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Crazy Sexy Health Crusader,

Today I’m wildly proud to announce that my new book, Crazy Sexy Diet: Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark & Live Like You Mean it, is on bookshelves nationwide and available at Amazon! And thanks to you we became an Amazon best-seller on the first day of the launch! Can you say #45 out of 8 million books?! Crazy Sexy Diet is my life bible. It’s filled with everything I’ve learned on my wellness journey. I know in my bones that it will make you smile, shine, and soar to new health heights. If you have any doubt about how helpful this book is, check out the unbelievable 5-star reviews!

Along with help from my brilliant posse of experts, (rocker stars like Mark Hyman MD, Dean Ornish MD, Kathy Freston, Neal Barnard MD, Rory Freedman, and more…) I lay out the fundamentals of the BEST diet and lifestyle on the planet: a low-fat, vegetarian—or better yet, vegan—program that emphasizes balancing your body’s pH and reducing inflammation by eating more lush whole foods, low-glycemic fruits, raw veggies, alkalizing green drinks and green smoothies. YUM!

You’ll get buckets of healthy lifestyle guidance (including exercise, meditation, and natural body care tips) as well as a mother load of emotional support. Because good health demands two things: 1) Upgrade and optimize what we’re eating. 2) Pin point and address what’s eating you. In both regards, Crazy Sexy Diet kicks it out of the park!

This way of eating, drinking and thinking has deeply transformed my life. I’ve gone from sick and tired to ultra-inspired!  Now I’m here to help you do the same. If you’ve followed me since the beginning, you know how much this book means to me. Thank you for being my companion along the way, for showing up, giving me feedback, and spreading the good word. Though I may not know you personally, I have thought about you many times. Writers do that. We spend countless hours alone, thinking about people, and taping into the Divine sweet spot in order to channel and uplift the collective consciousness.

This is a big week because we’re trying for the blessed New York Times bestseller list. Yikes! If you’d like to help, here are some things you can do to show the love between now and next weekend, January 16th – 22nd:

1) Buy it while it’s hot! It’s available at Amazon and other online retailers as well as local bookstores. If you’ve bought it already, maybe snag another copy for family, friends, and total strangers!

2) Tweet! Tweet! and Retweet! Chirp about Crazy Sexy Diet (use #crazysexydiet) and cut & paste this link to buy:

3) Update your Facebook status with Crazy Sexy Diet news and provide the link

4) Write a Crazy Sexy Diet review in your blog or newsletter. Share your reflections, generate discussions, and post the link.

5) Sandwich Boards and Skywriters. Ok, so this is only for the most dedicated among you, but feel free to stand on your streetcorner or rent an airplane that spells “crazy sexy diet” across the stratosphere.

Big hugs and deep bows in advance! Check out for lots more info.

One last thing! If you’d like to jump into the 21-day Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse today, you can join me and your fellow wellness warriors at my Facebook page or online community. Let’s rock 2011 together!

Peace & buckets of gratitude and love,
Kris Carr

PS- Tune in to Good Morning America tomorrow morning (1/18) around 8:30AM EST for my Crazy Sexy Diet interview! xoxo

Kris Carr

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27 responses to Crazy Sexy Diet
  1. I’d like to get this as an e-book. Are you planning that at some stage?

  2. Can’t wait Kris, picking up copies for my Mom and I today (we were blessed to meet you last year in Ann Arbor) ! Congrats, I know it’s going to rock xoxo

  3. I should be receiving mine in a day or two.. I’m so excited to get it!

  4. Bought it yesterday. Can’t wait to dive into it.

  5. Thanks, Kris! Your work means so much! All my love and lots of extra energy on your book tour. Come to Phoenix! :)

  6. going to get a copy now!! is it at chapters/indigo??

  7. Can’t wait to see you on GMA Tuesday, picked up the CSD from Barnes and Noble-so excited to get started. Sending good energy for your book tour!

  8. Oh yes. I bought the book!! Yesterday at my friendly Barnes and Noble. Love it! Started reading it backwards so that I could jump right into the 21 day cleanse. Day 1 is going excellent! Green juice wasn’t so bad…. Also, The back cover inspired me to draw a circle with sun rays around a picture of me too! Somehow I look better with sun rays around my head! I put it at the front page of my journal for my 21 day cleanse.

  9. Congratulations Kris Carr! So exciting!!! YOU GO!

  10. Actually bought the book about 2 weeks ago at Mirabai of Woodstock while I was back home. It’s already made a huge difference in my life. Green drinks = <3. My husband and I had the Stuffed Tomatoes and Meditteranean Quinoa Salad last night and it was delish! We're on day 3 of the cleanse (did a week long warm-up first). I have kicked coffee, meat and dairy and feel sooooo incredibly healthy. Getting rid of the toxins of the body and mind. Thanks so much Kris!

