pH 101: Acid-Alkaline Balance & Your Health

pH 101: Acid-Alkaline Balance & Your Health


Hiya Gorgeous,

You may have heard about pH or the acid-alkaline balance in your wellness travels. I was oblivious to this concept when I began my health journey. But my overall well-being changed when I started to connect the dots between pH balance, inflammation and what I was eating and drinking. I’ve covered this topic in all of my books, but I realize that I haven’t blogged about it for years. Since many of you are new readers (and some of ya could use a little reminder), I thought I’d tackle pH again today. Let’s dive in.

So what the heck is pH?

Remember high school science class? Well, if you don’t, here’s a little refresher course: The body maintains a delicate acid-alkaline balance. Everything from healthy cells to cancer cells to soil quality and ocean life is affected by pH. The term pH stands for “potential hydrogen” which is the measure of hydrogen ions in a particular solution (don’t worry if you’re not science-savvy, I’ll make this easy to understand!). In our case, that “solution” refers to our body’s fluids and tissues.

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is and ranges from 0 to 14. Seven is neutral. Below 7 becomes increasingly acidic, above 7 increasingly alkaline.

As with most health-related barometers, balance is everything. Proper pH varies throughout your body for many reasons. For example, your bowels, skin and vagina should be slightly acidic–this helps keep unfriendly bacteria away. Saliva is more alkaline, while your urine is normally more acidic, especially in the morning. In addition, your body regularly deals with naturally occurring acids that are the by-products of respiration, metabolism, cellular breakdown and exercise. So clearly the goal is not to think of acid as “bad” and alkaline “good.” Again, it’s a delicate balance.

By far the most important measurement is your blood. For optimal cellular health, your blood pH must be slightly alkaline with a pH between 7.365 and 7.45. Our bodies are programmed to maintain this range no matter what, since even the slightest dip or rise in pH can have seriously dangerous consequences. Now here’s the possible problem: The Standard American Diet (SAD) is rife with acidic substances and foods—meat, dairy, highly processed food products and refined sugar. Environmental toxins can be acidic, too, and sadly, those are pretty dang hard to avoid.

Some research claims our bodies can self-correct in the presence of such acidic materials with no negative health impact—but other studies suggests our bods have to work harder to neutralize the acidic load, resulting in a gradual decline in health. The jury’s still out and further research is needed, but we do know that high acid diets are associated with gout and kidney stones, so it seems likely there’s something to the whole pH and food connection. To that I say, why not tip the scales in the alkaline direction?

The Relationship Between pH & Your Health

Think of the standard American diet (SAD). Most folks are shovelin’ in the acid multiple times per day with tons of sugar, processed foods, factory farmed animal products, etc. One of the biggest pitfalls of the SAD is the toll it takes on the body, especially the digestive system, liver, and kidneys. Inflammation, allergies, arthritis, skin problems, constipation, bowel issues, stress (physical & mental) and chronic disease LOVE this diet. Excess acidity also sets the stage for bad bacteria (like yeast and fungus) and even viruses that wreak havoc on our health.

We can potentially tilt the pH scale in the alkaline direction with a diet filled with mineral-rich plant foods. By eating a more alkaline diet (leafy greens, wheatgrass, veggies, sprouts, avocados, green juices and smoothies) as opposed to an acidic diet (high in animal products, processed carbs, refined sugar, energy drinks, etc), we flood our bodies with alkalinity, vitamins and other nutrients. Healthy food creates healthy cells. Conversely, junk goes in and junk comes out.

Look at your plate, peek in your glass. What direction are you moving in? On the pH scale, Soda = 2. Coffee = 4. Cucumber = 7. Get the picture? Burger, fries, diet cola, muffin, candy bar? Acid bath. Green drinks, salads, sprouts? Alkaline bonanza! Your goal is to make more energy deposits than withdrawals. Do you have to be perfect? NO. And it’s not even possible to eat a 100 percent alkaline diet and maintain good health anyway. Foods like beans, grains and nuts are overall quite healthy and essential to a plant-powered diet—yet they’re also slightly acidic. It’s the highly acidic foods we need to be careful about (but no one’s saying don’t have cake on your birthday. Please do.). Again, your goal is to fill your well more than you deplete it. Our bodies forgive the detours and exploration, as long as they don’t take place 24-7.

Testing Your pH

You may be tempted to start testing your pH like a mad woman to make sure you’re on track, but it’s really not necessary. I tested my tinkle a lot when I first learned about pH, but these days I’m comfortable skipping the strips, knowing that I’m doing what I can to contribute to my pH balance with the three diet and lifestyle practices below.

But if you’re still curious, you can test your urine at home with litmus paper strips (available online for about $10). Keep in mind that the pH of urine always varies, depending on what you eat and when, and that you should test your second urine of the day for the best snapshot of what’s going on inside.

Testing your urine can show you how well your body is excreting acids and assimilating minerals. For optimum sparkle, your urine should fall in the 6.8 to 7.5 pH range.

Top 3 Ways to Support pH Balance

1. Start your day with a tall glass of lemon water and stay hydrated.

While lemons are acidic in their natural form, lemon water is alkaline-forming in the body. Drench your cells in alkalinity each morning with two cups of lukewarm, filtered water with ¼ fresh-squeezed lemon. Yes, there are fancy (and expensive) water ionizers out there, but you can also alkalize your water by simply adding lemon.

