How I kept my wings from wilting


Hi Guys!

Welcome to my new kitchen! After a year of renovating, the farmette is nearly complete. Can I pinch myself now? I can’t believe we pulled this off! I’ve always dreamed of building a house from scratch, especially a kitchen. And I also can’t believe that my actual kitchen and my new book, Crazy Sexy Kitchen are wrapping at the same time. Big smile. Big gratitude.

This past year has been deliciously creative for both me and Brian. I’d write the book all day, he’d work on the house, and at night we’d come together and share our experiences. Though we’re not quite ready to move in (the kitchen is the only finished room!), we’re celebrating how close we are and how far we’ve come (personally and as a couple).

But let’s be real, I was nervous. At times it felt like we had bitten off way more than we could chew. Days bled into nights and an indescribable tired seeped through our bones. If you’ve been through a major renovation at the same time as an enormous work project, you know exactly what I mean. At the height of it, I started to experience some adrenal issues. Naturally, when the stress materialized in my body, I wondered if we had made a bad decision, and I knew it was time to course correct.

Because I always write what I need to hear, I want to share a mantra that helped soothe the crazy.

“You are safe …”

Can you feel your shoulders relax when you read that? Mine do. It took me awhile to zero in on that soul medicine. For a long time, I thought I had trust issues. I had a hard time trusting men, my career choices and ultimately, my intuition. I stepped gingerly through life for fear of the door in the floor that would suddenly open and suck me into a metaphoric basement. At their worst, my trust issues made me wickedly constipated (in all areas of life!) TMI? HA! Well I know I’m not alone because I’ve coached countless women who say they can only poop on their own safe and cozy throne. Sound familiar?

As time went on, I remember stepping back and watching my glorious self shrink and get really rigid. Then it dawned on me. The root of my stuff was less about trust and more about safety. And interestingly enough, my distress would often kick in at the precipice of any comfort zone expansion: a new publisher, relationship, job opportunity, health challenge and even more recently with the re-branding of all my websites! Talk about a major growth spurt!

Like me, you may be called to step up and flourish right now. Advice for us: Don’t let your wings wilt. Instead, get really sober about what’s safe and what’s not. Take one of those inner inventories we often talk about. Whether it’s in your mind or on paper, reflect on any drama or stories that might be pushing your fear factor. Once you do, you’ll probably realize that you’re more secure than you think and that the only one holding you back is lovely, well-meaning you. Look, sometimes it’s justified to be scared. But most of the time, spooky town is just an illusion, a silly place that gets amplified in our very clever minds.

In times like these, I like to turn to an affirmation. Here’s one I created for safety …

“I am safe and secure. I exhale any anxiety and inhale calm. As my world expands so do my heart and mind. I am willing to stay open and accept all the miracles and abundance the universe has to offer me.”

Take a few moments to really breathe that in. Notice how it makes you feel. Accept where you currently are (because it’s OK), and when you’re ready, release any residual tension holding you back.

I bring this up because lately I’ve been chatting and chewing about plant-empowered chow. Changing our diets can definitely poke buttons. Growing up, many of us learned that we regularly needed a hunk of beef and a glass of milk to ensure our health. Well, everything I’ve learned as a cancer thriver and wellness activist has proven the contrary. And yet, I always (I mean ALWAYS) get asked the same questions. “But, but, but, what about the protein, the calcium, the iron, what about the XYZ? Is this ‘safe?’” Eating this way is very safe. It may stretch your comfort zone at first, but in the end it just might be the healthiest decision you ever make for you and your family.

I hope this post resonates with you, whether it’s in the kitchen or in life. Leave a message in the comments below if it does. I’d love to meditate on YOUR musings!

Peace & sanctuary,

Kris Carr

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116 responses to How I kept my wings from wilting
  1. Hi Kris,

    Thank you so much for this post today, it really resonated with me.

    I’m in the final stages of my first book (the manuscript is to be submitted to Hay House by sunday). Along with writing I’m also relaunching my business, giving my website a fancy face lift and opening my second premises. The last few months I’ve really been stepping out of my comfort zone and it’s daunting. There was a time I had stage 4 adrenal fatigue (along with a million other health issues). All I can say is thank goodness for green juice and all the fabulous plant powered goodies that have transformed my health and given me the chance to change my life.

