How to Make a Green Juice: Video, Recipe & Juicing FAQs


Hi Sweet Friends,

I haven’t been able to stop talking or writing about green juice since my first sip. What can I say? That green nectar feels like pure, invigorating oxygen shooting to every corner of my being. Today, juicing is as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t always second nature. I’m reminded of my early juicing adventures each time I receive a question from a reader who wants to juice, but just can’t seem to get the hang of it or is too intimidated to even try. People think they have to do it perfectly, but the bottom line is you can’t mess it up!

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of you and your green juice. That’s why I made this video, filled today’s post with goodies (read on!) and I’m releasing a brand-spankin’ new book, Crazy Sexy Juice, very soon. There’s no better time than today to begin, spice up or revive your love affair with juicing.

So what is green juice and why is it so spectacular?

When you run your produce through a juicer, the pulp is separated from the juice. You may be wondering why anyone would go through all that trouble. Absorption, baby. Since your body doesn’t have to work to digest the fiber, it can easily pull the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients straight into your bloodstream. Plus, giving your digestive system a break means your body can focus on resting and repairing your hard-working cells. Don’t get me wrong, fiber is awesome! But it’s OK to skip it in my glass of emerald sunshine, since radical roughage is a big part of my Crazy Sexy plant-filled diet. Plus, you can fit a lot more vegetable goodness in a green juice (a pound or more!) than you can eat with your fork in one sitting. What else can you drink that’ll do such phenomenal things for your health and put a large dent in your five recommended servings of fruits and veggies per day? (Hint: Nothing beats green juice!)

Now that we know more about the how and why of juicing, let’s break down the Crazy Sexy Green Juice Formula.

This handy-dandy infographic walks you through my daily recipe and gives you lots of room to play. See it as a jumping off point and a tool for you to create your own green juice masterpieces! Bring it with you to the grocery store and post it next to your juicer for inspiration.

juicing green juiceDownload the Crazy Sexy Green Juice Formula below!

So far, you’ve picked up some newbie smarts, watched my how-to vid and have a trusty recipe in your holster, but I know that your brain is still probably brimming with questions. Read on to find out the answers to some fabulous juicing FAQs.

Frequently Asked Juicing Questions:

It takes me sooo long to make a juice! How can I make the process go more quickly?

Let me first say that the benefits of juicing are well worth the time and effort it takes, but there are ways to cut down on the day-to-day juice prep and juicer cleaning. It doesn’t have to be a drag! Here are three big time savers.

  • Cut your daily produce prep in half by washing your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store. Then divide and store them in single serving bags or storage containers.
  • If you can’t wash your juicer stat, prevent future scrubbing nightmares by giving your machine a quickie rinse and then soaking the juicer parts in hot soapy water. When you return, it’ll be a breeze to clean!
  • Drinking two servings of juice per day doesn’t have to mean more work. Make a double batch in the morning and store one serving in the fridge for later. Which brings us to our next question …

Will my juice go bad if I don’t drink it right away? 

In my opinion, no. Will it lose a little nutritional bang over the course of a few hours? Maybe, but that afternoon juice is still much, much more nourishing and hydrating than soda or coffee. I store my second helping in a mason jar filled to the very top of the glass and seal it with a lid to keep out as much air as possible (oxygen eats away at the nutrients and enzymes in your green drink). The pep in my step after my 1PM green juice is all the proof I need!

What juicer should I buy?

I’ve tried countless juicers over the past decade, but I’ve really enjoyed using these models:

I’ve found these machines to be easiest to clean and use, which means I’ll juice more often. Plus, they have wider feed chutes, which makes prep a snap (you don’t have to cut veggies and fruits into super small pieces). I go into great detail about a variety of juicer options and models in my juicer smackdown. Shop around and find a juicer that matches your lifestyle and will be with you for years to come. It’s worth the investment!

I just started juicing and it makes me feel sick. What’s going on?

You may be experiencing some detox symptoms. Green juice kicks your body’s internal broom into high gear, so toxins could be exiting your cells and tissues more quickly than your body can eliminate them. This causes a variety of symptoms including: mucus, skin eruptions, headaches, stinky gas, a white coating on the tongue, tummy trouble, fatigue as well as irregular bowel movements. Woo-hoo! Don’t worry, these symptoms will go away as your toxin surplus reduces. In the meantime, dial down your discomfort by using milder greens like romaine and spinach and only juicing once per day.

I’m worried about pesticides. Should I only juice organic fruits and vegetables?

Organic is best, but I know it can also be pricey especially when you up your produce haul for green juices. I strike a balance by following the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen recommendations. I always buy organic for the Dirty Dozen. If I buy conventional for the Clean Fifteen, I remove the fruit or vegetable skin before juicing to reduce my exposure to pesticides. This system works best for me and my pocketbook, but you need to make a decision that feels right in your gut and will make you feel great while guzzling your greens.

Your turn: Do you have a juicing tip or recipe? Share it in the comments below!

Peace & juicier days,

Kris Carr

P.S. Now that you've got the basic green juice formula down, could you use some specific ideas for delicious, nourishing, energizing liquid magic concoctions? My new book, Crazy Sexy Juice, is packed with over a hundred juice, smoothie and nut milk recipes ready to supercharge your health. It comes out this fall—you can preorder here (thank you!). And stay tuned for some seriously awesome swag coming soon for all purchasers. Be sure to save your receipt!

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147 responses to How to Make a Green Juice: Video, Recipe & Juicing FAQs
  1. Hi Kris
    Hi Kris
    Love your blogs – always inspiring and informative.

    Re green drinks/juicing – Not sure if you mentioned how DELICIOUS green juice can be – half an apple and/or banana is a great addition for people just starting out.

