire affair. New data show higher risks in women for infertility, miscarriage, endometriosis and egg count when phthalate levels are high. Repeat after me: “1, 2, 5, stay alive.” Plastic products with the recycling codes 3 and 4 are more likely to contain BPA and phthalates.

                      • Sara Gottfried, MD | Hormone expert & author

Load Up On Plants

Populations that live the longest and have the lowest disease incidence base their diets on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Incorporate more whole plant foods into your diet by making sure at least half of your plate is made up of colorful veggies and fruits, aiming for at least a cup of beans or lentils a day, and eating fresh or blended frozen fruit for dessert.

                      • Julieanna Hever, RD | Dietitian, television host & author

Make A Mantra

“I am a Divinely healthy and fit human being.” Think it! Say it! Believe it! By affirming it and making it your inner reality, you’ll activate a new automatic response that resonates with your stated desire. You’re choosing thoughts that are in harmony with your originating Spirit, and in so doing there is no room for being unhealthy. Such is the awesome power of our thoughts.

                      • Wayne Dyer, PhD | Author & motivational speaker

Ease Your Mind

No more worrying. Worrying is just a prayer for the worst possible scenario—and when has it ever solved anything? It breeds stress, which compromises your immune system and prematurely ages you (no thank you!). Instead of spinning your wheels thinking about nightmare situations, focus on what you can control and take action—change the things you can and forget the rest. Remember, the only person you really have any control over is you. If you make small but meaningful changes—whether it’s in your attitude, your choices or your reaction to someone else—you’re working towards the goal of a happier, more complete you without making the process stressful or overwhelming. And to keep stress to a minimum, bear in mind that perfection is not the goal: doing things a little bit better is.

                      • Daphne Oz | Author & co-host of The Chew

Eat Clean

If you’re like me and always on the go, remember you can still snack healthy! I bring produce from EWG’s Clean 15 list and buy organic anything on EWG’s Dirty Dozen to make sure I’m reducing my pesticide exposures (Do you know many pesticides have been linked to cancer?) Learn more at EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides.

                      • Renee Sharp | EWG Research Director

Work It Out

Did you know that in addition to being good for your strength and stamina, exercise is key for your heart health, brain health, quality of sleep and overall well-being? Even if you create a daily practice of squeezing in five minutes of exercise a few times per day, you can begin to see many benefits. Start today by trying a few burpees! They’re quick and very effective. Burpees can be done just about anywhere and can provide a total body workout.

Here’s how to do a burpee:
1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
2. Squat down and place your hands on the floor in front of you while kicking your feet into a plank position and then perform a push-up.
3. Bring your feet back to start position and stand.
4. Repeat.

                      • Marco Borges | Author, celebrity personal trainer & founder of 22Days Nutrition

Sleep Safely

Dress up for bed. Tests find flame retardants in the bodies of nearly every American—and in products we use every day. As a mother, it’s vital that I protect my two girls from touching fire-retardant items as much as possible, so instead of flame retardant-covered PJs, I dress them in PBDE-free dresses at bedtime!

                      • Heather White | EWG Executive Director

Take Charge

I’m a strong believer in helping people activate their own self-healing capabilities. Becoming proactive in one’s health is essential but difficult because there are so many powerful social, economic, and political forces that work to undermine our ability to be truly healthy. As consumers, we need to take responsibility for our own health, the health of our families, our society and the world at large, with the small choices we make on a daily basis.

                      • Frank Lipman, MD | Internist & author

Now, it’s your turn: Share the tip that works the most for you and/or your personalized mantra. And don’t forget to share them with your Prevention Partner!

I can’t wait to hear what has your motor running. Wonder what you’ll feel like come October 1!

Peace & posses,

Kris Carr

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54 responses to Ultimate Prevention Tips from My Favorite Experts
  1. I will be working on the first tip: Tend to yourself from Tara Brach. I really like the tip from Louise Hay: Set the Tone – sounds like a great idea to me. Finally, I’m going to really focus on Loading up on Plants. I try right now but I’m really going to focus on it this month.
    Thanks so much for offering these great Prevention Month posts … truly inspirational.