2. Eat more raw foods and drink green juices and smoothies.

Organic green juice, green juice, green juice and green smoothies! As mentioned above, leafy greens, wheatgrass, veggies, sprouts, certain fruits, nuts and seeds, certain grains and seaweeds flood our bodies with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and phytonutrients—and alkalinity. Unhealthy cells (like cancer cells) or viruses, bacteria and other nasty microorganisms hate oxygen. They prefer an acidic diet high in animal products, processed and refined foods, and synthetic chemicals.

3. Exercise, manage stress, sleep better and avoid nasty chemicals and cigs.

It’s not just diet that affects your pH. Lack of exercise and an overage of anger, drugs, cigs and stress can create inflammation and acidity in the body. Stress isn’t a laughing matter or a badge of courage. The work-hard, play-hard, deal-with-it-later approach is a big pH no-no. Emotional stress releases acid-forming hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that flood your system and muck up your soil. Whether it’s through more yoga, cat naps, meditation, breathing exercises, strolls in the woods or stress management counseling, reducing the negativity in your day-to-day is a powerful way to improve your cellular health.

Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

How do we know if a food is alkaline or acidic, and by how much? The most common method is to incinerate a sample of the food and analyze the mineral content of the ash. Not something you can do with a chemistry set from Toys “R” Us. At any rate, if the ash is high in alkaline minerals, the food will probably have an alkalizing effect. That’s the theory, anyway. Because lab results and experts often disagree, the many books and Web sites that give alkaline and acidic food charts also disagree. Usually the disagreement is minor. In some cases, though, it’s much bigger.

Whether a food is mildly alkalizing or mildly acidifying doesn’t really matter very much. There are definitely shades of gray. What’s far more important is to understand what’s highly acidic and thus also inflammatory in order to make better choices. And I’ve added some resources to help you do just that.

More pH Reading:

Just to name a few! You can also find many charts online.

Peace & peppy pH,

Kris Carr

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133 responses to pH 101: Acid-Alkaline Balance & Your Health
  1. Like your article, I balance my diet with high pH ionic alkaline water. One such water I was lucky to find was alkapower.
    The research I did found that by way of eating and drinking foods that were alkaline I had to eat large amounts and most alkaline waters were inactive minerals.

    This alkapower is calcium infused with active minerals and a pH of nearly 10 which helped with my super greens in the morning because this drinks minerals are bio available.
    I’m very passionate about this hence giving you some feedback.
    All the best

    • Some people talk about measuring the pH of the blood, lymph, saliva or urine to try to determine whether the pH of the cells is high enough. It won’t work:

      “Another interesting book is; Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody. In Chapter one, he describes the difficulty of getting an accurate pH reading of the body by measuring the pH of urine, saliva, or other body fluids. He also describes how a healthy regimen can cause these ph measurements to indicate acid, as the healing process removes the acid causing materials from the body.

      This is one of the quotes in the Baroody book that supports that statement:

      “At present no tests can accurately gauge how acid you are because current diagnostic methods reveal only that acid wastes are present in body fluids (blood, lymph, urine, mucous, and saliva). Such tests never give a reliable indicator of how much acid waste is actually in the system, because the fluids are always running through the tissues attempting to remove these excess tissue acid wastes. Therefore, although it is possible to measure body fluid as being alkaline or acid, it is impossible to evaluate the state of body tissues (skin, organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, arteries and vessels) based solely on blood, urine, or saliva tests.

      Unfortunately, waste acids that are not eliminated when they should be are reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. They then deposit in the tissues. It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health!

      Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D, D.C, Ph.D., page 15

      He states that the only real way to tell if your tissue is acidic or alkaline is to analyze your diet.
      Also the water you drink & the emotional stress you go through.

      If alkaline foods has been discussed above, a good option for CLEAN,HEALTH,ALKALINE , ANTIoxidant water is ionized water from a QUALITY water ionizer:

  2. My naturopathic dr. has me downing 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar before each meal. Is that to help PH balance? I have been suffering from hives.

    • I suffered from severe mouth ulcers & skin blisters for 6 years & used prednisone a lot to alleviate them…bad choice! It has tremendous negative side effects & causes new diseases as a side effect. 6 months ago I learned about the acid/alkaline balance. I was very acidic so in addition to incorporating greens with every meal I starting drinking organic apple cider morning & evening. Braggs is the brand I use. I dilute 2 tbsp in a cup of filtered water morning & evening. It has been life changing!!!! No more sores & my PH is balanced! Sounds Crazy but I must say my illness was for my spiritual growth so I wouldn’t take back the pain & suffering cuz as a result I’m an enlightened, appreciative, mindful, aware being who needed a devastating illness to WAKE UP & truly start living. Thank you universe. Love you Kris!

    • Hi Pam,

      Apple cider vinegar is alkalizing, although doctors often recommend it for patients who are combatting depression and/or want to lose weight despite the fact that there’s very little research proving those claims. Apple cider vinegar does have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties when used topically, and it may help to boost your immune system with its alkalizing effects. xo, Kris

      • i was taking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinger after dinner, my yeast went crazy,am coming out of a bad allergie attack from it,so i believe i need to bring my alkaline down to normal,right and i’m not understanding how to do this.

