Come grocery shopping with me to kick off Prevention Month!


PLEASE NOTE: Cooking Classes and Dinner with Kris are no longer available.

Hi Powerful Friends,

Have you ever heard the phrase “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? As an outspoken cancer patient I know in my bones that the only lasting cure for that which ails us is prevention. And when I talk prevention, I’m not just referring to cancer, I’m referring to any disease or state (self-doubt, listlessness, fear) that harms you. If you’ve been a part of the Crazy Sexy revolution for a while, you know that I’m very vocal about investing in your health. When you stay well, we’ll be in much better shape as a nation and as a global society. Unfortunately, some powerful folks (certain corporations and politicians) disagree with me. No matter. They don’t interest me, you do. When you wake up and help others to wake up, you can change things. It will take time and ya gotta be willing to stay the course, but trust me, you’re worth it.

Storytime: Last week I was on yet another plane. About ten minutes after we took flight, the pilot asked us to donate to breast cancer awareness (October is the big month after all) by purchasing a pink Minute Maid or a pink martini. I chuckled as I often do. Well, that’s not true, sometimes I shout. Now before I continue, let me make one thing clear, I’m not bashing cancer research, it’s very important. It saves lives. We absolutely need it. I’m pointing out the insidious hypocrisy and mixed messages that pink washing sends. Pink high fructose corn syrup? Pink M&M’s? Pink carcinogenic cosmetics? Pink alcohol? Pink handguns (I shizzle you not)? I’m sure the pink movement started out with impeccable intentions, but it seems to lose its way the bigger it gets. Sadly, many of the pink products contribute to getting us sick in the first place. Offer me a pink grapefruit and I’m in! Offer me a product that will depress my immune system and I’m driven to write (my way of standing up for us). And where does that money actually go? Does it all go towards research? I think not. Pink is big business.

Look, we can research ’til the cows come home, however we’re still missing the point. Why on earth aren’t we investing an equal or greater amount in your healthy, bright future? Why on earth are we waiting ’til you’re in harm’s way before we do something? Here’s why: profits. That’s the reason many food companies don’t want safe and accurate labeling. That’s why billions of animals are confined and tortured. That’s why Monsanto (the dark lord) wants global domination over seeds, chemicals and patents. Some very powerful companies prosper when you’re sick or on your way to getting sick. Not so much when you’re healthy and vibrant. Sorry to sound all doom and gloom, but today I’m putting the unicorns in the barn and standing up for what I believe in – YOU.

Last year, I decided to hijack November and make it the mightiest of months–Prevention Month! You know the drill, the U.S. is riddled with chronic disease and although pills and procedures can be life-saving, we need to get at the root of the problem to see real change. I’ve seen that change happen in the thousands of people I’ve met at my lectures, book signings, retreats and coaching seminars. I’ve done it, they’ve done it, and now you can transform your health too. Let’s get started!

This November, Prevention Month is going to be SO much easier because I have created phenomenal tools to support your prevention-is-HOT endeavors. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen and have some fun with me and Chef Chad Sarno, these goodies will transform your plate, excite your palate and infuse your mind and body with vitality and happiness.

So, how am I going to arm you during your prevention-filled fiesta this month? Education, of course! First, I’m sharing one of the twelve videos from my Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes (above). You don’t even have to buy the book. Come take a tour of Whole Foods–the first place I visited post-diagnosis. Chef Chad and I will shower you with tips, recipes and know-how that’ll make your next trip to the grocery store fun and stress-free.

Next come the raw materials for a vibrant life — 150 glorious, mouth-watering, plant-happy recipes to fill your body with health and happiness (foodie style!). My new cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, is on shelves, but if you’d like to browse the pages and sample some recipes first, check out my FREE Sneak Peek. You’ll also get some amazing recipes that didn’t make it into the book! Why? With over 150 recipes, there wasn’t enough room.

Finally, AND THIS IS HUGE, I’m wrapping up our Prevention Month by kicking off the first of THREE Dinner with Kris virtual soirees on November 28th! Who are my trailblazing guests? The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is sending two of their bright stars to my home in Woodstock, NY for an evening of cutting edge conversation over a delicious Crazy Sexy Kitchen meal.

It’s time for us to get political and you deserve to know the truth about your food. EWG is at the forefront in the fight for safe and healthy food for all and that’s why they are my dear friends and why I want them to be yours. We’re going to answer YOUR burning questions and cover game-changing topics LIVE, for example: What are GMOs and how do they affect my food and my health? What’s the difference between organic and conventional foods? How will certain foods impact the health of a growing child? What do I need to know to feel confident and informed while grocery shopping?

Let’s get confident in our kitchens together and transform them into prevention headquarters across the globe. The revolution starts with YOU at your next meal–it’s that simple.

So tell me: What’s the one step you’re going to take this month to move toward a healthier, happier life for years to come? Declare your commitment in the comments, whether it’s eating one plant-passionate meal a week, buying a juicer and finally making that morning green drink, skipping fast food or going plant-happy for thirty days. Whatever it is, start today. We’ll hold you accountable and cheer you on!

Peace & virtual pinky-swears,

Kris Carr

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162 responses to Come grocery shopping with me to kick off Prevention Month!
  1. I agree. We can do so much more for peoples health if we motivate them to cut down on animal products and refined stuff and eat a plantbased diet like all the docters I have respect for like McGougall, Neil Barnard, campell, Fuhrman ect. See McDogall video on youtube diet wars and learn the truth about this “Health” industry and diet for that matter.Love your message Thank you for being so amazing.

  2. Right on, Kris, write on!

  3. Totally agree with you about “pink” loosing its way. So many products and companies join the “cause” only to make profits. I saw pink cigarette lighters for sale at a gas station. Really? I am all for research as I am a stage IV uterine “thriver” – I like this word better – soon to celebrate my 5 year anniversary.

    I used wheatgrass throughout my treatment, along with many other complimentary methods with the support of my oncologist. He rolled his eyes at some of what I did but he also told me many times his other patients wanted to know my secret because I was doing so well. It was not an easy path to walk and I celebrate each day.

    Regaining strength to exercise has been a challenge but November is the month of my commitment to claim what cancer stole from me. The post treatment weight will go away – now! I release it and no longer “need” this false sense of protection.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  4. Whoa, this is so inspiring and exactly what I needed this morning having bought CSK over the weekend. I am committing to cooking more often (4 times/week) so I know what I’m putting in my mouth and am giving up sugar, no matter how tough it will be.

    Thanks for inspiring!!!

  5. I am all in. I have already purchased a juicer and I am on my way to getting better because I am sick and tired of being sick. I am a breast cancer survivor and since coompletion of my treatment I can’t seem to get better. Low energy, no vitality, etc. So I am now a part of the crazy sexy revolution and loving it. My pledge for this month is to continue on my path to a plant based diet. I have been preparing the morning green drink for about a month now and reducing sugar and meat in my diet. Thanks for all your inspiration Kris.

  6. I am going to say a little prayer before every meal as a ‘thank you’ to my food. It’s a little something I learnt in India. I think it’s a beautiful tradition that makes us more aware of all that our food does for us instead of taking our health and nutriion for granted.
    Oh, and sitting down to eat! No more munching mindlessly while I run around like a crazy busy person.

  7. A-freakin-MEN sister! I’ve often wondered why we are so reactive and not so PROactive. Unfortunately health care is the same way. I’m a massage therapist, so call me biased, but why is it easy to get a prescription and insurance coverage for surgery, but not for massage, or nutritionist, or chiropractic, or a slew of other preventative health services? I would say money, but I don’t see how a surgery is cheaper than a solid year of any other treatment.