    I love the fabulous new site and can’t wait to get my hands on Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

    With Love,


  2. I’ve felt this lack of trust as well and your mantra is so helpful. I love that the kitchen is the first room nearly “done” in your renovation. The website re-do is perfect and I look forward to your weekly posts and not just guest bloggers. I would read the old blog and search out for your stuff — I didn’t care about the other folks as much, I guess. :)

  3. Thank you, I needed this! LOVE your new site and the direction you are going in.

  4. Hey Kris,
    it is funny how this post just came in the right moment. There are many things in my life that I want to come to terms with. It is still a long way to go. I am trying to keep myself stable and to think positive but I have to admit that I still need to learn how to trust again. I am trying to eat healthy and mainly plant-based because I feel that it does me good in many ways.
    Anyway, I love your strength, your attitude and I hope to learn from you a great deal.
    Have a good one! And congratulations to your new kitchen! You look very happy and proud on the pic. :)

  5. This post is right on time! Thank you so much for writing this! I will be reciting your mantra regularly.


    P.S. Just finished your Crazy Sexy Diet 21-day challenge for the third time and every time I do my life changes for the better. Thanks again!

  6. Dear Kris,

    thank you so much for this post! It resonates with me so well and could not be more timely!
    After a couple of years of soul and purpose searching, ups and downs in my career – this year I finally got back to my self and magically perfect career opportunity showed up almost in the same time (or most likely as a result of that deep soul searching ;)) But! The moment everything started making sense – I freaked out! Old patterns, anxiety, doubt started crawling in and I felt totally blocked and lost. I didnt know what is going on until in down on me – my dreams are becoming reality and it freaked me out because I am now out of my comfort zone and that doesnt feel safe! But it is safe to dream big, and it is safe to change, and it is safe to transform and grow … It is safe only if you do the work. And you can do the work only if you feel safe … tricky that one 😉 Like with pooping – you can only release when you dont feel anxious, and you can stop feeling anxious when you release (poop, or old patters = same thing) …
    Changing way of being in the world seems scary but actually is safe … so yes, I am safe, I release my old patterns and I am ready for a new life.

    Love, Gratefulness and Respect


    p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new format. It is more personal, less overwhelming and allows us to process and embody all the info we get as well as being more active ourselves. You gave us lot of resources in the past – now we can do the research on our own and come here for more inspiration and deeper transformation-in-action support. I feel like first phase of following you and your website was more like ‘realize,get to know, be familiar with’ phase – researching tons of info and picking and choosing … and now It’s about going deep and being more skillful, more active … about embodying what we became aware of. It’s like growing up together! 😉

  7. Kris, thank you so much for your post! I love the new format, and love reading your wisdom again! Feeling safe is a big issue in my life (and one connected to adrenal health). I really did relax while reading your post. Relax and let go baby (that’s what I tell myself :-)). You are safe.
    Much love and thank you.

  8. I love this post and I love hearing from YOU more often. Although the contributer format gave me lots of great info, I did almost always feel like I wanted your take on any given subject. Your writing brings your spirit and passion to anyone who reads you and it is a beautiful, inspiring thing.

    This post is very potent for me. I am feeling tons of pressure even though I am doing things I love. I am opening a second office, trying to figure out how to brand myself for the first time, website design, and doing some very serious soul searching through some bad a$$ life coaching all at the same time. I need to be reminded that I am safe, and that I have created the conditions I need to flourish. Thank you for sharing this.

    I admire you in a million ways so to see that someone as successful as you still needs to remind herself she is safe is really helpful. Thank you.

  9. I really tried going vegan – one day at a time – after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But I have an even more deadly and demanding taskmaster – liver disease that leads to cirrhosis and a deterioration of the digestive system. So, ultimately, raw veggies didn’t work for me (salad stays in my stomach for hours and sometimes I throw it up) and tofu and other soy products didn’t have the protein power to sustain me with the high-end fatigue I get from liver disease. Do you ever get inquiries about diseases that affect your digestive system like this? How do you respond?

    I am still making a smoothie in the morning with fruit, avocado, oatmeal, and a greens and whey powder to add protein. I’m switching to just whey protein because it’s easier on my budget. So I want to eat more veggies and add the greens to my diet that way. Right now I’m eating meat (mostly just turkey, low sodium, organically grown) daily but I want to add cooked veggies. Do you have any suggestions for me? By the way, my liver specialist was happy when I told her I had become vegan because plant protein is much easier than meat to process by the liver as the disease progresses. I eat cheese now and then but don’t drink milk or eat eggs. I want some help, Kris!

    • Dana, I have Crohn’s disease and it is actually improving with a raw diet (the greens are mostly in the vitamix, but there are a lot of them) and the probiotics found in certain soil micro-organisms. The life-changing digestive help I’ve gotten is from a book called “Patient, Heal Thyself” by Justin Rubin….run don’t walk and get a copy NOW. This is VERY pertinent to your condition. The only other support I can offer is to strongly suggest you not think in terms of the disease “progressing”….it is a challenge to let go of that way of thinking, but ultimately it is a huge help. It’s like the difference between “cancer survivor” and “cancer thriver”….BIG. Good luck and hang in there!