    • Some people have claimed ACV has cured them from cancer. Google it you’ll be amazed at some of the stories.. I want to start taking it for my sinuses :)

      • ACV is great for sinuses! I had what felt like a sinus infection, the internet suggested ACV in warm water, chug it down. That made the feeling that a truck was trying to exit my face go away completely.

  3. I really enjoyed reading you article, we all make excuses for not eating well. If we just took some time to do the correct things then we could be healthier. I did a post on prebiotic-and-proiotic.

    Cheers and thank you

  4. My body has become very alkaline vs acidic after adopting a vegan diet nine years ago this coming September. I chose diet rather than traditional treatments for aggressive cancer that was diagnosed on September 15, 2005. My 73-year-old body is completely free of any pain(s). The only medication that I take is drops for eye pressure.

    My wife had lupus for 15 years; she was diagnosed lupus free after becoming vegan.

    We do deviate from the vegan diet when away from home.

    • Hi Larry I was wondering when you said “you deviate from the vegan diet when away from home”, do you mean you eat beef, chicken, fish, breads, dessert etc…? How often does this happen… weekly, monthly, rarely? Just curious :) I do pretty well with staying alkaline but I have a hard time giving up my grass fed beef weekly. I love beef and grass fed butter.
      Thank You!! and congratulations on staying alive and healthy!

  5. I truly don’t believe anything is a coincidence and I’ve been suffering so much lately, well actually for a long time but I’ve become much more aware of how much it affects my life lately. I have a condition called Iterstisial Cystitis ( my apologies if the the spelling isn’t correct) Anyway, it’s very painful bladder condition where the protective lining of the bladder no longer exists so everything that goes through the bladder can cause spasms to the surrounding muscles and nerves so anyway needless to say…The more acid, The more painful! Yet I have ( until reading your blog) refused to stopped drinking coffee and other things that cause pain. Thank you very much for sharing! It couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m starting a yoga teacher training program and this will hopefully help me balance body as balance mind as well! PS if you have any other helpful hints I would appreciate them as well Thanks!

    • I have a friend who suffered from the same problem. She was advised to stop drinking diet soda–a very difficult task–but worth it under the circumstances.

    • I also have IC. I have found that I have to eat plant based but also can’t do citrus or vinegar as it makes my condition worse.

  6. Great overview Kris, so clear that you’ve been walking the path for a long time. I especially appreciate how break down difficult topics and make them accessible without oversimplifying. Thank you!

  7. I have been taking baby steps into a more alkaline life since I started following you. You are an inspiration!
    You advise putting lemon juice in warm water. In my experience, the organic lemons available in my area are green and very sour. I place them in a paper bag, but they don’t ripen much:( My question is could I use lemon essential oil (or lemongrass)? And what would the pH of the EO be? Love&Light♡ Sandy

    • What about organic lemon juice in a bottle? Also, I was under the impression that essential oils aren’t to be ingested. Is that correct?

      • If you have a high grade essential oil like Young Living or DoTerra they can be ingested. Other oils can have fillers and/or pesticides and other junk. I think lemon essential oil is an excellent alternative to out-of-season lemons. I agree, they are expensive and nasty out of season (as is most produce). So I’m waiting for the Texas lemons this winter! So excited!

        • Just a note, I would be very careful about ingesting oils. My Aunt who is a distributer for Young Living was ingesting the oils because she was told they are safe. She started having issues with her throat (she was swollowing them in capsules). Her doctor said she has to have a particular water, she is now being told to eat gluten free and some other things. It caused issues with her lining in her throat. Not sure if it was too potent or overuse, who knows, just be careful :)

          • Oregano oil can be destructive to the throat lining, according to the formulator of the oils I use (it may hold of all of the hot oils as well), .but usually, if a drop of oregano is included in a veggie cap w/Carrier oil, such coconut or olive, it is safe to swallow. I wouldn’t do it often though, but only for a serious health issue, & after researching a lot first.

    • Hi Sandy,

      Essential oil of lemon, which is usually made by pressing the peel (rather than the pulp as is the case with lemon juice) also has an alkalizing effect on the body. Lemongrass may also have an alkalizing effect, although it’s hard to determine specifically which would be best and what the pH would be. If fresh lemons aren’t the best option, a few drops of the essential oil in a glass of water or consuming lemongrass may be great habits for keeping your system alkaline. xo, kc

  8. Luv u Kris..Muaaaaaahhhhg :-*

  9. Thanks for the refresher! It’s been a while since I’ve read CrazySexyDiet!

  10. Hi Kris…what is your opinion on the Seven point 2 system? I have read all of your books and am a cancer survivor. Just trying to decide whether to try some of their products. Any input? Thanks!

  11. Thanks, Kris! I’ve been drinking filtered water with a lemon sliced up in it and a cucumber. All day long! Just add more filtered water as I pour myself more refrigerated lemon/cuke water. My skin looks great!
    PS: How are Buddy and Lola? Hope all is well!