  2. All brilliant tips – thank you!
    My tip would be to not worry about all the tips.
    Just do the things that seem to work for you, and maybe make a plan to work on a couple more in the future, and to enjoy every piece of learning and life on the way. Stress about what you should or shouldn’t be doing is just as bad as anything else!!
    Fab post, thank you so much for creating it!

  3. I find mantras work well so how about ” I am alive and well with energy, vibrancy, and color. Yeehaw!”

    I like the burpee move for not only the cute name but because fitness is on my transformation list.

    And easing my mind from worry is always a hot topic for my creative lil brain.

    Im ready to hop on prevention pony and start my day. Thanks Kris.

  4. Hi Kris! I’m so happy to hear from you today. I plan to tend to myself .. I need to do a better job of tending. When I’m feeling lonely I don’t always stay in the plant zone .. I reach for comfort. Then feel awful later. Next .. make a mantra. Then load up on plants. Thanks! Have a super duper day!

  5. Always starting off the week right! All great ways to get the Wellness Wheel turning! Thanks for the pep-talk! :)

  6. I want to work on the first one tending to yourself and ease your mind. I also plan on getting heathy thru diet and exercise.

  7. Regarding the BPA mantra, I am adding a line: 1, 2, 5 stay alive. 3 and 4 OUT THE DOOR!”

    Love, love, love you Kris!

  8. Kris you always make me smile. I practice most if these and love the people you presented, I follow them as well.

    I do have to admit, I stress and worry about stuff, and was just talking with my employee a couple days ago about how stupid it is. That we should save the worry for something that truly deserves it, not everyday piddly things. I will start my daily mantra today.

    I LOVE BURPEES!!! Especially on a SUP board! So much fun.

    Thank you and as always will be forwarding this to many!

    Hugs and green kisses-A

    • Kris had her favorite books listed recently, on it was The Untethered Soul…..I highly recommend it if you stress and worry……its amazing!

  9. Thanks for this awesome post! I will practise tending to myself this month!

  10. I will adopt”forgiven forgiven”while placing my hand on my chest.”say again and again “I am a divinely healthy and fit human being”and aim for a cup of beans or lentils a day. thank you so much Kris for the great inspiration you have given me. Elinoar

  11. Thank you for sharing. I love your positive energy that exudes from your blogs. I am an almost 5 year breast cancer survivor and reading your blogs reminds me and motivates me to eat healthy daily. Sometimes, it feels more time consuming to eat healthy especially not living where there is a Whole Foods, or a health food store that packs organic greens. I am so grateful for reading the tips from your experts in one place. I am familiar with many who have contributed. I am ready to mix all my organic nuts and seeds with seasonings and roasting them for a healthy snack. I also appreciated reading about worrying at a time when I have been worrying about some personal stuff. So true that worrying does not change the outcome and brings toward more negative energy. Thank you. Thank you! You are a blessing!

  12. Love “Ease Your Mind” Daphne Oz! Hit me right where I’m at! Gonna post it all over my space! Thanks for sharing!

  13. My three picks are “Tend to myself”, “Set the Tone”, “Release Expectations.
    I’m pretty disciplined with the rest of the tips. Great post.
    Life is good. Blessings to you.

  14. Every one of these comments resonated with me. They are all worth reading and repeating every day. There were two in particular that really opened my heart and inspired me. Tara Stiles comments on yoga were a wonderful gift to me because I can’t do all those poses but love yoga and how it makes me feel. Sara Gottfired’s 1, 2, 5 stay alive mantra gives me a way to remember how to avoid BPA’s. Thank you Sara, I could never remember this in the past. What a lovely gift you just gave my aging memory.

  15. Thank you for this, Kris. Came at precisely the right moment. I’m heading into town for my lentils now :p I’m going to:
    1) Ease my mind
    2) Work it out
    3) Set the tone

    You’re one of the angels walking Earth Kris, I’m pretty sure of it.

  16. Good Morning Kris!

    YOU have inspired me so very much (you must hear that a lot). TODAY began the beginning of my Journey into the World of Integrative Nutrition. I am beyond excited. At this point I am in a panic and in awe as Day 1 is underway. I can hardly wait to see what will happen in this 24 hour period, this week, month, and finally in this year.