  11. i have started drinking green drinks about a week ago got up and found your diet will go buy the book today,so i can learn more

  12. Did I hear you say on GMA that your diet is gluten-free? Can I use a blender or do I need a juicer?

  13. I work with incarcerated youth. Sometimes the youngsters earn an honor, graduate, get a scholarship, and have to speak at an official function. I know them and love them, but the suits at the function see just what they have come to see…A JUVENILE OFFENDER! They will introduce the recipients and tell how they have “turned their life around” from a life of crime. The youths always bear the introduction with grace, knowing that is how they appear even though they are so much more. Anyway, I see the same grace in you when you are, like this morning, on GMA, introduced first and foremost as a STAGE 4 CANCER SURVIVOR! I too have battled the beast and know that I am so much more.
    I just wanted to commend you again for undergoing the slight insensitivity that others can’t help but have in order to bring your message to us all. It’s just a short introduction blip at the beginning and then your personality moves quickly to establish a different identity for the viewers.
    I know you have more maturity than the kids I work with but I thought you might like the parallel. They take their introductions and smile at the suits because they are stil children after all, and want to be loved.
    Anyway, loved the book, just bought my third copy so I could be in the launch week group. May you go from strength to strength!

  14. I did the best I could for now, Kris! I blogged about it, but I’ve not read it yet so I can’t write a review (can’t wait to do so, though!): Loved your interview on Good Morning America!!

  15. Ohhhhh I’m 1/2 way through this book and I just love it! Wow!

  16. Will you be publishing this book as a family friendly book? IE: Omit the F*** word
    If so, I would love to purchase that book.

  17. Any plans for an e-book Version?

  18. Crazy Sexy Fun and INFORMATIVE…It Rocks!

  19. I haven’t read the book yet but it sounds like the Made to Crave book by Lysa Terkuerst. Hers came out a couple months ago.

  20. This book should be required reading in all schools!

  21. There is nothing wrong with having a “muffin top” if that is what one has at their healthy weight. I guarantee you that many people who will try the diet that you write and speak of will still have a “muffin top” for months, maybe years, after starting this eating lifestyle. They will berate themselves for being fat, lazy, and unsuccessful even though none of these things are true and even though the crazy sexy diet is actually a very healthy diet for all individuals. They will eventually give up this diet and fail to be a healthier person for it, because of their shame. Ms. Carr, please kindly mind your manners and watch your language like a mature and compassionate adult. Your avid readers deserve better than unrealistic beauty standards and language that mocks their body shape and shames them for their size. Body shaming (while you are hypocritically saying “your wonderful body” “your sexy body” “your amazing body” as if you think all body types are acceptable) and placing unfair and unfunny lables on body shapes and types are the behavior of a person who does not deserve the right to call themselves a motivational speaker. These are the signs of a demotivational speaker. As a person who formerly had cancer, one would think that you knew more about kindness and being unpredjudiced.

  22. Also, cellulite covers the surface area of the buttocks and thighs. It doesn’t clog the arteries. Older women and women who have given birth will oftentimes have cellulite regardless of their health. Wrinkles, cellulite, and brittle bones can not be avoided forever. Everyone ages and most women reproduce. There is no need to shame healthy mothers for their matured bodies by talking about how great it is to get rid of “that pesky cellulite”. There’s nothing wrong with cellulite. It’s not unbareably repulsive or even all that noticeable if one is not a nitpicker. People need to stop giving in to the hype of hollywood beauty standards that shame what healthy bodies naturally look like. Health motivators should know better than to sell that bull pucky too.
    If one doesn’t have cellulite, whatever. Good for you, I guesse. It must feel great to be better than everyone else. But if a person does have cellulite, it isn’t a health professional’s or advocate’s business. As has been established, cellulite isn’t a fatal disease.

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  25. go and read ancient indian monak WAGBHHT he had a man who devolp properlly diet . this is dr somnath from india bye

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  27. I have a friend tring to tell me that her shakeology powered drink is better than my green juice with a shot of wheatgrass. Do you have a breakdown what vitamins are in my green drink?
    1 cucumber
    2 celery
    1 pear
    3 carrots
    Bunch of spinach
    Bunch of romaine
    Shot of wheatgrass
    I also love beet, apple, carrot, cucumber, celery, broccoli.
    Thank you for your time