  12. Hi, love this article! Very informative but I have a question. I’ve heard about the lemon water before but I’m violently allergic to lemon of any kind. I’m on a very tight budget right now and this special water sounds out of my grasp. Any suggestions on something I could substitute that won’t break the bank? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Colleen,

      Lime can work well in water, and even just focusing on lots of alkalizing plant foods and drinking plain filtered water may be beneficial enough. xo, kc

  13. Clear and concise article explaining what can sometimes be a daunting subject. Personally I loved finding out about this stuff and for the last 3 years have been living as alkaline as possible and noticed significant results (not that I was ill or anything before – just normal really). So much so, that I love to share with others this information. Let’s sort out people’s health, energy and vitality once and for all! :)

  14. What about the skinny dipping in the hot tub?

  15. Thank you so much for illuminating an “under-discussed” topic! I’ve been on and off the wellness journey and your articles are informative and motivating. Best, Anne

  16. Kriss, what I don’t understand is everything goes through the stomach and the ph emptying from the stomach is extremely acidic no matter whether you’ve eaten a high acid or alkaline food.

    • Hi Marg,

      The acid in your stomach is needed to break down proteins properly, which is a separate issue from the acidity or alkalinity of a food. Many foods are acidic in their natural state, but the acidity/alkalinity of a food is the effect that food has on the pH of the body. Absorption of all foods happens in the intestinal tract and that absorption is what can affect the pH of your blood and tissues. xo, kc

      • That question baffled me for a long time too; I now know that eating & drinking, as Kris has laid out, while optimal, sadly isn’t happening a whole lot in our society, except for those who are really into health (which thankfully is increasing!), but millions still seem clueless due to lack of education or ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitudes. It is also still challenging when one has to travel, work outside the home, endless holidays, vacations, etc. I was very grateful indeed to learn that taking a superior quality vitamin/mineral//herbal supplement daily will provide the body with those essential minerals & nutrients the body needs to maintain that fine pH line, so it doesn’t’ have to rob the bones, etc. to maintain the blood/cell pH. I highly recommend looking into that as an important part of an optimal health regimen. All the Best in Health! :)

    • I got to hear a doctor who treats with diet more then drugs talk about health issues and he described what exactly happens when we digest food. The little sphincters at the top of the stomach is not working right and it lets acid seep up into the throat, acid reflux. When the one at the bottom doesn’t work right then it lets acid into the intestines.
      Neither are good. I can’t remember the reasons he gave for their dysfunction but I believe it’s when the stomach has to much acid. but I do know that the SAD (standard American diet) had way to much acid producing foods. We have the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease and acid reflux and cancer. If you ever watch tv and see all those drug commercials listen to what they are for.
      The best balance is eating mostly alkaline foods with some acidic foods but not at the same meal.

  17. HeeMeeSheeMee!!! (my word for all things serendipitous) Sitting hear drinking my warm lemon water (just starting up that practice again) when I read your post.

    Thanks Universe (and Kris) for the great reminder this morning!

    All the best from my zesty lemon Creative Oasis morning to yours,

  18. Thanks Kris! What a great reminder & topic. I completely agree and try to make conscious decisions in life that will help keep me in ph balance. I even find myself sometimes playing catch up when I’ve indulged on vacation or a holiday by on greens & zen. Its a fine science, but somebody’s got to do it :)!

  19. I found you through Marie Forleo, and I am so blessed to find another dynamic, passionate and heat driven woman. I love the way you write, and this post especially. As a skin care professional, I am constantly nagging (lovingly of course..wink) my clients about PH in their bodies, and in their skincare products. Knowing about PH is critical if someone wants to live a healthy life and have gorgeous skin. You have wonderful tips that I will forward to my clients. Thank you again for living passionately and sharing valuable and truthful information with me and others. YOU ROCK!!!! .
    Cody M.

  20. Hi Kris!
    Loved your book, love your blog. My partner is a presence facilitator and she helps people listen to their bodies for healing power. My family has high blood pressure and I’ve lowered mine!
    We bought a water ionizer – WE LOVE IT!!! I can’t imagine never having one. Helps keep our PH balances in check – AND it preserves our vegetables from the farmers’ mkt like no one’s business.

    I just wrote a book and wondering if you’d be interested in endorsing it. It’s about Mindful Leadership. Many leaders I coach ask if what they east affects their ability to be present – when I start discussing health and diet, they get it very quickly.

    All the best. Warmly, Abby

  21. Kris –
    Thank you for refreshing our memories on the ying and yang of acidic and alkaline! I am one of your many followers that feel blessed to have you devoting your life to making the world a healthier, happier and sexier place to be! I reap the benefits of your studious knowledge and witty explanations! Keep up your amazing, inspirational work!

  22. I love your blogs, you make the information so accessible without being condemning or fear mongering! Keep up the great work, Kris. Thank you for spreading the good word about good nutrition, and for being a shining example to so many!

  23. Does lime count like lemon in water? I tolerate the taste better…

    • Yes, my acupuncturist who specializes in cancer (breast cancer stage 1 for me) says to take 1 lime a day, cut it in half, and pulverize the entire half lime in the blender and add water. Do the same thing in the afternoon for the other half of the lime. Skin and all. Skin has great source of vit C. And I agree, I tolerate lime much better than lemon.

  24. Yessssss. Thank you! My wish is that everyone eating a SAD would read this and take action to change. Walking down the aisles of most supermarkets is a lesson in dis-ease and literally, the world would be a more healthy and peaceful place if your words were taken to heart.

    peace and strength dear one!