    Your influence and story has led me to this door and I am so glad I took the chance to pick up the key and unlock it, open it, and now that I am inside the room I see this is a wonderful palace. I took the step to Tend to Myself and now I look forward to helping more around me find this path to wellness. Everything you have spoken about above is falling into place in my life.

    Have an awesome day and week!!

  17. So much great information and reference material. My plan is to create my own community by referring to your list of programs on a regular basis. Thank you so much for this information.

  18. Great post for a Monday morning while I’m trying to set my goals for the week. One big thing I do is PLAN AHEAD and SET GOALS. I try to do this weekly so that I can stay on track, set myself up to do well and succeed instead of beating myself up about not following through and reaching my goals. It also gives me a chance to review what I’ve been doing, re-vamp what didn’t work and change the goals as I change.

    Thank you so much for this great series — I am so excited for all the motivation and new information!!!

  19. Kris thank you for sharing and I have passed your books and information on to others who need your positive approach to living with cancer.

  20. My assignment from this is to develop my Mantra. Earlier today I was reading and came across”I am whole, healthy and free of symptoms.” So the universe is telling to find my own.

    I’ll share how I started my day. Dressed in log-sleeves and a sun-hat for my morning walk, my elevator doors opened and I greeted a Francophile friend with the start of a hug that I turned into French air-kisses and “bon jour!” I set the tone for both our days.

    This is my first time reading this blog. I think I’m in alignment with the thinking and healing that goes on here.

    Thank you so much, Kris.

  21. One of the rituals that has really worked for me is my weekly visit to the spa. I do a couple of rounds of sauna, cold bath, hot whirlpool, cold bath then rest to feel completely rejuvenated & relaxed. All stress is gone form my body and I sleep like a baby! The effects stay with me for at least a few days… Then at least once a month I’ll get a massage to completely remove any stress form my body (hot stone or an Ayurvedic massage are phenomenal!)

    If I can’t make it to the spa I’ll take a nice super hot bubble + epson salt bath at home and then a cold shower. In the winter I do this everyday… It feels so purifying!

  22. Awesome tips here! I can’t wait to share them! I especially love “set the tone”… it’s a great idea for keeping the negative Nelly’s from ruining your mood. Beat them to it! :)
    My tip is to educate yourself. I have found the more I know, the better I can make the right decisions. Whether it’s books, blogs, documentaries, or (yes) Google, do your research. It will make you think very differently about everything you put in your mouth!

  23. Hi Kris…I’ve followed you (off and on) since you were on Oprah. I’m so happy for you that you have not only survived cancer but are thriving through it all! I am a fan of your healthy lifestyle as well as many others. I have just one major problem…or two. I hate, loath, and eat very few vegetables, and the ones I like are the ones least beneficial (carrots, green peas, corn, green beans, and potatoes.) I can eat broccoli/cauliflower if it’s covered in something unhealthy. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but it’s got me so frustrated….that and I’m not a great cook at 53 years old. I’m a total “Crazy Sexy Wanna-be!” I have a serious sweet tooth too (preferring sweet salad dressings, etc.) and I know how bad sugar is for you. I’m making fruit smoothies and adding a handful of spinach or kale and carrots to it to at least say I’m eating 2-3 servings of veggies a day. So many of the green drinks have cucumbers in them and I can’t stand cucumbers. So I’m at a loss. Do I just keep eating the veggies I love and hope for the best? I want to buy your cookbook but am afraid it’s filled with things I don’t like. Any helpful hints other than to suck it up? Blessings to you on your journey!

    • Yes, keep eating the same vegetables that you do like but, be willing to try new ones over again. I hated brussel sprouts, beets and greens all my life despite trying them repeatedly because they always tasted bitter. After becoming vegan/plant based, my tastes changed and I also prepared them differently than others. Now I love all those vegetables and more and it didn’t start until I was 43. Just remain open minded. It’s great that you are putting some greens in your smoothies!