    I use kale or spinach, LOTS of cilantro (cleansing and so yummy), parsley, celery, dark green lettuce, apple/banana
    and lemon juice (helps to keep it fresh). If I have left over, I freeze it – losing a bit of nutritional value but not much.

    And I know you are a fan of the Vita Mix but I don’t see it mentioned. It is the ONLY juicer I will use for two reasons…it breaks down the fiber in the veg/fruit to the cellular level (even apple cores, seeds and all) and you are not wasting or missing out on all the benefits of fiber in your drink; and it is super super easy to clean…a big plus for those new to juicing. And of course you can use it for all sorts of other things…making your own almond milk, ice cream, soup etc.

    Yes, it’s expensive, but I have had mine for over ten years with no problems.

    • Hi Patricia: I believe that a Vita mix is a blender rather than a juicer. I’ve heard Kris explain before that the juicer takes out the fiber (all the pulp that comes out) which may be hard to digest for some people. My parents bought a Vita Mix probably 15+ years ago and haven’t had any problems. I just got married just under two years ago & bought one with the cash we were given as prezzies. I’ve been loving it!

      {JOY & PEACE to you & CHEERS with the green juice}

      IN SUPPORT~ Rachel D.

      • Hi Rachel
        They are great machines…and they are juicers and blenders and grain grinders…multi use which makes the price more palatable. As juicers they sort of “pre-digest” the fiber by breaking it down so small; very easy to digest.


    • Hi Patricia,

      You may be confusing your VitaMix and Juicer… you can’t “juice” a banana, in fact all instructions for juicers will tell you not to juice a banana. However, a banana in a smoothie made in a VitaMix is great. A VitaMix is not a juicer, it is a high speed blender, which is probably why Kris didn’t mention it in her blog about juicing.

      Both are great to have!


    • Re: Juicer or Vita-Mix?

      Can anyone help me with this problem I have when I juice rather than use my Vita-Mix: How do you keep the vegetables from getting stuck in the juicer? I sometimes have a problem passing through the leafy greens and the whole lemon pieces, for example. They get stuck in the spout. Tips, anyone?

      And if we want to make sure we’re eating the organic lemon pith and peel, I guess we should be using the Vita-Mix instead of the juicer, correct? Do all those cancer-fighting compounds in the pith and peel make it into the juice?

      • I find that alternating harder veggies like brocoli stems & celery, with the leafy greens, a good way to help move the leafy greens thru the juicer. In fact if I don’t go it, the leafy greens tend to get stuck

  2. I like to juice without using anything sweet, including fruits and even sweet vegetables, because those sugars are not so good for us. Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

    I also like to throw in some whole organic lemon to any and every juice recipe. The pith and peel are full of cancer-fighting compounds.

    Thanks, Kris, for leading the charge!

  3. Hi Kris! Getting to experience your authentic warmth and generousity at this weekend’s NYC Writers Conference was amazing! When I started juicing/smoothying last year, the first thing I did was buy your ebook which you had “coincidentally” just released. :) Your ebook is so simple and yet also so very comprehensive! It gave me exactly the support I needed to get over my inhibitions, and OMG! The difference juices/smoothies have made in my health and clarity has been unprecedented! My new motto: Drink green and prosper! I tell everyone who is interested about your wonderful offerings, and how instrumental you have been on my journey of healing. Thank you!

  4. I just started juicing this past March after reading Crazy Sexy Diet and I am in love. I’ve struggled with anemia in the past so I always make sure I juice lemon along with my dark leafy greens so I get the most benefit from the iron!

  5. I love the infographic, Kris! I just pinned it to one of my Pinterest boards! My fave juice is cuke, cilantro, greens, lime, and apple!

  6. Kris, I’m salvating for a green juice but got out of my juicing mojo routine. Slap my hand and send me to the corner of the classroom since I don’t even own a juicer anymore. You’ve inspired me to hop on the green giant juice wagon again but I’d like a juicer more compact in size. I do make smoothies but there’s something light, fluffy, and cloud like about fresh juice. Can you or anyone reccomend a juice machine compact in size or blink and command the universe for me to fall head over heels in love with one while strolling through my day. Thanks!

  7. I started juicing almost a year ago and love it! When i started out, I found I had to actually get used to some of the tastes of the juices, but now, I love them all. Actually even crave them. A trick I found out from one recipe, was if you are having trouble with the taste of some of the bitter leafy greens, add in a little (slice or two) of watermelon. It makes a difference and my 5-year-old son will drink any juice if it has a slice of watermelon in it. Give it a try!

    • Oh Watermelon! What a great idea for summer too!

    • Also watermelon is awesome juiced during the summer and frozen, so in need of a quick juice on the go, you can pull something out and viola, yummy juice! Dad showed me that trick in the snowstorm over christmas stuck in the middle of nowhere, I was over the tea and hot chocolate and wanted something juiced, and outcame his watermelon juice he had done up earlier that past summer.


  8. I have been reading in some reputable health blogs about juicing being not so great with all of the oxalates in the greens and them being difficult for the kidneys. Can you please expand on this?

    • Some greens have more than others. I think spinach has the most.

    • Been reading about that, too. According to Bulletproofexec for kale fans: “Unfortunately oxalates are not just in kale. Other high sources of oxalate are, from highest to lowest, – buckwheat, black pepper, parsley, poppy seed, rhubarb, amaranth, spinach, chard, beets, chocolate, most nuts, most berries, and beans. ” 2 things are recommended to help: steaming those veggies (which negates juicing) or when making a smoothie “…toss your calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide supplements in the blender with your kale. Let the harmful oxalic acid precipitate out in the blender, so your body can filter it out when you drink it. If you allow free oxalic acid into your body without minerals at the exact same time, it will absorb into your body…” Supposedly, goitrogenic veggies (e.g., kale) that contain oxalates bind with minerals and can cause nutrient deficiencies. They say they don’t recommend supplementing calcium/magnesium in general, but in this case, it helps.