  25. I loved your book and consider myself a very healthy person. Sure I could exercise a little more and drink a little less alcohol but come onnnn 😉
    I actually have the opposite problem-too low acidity, too alkaline/a higher pH balance. And yes, I am referring to the girl bits. Any advice on this? Xoxo

    • Hi Amber,

      You’re right—your vagina shouldn’t be too alkaline since a pH of more than 4.7 may contribute to microbial overgrowth (study here: If it is, it could be indicative of too little estrogen, an infection, or chronic inflammation. Check with your naturopathic doc to investigate further and see what treatment (if any) he/she recommends. xo, kc

  26. Great article. Very interesting. We have been eating a vegetarian/vegan diet for four years now.
    Wow what a difference your body feels by eating healthier foods! I am starting be concerned about the chemicals found in face, soap, etc products. So thanks again. Good read!

  27. Wow! thank you so much!
    I really enjoyed reading this post. easy to understand and to put in practice.
    Definitely I am going to implement the morning water lemon and drop the intake of coffee.
    Much love and health.

  28. I love your easy, breezy writing style, explaining things like pH in terms we can all relate to. I’d like to add one little note.

    Four years ago I was treated for an aggressive breast cancer at An Oasis of Healing in Arizona. The diet was raw vegan, yet I often had acidic urine. Dr Lodi explained that testing the urine wasn’t really an accurate way to know what is happening in the cells of the body, because the cells can be throwing off acids and becoming more alkaline, but the acids they toss off will show up in the urine, turning it acidic.

    He also said there is no simple way to home test for pH of the cells. So, if you’re on an alkaline diet but your urine is still testing too acidic, don’t worry, Just keep eating those veggies and lemon juice.

  29. Kangen alkaline water is the best!

  30. since I don’t know how to delete my post as I was an airhead and mistook it or just contacting you, I can say that I do the lemon water every morning and I think it is amazing! I often use tap water, so is that ok?

  31. Kris – u continue to be an amazing inspiration!! The world & humanity flourish with ppl like u. I hope I can inspire many with my service/business: cooking & nutrition workshops. Thanks TONZ for your blogs – I will share them with my students.

  32. Your stomach is pH buffered… so it doesn’t matter what the pH of your food is. Tracking the pH of your urine is useless, just eat well and exercise.

  33. Some people talk about measuring the pH of the blood, lymph, saliva or urine to try to determine whether the pH of the cells is high enough. It won’t work:

    “Another interesting book is; Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody. In Chapter one, he describes the difficulty of getting an accurate pH reading of the body by measuring the pH of urine, saliva, or other body fluids. He also describes how a healthy regimen can cause these ph measurements to indicate acid, as the healing process removes the acid causing materials from the body.

    This is one of the quotes in the Baroody book that supports that statement:

    “At present no tests can accurately gauge how acid you are because current diagnostic methods reveal only that acid wastes are present in body fluids (blood, lymph, urine, mucous, and saliva). Such tests never give a reliable indicator of how much acid waste is actually in the system, because the fluids are always running through the tissues attempting to remove these excess tissue acid wastes. Therefore, although it is possible to measure body fluid as being alkaline or acid, it is impossible to evaluate the state of body tissues (skin, organs, glands, muscles, ligaments, arteries and vessels) based solely on blood, urine, or saliva tests.

    Unfortunately, waste acids that are not eliminated when they should be are reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. They then deposit in the tissues. It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health!

    Alkalize or Die, by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D, D.C, Ph.D., page 15

    He states that the only real way to tell if your tissue is acidic or alkaline is to analyze your diet.
    Also the water you drink & the emotional stress you go through.

    If alkaline foods has been discussed above, a good option for CLEAN,HEALTH,ALKALINE , ANTIoxidant water is ionized water from a QUALITY water ionizer:

  34. Excellent blog but to me the missing part of information is a) what are the most tangible/visible effects of an alkaline diet/lifestyle…. And the opposite

  35. Wish it wasn’t so expensive to do alkaline diet and a little easier… so hard with 4 kids, now out of work b/c of cancer treatments (no paycheck), but paying $1600/month for healthcare. Also, gained weight on chemo & alkaline diet (increase in carbs from my Atkins for the past 16 years). Wheatgrass & organic produce is expensive. Doing the best I can. The hardest is coffee! Haven’t found a substitute that has that bitter “bite”. Tried Cafix, Teeccino, Yerba Mate, Ayurvedic roast. :( Thanks for the tips… I do try to eat as healthy as I can. I’m not doing this again!

  36. I have suffered autoimmune defficiency since the age of 19.

    I have always eaten healthy but confused on the ph and acid balance.

    Recently been informed of blood cancer.

    Goal to heal myself without chemotherapy and drugs and to rid myself of this horrible inflammation. Can you help?
    Any ones opinion is greatly appreciated.
    God bless.
    Be strong. Be healthy.

    • Look up testimonies from people who have had cancer at “” on the net.

    • Have you ever heard of the Yoli better body system. The system aligns perfectly with pH balance Kris is talking about. If you want to watch a powerful video on pH go to and scroll down to “Alkalete-Explained” video. Thanks!

  37. Thank you for the “update”. You are so inspiring! I have read your book and made a lot of changes in my way of eating! I just bought a juicer and make green juices in the morning. I would say that I try to eat 60/40 according to your book. It is a big change for me! Heading for 70/30!
    Best regards from Anette in sunny Gothenburg, Sweden

  38. I am so happy to read this artice. It was sent to me by my daughter- in- law. I was recently commentong to her that I was talking to the PA at my dermatologists office about PH balance and she replied that she didn’t know what that was… I was shocked and of course have lost all confidence in her. Sad!!
    Thank you for revisiting this subject..