    • It’s great that you’re adding veggies to your smoothies! Keep it up. I was just like you…it had been years since I’d been able to eat veggies, or fruits. I started juicing them, and eating the ones I could tolerate, and little by little I soon found that I looked forward to eating fresh produce. Even cucumbers! I especially like to juice them. By adding healthy foods to your diet your body reacclimates to eating properly – you start to lose the cravings for sweets and fats and junk food. I don’t limit myself if I really want to eat something, but I make sure to keep my overall diet healthy and plant-based. So keep up the good work…you’re tastes and desires will eventually change, if you stay open to it and keep trying.

  24. I loved Louise’s tip: start every conversation with something positive. What a beautifully simple idea. For me, each day, my mantra is to approach everything from a place of Love, Honesty and Trust. That mantra is at the core of my beliefs and my business, when I realised these three pillars where my foundations each step has been easy, the results more exciting & my heart fuller.

  25. Great blog post Kris. You have inspired me since I saw your movie shown at one of our movie nights at Life Changing Events on the Gold Coast, AU. You glow health and inner peace, thank you for sharing with the world. One day I know our paths will cross :) cheers from Australia Kaz

  26. Sara Gottfried states that number 3 and 4 plastics are more likely to contain BPA and Phthalates. I have only read that plastic # 3, 6, 7 are VERY bad. Number 7(polycarbonate) is supposed to be the worst plastic for leeching BPA. Number 3( PVC) is one of the worst for leeching phthalates.
    Plastic bags(produce+regular bags) are #4. many caps/lids are also #4. I have never heard that #3 and #4 contained BPA. i am aware that plastics should not be re-used(bottles) heated or frozen because of leeching chemicals.

  27. Thanks for your candid and hopeful notes. I am completely aligned with your energy and your practices. For me, I have not ‘won any battle’, rather evolved into love, true love. A year ago, I was independent and highly self-sufficient. I didn’t need anything especially not from another person. Today I am humbled and heart opened in gratitude for all the love that has come my way. My ‘tip’ is about listening to my body, respecting the message, and gradually moving toward behaviours that express self-respect and self-love. And seeing this shift in shades of grey, gradually noticing more of the distraction and business triggers, slowing it down, listening, and taking ever better care of myself and my loved ones … and even the ‘unloved’ ones.

  28. What works best for me is repeating to myself “I have a good life.” When I get upset or anxious or stressed or disappointed, I remember everything I love about my life currently. When that’s tough, I remember happy memories, ones I’m grateful to have in the back of my mind to pull out at a moment’s notice. I suggest creating a “happiness file,” whether it’s a mental one that includes positive thoughts you can refer back to, or an actual notebook (e.g. moleskine or journal) or paper/computer file that lists all of your best memories, happiest times, or just things you love. You’ll be glad you have that when you’ve had a rough day and need something to smile about!

  29. This is an absolutely priceless list – thank you so much Kris!

    This was a great reminder for me as well about the EWG- need to consult that website a lot more than I do. Also love what Tara Stiles says about practicing how we’d like to be- beautiful.

    My wellness mantra which makes me feel instantly calm and grounded is, “All is well in my world” (courtesy of the incredible Louise Hay). It brings me straight back to myself and helps me prioritise my health and wellbeing.

    Thank you Kris- amazing! xx

  30. All of it! I needed to hear all of it again, and again! I will approach people with a positive opening, this just has to be good for every one!

  31. I am so excited to be a part of this party! My absolute favorite tip is from Tara Brach. She speaks to the power of pausing with loving kindness to acknowledge feelings in the body and the heart. So simple. So effective. #2 for me is Alejandro Junger’s tip about the buddy system. I practice Forrest Yoga and during mentorship programs we pick a BK (Butt-kicker – a very committed buddy). I now have two BK’s and we regularly checkin to listen and support each other’s process. My mantra: “I pause and take a nourishing breath to embody my spirit. I lovingly bow to myself and all my teachers with gratitude.

  32. I plan lunches for my husband and son the night before with a checklist of at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and check off my list as I pack it the next morning so that I know they will at least be getting their minimum number of servings a day. I also make exercise a part of my normal daily routine so I am energized to start my day and not tempted to skip it if I wait until the end of the day and run out of time to work it in.