    And just so you know, you are heard and fully supported! I have a heart-on for this revolution :)

  8. I have begun taking classes to become a health & wellness coach. I changed my eating habits years ago. After watching CSC with my husband we kicked it up another notch. We know first hand that food heals! This month, I plan to help two people that I happen to know are just beginning there journey’s. I plan to cook for them and work with them while enjoying hanging out with them!

  9. HI Kris,

    Great letter – I appreciate your clear message about pink washing. And that brings me to my commitment: I will speak up fearlessly about pink washing, and green washing when I have the opportunity, rather than avoiding conflict. And, I will eat my veggies :)

    Hugs and love,


  10. Hi Kris, Thanks for writing the blog post that I intended to write all last month! I too was on a flight with the attendants in blue jeans and pink polo shirts, offering up the ‘pink drinks for cancer’. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Anyway, my lazy behind didn’t write the post, so thank you for putting it out there! We need to start with ourselves and spread the word as best we can. You are the queen of this! :)

  11. I just got our copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen and my goal is to make at least one recipe from the book each week for dinner. I am also setting an intention to drink more green juice and get my kids, ages 7 & 6 (6 yr old is a cancer survivor!) drinking it too! They love helping me make the juice. Now I just have to get them as excited about drinking it as I am!

    Much love to you Kris for helping to change our lives! Keep on keepin’ on….

  12. I declare that I will eat plant-based meals all month, including Thanksgiving!

  13. I’m transitioning to vegetarian and upping the exercise. I’m also establishing goals that will push me beyond what I had thought I could do as a way of banishing the stinkin’ thinkin.’

  14. You are awesome Kris!!! Keep doing what ur doing!! I received ur book last week and i was like a kid on christmas morning :) Im definately committing my family to this and the bonus is that they love their veggies and green juice!! i think the most ridiculous pink wash item i saw is toilet paper, it just makes me shake my head…..

  15. Thanks Kris for making this journey less complicated.
    Question? Its difficult sometimes to buy all those delicious greens to juice. A friend recommend buying all those delicious greens in a powered mix from the bulk herb store. All organic and many healthy green ingredients. Am I doing the right thing by having my green juice in this way? I use frozen berries and some coconut milk to make a smoothie.

  16. You are right! I am in Tampa Fl and we are trying to pass the same Prop 37 .. I would say labeling needs some major faces ie YOU … and your friends to get the word out! Monsanto is so big.. we should be allowed to make a choice of what is in our food.. and whether we want to buy it.. I also agree the Pink people have turned into a big business… why isn’t that money going to people to help with conditions.. acupuncture,naturopaths, nutritiousness.. it works I am a walking example… this is the stuff not covered by insurance.. please tweet all your California friends and have them vote YES on PROP 37!! Peace…. p.s I ordered your book… hope it gets here soon!

  17. Amen to all this Kris… right with you 1000% :)

  18. I received the most wonderful birthday present today: a new juicer and food processor for my daily vegan and raw food adventures! :) Thank you for your continued commitment to what’s important in our world. You’re an inspiration to so many of us. Can’t wait to get your new book.

  19. Ever since reading your Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies book, I’ve been hooked on smoothies and juices for breakfast. This month, I’m going to take it a step further and when I want to reach for the oreos for my after-dinner dessert, I’ll whip up a small sweet smoothie to kick that sugar craving. :)

  20. This week, I intend to move it, move it 3 times. Congrats on the book – cannot wait to read it! xoXO Michele

  21. Kris, thanks so much for turning up the volume here. I lost my best friend to breast cancer 9 years ago. We were 33, young mothers (loving life) and it was excruciating. It still burns a fire in my chest. I look forward to the day when we realize and live true to what so many like you know, our healing begins by waking up to what’s really going on. Love your crazy sexy revolution — keep it up!!

  22. My wife is so committed to being part of “Prevention Month.” She has pledged to cook her way through Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Our whole family will benefit from this amazing idea! She is so such a believer in Kris Carr and all of her wisdom for keeping us healthy. Last night she made us Crazy Sexy Bean Chili!
    Check it out:
    Thanks Kris for helping my family stay awesome!

  23. What step will I take, this month ? Hum… o.k., I’m gonna eat only plant-based meals, all month long. No fish, no eggs, no cheese. (And, of course, no meat and no chicken…)
    Ready ? Set…. GO !!!

  24. Rock on Kris! My partner Bridget and I have been CS fans for years and you are a total inspiration and revolutionary in the best sense. My wish is that you use your beautiful and powerful voice more actively in fighting the powers that be, not only on the eve of an incredibly important election, but ongoing. Yes, ultimately the best way to actively engage in the cause is to clean our ‘own house’, but being green collectively must extend past the kitchen if real change is going to happen. The natural extension of your message is both political and ultimately spiritual. May your next project awaken even more God pods to their potential.

    We embrace and support all that you do with our love and are fully committed.

  25. right on, write on – loved that comment and heartily agree!
    go green drinks!

  26. I love your message! I’ve been eating a whole food/plant based diet since January and drinking green smoothies for about a month. Now if I could just let go of the wine………..Keep up the good work Kris! P.s. love CSD

  27. Kris,
    You were the positive in my early cancer days. When so many books and articles were so depressing, I found a hope in your words…and a fight. Each day, 5 years of days, I’ve moved toward a healthier me. I’ve juiced (occasionally), I ran a marathon (and run occasionally), I’ve eaten non-processed food (occasionally)…you see the pattern. But this month of November – Prevention Month – I’m throwing all the “occasionallys” aside and making a renewed commitment. More cardio, more weights and no more processed food! Help me stick to it!

  28. Kris,

    I’m so glad you posted this. This weekend, I was JUST talking about something similar. Have you heard of Box Tops for Education?

    At my son’s school, and many schools around the country, they have contests to see who can collect the most box tops. These box tops ONLY come on boxes of processed foods by General Mills. The message is, “Buy that toaster strudel or frozen pizza roll and do a good thing for your school!”

    The whole cycle and what it promotes is sick and disturbing. They are “infiltrating” our schools and promoting the wrong message.

    I wish they’d promote carrot tops or apple stems for education. Or how about composting for education where every kid brings in their fresh veg and fruit scraps for the school garden? So many ideas, so few are receptive.

    Whenever I go up to my son’s elementary school to eat lunch with him, I am extremely disturbed and saddened to see what these kids are eating. Even the ones who bring their lunches. Breaks my heart and gives me deep concern for the future health of our country.

    You’re doing a great job of educating AND inspiring so that we can educate our kids. I love that your videos and writing style are just as easy to digest as your recipes.

    Thank you for all that you do,


    P.S. For anyone with kids who reads this — I made the Curried Nada Egg salad this weekend and my 10 year old son loved it! There’s hope!! :-)

    • Ashley, We have a similar school based program in Australia, except the kids are to bring in their milk bottle tops to get company rewards for their school. Too bad if you choose not to drink milk, or cannot. :(

      Melbourne, Australia

    • Coming a bit late to this post, but I just had to comment because I loved what you said here. So many parents go nuts over the box tops thing and it’s like…REALLY?!?!? It’s a bunch of crap and if you don’t want to participate, it’s almost like your kid suffers because he/she doesn’t have a chance at a prize. If I had kids, I’d start my own little project at home. Apple stems for education sounds so great! A certain amount of apple stems gets us a day at the museum or aquarium. Just a little something so they aren’t left out, but they still know what’s best for their health!

      And you’re so right about how awful the food is. No matter what political side of the fence you’re own, I think Michelle Obama should be WHOLEHEARTEDLY supported for her efforts toward healthier school foods. There are some issues, since they aren’t fully speaking out against the state our nation is in regarding food, but it’s a step that others were not willing to take before now. And would you believe that there are people out there who want her to stop “dictating” what we have for lunch in schools and offices? God help us. They shouldn’t even call it food in schools. And what’s most unfortunate is that a lot of families rely on that food because they can’t afford to give their kid lunch (or breakfast) at home.