  9. This makes me want to juice! I’m dusting off the juicer this week.

  10. Thank you for mentioning running the pulp through a second time. I will try that. It always looks like I’m throwing away perfectly good by product.

    • I’ve heard you can use veggie pulp in soups and such….and fruit pulp in desserts…etc….

      • I use – especially the green (+ carrott / beetroot) pulp – by adding seasoning, onions or leeks, garlic + ginger, chickpea flower (+ eggs, if you are not a vegan), and lots of fresh herbs. I add anything else I like, e.g. grated carrotts. I mix it all with my hands. Then I press the pulp into an icecream scoop, and put it on baking paper (on an oven tray) into the oven. Bake them at 180° C – for about 20-25 minutes in the oven (check with a pointed knife, but don’t let them get too dry). Over time, you will get routine!! Enjoy!

    • if you have a garden, you can also compost the pulp and let it go back to nourish the ground now that the juice has nourished you!

  11. Ok so I realize I only have a mixer and not a proper juicer so I might as well not try… Alos, you never talk about the taste. i’m afraid I will find this mixture disgusting… once it’s all juiced it’s going to be wasted; Lastly is there anything left of the juiced veggie that can be eaten ? Sorry for my questions but I never juiced !

    • sorry you did mention running the pulp a second time as to not waste this veggies.
      You will think i’m crazy but can I juice some frozen fruits and veggies (defrosted) that I buy in the store or does it have not point ?

    • Adjust the recipes to suit your taste buds Elli! Add pear or lemon, try pineapple etc. Experiment till you make something you love.

  12. My juicing tip is when you juice… do so with love and a smile. Know you are doing something great for yourself! Thx Kris. Love you!

  13. Kim said on June 24, 2013

    After reading “Crazy Sexy Diet” three months ago, I began juicing and haven’t looked back! Well, until this morning. I blew out the second-hand juicer I have been using! Bummer. I hopped on line to see what you recommended and have upgraded a bit to the Breville Compact Juice Fountain. Can’t wait till it arrives on my doorstep on Wednesday.

    Thank you for all the inspiration. I am trying to keep my LGL (Large Granular Leukemia) in check by “using my kitchen as a pharmacy.” I have my next doctor’s appointment this week– this will be the first one since I have been seriously juicing and watching my alkaline level. Looking forward to seeing some difference in my numbers! Thanks again.

  14. Love it “Emerald Sunshine” that’s a great description!

  15. Hi Kris
    I have a few digestive issues for which I have going to an acupuncturist
    He has diagnosed it as a weak spleen combined with gall bladder toxicity. Even though there has been marked improvement in the digestion I feel we have now reached a point of stagnation. I do want to try juicing but according to him things may get worse becauseof the spleen.
    Please advise.

    • Hi! I’m no expert but I had a similar spleen issue recently, and by that I mean, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I had to stop the green smoothies for a couple of weeks. I’ve been reintroducing them gently and so far no problem. You may want to look up what’s good for the spleen online. Since according to TCM, the spleen is basically where energy is generated, I found that it likes the feeling of home. It likes feeling homely, and safe. So I started resting a little more, taking care of myself a little more. It also likes cooked things rathen than raw, and warm things so it prefers warm drinks rather than cold, but if you are gonna drink something cold, drink something warm before that. There is much more, just look it up. Also, what someone recommended was that I take a bunch of veggies and cook them and then blend them so I’d have a cream of veggies 😉 Not as nutritious, but I’d get the veggies in, ans easier on the spleen 😉 I really love the feeling the green smoothie gives me so I just try to balance stuff out. Start small and see how you feel. Good luck!! :)

  16. I have been juicing and making green smoothies for a number of months but wonder if the green apple is really ok as I really struggle with Candida. The same queston applies to using carrots. Advice anyone?

    • Unfortunately, you may need to cut it out Hilda. You can use the lemon though.

    • According to Doug Kaufman from Know the cause TV show, green apples is the only one he recommends on his Phase 1 fungus/candida diet. I have watched him for years and believe in him 100%.

  17. This was perfect even for me, whose been juicing all kinds of things for awhile. I loved watching it. My tip today is: sometimes, just to mix up the nutrition a bit, instead of using ginger I juice a bit of turmeric root or gobo root. Doesn’t really change the flavor PLUS i get the bennies of those.

  18. Over the years I have learned that is not wise to juice kale or spinach due to the concentrated amount of oxalic acid in those greens. What have you found on that topic in our studies of juicing?
    Love, love, love your videos.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  19. Thanks Kris. I have been juicing on a near daily basis since the start of the year and am so glad I started, but I have had a few days without juicing. Watching your video this morning made sure I started off the morning with a green juice (greens, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon and apples), rather than the coffee I was contemplating! I love smoothies too. Thanks for being such an inspiration :-)

  20. I noticed that your cucumbers were peeled. Is that important to avoid toxins? I’ve been throwing whole cucumbers into my green smoothies. (I’m not juicing yet. We have a Vitamix, but no juicer. It’s a start!)

  21. Hi Kris
    Whatd’ya think about juicing the night before?

    • We juice the night before because we live in an apt and hubby drinks his at 6am. It is fine, but I think it depends on the machine. Something about the higher rpms can oxidize the juice faster? Our masticating juicer will last up to 72 hours in a fridge, not sure about a centrifugal juicer? I gues just make a sample juice up and see :)

  22. I’ve tried juicing a few times but I have not liked the flavor at all. I much better like smoothies. Any suggestions? I saw somebody suggest a watermelon. Thanks!

    • I have totally been there! What worked for me was easing into the veggie juice. You not only get used to the veggie taste, you start craving it! I started with juicing sweet fruits like pineapple, watermelon, and green apples to help hide the veggie taste, and slowly would add less fruit and more veggies until I could handle just veggie juice. I hope this helps! Good luck

      • Tiffany, that is a great tip! I have seen a couple family members juice, but I’ve not taken the full plunge yet due to my fear of distasteful green juices. I will definitely take your tip into consideration when I start juicing. Thank you!