  33. You are so awesome, Kriss. Thank youuuuuuuuuu for all you do for us. I love you.

  34. Ignore the voices in the head — their constant commentary, judgement, and obsession with something wrong/not enough. Focus instead on everything else that is real. That’s where the party is!
    Joy, peace and happiness!

  35. I will implement
    1) Tend to yourself to create awareness and build stability
    2) Create community to share and help others
    3) Make a mantra to focus and assert

    over the coming month. What an excellent opportunity for development!

  36. Hi Kris!

    I love your style! Would love to do an interview with you on a weekly episode of E TV and My Kitchen Shrink!

    Thank you for sharing your journey to wellness!

  37. LOVE :)

    And a lot of other goodness will stem out from it. If you love yourself, the people around you, the air your breath, the food your eat, etc… you’ll start making more thought-of choices. We don’t have to make the right decisions right away, a lifestyle change is a life-long change. But it all starts from thinking and connecting deeply with ourselves and all those around us before we make our choices.

  38. Kris, I am new to your blog and all of your books. I am a new mom and two years ago my mom had a run in with cervical cancer, my dad had a heart attack, and not only was I pregnant (my daughter is almost a year) I had a abnormal, but non-cancerous skin tag that was removed shortly before I conceived. When it rains it pours and I am now a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Thank you for putting all of this information out there and your Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor is a huge comfort to me! I use the rubber band around the wrist now! I use #10 of your tips because I am making the decision to change my lifestyle. I have found that educating myself is a powerful tool to use when fighting for your health. Thank you! You are wonderful and courageous! You have posted need to know information for our world.

  39. Hi Kris,

    Thank you for another great blog and sharing those fantastic tips. My favorites include meditation, juicing (a Kris-peration), and exercising. My current favorite mantra is “I am love.”

    It’s a whole other amazing Universe when we do these things regularly. Really grateful to you and others for the on-going inspiration and support.

  40. Every night after I turn off the light I give thanks for the experience of a beautiful day, and affirm how blessed I am. I believe my mind will build on positive thought so I then affirm that I look forward to the morning light and confirm an even better day is a head.I say silently, every day, my life is filled with more love, more happiness, more wisdom, and even better health.I then give thanks for my faithful companion Shorty, family, friends, Those I know and those I will never meet. I wish them love, health and happiness..Amen

  41. I enjoy reading many different ways to improving overall health and wellness. My family and I have made many changes over the last 3 1/2 years since being introduced to the best health and wellness company on the planet. Thank you for sharing ideas!

  42. I am a cancer survivor too. In the dozen years since my ordeal (no it wasn’t pretty, pink, sexy, funny, or cute – it was an ordeal) I have come to the conclusion that as long as each one of us is focused on making “small choices on a daily basis” the chemical companies and oil companies and all the other industries that are polluting our air, food, and water – and consequently our bodies – need not worry one bit about what they are doing.

    I think we need to make very large choices on a global scale. As long as each person is focused on their own little microcosm, the macrocosm will continue to be poisoned, polluted and exploited, and those who do not have access to the “small choice” information will continue to sicken and die.

    I am making big choices now. Join me in the next global March Against Monsanto October 12, 2013.

  43. Embrace sulfurs–those stinky molecules that abound in onions, broccoli and their ilk. Your liver uses sulfur to help get rid of carcinogens. Eat onions every day.

  44. Recreational goodies lover? Thats pot cakes or something right?

  45. Great tips by all. Thank you. Obviously be difficult to tackle all the tips but many can be useful and easy to implement with some work.

  46. Loving prevention week!!
    Hmm my tip would be always start the day with a satisfying and clean breakfast! When I get my breakfast right, I’m on track for the rest of the day =) =)

  47. Though it will be short comparatively, live the best life you can by putting others before yourself, daily, storing up treasure in Heaven. And prepare for living eternally (aka – a very long time) by giving this life to the only One who holds the keys to Heaven – Jesus the Savior!

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  50. Hi Kris!
    I would love to start a raw or low fat raw diet, but I am hypoglycemic. How do I do it without crashing and also feeling fulfilled?