  29. I got myself a masticating juicer last week….

    I’ve been drinking green juice every morning now! I feel great, more energetic, inspired, productive, etc etc etc!!!! And… sighhhh… the “Aztec Spirit” recipe in CRAZY SEXY KITCHEN… Damn, that’s good!

    Thanks to you and your books and the great inspiration you provide! Kris Carr, you have transformed my life is so many positive ways! x, -Christine

  30. Kris,
    Thank you for being you! You’re so inspiring! Starting right now I am commited to giving up sugar and paying more attention to everything I eat. I am a vegetarian and so want to transition to Vegan. One step at a time. Thanks for all you do!

  31. Oh Kris, you hit the nail on the head! For years I’ve thought about pink washing and how misleading and harmful it can be.

    Thank you for coherently giving a voice to all of my concerns. I’m forwarding your article to my mom and sisters — slowly but surely your giant message of prevention IS changing the world.

    You are amazing unicorn skywalker!

    With love and gratitude,

  32. I love you Kris!! You are part of the abundance that I’m celebrating today.

  33. haha Kris, this is so funny because just last night I was telling my hubby of the ridiculous KFC pink bucket promo below:

    Perhaps they feel guilty over the havok their food causes in the lives of those that eat it? Nah, I doubt it. (and isn’t it shocking that they raised over $2 million in the FIRST WEEK of the promo. Yikes!)

    Sadly, I’ve stopped donating to breast cancer research because over the years I haven’t seen evidence of any money going towards PBN research or promoting preventiion. Even other forms of cancer lack this research/education: a dear friend’s 16 yr old son has lymphoma, and I asked if the doctors etc. have talked to him about food and nutrition.during/after treatment. Nothing. Just keep consuming those burgers, fries, pops…how very very sad…

  34. It has been two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I started Tamoxifen I had a whole array of side effects from the medication, joint pain, weight gain, brain fog and mood swings. I was miserable.
    Exactly one year ago I decided that I was going to take control of my body and do everything in my power to be healthy, strong and happy.
    I cut out all products with gluten, sugar, alcohol and most dairy. I have my delicious green smoothie every morning. I’m exercising at least three days a week. I’ve also learned to manage stress and unpleasant situations, I use my cancer card a lot!
    Needless to say I have never felt stronger, more alert, calm, stable and joyful in my whole life! Plus I lost 25 lbs!
    Thank you Kris, you have been such a wonderful, wise inspiration for me from the very start. You are precious!
    This month I will be grateful for the fantastic, gratifying results my willpower and life changes have given me.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’m so incredibly inspired by you! Thank you so much for sharing your journey over the past two years with us. I feel drawn to kick my self-care up a notch after reading about the amazing things you’re doing for your health.

      Creative Director at

    • WOW!!!
      Way to go!
      I am so happy for you
      Thank you for sharing

  35. LOVE EVERYTHING!! Thanks for everything you do.
    I will continue my health journey by strictly, happily, and enthusiastically, adhering to my low fat, raw, vegan, living foods lifestyle.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  36. Good morning Kris!

    My goal is to cut out meat one day a week to start… steps. My family is big meat eaters (we raise our own), but after reading your books, I truly want to change that for so many reasons.

  37. I’m going to start my days with lemon water and meditation for the month of November…and hopefully a lifetime.

  38. Kris,

    I love the idea of buying a juicer and eating healthy. I just finished my 4 chemo treatment (4th time with cancer since 1993). I am currently not working and am on disability & food stamps and cannot afford to buy one. Any ideas as far as what else I can use would be a great help!

    Btw, you need to come to the New Orleans area and share your ideas. There’s a lot of cancer being “handed out” to people down here! I’d love it if you had a book signing here!


    Sue Schneider

    • Sue, despite your challenges, reading your comment has really inspired me. It’s a shame how difficult it can sometimes be to eat healthy on a very small budget. Have you looked in any thrift stores (I know buying kitchen appliances used may freak some people out, but all it needs is a good washing!)? I would also recommend looking online for used or discounted juicers. If none of this works, please let us know. I’m sure a bunch of us wouldn’t mind contributing to a Juicer for Sue fund! 😉

      Hope you have a beautiful day!

      • Sue,
        You could also use a blender to start off with until you’re able to get a juicer. That’s how I started my green breakfasts! You’re still getting all the benefits of juicing but with the fiber as well. I would start there.

        I like this idea of starting a juicer fund! hmmmmm I wonder if we can get Breville in on this!


    • Hi Sue,

      I can second Amanda’s idea about the thrift store. I got an absolutely amazing and very expensive juicer, still in the box, at my local thrift store for $40!! I have a great time seeing what kind of awesome kitchen equipment I can find at the local thrift stores – most of the stuff has never been used. Best of luck and sending lots of healing thoughts your way. :)


  39. WOOHOO… Go Kris….!

    My committment to Prevention Month is to take only plant based food to the shared supper on Saturday evening.

    As my Crazy Sexy Kitchen cook book arrived in the UK today, I have already chosen what to cook… Crazy sexy bean chilli along with a raw choc and avocado dessert….

    I’m salivating at the BEAUTIFUL pictures of food in this book…..

    With love, Jo xox

  40. Thanks so much for this, Kris! It’s awesome to hear an unbiased voice of reason through all the marketing junk we are bludgeoned with every day. I’ve been so inspired by you and others. About three months ago I made the switch to a mostly plant-based diet.

    Recently I’ve re-dedicated myself to this by purchasing your Crazy Sexy Diet book to really learn more about why I’m doing this and how it’s affecting my body. Even though I’ve been eating less animal products, I definitely need more focus on raw, truly good-for-you foods. It’s easy to be vegetarian or vegan and still eat unhealthy!

    Thank you so much for all you do. You are lovely!

  41. My family has recently suffered a huge and devistating blow from cancer, the loss of my beloved aunt. She was given 6 months and 6 weeks later we sit, stunned, thinking what the heck happened? In efforts to try and save a life I was turned on to CSK and Kris Carr, though we did lose my aunt I feel the efforts were not wasted! I have since become vegan and live a plantbased life, also making big changes for my family. I have learned so much in these short months and I would like to personally thank you Kris for all of your effort! I am so thankful, through the guilt, for what I can now do for myself and my family and you are the guiding light in that! God bless all of you out there living with, or in remission from the big C, I hope this new life brings change I know mine has!

  42. I wrote down three things last night that i wanted to focus on till the end of the year. this post reaffirms them! 72 oz. of water/tea/green juice a day, vitamins every day (i tend to take them for three days and get lazy for three months about them), and one green juice/day.

    The push for pink annoys me too, and a friend who has battled breast cancer twice. It torks her off! I once did a Race for the Cure 5 K and at the finish they handed me yogurt with aspartame. i found it awfully counterproductive.


    P.S. LOVE the cookbook! Made the bean/sweet potato burgers on Sat and my husband even thought they were good! (now THAT is crazy! LOLOLOLOL)

  43. You continue to be an inspiration Kris! Looking forward to my shipment of CSK!! Wishing you all good things :)

  44. Yes! Thank you Kris! You are such a fierce ROCKSTAR health heroine! Thank you for the motivation this month… I love the Prevention Month challenge. I can do anything for 30 days. I commit to going wild stark raving mad with veggies this month….will try a recipe from your book each day. Mouth watering already….. can’t wait! xoxo

  45. Hey Kris! I love the unicorns but when you put them in the barn & get fesity I like that too! LOL…I’m a 3 year cancer survivor and your books have transformed my life and continue to transform it. I used to be a vegetarian pre-cancer and am now back on that road and feel so much better! My biggest challenge is getting my kids on the veggie wagon but I keep on trying!