  23. This was just what I needed this morning! I was trying to decide what to make for breakfast and was seriously considering a bagel and cream cheese… But when I checked my email and saw a new message from my sweet friend, Kris about juicing, it inspired me to put the processed food down and plug in my juicer! I will now be making juice for breakfast instead and feeling so much better. Thanks, Kris!

  24. Darn I wish I had waited another few days to buy it…

  25. Thanks for the new juicing infographic; it’s like juicing for dummies! Except we’re all much smarter for doing it :)

  26. Any thoughts on a portable juicer for travelling/camping?

    • This last year I worked for a Canadian company and traveled often. Spending too much time waiting for connections at airports & Living out of a Hotel was difficult to eat as Healthy as I liked and impossible at times to juice.
      I finally started to travel with my “Bullet Blender” & created green smoothies by buying organic greens & fruits at my destination. While these smoothies were not as good as my home juicing they satisfied my carvings for greens.
      The bullet is small, doesn’t weigh much, and fits easily into a suitcase.

  27. Another great tip to speed up the cleaning process… keep old bulk bags or buy compostable liners (Breville makes a great one) to line the compost receptacle. Then you can quickly tie-up and toss the compost (or save for another use!) and it’s one less part to wash. This step makes clean-up a breeze for me!

  28. God bless you girl. You are saving many lives. May you live long and healthy. You are loved.

  29. Thank you so much for the “Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen recommendations”: very helpful!

    I’m a t a point now that if I don’t have my green juice every day I NEED it! My body craves it!

  30. Hi Kris,

    Thank you for the video and always helpful and inspirational information. Do you replace meals with green drinks or just add as a beverage in the day?

    Thank you again so much! You are special (I know you know, its just nice to say).


    • Great question Jason. I usually include them in the day. I’ll have one with breakfast and one as a snack mid-day. Also, a smoothie keeps me full longer than a green juice.

  31. Please, excuse my English.

    Hi Kriss,

    I started to juice two months ago with an old blender after finding out that another lymphoma was coming back in my skin while pregnant… It scared the hell out of me and it was a good kick in the *** to start taking better care of my self. My body was sending me a lot of messages and I was not paying attention.

    I blend everything (even celery and kale stems) with a little bit of water and I use a pastry strainer over a stainless steel bowl to collect the juice (easier than the cheesecloth) . I know it is not the perfect juice, but my liver is very happy now : ) . One day, I will get that VitaMix!

    Having a little one to take care of, (+ the one inside me) I prepare my vegetables 3 or 4 days in advance in Zipploc bags to save time in the morning and it really helps.

    You were a source of inspiration to make a lot of changes in my diet and accepting what is going on in my life….


    • Wonderful Catherine!!!! xo

    • Catherine,
      l loved your comment and others like yours that show you don’t have to buy the latest and greatest shiny machine(s) to eat health(ier) and add more plants and juices to your daily life. You prove with some willingness and creativity you can do great working with what you have and within your limits.


  32. Oya said on June 24, 2013

    Oh wonderful, You are great the way you show up shining like a diamond over again about juicing, just when I need a boost ~there you are!
    LOVINU KRIS and company…teehee.

  33. Dear Chris,
    I truely love you words on the hay house summit – concerning turtle power and many other things. Such healing it brought to my heart to listen to you. Thank you. And now as I read your words like “…bottom line is you can’t mess it up!”. I just feel so thankful and shouting “yes, yes, yes!” – I have melanoma, and I am finding my way into green juicing and many other things. For me it all circular – I have to find things in the now, to move a little back and the forward again, like circular movements, and slowly as turtle. Thank you ever so much for sharing your thoughts.
    In respect, in love and in light and cheers (must have my evening green drink – just had a wheatgrass….uuuuh, haven’t learned to love that yet!)
    Lotte Lings Greir

  34. Heya Kris! Be aware all mason jar lids are lined with BPA! Green hugs!

  35. Hey Kris & Gang!

    I have kidney stones and have been told (and untold) that greens will contribute to the formation of future stones…kale, spinach, broccoli. Any info on this? I’d love to juice, but am worried that the greens will kick my kidneys’ butts.



  36. Kris,
    Another awesome video. You are generous with your spirit, your tips and your knowledge. I know you inspire many. I send people your way all the time. This is definitely a video I will share!

  37. Hi Kris!

    Great blog as always! I had started juicing about a year or so ago when I was living in an area where organic fruits and vegetables were accessible. I had moved twice since and I hadn’t juiced in a long time because I couldn’t get hold of organic produce anymore.

    I have moved back to my hometown in Zamboanga City in the Philippines for health reasons and I really want to get back to juicing again. My hometown is rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, but I haven’t seen anybody selling anything organic. Can I juice non-organic produce? I’ve always felt queasy about doing it because it felt like chugging down a glassful of pesticide. :( But I really want and need to start juicing again. I miss the energy it brings.

    Thank you, and keep inspiring!