  39. Every morning, on an empty stomach, I drink green tea with cinnamon powder, 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp lemon juice. Is this a good combination?

  40. Having lemon water first thing in the morning was such a game changer for me. Water in general first thing in the morning really helps kick start my body. I feel more alert after drinking water. Thanks for the refresher on pH 😀

  41. Hi Kris,
    delighted to read this today, shared on a FB’s friend page, exactly the motivation I needed to get back to my healthy habits.
    Question: I wonder though is it ok to press a couple of lemons and mix it with water to last for a few mornings (I guess I shouldn’t store it in the fridge or it’ll be too cold?) Just as a time saver for the rush of the mornings. And it would still be better than concentrated lemon juice (which is highly available here) ?

    Thank you so much!

  42. Hi Kris Ian here from London England, just read your article about acid/alkaline, very interesting. I did know about the a/a balance but your article has some info I did not know,
    many thanks

  43. This is really interesting information. Thank you for taking time to share (or re-share as you stated) and for caring about others the way you do. I appreciate you and all the great info you provide. :)

  44. Kris,

    I go to my health food store and fill up glass jugs with reverse osmosis water (gets rid of all the fluoride and chloramines). Do you know what the ph is for this kind of water? I’ve heard Spring Water that has not had the minerals removed is a better choice, but for many of us this isn’t an option.



  45. Hi Kris, could You write sth about honey, I know vegans don’t eat it, but have no idea why… far as I know it is super healthy and very supportive for the immune system

  46. I’m trying so hard to get off my prevacid. Thanks so much for this!!!

  47. Hi there!! Thank you for sharing everything you know about health and wellness, but also for being such a positive and spiritual influence. I look forward to your articles, recipes and well, everything, which also includes my latest purchase of Crazy Sexy Diet!! 😉 After reading this article about pH 101, I wanted to ask if it would be a good idea to include lemon in my water throughout the day to keep it alkalize. Is that too much, if I’m drinking 8+ glasses of water?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  48. Iwas doing ACV in the morning, but i do not have much time. Wonderedabout taking the supplements that are to be on empty stomach or with water, which should come first or is there a time interval? Going to get the bottle back in the bedroom. Works better than lemon as the bedroom is upstairs.

  49. My body became extremely alkaline vs acidic after a diet change in 2005 to vegan. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. I was diagnosed with aggressive cancer in 2005. Diet was all I did to combat cancer–no surgery, chemo, or radiation.

    Many other benefits include elimination of joint pain, headaches, acid reflux, and other health problems.

  50. Thanks for the reminders… They are so helpful and welcome. I have been in love with your amazing story since it began and am overjoyed that you are sharing all your wellbeing tips. Your books are brilliantly funny and inspirational. Thank You Thank You Thank You Kris. YOU ROCK!!!!

  51. I am working on a post about detox baths and I would love to attach a link to this post about PH balance. Would that be okay if I mentioned you and connected your site with my post?

  52. These are ambitious claims. The article they reference claims that the alkaline diet may decrease morbidity from chronic diseases, that I don’t doubt. But to attribute this to pH is very ambitious, and the article above does little to support or describe how this works.
    The vast majority of foods we eat are acidic including most fruits. There are very few foods that are actually alkaline, and these are only pH 7-8. So overall, our diets are acidic.
    The benefits of eating more alkaline foods (greens, even though some are acidic), are well documented and are already recommended to reduce the onset of chronic diseases. This is due nutritional value, not pH.
    Everything we eat becomes acidified by the stomach. It doesn’t matter whether the foodstuff is acid or alkaline, it will become acidified in the stomach before getting dumped in the more neutral intestines.
    Also, pH is a log scale, meaning the difference between 6 and 7 is an entire order of magnitude. So something pH 7.5 isn’t all that alkaline, whereas something pH 4 is very acidic. There’s plenty of healthy foods with acidic pH, it doesn’t matter.
    Also, our blood is buffered meaning it requires a tremendous amount of acid in order change the pH of our blood and plasma. Numerous studies have shown that what we eat ultimately has no significant effect on our blood pH.
    To say that we mine our bodies for potassium, calcium, and magnesium is misleading, we replenish these when we eat!!! If you eat a banana and a glass of milk, guess what, you just consumed more calcium and potassium than your body would supposedly lose in order to neutralize the acid intake.
    Overall, eating greens is good, duh, that’s always been the case. But to suggest not eating as many acidic foods is irresponsible for a normal diet since so many healthy foods are acidic.