  46. Hi Kriss !!! So glad you brought the Pink Conspiratie subject. I’ve just watcched Pink Inc. the other night with a dear friend of mine who’s going through breast cancer at only 28 years. I bought Crazy Sexy Diet months ago not knowing I would met her. We are going to jump into the 21 days cleanse together. Thank you because you’re one of many people who make me stronger everyday with the decision I’ve made to become the healtiest version of myself. Go vegan ! Peace and Love from another wellness warrior 😉

  47. I’ve decided to do your 21-Day Adventure Cleanse beginning this morning and will try and figure out a good way to maintain the way of life after that. I have been eating mindlessly for the last 6 months and my body is not happy! I also bought your new cookbook over the weekend (it’s gorgeous!) and shopped last night with two recipes in mind for the week. Thanks so much for having the confidence and light to share your knowledge and experiences. Well, back to sipping green juice and crunching numbers in my cube! :)

  48. After reading Crazy Sexy Diet almost 6months ago I’ve drastically changed my lifestyle. As a former cheese addict and chinese takeout regular friends and loved ones have been baffled by my juice drinking Veganism. I’ve had raised eye brows, bribes back to the dark meat side, and comments like, “you just don’t seem the type”. It’s true, as I was reading CSD I spent a lot of time wondering, “what in the world are mustard greens? They don’t come in a squeeze bottle?” and thinking “I’d rather not ask where the ‘nutritional yeast’ is at the store”. In a lot of ways I wasn’t the “type” at all. But it’s been an exploration adventure over the last 6 months and I’ve found a new affection and pride for my great city of NYC as I’ve found an abundance of juice counters, nut bars, green jungle produce isles, and superfood I never knew existed. As my kitchen changed my everything changed. People started commenting on how good I look everywhere I went. While this attention was awesome and worth every bite what I was marveling at was how good I felt. I sing for a living and couldn’t believe how easy and clean my voice was without the dairy (and probably gluten). I haven’t had a single cold (the singer’s nightmare) and my energy level is clear and consistent all day long. I sleep better, my mood is better, my skin is clear and soft. All of these effects have made my life better day to day not to say anything of the long term strength and health I know I’m giving to my organs, bones, skin, etc. I’ve just started reading my new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and when I caught myself reading a recipe I realized I could make with ingredients already in my kitchen I was so proud I had a tear! I can’t wait to have New Recipe November and continue my prevention adventure. The best part will be sharing recipes with friends and buying the book for a few loved ones. Thank you so much for all you do, Kris! I’m a huge fan.

  49. I too would of had the same reaction and I thank you for doing so and publicly acknowledging it! I can’t stand the “dumbing down” of the general public in order to raise awareness or sell something. I was confronted by this exact issue last week. A magazine that I subscribe to arrived in my post box. On the cover is a picture of a very decadent piece of pumpkin pie. The heading reads “the easiest, sexiest pumpkin pie”. I emailed the mag and told them that I found it sad (and bizarre) that “sexy” is promoted in a picture of a food that contains ingredients that are a huge cause of disease in this country. I also mentioned that I think “sexy” is eating foods that make us feel good and look good. United we stand!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your hard work. Liz

  50. Awesome article Kris! My husband is a 3 time lung cancer survivor/thrived and we have been following you for a long time and tell others about you often. I feel the same way about all the pink in October! It seems like almost everything people buy has a pink ribbon or color on it, what have they done with all that money?!? Let’s educate women about a healthy lifestyle and ways to prevent breast cancer in the first place instead of selling new “pink”items, most of which contribute to cancer! We have been juicing and eating a whole foods plant based diet for almost 2 years and feel better than ever! Thank you for being such an inspiration and for all you do!!!

  51. I will make it a goal to eat less fish this month and more plant based protein (I already don’t eat other animals)
    I totally agree, the “pink” program is way out if control.
    Thanks Kris!!

  52. I’m on day 15 of your 21 day cleanse and have introduced juicing to my whole family (husband and two daughters, ages 13 and 10). I first checked our CSD out of the library, but realized that I needed your spirit with us in our home 24/7 so I bought the book and Crazy Sexy Kitchen. As a family we’ve watched the documentary Food Inc. (with Michael Pollan) and are now watching “Food Fight.” As a family, we have pledged to go plant based with only the occasional flesh and eggs from quality providers. This is a radical change for the family and pretty hard on my 13 year old. Like so many others, my husband and I pledge to cook my way through Crazy Sexy Kitchen and involve my daughters in the kitchen. Blessings to you and your strong sane voice.

  53. I live in California and I’m going to vote “Yes” on prop 37 (requiring GMO labeling), and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

  54. Kris, I absolutely love your blog and am working on applying your ideas.

    However, I have a different situation – 2 fold –

    1. I live in Guatemala where there are NO organic products, what can I do to get more of that in, and forget about meat quality here!

    2. My kids dont eat almost anything you recommend, how can i sneak this good stuff into their diets?

    • You can blend greens and hide them in spaghetti sauce – you can even use TVP (texturized vegetable protein) to make the sauce more “meaty” feeling.

  55. I’m going dairy-free for the next 21 days. I’m keeping an eye on my skin and digestion to see how healthy, vibrant and amazing I can be. Thank you, Kris!

  56. Hi Kris, I have your new book (got it at #RHHLive – thank you!) I am committing to juicing each morning and cooking something at least once a day from your book. I think your push for prevention is so positive. You were so great on stage last week. Thank you.

  57. November for Prevention Month. Awesome idea. The only pink I am working towards are the pink cheeks of health.

  58. You are really inspiring me!! Thanks!

  59. Hi Kris,
    I am so looking forward to getting your cookbook (that I have already ordered on line).
    I was trying to get the free cooking classes because I pre-ordered and it did not work :(.
    I enjoy your web site so much and help me stay on track towards a healthier me :)
    Blessings and keep up the good work.

  60. Last month I had jaw surgery, and have been on a liquid diet, so far, for 3 weeks. I have been keeping my liquid diet plant-based (with the exception of one seafood flavoured Miso soup). My goal for November is to stay plant-based even after I can start eating solid food again.

    This surgery has been a perfect way to reboot my eating habits – I am looking ford to Crazy Sexy Kitchen arriving in my mailbox so I have some wonderful recipes to try. My 17 year old daughter is going to join me as well!

    Thank you so much for choosing to share this Kris!

  61. My mom and I are getting the book today! I’ve been headed towards a plant based diet this past year and now my mom is on board with me. I’ve been juicing the last 2 months and now my mom is too! I feel like this book will be the final step towards a complete plant based diet! Your inspirational! Thank you!

  62. THANK YOU KRIS!!!!! I am SOOOO turned off by all of the ‘pink washing’, it’s so offensive to me. Cancer research is BIG business. Drug corporations make a huge amount of money from cancer. We need to wake up to the fact that cancer prevention and recovery/cure is all about nutrition. Thank you for all you do to wake us up Kris ~ love the vids!

  63. Thanks Kris for shedding the spotlight on all the pink. It actually makes my stomach turn. Seems that it is more about what is popular and trendy than helping people prevent this disease. I agree research is important but if everyone spent more time de-brainwashing themselves from what the world says is safe, we would have less cases of breast cancer, not more right.

  64. Wow! You are so refreshing! I look forward to your e-newsletters and enjoy reading every word. I too agree, when companies want to make money they sure know how to take hold of ya! Or your wallet! It’s sad and frustrating, I almost want to scream and shake some sense into people but that may be too aggressive. If there were only more Kris Carrs to educate the World! So, I will assist in spreading the news about eating better and not worrying about being complex. I will buy a juicer and share the organic vegetables I grow in my garden!