  38. Hi Kris. I am a two time ovarian cancer survivor. After my second surgery, I was determined to take a more active role in my health. I noticed your cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, while browsing at a bookstore, and started reading the information about juicing. It’s funny now, but I remember thinking, “I could never be a vegan, but this whole juicing thing makes sense to me!” I had already started chemo, and my red blood cell count was beginning to drop. When this situation happened after my first surgery, I ended up needing a blood transfusion. I did not want to go through that again! In October of 2012, between my second and third round of chemo, I made my first batch of juice. I had downloaded your juicing & smoothie e-guide, and per your advice, blanched my veggies for a few seconds before juicing them to reduce the risk of bacteria. When my blood was drawn for the third round of chemo, my red blood cell count had risen ever so slightly. I was encouraged! I continued to juice through chemo, and my red blood cell count continued upward. I did not have to have a blood transfusion! Also, in January of 2013 and after researching the benefits of good nutrition, I became a vegan! I also consulted a chiropractor/nutritionist in April who practices “functional medicine.” She found several deficiences for which I am receiving supplementation. She loves my juicing habit – calling it my “liquid vitamin” – and I began seeing her once per week. Then, my work “family” asked me to come back to the office. They held my position for five months after my first surgery in 2011 and eight months after my second surgery in 2012! However, I was presented with a new challenge! How would I go to work with my new lifestyle of juicing, learning how to cook vegan, and office visits with my chiropractor/nutritionist?! I was offered a part time position to give me time to balance everything. I now juice once or twice per week. Since I no longer blanch the veggies, the juice tastes a little stronger so I started adding cilantro, jalepeno, and lime. I continue to play with different combinations of herbs, fruits & spices. Sometimes I strain the juice, but it is still super green and nutritious. Here’s my tip: I bought 8 oz freezable mason jars! They are the perfect size for my freezer, and I freeze my juice as soon as it’s made. I don’t fill the jars all the way to the top to allow for expansion, and I take one (or two) out at night and put it in the fridge. Sometimes it’s still a little icy the next morning, but I love having the little shards of ice in my juice, which make it very palatable. I drink it on the way to work. This system is working out great and helps simplify my life by not having to juice every day. I am so thankful to you for all the information you provided – and my work “family” for their support!

    • BARB! You ROCK! What a remarkable story. Thank you, thank you for sharing and for being such a shining example. Much love to you Barb. x

  39. Hi Kris love your web site. Do I need to peel the veggies and the fruit? Also what size mason jars do you use? Suzanne

    • I peel produce when they aren’t organic. Check out the dirty dozen and the clean 15. The mason jars are about 8 oz.

  40. Can anybody get it from a bookstore?

  41. Okay nobody laugh at me but I didn’t know that you could save your juice until the afternoon. What a relief! That just changed the game for me. I thought that if I didn’t have one of the more expensive juicers that I had to drink it right away and wait until I got home to juice. I will totally be getting some mason jars soon.

  42. Excellent green juice formula Kris. I’m sipping on some kale, swiss chard, celery, cucumber & green apples green juice :-)

  43. Thank you for the inspiring post and comments! I just tried the cucumber-apple-greens-cilantro-lime juice and my 4-yo and I are happily chugging.

    I usually make green smoothies because I have a Blendtec but not a greens-worthy juicer. But today I tried running my blended smoothie through my 20-yo secondhand juicer and got a great result (haven’t tried squeezing the smoothie through a nutmilk bag yet). It’s a lot of cleanup but fast prep. I’ll probably do this from now on, but I used to use grapes instead of apples in the smoothie because they gave a less fuzzy result. (More sugar, though.)

  44. Hi Kris!

    Thanks for the great resource – I still have not started juicing at home – I found this a-mazing juice at Whole Foods which I think is the perfect solution for me – and it’s the only one I’ve seen that’s 100% organic:

    Have you tried it yet??

  45. Vic said on June 26, 2013

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe you just commited 2nd degree ‘vegie-slaughter’. The type of juicer you used in the video is centrifuigal…no?
    This type of juicer oxidises most of the good stuff (vitamins, minerals) so I’m told.
    I believe you should use a masticating juicer, while more expensive, is worth the investment because it not only maximises the nutrients you get but is so efficient you wouldn’t need to re-juice the pulp as it comes out as dry fibre?

  46. ann said on June 26, 2013

    I’m more of a green smoothie gal myself, but I totally appreciate the green juices. In fact, my green smoothie is making itself right now in my blender. Ever since February of 2012 when I first found Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Diet, I have been making green smoothies! They never get old or dull.
    One thing I have read that I think is important is to rotate whatever green you are putting into your juice or smoothie. You don’t want to be ingesting say, kale or broccoli week after week. Veggies have small amounts of alkoloids that can build up in our bodies if we do this.
    I’m in the middle of my 7th CSD Cleanse and I am so grateful that Kris has brought us all this fabulous way of healthful living.

  47. Hi Kris,

    I shop for juicing veggies at my local farmers market. One of the main farmers, whose prices would make green juicing financially friendly, uses a natural neem spray as pesticide. It is not certified organic, but it sounds much less toxic than standard treatments. In fact, his produce isn’t perfect looking like a lot of conventional ones … leafy veggies have some bug holes & a few bugs stuck to the kale leaves : ) Would this work for my daily juicing?

    • Hi Suyin
      I realise that you posted 7 months ago so don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time with organic farmers in India and they all use neem as an approved insect deterrent. I don’t know about the certification process in the States, but in a lot of countries certification is so expensive that small farmers can’t afford it. If you trust your local farmer, go for it!

  48. I’m willing to give it a shot. I found the name of the juicer you’re using, but the website gives you choices of “Masticating, Centrifugal, Citrus, Pulp Ejecting, Low Speed”. Is there a certain direction I should head in/an option that is important?

  49. Hi. I like the idea of juicing, but wonder if blending or smoothies with all the vegies and fruits are better with the fiber? I do a veg and fruit shake every morning and love it. I also have a good juicer. Seems a bit wasteful to me?

    So why would juicing be better than smoothies? Both pureed and have all the phytonutrients in them.

    Thanks, Gale.

  50. Hi Kris

    I have to ask you something. Do you get gas from your green drinks. I make about a litre (quart) every day. I put some in a mason jar and the rest I drink immediately. What I drink in the morning is fine. But when I drink the mason jar later in the day, I get a lot of gas. I am wondering if it has to do with the fact that is sits for a while? Just so you know I have been juicing daily for over a year now.