    • Interesting because my mother has consumed milk, cheese butter and all kinds of dairy products her whole life and she has osteoporosis so bad that the doctors are surprised she’s still standing. They have her on calcium and magnesium but nothing works. I on the other hand don’t touch it, never liked milk and my bones are twice as strong as hers. did have a couple broken bones but nothing like the dozens she has broken for the last 30 years. No other species on earth drinks milk after they are weaned nor drinks milk from another species. Cows milk and human milk are different in that cow’s milk is heavier so it can put 500 pounds on a calf the first 6 months of it’s life. Vegan eating a proper diet generally will live longer and healthier than meat eaters.
      My dad while eating a vegan diet and working at a commune back in the ’70’s didn’t take his insulin shots for five days and had no repercussions until he went back eating the old way. My mother wouldn’t change her cooking, saying we couldn’t afford to eat that way, too expensive. When he died in ’03 they were paying $300 a month for insurance because of all of his hospital stays, which included bypass surgery, and that didn’t pay for his meds. He actually died of liver failure because he couldn’t leave the meat and sugar alone.
      In the Essene book of Peace, they wrote “Eat that which is dead, become dead. Eat that which is alive become alive.” They were strict vegans.

      • That is the most uneducated response to an educated opinion. Did you even read it? Oh, and your mother’s osteoporosis has nothing to do with her dairy consumption. You stated even with calcium supplements her body isn’t responding. And if I read one more post about how we are the only species that drinks milk after being weaned.. blah blah.. We are the only species that are intelligent enough to find nutritional values in our resources available. We also are the only species to make bread, extract oils, take vitamins, drive cars, work and on and on….anyway, you need to research more. I think Dave has a valid point, and your response has nothing to do with it.

  53. Loved your article… if anyone is looking for a nutritional line that offers pH… visit our site… I also appreciate any other great links that address this topic…
    (Also refer 3 customers and this company will cover your costs!).

  54. Do you think this relationship is really related to the pH? Or just that fact that the foods you are listing as acidic are just generally unhealthy foods?

    Seems to me someone would experience health benefit from eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed foods and it would have nothing to do with the pH and more with nutrient content.



  56. I have just joined, is it free, if not please unsubscribe me . Thank you

  57. Can I use essential oil in my ionizer Alkaline water? Thanks

  58. I’m kind of confused. I have been suffering from recurring yeast infections and my vaginal ph is 5 which is not acidic enough. So wouldn’t drinking things like lemon water which is alkalizing only hurt me? I am trying to figure out how to lower vaginal ph. Any ideas are much appreciated!

  59. As the morning begin I was drinking cucumber water and wanted to know if it was more acidic or alkaline your blog is good, could you send more info that would or be great

  60. So what is an unhealthy level of alkaline, and what could be the signs/symptoms and what type of disease could be the result?

  61. I am very healthy and decided to take on the lemon water every morning. Apparently, I had too much lemon or my body didn’t like it. I ended up at the doctor, now temporarily on Nexium (I hope) to get me back on track. I drank the lemon water for two months before I figured out my new pain was from acid reflux. I’m scared I did permanent damage. Could this be?

  62. Hi,

    Whist the benefits of eating greens are recognised, I believe this blood pH acid alkali fad to be rubbish and misleading.

    I used to work as an MD.

    The body regulates blood pH VERY carefully around 7.4. If pH falls below 7.2 or so …. only very mildly acid…. you enter metabolic acidosis. This can lead to convulsions etc and a “trip” to intensive care.

    I have never seen any evidence about blood pH with diet….sounds another new age thing that sounds great but no one has any evidence. Like “blood toxins” and UFOs….

    I also don’t agree with vegetarianism. Its good to cut down from excess but there are essential amino acids in meat found nowhere else. Our ancestors didn’t eat meat because they were bored!!! It was for good reason. Studies show vegetarians on average have a life span lower than most meat eaters.

    Use your brain with this stuff and don’t get carried away.


  63. I am eating extremely alkaline and cannot reach appropriate ph numbers. When I eat something acidic I seem to shoot right into the numbers I seek. So what’s happening? Am I just pulling from bones in old patterns of being highly acidic?

  64. can I have lemon tea sometimes I drink lemon & water when I have lemon in the house any way I can add something to the faucets whenever I run out of lemons

  65. Hi Kris! I hope you are having a great New Year thus far! Can you tell me if adding some orange juice to your water will have the same effects as adding lemon juice to your water? Ie: The cleansing of the digestive system, igniting metabolism & neutralizing excess acids? I hope so.
    Thanking you in advance.

  66. Hi …..I find your website very interesting and useful . There is a problem i hope you might be able to help me with . Only 2 years ago i was diagnosed with mild to moderate rosacea. I am 50 years old and i really want to look after the health and ageing part of my skin but because of my condition my skin is fairly sensitive so this makes it hard for me , so in my case does this mean i have too much or not enough stomach acid as this is just confusing and what kind of supplements do you recommend . ??? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. !! Thank you

  67. Thanks…really like graphics and wording

  68. can you use apple cider vinegar with mother

  69. What about using grapefruit or orange juice – can they do the same thing as lemon or lime juice?

    This is all so new to me and confusing. I love that your posts are not only fun to read, but contain real solid information. I am so glad I found your site. Thanks! Connie

  70. Need more info for it.

  71. If we had that much control of the pH systems in our body, we all would be dead. Great health is not that hard. Watch what you put in your month and Watch what comes out of your month. Both can be equally toxic.


    • Gary

      DoTerra essential oils lowered my blood pressure by 15 points. One capsule a day of basil, marjoram and lavender and fractionated coconut oil (3 drops of each) until blood pressure is at your goal. Please be careful with the choice of oils. DoTerra is ingestible. Most essentials are not because the contain chemicals.

      Good luck.