  65. I already have a plant based diet… Except for cheese… I do green juices on a regular basis and eat mostly organic…
    I will increase my green juice and organic food intake.
    I am also submitting a book on how I turned my whole life around from being sick with MS to being healthy using “crazy, sexy life”,”skiny bitch” and “the kind life”

    Live and peace,

  66. I commit to living alcohol free; then I will always be the very best me.

  67. Kris,

    I pre-ordered CSK and was SO happy when it reached my doorstep on Thursday of last week. I’ve already made roasted beets, cashew cream cheese, and (my favorite so far) nada-egg salad… WOW. I pretty much cannot wait until I go home for thanksgiving to make my parents their first green juice :). I am hoping I can help them discover some new plant based recipes they love.

    First of all thank you for the time and energy you put into this cookbook, it shows and it is loved (by many more people than just me I’m sure!).

    Secondly, couldn’t agree more with “pink” losing it’s brand power. I often wonder “Where does the money really go?” and “How much money is really going to the right place?” I wrote a paper in college about “pink” and unfortunately there were (maybe still are) many companies out there who used the pink fame to generate more sales. In reality, they donated very little, if any money to cancer research… I am now very careful with what I buy and who I buy it from. When it comes to donating to cancer research, I tend to just do it directly or volunteer or find other ways to help the cause.

    Great post as always. Wishing you a happy and peaceful Monday.


  68. You´re so right!
    People can be so much healthier if they don´t eat meat, chemicals etv etc
    Here in the netherlands Health insurance, which is forced, is very expensive.
    And politics give donation to all the bad food producers, so if they didn´t, the bad food
    that there should be, should be more expensive, people wouldn´t buy that so much,
    Following: More healthy people, increasing costs of health insurance and a better world.

  69. LOVE this! I’ve become very wary of all the ‘pink’ marketing in the last 5-10 years… and my mom and grandma both kicked breast cancer in the butt and are alive and well today. So it’s not to say I don’t support research, but I think you put it so eloquently and hit the nail on the head that PREVENTION is key (and sexy!).

    This month, I pledge to start each day with a green juice or green smoothie with the goal of getting to more juices (and more veggies!) as the month goes on. I’m a pretty standard green smoothie girl in the mornings, but on the weekends when I have the time to clean the juicer and make juice, I feel SO much more vibrant. So if it means getting up a little earlier during the week, I’m going to try it.

  70. You took the words right out of my mouth!!! BRAVO!!! I always have my clients look at the root of the problem not the band-aid solution! Take the responsibility for prevention and OWN their health!!
    I chuckle too at the endless cancer/disease campaigns and although they have good intentions (hopefully – I’m flabbergasted that when you attend the events the food is processed and chalk full of the very chemicals that is part of the problem).
    I have chosen to use my money towards prevention –by donating organic food to the food banks, teaching people to plant their own gardens and to sprout, host Living Vibrantly with Raw Goodness events…I keep plugging away with all of these…but at the end of the day I hold this to my heart…be the change you want to see in the world…few people like to be preached at (hard to hold back some times though!!!)
    I’m behind you all the way and can’t wait for your plant powered book to arrive at my doorstep!

  71. I am doing a 28 day cleanse with my mom.

  72. Oh Kris how happy I am that you are addressing this issue with a big ole call to action! I’ve been getting fed up with Breast Cancer Awareness pinkness…unless you’ve been totally under a rock for the last 5 years chances are you or someone you love has been touched by cancer. We are all aware! What we need is empowerment, and you, sista, offer plenty of that!

    In honor of re-thinking the pink, I made a juice today of cranberries, cucumber, apple, and carrots…it was pretty and deliciouso. As I write I’m sporting a fabulous bright pink duster, just because it makes me feel pretty! For the past year I’ve been raving about your books to all my girlfriends, and can count a couple of juicing goddesses as notches on my healing belt.

    Me? I got a nasty jaw injury back in June that I’m still rebounding from…This month I pledge to honor and love the abundance that Mother Nature gives us through food to help bring back my strength and endurance.

    You rock.

  73. Thanks Kris, I have never been touched enough to stop and write but you do, you inspire me. November will be the month that changes me from the green juice sitting next to me to the plant based foods in your book. Keep blogging and keeping us informed and inspired.

  74. Where can I purchase the new book in Canada (BC)?

    • Shannon – I purchased mine through I’m in Nova Scotia and mine will be arriving tomorrow :-)

  75. Hi Kriss,

    I stumbled upon your site last week. As a result, have ordered both Crazy Sexy Kitchen and Crazy Sexy Diet.

    On the weekend I purchased a Vitamix (it had been on my wishlist for a year now, and then it came on super sale, so I snatched one up – although it may be a couple of weeks before it arrives).

    So that’s what I’ve been doing for November to move toward a healthier me. I’ve also been learning more about plant-based eating and dreaming of my new Vitamix :-)

    My Crazy Sexy Kitchen book is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, and then I shall begin the preparing.

    I’ve already communicated with my boyfriend that I would be entering a 21-day cleanse once I got the book and a good blender.

    Looking forward to paying attention to how my body feels over that period of time.

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned!

  76. This is great and I feel your feelings about the Pink movement doing good but having lost it’s way. A lot of big health organizations do that as they get larger it seems. What you do is so amazing! Interest is growing for a healthier more sustainable and wholesome way of eating. One step at a time, slowly slowly. I actually just wrote up my November goals, so my top one is reduce/eliminate my unnatural sugar intake. I’ve mostly done this, but still seem to have weak knees for the stuff. I know when I cut it out for a week, the cravings go away, so I’m trying to simply be more consistent. Cheers! Used my new juicer for the first time today!

  77. The step I’d like to take is juicing 1-2 times per day! Why I’m blessed with a juicer at home and the home where I do babysitting! Perf! It doesn’t have to be astronomical either! Some of the ingredients I need for my fav juices end up makingr two juices! Thats Many flavors and mixtures throughout the week!!

  78. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW, thank you for spreading the word, the wisdom, good food, joy, LIFE!!
    and it just occured to me you live in Woodstock, how symbolic;)
    keep up the most important work in the world right now!
    love from Croatia <3

  79. I am going to go completely bananas about a plant based diet. Already bought some spirulina and started juicing. Whoo whoo, I can feel the energy, no more dead food! Thanks Chris, for caring and for all your help and insight, you are amazing!!

  80. First, as to what I’ll be doing…As I posted last week my new juicer just arrived and as my husband is making me fresh newbie organic cucumber juice each morning. AND even drinks up the left over as I can only tolerate spoonfuls right now (but committed to progress). We are following Kris’s advice to start with mild greens like cukes, pea greens and celery. My family doc had also encouraged starting small amounts of coconut milk to help stabilize and gain some weight (sorry to those who struggle with the opposite). Plus I continue to do my quiet time reading each morning with Chopra, Tolle etc. as I’ve done for a couple of years. But the biggest practice is to as Tolle says, “accept the isness of this moment” Sounds easy but realllllly not. I accept what I feel AND find a way to get through it calmly and stay open. I still allow myself the emotional ugly cry in the shower or on the toilet as we all probably do…pity party for one…but I find I’m riding the waves easier and in the process sparing my body yet more stress. I lost my mom to breast cancer and my dad to stomach cancer and watched both take their last breath and THAT always reminds me that it can always be worse. I look forward to trying all the great new recipes as I’m able and checking out the cooking videos! BTW Monsanto is a big donor of a big Canadian agricultural university and its nutrition program. Go figure!

    Happy November and juicing everyone!

  81. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years and a struggling vegan for the last few. Unfortunately, my diet and other healthy lifestyle choices (exercise, natural cosmetics, etc.) did not prevent me from getting cancer. Needless to say, I felt a large loss of empowerment but continued to look for more ways to improve. I began juicing and am trying to remove all processed foods from my diet.