    Any thoughts or comments on this embarrassing phenomenon?


    • I had the same problem and stopped adding cukes but the gas for me was painful and even mild greens weren’t digesting well. Try taking the cukes for a few days and other possible gaseous plants (just Google) and see what happens. You may need to just back off for a while. Kris has also suggested digestive enzymes in the past as well…again just Google to find what’s out there and pick good qlty ones.

      Good luck!

  51. I am wondering how long exactly it is ok to leave green juice for? I have been making big batches on Sundays and keeping it in the fridge in a large juice container with a lid as I don’t have much time during the week for juicing. I have been using spinach, celery, carrots, green apples, ginger and lemon (rind on) as my recipe and it is quite delicious. I have also been making batches of mason jar salads on Sundays to take to work for lunches during the week to save time as well. I wonder what kind of routines other juicers use to make good use of their time?

  52. Hi Kris, I’ve been following you since I was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago. Three years in remission and I’m doing great! Regarding juicing, I love it but I do feel like I have skin issues when I’m doing it. Since you mentioned that this could be a side effect of detoxing, do you have any thoughts on how long the reaction would normally last? I’m always reading about people having glowing skin after juicing, but unfortunately I feel like my skin goes the opposite way. The breakouts sink my mojo to say the least and I feel like it all defeats the purpose. Just curious if you have known anyone to experience this and if it’s a temporary thing that just needs more time to work out? I eat everything I juice (kale, celery, cucumbers, etc.) on a daily basis so I know it’s not a food reaction issue.

  53. dear kris,
    first: it’s so wonderful to have a person like you to share important information, spread the word about healthy living and doing it so amazingly passionate and with an inspiring honesty. thank you.
    i am from germany and i am following you since i had a tumor in my womb at the age of 28.
    i love green juicing, but what i always ask myself is (following other american food/health blogs, too)
    where do you all get your (organic) kale, when it is not season? well at least in germany it is not in season until october and until then i can’t get a hand on it…nowhere…i am just curious, because kale is fabulous and i love it. can’t wait for the season to start again.
    love from overseas.

    • Janine,

      Had to send out BIG hugs and love to you as I dealt with something similar a few yrs ago. It always makes me sad when disease hits another women in (one of) our most precious and literally life giving parts of us and you’re so young. Be well and much love and luck on your path to wellness.

      Marie xx

  54. The Gerson Institute has a really good and credible guide to juicers as well:

    • BTW thx Kris for using what looks like the Omega VRT in your video. My hubby and I currently use the Omega 3000 series and love it…so easy to clean up. My husband was inspired recently to juice and started with your morning green juice. He liked it but had to pump up the green apples to adapt to the ‘greeness’ as he put it. But the next morning he found a recipe for a carrot ginger blast juice that he loved with 3 carrots, 1 inch of ginger (he LOVES it), green apple and maybe a half a lemon. I was amazed when he had more juices that evening and the next day including beets, tomatoes (little hard on the bladder for him), Swiss chard, spinach, sprouts etc. The mornings he has his usual cereal and skips his juice he says he misses the juice! He even found a great recipe for a pre game green juice for his baseball nights! He’s also SLOWLY taking out chicken and red meat and is dairy free. I’m not sure who this new man is but he says he feels so much healthier! And for those who think their too old… he’s 62! I’m younger ; )


      • Oops, I meant to say we currently use the Omega masticating 8004 and love it.

        Ugh, just a few days out of surgery and dealing with the wonderful post op nausea and drug brain fog! I know many of you can relate…can I have an amen?! Ah well life can always be worse somehow and this too shall pass (just hopefully not out of my mouth if you understand)

        Night all. Xx

    • Forgot to say we like our current Omega so much we were just talking about moving up to the Omega VRT next. We’ll keep the one we have now for homemade nut butters, nut milks, etc.

      Thx again.

  55. I just love to experiment! Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink juice, my-produce-is-about-to-go-bad juice, as long as there’s a green base and a little bit of fruit, anything goes. It is THE best way I can nourish my mind-body-soul. Hands down.

  56. I use the Omega (bmj390) big mouth juicer every day! [retired 5.5 yrs.]My regular receipe is: I use (5) celery (2) apple’s 2-3 carrot’s(1/2)cuccumber small portion of broccile and spinach small portion. 1/4+ of ginger root.The machine is so powerfull.I purchased a 2 qt. glass pitcher.Opened the kitchen counter draw.Set in draw with something in draw to have it adjusted to the right level for the spout.Work’s great! I use the sink spray hose for the screen cleaning. Placed screen bowl up side down in sink.Clean’s up very quickly.I found the Omega bowl has to be placed dead center over the spout.When putting it back together.Then when clamping it all together.There is no strain on the clamp’s holding it all together.I use small plastic bag for the dry pulp that come’s out.Put in garden for compose in soil.Wish some of the info was in the book.Instead of experimenting.

  57. Second after thought.The glass pitcher I catch it all in.I get it in from 5 celery 2 apple’s 2 carrot’s 1’2 cuccumber un-peeled.Is close to a quart. Downing it as quick as possible.I get 5 hrs. of energy.Being able to focus directly at someone I’m talking to.I’ve been juiceing about 3 yrs.Started with a jack La lane.I was only doing it 3 time’s a week.Some people I brag to.Have beef of what it cost’s.But my reply is.What’s the quality of health worth to you ??Amazeing the re-proccess of thinking that goes on.I just juiced a 30 minute’s ago.

  58. How do I use food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean my produce? Rinse? Soak? How long? Ratios? Thanks!

  59. Yes, yes, yes, I am constantly recommending juicing to my clients, and I sometimes just blend everything for a smoothie. I too use mostly veggies and less fruits to reduce the sugar content. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Thank you for his wonderful blog! Who doesn’t love a great, fresh green smoothie?