  73. Thanks for the post, one of the best I read about PH, You made it simple to understand!!

  74. Loved your explanation, I am 68, healthy weight and just need to Babanco my ph a bit more, thank you

  75. Interesting and Lovely to learn more about a/a pH balance.

  76. The article further clarified Acid alkaline balance to me.

  77. I’ve read in various blogs and sites that acid water, for example 5.0 to 2.5 is good for the skin used topically. I don’t understand how that makes sense. I’ve also read that acid water applied to skin that has cancerous moles is good to kill the cancer. How is applying acidic water topically good for the skin regardless of skin cancer or not?
    If drinking alkaline water is good to fight virus, decease and making the environment in your body less inclined to the reproduction of cancerous cells; then how does putting acidic water on your skin good?

  78. Great article on the importance and benefits of keeping your body alkalized! Personally, I rely on the Greens from It Works for me and my family. It has helped tremendously and we no longer deal with seasonal allergies or colds/flu. Just a daily serving and it detoxes and alkalizes. It’s great!

  79. Wonderful information

  80. Kris,

    Thank you for the easy read. Ph can be overwhelming.
    I use DoTerra essential oils, exercise, yoga but do have a tendency to hang on to stress. I don’t feel it but my body does. I am currently having an outbreak of psoriasis and found your article. This makes sense. I eat really well, fruits veggies and fish, I also drink lemon water. With your information I realize there are two vices which must go
    Chips and wine. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I can’t wait to read the book


  81. Very informative article. I am starting this practice and I am looking forward to seeing the results.

  82. Informative without over intellectualizing it. Thanks!

  83. hi kris my name is allison and i am in desperate need of your help. i am a vegetarian and i eat extremely healthy . but for my 30th bday i had a huge party and had way too much to drink :( ever since my bday which was feb 23 i have severe acid reflux along with heart burn . i wake up with and go to bed with it, i recently saw the doctor and got a prescription :( which sucks cause i hate being on medication. i keep trying everything that i read but nothing is helping. do you have nay advice or any thoughts , i would really appreaciate your input . i believe that you are my hero and inspiration of why the way iam today. i would just like to say thanks:) from the bottom of my heart. i was also wondering i you will be ever touring through canada. i would love to meet you sometime so i could thanks to you in person for everything that you have done for me.

  84. Hey,
    I’m a 24 year old mom and teacher. As a single mom I’m the sole support for my son and I. These past few months have been typically hard. I have the hardest time waking up and getting ready in the morning. Once I’m up I am still very sleepy as if I haven’t slept. I do not eat like I should or exercise as regularly. Could the problem be also that my pH level isn’t balanced?

  85. I am trying to keep my ph at about 7 but I find it very hard to find breakfast recipes…… a smoothie is just not enough…..especially in winter I would like something warm…..I find it easier cooking lunches and dinners but not the breakfast…..
    Suggeswtions would help

  86. Yay Kris! You are such a light in this world – thank you for you! I am a little kerfuffled, as I finally got some PH Strips – and have been testing 7.0 mostly – but do not have a very healthy lifestyle….very interesting! So much love for you!

  87. God Bless you for the article.It really helped me;but I have a query—how do we know what ash does a food leave.Please let me know.Thanks.

  88. harry said on May 1, 2015

    Thank you I love you.

  89. Bibi said on July 7, 2015

    Great article – thank you! My partner and I both wat a very healthy plant based diet. We have recently been testing our PH levels (with strips) out of curiosity and the results are often “too alkaline” according to the box 8.0 – 8.5. Is it possible to be too alkaline? If so, what does that mean?

  90. lori said on July 7, 2015

    hi kris,

    you are so inspiring to me. how long will it take to turn around and acidic saliva of 6.5 and urine ph of 8 using green foods? and does it mean that you have cancer? how should i begin i don’t eat meat and try to do mostly raw fruits and some greens but i do like sweets.

    thanks for your wonderful website.

  91. Kris, I just had a makeup artist tell me that my skin is acidic because the colours change when applied to my skin. I said that my diet was too acidic, coffee etc. and she said that even if I ate an alkaline diet I would still be acidic as this is my natural makeup.
    Is there any truth to what she said? I am becoming increasingly aware that I need to dial down the acids and that just made me feel like I’m doomed to remain acidic no matter what I do.
    I Googled but did not find the answer, and as your blog came up, I thought I would ask you as you are my go to source for this kind of question.

    Thanks Kris!

    Love and hugs,

  92. Some great info. Test first thing when you wake up. You can also test saliva ph.

  93. Does this help with heal spurs?

  94. Does this help with heal spurs

  95. Very informative, many need these basics in health. It is amazing how a good number end up in doctors offices for lack of these.

  96. Hi, This is all fascinating to me, as I have been craving vinegar lately (but have always leaned more towards sour over sweet for as long as I can remember). I wondered if it was my body looking for more acid, or maybe I see from what’s here more alkaline – in any case, I ordered some litmus papers to start testing. Guess I’ll just start testing and see what happens for myself. That said, I’ve also seen some counter-arguments, that claim there really isn’t anything you can do, was wondering how you feel about those claims?

  97. Got test and they found ph5 and protein in my urine. Please tell me if it is normal

  98. Love learning about this wtuff

  99. Excellent blog post. I certainly appreciate this website.
    Keep writing!

  100. Thank you for this friendly, affirming, easy to follow piece of enlightenment.

  101. Useful information

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