    I was happy to see and hear (on the Sneek Peek video for the book) that rye bread is recommended. Although it is a processed food, I would love to have it for a treat. It was my favorite food during chemo! All of the whole grain ones I have found are hard and dark (almost black) and look nothing like the one in the book. Does anyone know of a whole grain rye that looks like the one in the book?

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Wow, 30 yrs! It must be hard to understand when you think you’ve done everything right and still… I have not faced cancer personally but do know from other serious health issues that seemed to hit suddenly that defeated feeling of “god, my best wasn’t good enough…now what? Thx for sharing your story. In Canada there’s a brand found at store deli sections called Dimpflmeier and comes in light rye. I grew up eating it toasted with butter…YUM. It’s very soft. If not, try looking up German or similar bakeries in your area. Plan C…ask for a bread maker (or cash donations to one). Hope this helps and i wish you the very best. Happy rye hunting!

      • Thank you so much for your suggestions, Marie. Yes, it was quite a shock. Diet and exercise were only the beginning. I bought everything organic, never used the microwave, no cordless phones or wireless internet, no plastic containers or water bottles and no canned foods without safe linings, to name a few others. Maybe it was stress from trying too hard (ha-ha)!

      • I LOVE that like Kris and so many other amazing goddess warriors (we WILL take over again one day) you can see humour where others may not. I still work on it but these days when I feel overwhelmed with my health or another ‘challenge’ pops up I just say I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry…sometimes I do both.

        Lots of love n’ grace and good eating!

  82. Loving your cookbook, which I purchased online a week ago :) I too have just started on this whole new journey of eating clean organic foods, so your personal experience and books are truly inspirational!

    Your article above is so true regarding the pink ribbon losing its way on the products it promotes. I truly believe that prevention is better than cure!

    All the best xx Miriam

  83. I just finished “Crazy, Sexy, Diet” and have “Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen”. You’re very inspiring and I just love your messages! Thank you! I love my green juice and have it typically 3 times a day. I’m very overwhelmed with my eating and probably not getting all the nutrician Ineed. I am determined to get this and try to spread the enthusiasm to the carnivores I live amongst. Keep up the great work and I will aspire to become as dedicated as you are!!

  84. I love your cook book and can’t wait to spread your crazy sexy way.
    Your Whole Foods adventure was informative and I am looking forward to expanding the veggies that I juice.You are an inspiration and I fully believe that your spark is igniting us at the perfect time.
    Thank you for all that you do and for lighting the fires within.
    The Dark Lord is strong but they do not even begin to know the power of the Unicorns when they unite!

  85. A-freaking-men!!

  86. Ahhhh – I love this and you! This is one of the most powerful and lovely blog posts I have ever read. By anyone. Ever. Because it heats up my passion and my heart. Prevention is where it’s at! I’m making the 30 day commitment to plant-based wholefood deliciousness. Because as much as I want prevention with myself, I want prevention for my loved ones. And the best way for me to teach them is to lead by example.

    Thank you for your frankness and constant devotion to our power within. Much love. xo Erica

  87. Kris, You are such an inspiration…I am waiting for your book to arrive as we speak, I am soooo tired of processed products that taste awesome, but come at a high price–our health!

    I’ve been fence sitting for quite some time. This month I decided to dump all canola products along with gluten and sugar…baby steps will do it fo rme.
    PLEASE…keep it coming and inspiring 58 year olds like my self. It’s never to late to become healthy.

  88. Thank you, Kris for keeping the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution vibrant and motivating! I picked up a copy of Crazy Sexy Diet in an airport in March and it has changed me in so many positive ways! I take a great deal of good natured kidding at work for my new eating habits, but everyone is intrigued by my unusual lunches. I have begun to see others packing more plant-based foods like hummus and quinoa. My copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen just arrived yesterday and I am so excited to start experimenting!
    For Prevention month I am going to repeat the 21 day cleanse in CSD and this time I am going add the daily meditations which I glossed over the first time.

  89. Kris!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the cookbook!!! I hugged and kissed all over it when I got it :) If a may take a moment, this cookbook is a MUST HAVE! Fab recipes! Super User Friendly! I love the layout, and I love the way you write! I love that Pam Brown is a guest Chef! She rocks! I love that you address animal welfare issues and factory farms. Seriously, one of the best cookbooks I own, and I have many vegan and raw vegan cookbooks. Okay, I will temporarily stop gushing about your cookbook (did I mention I LOVE IT?), and gush about your blog entry!

    You address “pink washing,” use of animal torture in the name of research, and evil monsanto (does not deserve an uppercase m). All topics I am passionate about, and in need of more discussion. As people become more educated about the benefits of a whole food, unprocessed, plant based diet for our bodies, for our mother earth, and for all the creatures we share mother earth with, the more people strive to adapt a plant based diet. The same with learning about “gmo”s and monsanto, and why Organic is so imporant. Tomorrow, I will be watching the outcome of Prop 37 in California ! Thank you for writing so eloquently about these most important topics, and for your most awesome cookbook! Mwah!
    Your granola gal xoxo
    p.s. having not received an email about the cooking classes yet. I emailed your sales email address. looking forward to those too!

  90. YES! Kris you are so freaking AMAZING!

    I totally just went off about the pink ribbon stuff in a blog post a few weeks ago ( I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28 this year). I get super riled up when I see pink stuff on products that are linked to cancer and other health issues. If only we could get the whole pink ribbon cause marketing deal regulated…

    Love what you are doing with prevention month. I am so very passionate about sharing the knowledge as well. Looking forward to the upcoming blogs :)

    Love & Peace xo

  91. I feel like you are reading my mind!
    You know I saw some corn in the supermarket the other day with a breast cancer sticker on it. That’s all very well, but I did wonder if the corn was GMO!!! Certainly wasn’t organic, so either way it’s not ideal!
    Marie Forleo introduced me to you (by way of her emails). I promptly read your book, Crazy, Sexy, Diet and have been throwing out ‘did you know’ quotes ever since to anyone who will listen. Guess what, they didn’t know! Now they do, and thanks to you!
    Can’t wait for your new book!
    Thank you Kris, for being bold enough to stand in the face of adversity and going against the status quo. I am your cheerleader!!!

  92. Amen Kris! I totally agree. Although prevention is the best, I am trying to reach and help those who were diagnosed with breast cancer and help them get through that and beyond with knowledge & strength. Like you, I have taken my diagnosis and turning it into my life’s purpose.

    I am tired of the money being sunk into “research” yet there are record number of women being diagnosed every day. So between your prevention and info and my caring for those who get the diagnosis…I think we will change so many lives and how exciting is that.

    By the way, got my book the other day and tried the bean chili…Yum!!! (Although I think I have a week’s worth and I’m the only one eating it. LOL) Can’t wait for the next recipe to try. :)

  93. Hi Kris. Thanks, thank you so much for your recipes, articles, and your courage! you inspire! Now I have more vegetables and greens on my plate,

  94. My mom says Mango and Coconut Millet is a good way to start your day! It is a great way to help celebrate “Prevention Month.” Check out how yummy it was:
    Don’t forget to vote today!

  95. This article said what my thoughts and feelings on the whole pink thing and others don’t accomplish. I agree there’s a time and place for research but all that money could go into the school systems at the elementary school level by teaching young kids how to garden and use the foods they grow for their school lunches. How simple is that? Killing 2 birds with one stone. Incorporate it into a science class and cut the school lunch budget in half or more. Duh?