    For more healthy drinks you can sip on all summer, check out my website at

    Thank you and wishing everyone a fabulous summer!


  61. Dear Kris
    How much kale can I use or
    Eric day in my smoothie. One large leaf? Can too much kale be harmful?
    Many thanks

  62. Kris Carr you are just the BEST. I love your videos, your tips are brilliant and you just make it so simple for everyone to follow along. As a Holistic Health Coach I am constantly referring my clients to your site as an excellent resource for them to have.

    I LOVE what you do, your message and your spirit.

    XO Sherrie

  63. I am 2 months into juicing heaven, why has it taken me til my 40’s to discover how awesome juicing is?!?!
    I try to drink at least 500ml a day and my fave juice is my “freestyle juice” which contains everything haha. My back fridge is full of greens and some fruits and I throw it all in the juicer – spinach, silverbeet, kale, Chinese cabbae, celery, fennel, cucumber, green apple, grapefruit, and a little pineapple and TAH-DAAAAAH!!!! Green freestyle juice, then just add beets for purple freestyle juice :)
    I have lost 6kgs in 8 weeks, sleep better, feel awesome and have my husband and 1 teenage daughter onboard.

  64. Hi Kris,

    Thanks for a great post. I would love to include some leafy greens in my juices, but when I include them in salads they make me violently ill. I believe there is a high level of e-coli in leafy greens. It has happened me after both eating out and also washing the leaves myself at home. Have you any ideas on how I can get my leafy greens thoroughly clean?

    I appreciate your help,


  65. Jen said on July 28, 2013

    Hi Kris. What do you recommend, a cold press juicer or a centrifugal juicer? I’ve read many mixed reviews online and not sure which is better. Thanks!

  66. When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew it was time to get back on track with Kris Carr’s diet and lifestyle practices. Drinking green smoothies and juices every day fueled my body and my growing baby with the nutrients we needed to thrive. I had amazing energy and excellent health throughout my pregnancy. Kris is the North star of health and wellness!

  67. Hi! I would like to know the size of that mason jar please :)

  68. Awesome post! I need to try this because I need more greens in my diet. And I love to make fruit smoothies so this should be easy to try. Thanks for the tips!

  69. How did you come up with a base of celery and cucumber? Is it because they are so mild? I really like the organization of the levels of added veggies you designed here. I made this “crazy” video for my friends that were starting the Gerson Therapy. This video is the exact recipe Dr. Max Gerson prescribed his patients do make during their cancer therapy. It’s a great recipe because it is so rigid in terms of the therapy. It’s so well researched and refined and tested over fifty years. I just had to make a video about it. Hope you all like it and please feel free to share it. I share it here not as spam but as an offering for all to see and share the work of Dr. Max Gerson who’s therapy cured me of 14 different ailments. fourteen out of fourteen isn’t bad… and I’m still well and off all pharmaceuticals. Bill Z

  70. Hi Kris,
    I just love your juicing recipes!
    My family owned a vegetarian restaurant (Natural Food Center) in Sydney Australia in the 70’s. We used to make all sorts of vegetable and fruit juices. I just wanted to let you know that you can use the pulp that is left in your juicer. We used to place the vegetable pulp in rissoles e.g. soya bean rissoles, brown lentil rissoles and also made carrot and potato pie.. carrot pulp with brown rice, cheese, onions, eggs and topped with mash potato sprinkled with nutmeg and baked.
    My mother (the chef) was one of the first if not the FIRST to grow wheat grass and would make an assortment of green vegetable and green apple juice similar to yours and we named it Chlorophyll Cocktail :-)
    I hope this was useful info (if you didn’t know already)
    Sending you loads of love and healing ((((((hugs))))) your way

  71. Hello Kris-
    Greetings from northern California. I reside in the East bay area of Pleasanton, CA. I visited your website due to the interest of making green smoothies. I have type 2 diabetes. I am so taken by your story
    I have made juices before, but then I stopped, now I have started again. I recently purchased a Nutri-Bullet, because I cannot afford the Vitamix or Breville machines. They’re too big for my counter top anyway.

    My reason for writing to you is if you have ever used the organic red Russian Kale? And if so, how so is the taste between other kale. I have read that the red Russian kale is a bit more sweeter than the organic white kale. Can you advise me? I am making green smoothies to lower my blood sugar. Thank you, Carin
    Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.

  72. Hello Kris
    Each morning I make this green smoothie

    5 kale leaves
    1 banana
    1 tomato
    although today I added:
    1 -2 stalks of celery
    1 Tbsp. Ground Flax seed or soaked goji berries

    I am giving myself for Christmas your book
    Crazy, Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies
    Carin G.
    Pleasanton, CA.

  73. Green juicing is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. But if you’re new to juicing, you may not want to invest the money, time and effort that go into owning a juice machine.

  74. Hi Kris,
    You just blow me away. You are so energetic, beautiful and smart. Love watching your videos.
    I have started blending, I love the extra fiber, and purchased some Wheat Grass and am drinking
    it as well. Haven’t checked many of your recipes, but so far I find that I use the same items.
    Thanks so much inspiration. Hoping I will be able to keep it up.
    You are a joy to watch.

  75. Hi Chris! I need your advice please!!
    My naturopathic Dr. recommended that I drink juice made from cabbage, beets and carrots. He said this would help my high blood pressure. I followed his instructions but instead of feeling better I crashed after each juice, not realizing it was affecting my blood sugar levels. It did not take me long to gain 10 pounds. I stopped juicing for the time being (even though I bought an expensive omega masticating juicer.)The 10 lbs is stubborn and won’t go away. I am vegan and eat a plant based whole foods diet. The extra weight and crash is clearly from my juicing experience and doing it incorrectly.
    Any advice to help get me get started again? I clearly went about it wrong the first time.
    Thanks! Dina

  76. what is the calorie intake of this juice as well as other green juices??