  96. Kris, I love you! You put in words exactly what I’m often thinking: we need to get at the root of the problem to see real change! As a medical doctor, health scientist and whole-food junkie, I’m looking forward to your newsletter every week, and hopefully I’m in to make a change as well. Prevention Month, here we come! Kisses from Holland

  97. I love this video. It is so helpful and informative. In spite of the fact that I already bought a copy of CSK at a bookstore, I think I might just have to break the bank and buy one online as a holiday gift for someone so I can access these fabulous online cooking classes.
    2 quick questions (I welcome responses from anyone):
    1) Due to severe acid reflux disease and esophegeal erosions I have to avoid onions, garlic and peppers. Are they essential to the recipes? Can I use carrots and celery as a substitute?
    2) Are the oils essential to the recipes in the book as well? I know good fats are important, I just prefer to get them from their raw state as much as possible. Can I use veggie broth as a base where oil is called for?
    Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to answer. I so appreciate it.

  98. Outstanding, Kris! The truth on point!
    Susan in Michigan

  99. Love you you are so inspiring! Met you when I was in the first urban zen class.

  100. I am committing to a half hour of exercise a day along with doing weights 3 times a week. I am also doing Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation experience. It is very hard to do this today though because of the election.(?!?) Then again, there is always an excuse every single day to not do what is best for oneself.

  101. My commitment to myself….DahDah..Yesterday I smoked my last cigarette :) :) :) I too have become deeply in love with my life. Thankyou so much Kris

  102. I am new to your site and haven’t been able to read through all your blogs and all the info you have posted. However, what I have read, I absolutely love!!! People think I am a “health freak” because I don’t like to eat much fat and I don’t like all the kids drinks with dyes, I cook from scratch to avoid processed foods. And so on. To them I say, Who is 45 and still able to keep up with their 10 year old playing soccer, do Zumba, kettlebell workouts, etc. Oh, that’s right – IT’S ME!!!! Not them, but ME! So a big thank you for your site! It is nice to see that someone else feels like I do. My simple thinking is that God gave me one life and one body and I am to treat it as a temple and take care of myself the best way possible. Thank you for helping me do this! Have a wonderful day!!

  103. Kris I am very excited to learn more about your cooking classes, beacause I have never been Martha Stewart and find a lot of recipes out there time consuming. I feel that your fresh innovative, exciting, healthy classes are just what I have been looking for. I am a big fan of Crazy Sexy Juicing and find that when I make green juice they are like magical elixers that make me feel amazing. I can’t wait to start with your new book and recipes.

    I got an aha moment when reading this about all of sponsors out there that help support breast cancer, however they are of products that cause health problems in the first place. Thank you for the amazing information and inspiration that you pass along in your blogs.

    My commitment for this month for a healthier, happier life to come would be to take the time to learn your new, fun ways to cook and prepare healthy plant based food and to educate and share that knowledge with others in hopes to inspire and regain a new awareness in healthy eating and lifestyle. This knowledge would not only be communicated in helping change health problems, but also speaking to the benifits of these amazing foods to help prevent health concerns! Holiday healthy treats would be fun to share with friends and family this month.

    Thank you for the Ooh LA LA, Love and Wisdosm :-)

  104. Kris, I love you and your book Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I intend to be the “Julie” to your “Julia” and prepare every recipe in the book over the next 6 months. (Time off for good behavior!) Chickpea with Root Veggie Tangine was fantastic! Beetroot Ravioli is next. Great photos & layout. peace, love, & joy! Claire

  105. You are so right, Kris. Your words are the same I’ve been saying for years. Pink lipstick? Hey, what’s in it before we buy it and slather it on! Support of research is fine, but having been deeply involved in the cancer gig, I am suspicious and cautious about how my dollars are spent. It’s going to have to be on us (onus?!) to PREVENT so as to lessen the need to CURE. Bless you always!

  106. I have been saying this for years! What we eat matters, what is done to our food matters and the proof is in the obesity and disease increasing year after year. Whole food matters, organic matters, GMO is the 3 scariest letters put together. I found your book about a month ago and started green juicing then. I’ve kicked caffeine without any nasty side effects. Next step reducing my animal consumption by half. By the way I LOVE my green juices! Thank you xo

    PS I found a blog called 100 days of real food….she is awesome too!

  107. Thank you for your inspiring article! Last month I started a program raw until dinner. I am enjoying it and am trying to heal my body from the inside out. This month I am going to incorporate more smoothies/fresh juice into my diet!

  108. Hi Kris.
    Let me clarify that I have nothing against the Pink crusade to fight breast cancer but….. Did you know that for the year 2010 Komen Foundation earned over $50 million just on Pink product sales! I wonder how much goes to research.
    I also wonder how they got all the football players to wear pink for October.

    Now without looking it up- do you know when Lymphoma Month is? I doubt 99.5% of population knows even though it is the only cancer that is increasing in numbers of diagnosis per year while other cancers are decreasing.
    I agree that prevention is the best defense. Not just with food but environment. If you ever want more information read Devra Davis book The Secret History of the War on Cancer.

    Thank you for all your efforts and positive lessons shared. You have made such an impact in my life and many others.
    Healthy cells to you!

  109. Thanks Kris for the reminder. It is crazy when you think about it all the products they sell to support Breast Cancer which are so unhealthy. People just don’t get it, or they don’t think.

    I just received your cookbook in the mail and look foward to trying out the recipes. It’s very beautiful by the way!!

    I am trying to reduce my animal product consumption and I really need to give it a real go this month. I am not ready to cut meat out completely as I am already sugar-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, but I want to try and go 5 days a week without meat and just have it when I’m out as a treat. Hopefullly eventually I can cut it completely.

    Thank you so much for educating us all. I use to say that I’d never ever give up meat, but with your help, I now know better and I try and educate people on my blog – think I will do buy a few more copies to give away to my readers!

    You’re an angel!

  110. I’m reclaiming my meditation practice and making myself a priority in my own life.

  111. Amen, sister. Thanks for reminding me that I need to “get political.” I rant on occasion but I need to do it MORE OFTEN, LOUDER, and TO MORE PEOPLE. My clients know the deal – and one person at a time is still cool – but it’s way past time for us to play bigger.

    Thanks for shouting. :)

  112. Hi Kris, I love your inspiring posts, they brighten my day, but I’m a little bummed by your generalization about research. There are lots and lots of researchers that soley focus on prevention, and they have helped prove really important things, like that smoking can kill, and that genetics play a role in certain cancers, but not in others, and that healthy diets and exercise can lower your risk for certain cancers. It creates scientifically proven data that a lot of people need to take the claims to heart.
    And while I totally agree with you that the pink revolution is now totally overdone and definitely profit driven, it did initially allow people to start talking and admit they have cancer and need support instead of taking their ‘womanly problem’ secrets to the grave.
    So keep up the great work, but I hope in the future you’ll consider the great deal of people in research who actually care about people affected by cancer a whole lot.

  113. YAY! Thank you for scoffing at the pink chit! Mere pennies get donated, while big bucks are to be made! You are my hero Kris!

    A 2x breast canser survivor!

  114. love this comment…perfectly put!

    • oops that was supposed to be a reply to Cindy O’Krepki’s comment “Right on, Write On! Love this post…Kris Carr you rock!!!

  115. One week of green smoothies every morning and I can already feel the effects of it! More energy, sleeping better, feeling great! Bought Crazy Sexy Kitchen last night and can not wait to get started on a plant based diet. Thank you Kris for all that you are doing. You are literally changing lives and mindsets ( mine included)

  116. morning green drink! LOVE IT!
    Debbie from Ohio

  117. Hooray! GREAT article! I’m passing it on to many friends. Prevention is under valued because we can’t see what we are missing… in this case that’s a good thing! I’ll come out and say it, the “pink movement” has become RIDICULOUS!!! Promoting cancer feeding products as a way to support cancer research is a great way to keep the organization in business. Many people don’t realize that proceeds go to other organizations that are outside the umbrella of cancer research. I found that out recently and have stopped supporting the organization. Instead I’ve turned my support toward organizations that preach prevention. Not only is it good for the body, but it is also good for the environment. My husband and I focus on eating whole foods from plant based sources. Our household garbage has shrunk from 2 curbside cans per week to less than 1/2 a can. Our recycling has doubled. Our country critters (we live way out in the middle of no where) love my compost pile. My dogs get lots of exercise running up and down the yard excitedly barking at the critters that come to nibble on our compost goodies…. Everyone benefits!

  118. I have started the CSD 21 day cleanse on Monday as wanted to get into the swing of things before your new book reaches me – it is pre-ordered but here in UK not available for a little time yet…

    I loved watching all the videos, you are such a shining beacon of inspiration reaching across the oceans straight into my home!

    So I am committing to do my bestest in keeping my diet plant based and super clean – even if not all raw at t his time of the year – for the month of November. Green bottoms up!

    Sending you a huge armful of love!

    Blanka Priddle

  119. I am so thankful you have brought to light the hypocrisy of the pink movement. Thank You!
    I am going to commit to:
    Using my juicer daily and cooking a recipe from the Crazy Sexy Cookbook at least once a week for my family.

  120. I totally agree! Prevention is the key!

  121. I’ve had a juicer for years and only used it intermittenly. Now I’m juicing much more often. Almost every day. I will sometimes make juice at night, put it in mason jars pop in the fridge and drink in the morning. And I took a friend along with me on this ride. She bought a juicer and is getting healthy too.

    Thank you Kris.

  122. I’m going plant-happy for thirty days…that’s right….30!
    Went to Whole Foods, grabbed all my yummy greens to get started, not tomorrow, TODAY!

    P.S. Hold me accountable!:)

  123. I agree Kris! The other day I saw a commercial for “5 Hour Energy” which was packaged in a pink bottle and part of the proceeds went to some sort of breast cancer organization. I felt like it was so contradictory! I love how you are doing a prevention month in November. I did something similar in October and I think I will try to keep it going in November.

  124. I agree totally. I wish more people would eat more vegetables and fruits and less or no meat products. Thanks for your message and hopefully you reach more people each day. Just try it and see how much better you feel on a plant based diet, especially juicing.

  125. Amen, Kris! I was all rah-rah about pink in October for many years, until I had breast cancer. Then I was so sick of pink, I could puke. Pink actually made me mad! It is refreshing to know that others see the hypocrisy of these items promoting “health”. Our bodies are so amazing and what they can do with a little TLC is even more amazing! My Prevention Month kick-off commitment is to juice every day (so far, so good!), continue making organic baby food for grandbaby and to educate/be an example to my family and friends of how to take control of your health. And serve an organic Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you, Kris for your commitment to learning and sharing.

  126. I made Coconut and Red Lentil Soup last night. So good for you, and my favorite recipe from Crazy Sexy Kitchen so far. Try it. I promise you will love it. Not to mention how good lentils are for you.

  127. I started this quite awhile ago, I bought a Nutribullet and I do a green smoothie everyday, sometimes twice a day because they are sooooooo yummy!

  128. A sugar detox. I didn’t notice it at first, but with the cold weather creeping in my sweet tooth is going through the roof. So I decided that November is the perfect month for a sugar detox, before the Christmas holidays are starting – let’s be honest, nobody wants to celebrate a completely sugar-free Christmas.

  129. Kris, SO true!! I love the “pink” movement, but it seems it has gotten so far off track of it’s purpose. To help spread awareness of cancer and prevention, I had an idea of decorating mason jars and selling them at my local farmers market to raise money for a cancer research organization that is researching the power of plant-based nutrition and its preventative effects on cancer. Does any one know of any I could contact? Inside the mason jars I would put index cards of plant based recipes such as smoothies and other deliciousness, as well as resources, such as your fabulous books, so that people can become more educated.

    Lets get out there and teach GREEN <3

  130. Last week I started an anti-inflammatory diet. No gluten, no dairy, no booze… it hasn’t been too hard so far but I have to be far more organized about my food than when I was just eating willy-nilly. Sometimes it is exhausting to be thinking about my lunch the next day before I have even started making dinner. But my doctor swears that this is the solution I have been looking for and that I’ll feel better. I comfort myself in difficult moments by reminding myself that all of the world’s lovely wine and cheese will still exist when and if I decide to start consuming them again.

  131. This is great info for all, but especially for your generation!!! I hope and pray you make giant inroads because PREVENTION, through eating whole foods, is the key to wellness!! Not things pink or research into the latest drug therapy with all the side effects… grandchildren will benefit from this also!! Thanks, and keep up the good promotion!!!
    Kathy (retired RN)

  132. I just finished reading your new cookbook and am so inspired! My commitment this month is to finally start juicing. I’ve been trying to get rid of a cold for a week or so and I’m hoping this will help.

  133. I didn’t know it was our wonderfully dubbed Prevention Month until just now. Usually I see your emails and think “Oh, I have to do ___ before I can sit down and enjoy reading that.”. .. well, not today. I have, as of two hours ago (give or take) decided to go back to mostly raw foods. I’ve also just this evening started a buzznet page for going raw on a vicious budget.
    So, raising my cup of jasmine green tea in toast to you, my dear, for being an inspiration!
    (I’m currently going back through the emails you’ve sent and r-e-a-d-i-n-g them. Finally giving myself permission!)

  134. Thank you for speaking up about Pink washing. It drives me bonkers. Among other things… :)

  135. Thanks, Kris! You inspire me! I’m grateful for your passion and drive and for sharing your values with us!
    I’ve been struggling to let go of dairy and wheat, so with this comment, I pledge to go 100% vegan and start healing (recently learned that ditching dairy helps with asthma and sinus issues, which I have!). And I’m striving for high raw content!
    … I love your prevention-is-hot motto!
    Thanks for the inspiration

  136. I am going to juice tomorrow for the first time EVER.

  137. I am moving more this month and doing more of the things I love

  138. i was the looking for the same and related info, what you describe on your article. And found you through google search. Its helps me a lots and i understood that you are one of skill article writer/ blogger. I have book marked your blog and hope to visit again to learn more. Thanks for your valuable efforts and time.

  139. Hi, I am a 72 year old male recently (3 week ago) diagnosed with invasive, high quality. cancer. The doctors want to remove my bladder and replace it with a colostomy bag or neobladder. I say absolutely not!! I am very interested in natural healing, specifically The Gerson Method. I purchased a Norwalk juicer and have been juicing (almost exclusively Carrot and Carrot and Green Apple). I think there green juice recipe is archaic, as well as there cooked food recommendations three times a day. I just spoke to my niece, Nina Russell, whom you may know and she recommended you and your web sight. I put in key word cancer and just came up with your ad for your recipe book. so I am a little disappointed. I love your positive awareness around “Big Pink Business” as I am very aware of “Big Cancer Business”‘ Anyway, I would appreciate your information on juicing and raw foods to help me eliminate my cancer.
    Keith (getting healthier every day) Russell

  140. We agree with everything you said Kris, as usual. We have been a part of your Crazy Sexy revolution for a while, and We know that you are very vocal about investing in Our health. Thank you Kris. We just had some more of your Krazy Sexy Kale salad. Yum, yum. We will be looking more closely at your recipes to see which one or ones We can easily incorporate. So you are a cancer survivor. More power to you dear Kris!!! We are a member of your Krazy Sexy Revolution and the evil ones will loose due to your Kourageous, Sexy Tenacity Kris. All Good Power to the people. God LOVES you Kris and so do I :o)

  141. Fantastic information, Kris!!! Thanks so much!

  142. Oh Kris, I love you so much!

  143. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website?
    My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from a lot of the
    information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you.