  77. I joined and paid for the Juicing e-guide, but I have not accessed it yet, and, in fact, I don’t even know how to now. What should I do to take advantage of my purchase. I feel silly having to ask, but I’m ready to begin using it. I’ve purchased my juicer, and I’m ready to go! Can you help me?! Suggestions! I’ve searched my e-mail for verification or some direction, but haven’t found it so far. Do I just need to repurchase?

  78. Kris, please send me the episode where you appeared on Liza Oz show, need to show my sister whose husband has non-hotchins lymphoma. I found your interview very interesting and I just purchased your juicing book.

    Thanks so much


    Wishing you all the good health and good long healthy life.

  79. Just wanted to tell u that the links on your website are not working correctly. I try to click around and it just won’t work right. I tried different computers and there’s still the same problem. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thanks. Greg

  80. Hi im from Mexico and have just recently signed up to receive Kriss newsletters, Im 5 months pregnant with a dignouse of Reumathoid artritis over the last 8 years and have not been taking medication for two years now. Baby is al right! before reading about kriss I used to drink this green juice: Celery, parsley, cactus or nopal, cucumber and orange juice or grapefruit juice and pineapple, never used spinach or kale because it is not usually sold in this part of mexico. do you thinks this is healthy enough or should I add the greens?
    is it healthy for the baby?

  81. Outstanding post however I was wanting to know if you
    could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a
    little bit more. Cheers!

  82. It’s awesome to go to ssee this web page and reading the views of all mates concerning this piece of writing, while I am also zealous of getting experience.

  83. Centrifugal versus Masticating? I have read that Centrifugals remove all of the enzymes from the veggies so they are not as healthy. I see that you recommend both types so I am curious to your thoughts?

  84. Can you also use chard as a green?

  85. Kris,

    I have started juicing in the mornings and I love it. I now make crackers from the leftover pulp that are delish.

    My question is regarding the statement from Dr. Esselstyn stating that we should NOT juice because of the (fructose) sugars in vegetables and that it spikes in our blood causing injury.

    What is your take on that?


  86. I purchased a Breville but it seems counterintuitive to be juicing away the pulp. Isn’t it more nutritious to use every part of the fruit and vegetable?

    Please inform me.

    Thank you!

  87. Dear Kris , Your blogs are always so refreshing, informative and inspiring ! Thank you and a warm hug across the ocean from Germany !
    I have several Aloe plants and the leafs are getting so big . I recently started to mix them in my juice. I just cut of the spikes and then into half inch pieces and juice them with peel alternatively with pear, apple, celery, parsley and lemon . It is delicious . Have you ever used aloe ?

  88. What would you recommend for someone on a very limited income? Dr. Mercola also recommends juicing every day, but here in Canada, that would be really expensive for me to do. I want to juice and be healthy, but money would be an issue.

  89. Can you also do this in a Vitamix?

  90. Hi Kris,
    Thank you for helping to instill the love of juicing in me. I live in Colorado and have a hard time juicing in the cold of winter. I have been trading my juice habit for a hot beverage such as tea or warm almond milk with cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Not necessarily un-healthy choices but I do miss the effect of the green juice. I am thin and run cold anyway. Any suggestions?
    Much love and gratitude,

  91. Kris,
    I just ordered Crazy Sexy Diet and my first juicer from Amazon. I hit 40 this year and feel like I am falling apart inside and out. Previously, I have been intimidated by juicing and smoothies. I really appreciate you down to earth approach and step by step instructions. I can’t wait to get started and start feeling better.

  92. I have been wanting to juice so badly for about a month as I have switched my diet to vegan. I don’t have a juicer though and my husband won’t put out the money for one right now. I have a blender. I guess I can’t juice but is there a way I can kind of still do something healthy and similar with my blender? I really feel like my body needs this cleanse. Thanks so much for your time.

  93. Hi Kris, I have a blender, not a juicer. My ingredients are basically the same you are using, but I add water. Do you or others see any problems?

  94. I don’t seem to get a lot of juice out of kale, spinach or leafy greens. And I am using quite a bit.. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  95. Hi Kris, great juicing demo, thank you for sharing. I have a Power Auger Omni Juicer (L’Equip), which I haven’t used yet. I’m now wondering whether it’s the right one quick juicing, or should I change it for one which you use in your demonstration?

  96. Very interesting post,there are many benefits of juice and at the same time it also depend on the type of juicer one is using to make it.Most experts prefer masticating juicer than any other types as it produce low heat and prevent nutrient of the juice.For those interested in making juice for healthy purpose, you can read reviews of those juicer to get the most and top rated juicer in the market.

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    continue your great posts, have a nice weekend!

  98. What is the difference between using a juicer and using a vitamax ( high end blender) as it relates to the nutritional values you extract from the Veggies and fruits ….

    is one better than the other?

    You seem to get a lot of waste out of the Juicer ( meaning you waste all fiber) versus the Vitamax.

    I would like to know which is better.


  99. Thanks for the article, very helpful and inspiring all, God bless

  100. I am excited to try ,getting a juicer Tom.My husband is a quadriplegic with a compromised immune system ,juicing is the way to go.You are such an inspiration Kris’s thank you

  101. Lisa said on June 2, 2015

    Good morning Kris!

    I just followed your green juice recipe and will be enjoying it throughout the day, thank you so much! I noticed that you peeled your cucumber and it looked as though you didn’t peel the lemon. I have been doing the opposite, does it matter?

    I love your energy, it’s very inspiring.

    Take care,

  102. Kris
    pls respond if the name tomo endo carr of zamboanga around 1925-1930 means anything to you – or even if it does not
    edward carr

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    it the full attention it deserves.

  105. In your formula there are no measurements. Do you calculate for nutritional information. I am type2 diabetic. Following lchf diet.