    • A friend of mine is awaiting a liver transplant. He and I both have an illness called Beta Thalassemia Major. I bought him a juicer and he told me that he has been juicing spinach, carrot and apple every day. He told me his liver enzymes have been better and he is feeling more energetic. He said his “cirrhosis is on hold and there has been progression.” I’m such a fan of juicing. You can read my Kris Carr blog post about how I converted to a raw vegan diet here: http://kriscarr.com/2012/can-a-raw-vegan-lifestyle-affect-the-health-of-ones-blood/. I started my own blog to help people: josephinebila.com

  10. Kris, your comments this week are spot on for me. Fear and Safety are so intertwined. I pre-ordered your new book and am headed over to the cooking classes! Thank you so much for all you do and share! Your example is so powerful for me because you always share your experiences with open honesty. I and so many others can relate to you because of this. I am 54 and have come a long way in my personal growth and you have been a big part of my health changes. Thank you for being authentic!

  11. Dear Kris,

    Thank you so much for this. Much needed. I’ve been in a place of expansion – and with this, issues of safety keeps creeping up. Can I really DO THIS? Can I really be supported doing what I am PASSIONATE about and LOVE? Is this my intuition? Is this fear REAL?

    Ultimately, I’ve come to accept that only LOVE is real. Fear is an illusion.

    Your mantra is so beautiful. Reading it and breathing with it has given me more peace and calmness I needed.

    Thank you for inspiring, your writing resonates with me deeply.

    Hugs & Kisses!
    Jia Ni x

  12. Kris, I forgot to tell you the most important thing – I love your post today! It addresses perfectly what I need to add to my daily meanderings into my creativity: I am safe. I copied your mantra and it will sit on my desktop (computer) for when I need it. Thank you sooooooooo much. :)
    With much love and respect,

  13. I know I have said this before, but…..you are such a beautiful writer-what a gift!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  14. This post couldn’t have come at a more pertinent time. My husband just left for a last minute 9 day international business trip just as I was about to run a marathon. On top of that I am at a pinnacle point in starting my dream business (read: life’s work) I am beyond stressed and worried and emotional. I really needed to read those words “I am safe” I am going to keep those words with me this week as I go through my usual day and as Iake decisions regarding my business. Thank you!

  15. I love and live with a hunter who also happens to be a great chef, so the transition to 100% herbivore is no easy task, and I must say not likely to occur because the truth is that.. well I still enjoy meat, chicken, and fish. But I am juicing everyday and have been for over a year now and have incorporated more vegetarian meals in our daily life. Another way I have always been lucky is that my husband is not a meat and potatoes only kind guy. He loves vegetables and willingly eats and always enjoys the vegetarian meals I prepare. While he will taste every juice I make, I can not get him on a daily routine. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate this communication. Your light and friendly manner makes this so user friendly. It’s like working with my trainer, she makes me want to work hard. She doesn’t guilt me into it. Your approach is much the same. You appeal to my inner wisdom and intellect and never try to manipulate me by guilt or berating. Keep it up and I will be here with you.

  16. Kris

    As always your posts are right on! Interesting on safety as many of us are just starting the ‘fall-winter’ darker season, less sun, cooler or downright cold and we don’t have the ‘safety’ of warm weather with sunny feelings. I didn’t realize that I feeling that way until I did the mantra and wowy-powy instant relaxation. Thanks Kris for all you do for yourself and us XXXOOO

  17. Kris,

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. I’m really struggling with anxiety over feeling unsafe, unprepared, and just plain out of my comfort zone. I’ve recently taken a lot of (good) risks in both my personal and professional life that have me feeling like a toddler in the deep end without my swimmies! Every day there comes a moment where it hits me, out of the blue, “what the frack am I doing?” I then talk myself down, repeating over and over that I’m growing and learning and doing what is best for me in this moment. It’s easy to cling to the known and comfortable, but that often leaves us feeling unfulfilled and stagnant. Doubts and fear are normal, but it’s important to squash them and not let them consume you.

    Thanks for the pep talk, lovely!

    • Sam, I love what you say here – all true for me right now too – thank you!! and Kris, of course thank you too for making this convo opportunity possible! AND I completely fully heart this mantra xoxo

  18. Love the imagery of “don’t let your wings wilt.” THAT’S my new mantra…thank you

    • Oh, I love that too!! Great metaphor. We ALL have wings, sometimes spread full, sometimes even broken for a while. But taking care that we don’t let them wilt is advice for a lifetime. My new mantra as well!

  19. Yes. trust! So easy, right? Some sure can make it look that way. I’m not one of them…yet. I continue to tell myself, “I can do this trust-thing.” And when that “I feel overwhelmed” cloud starts to thunder, I’ve got one word for you. Breathe.

    My word therapy vocab:
    And let’s not forget….

  20. As always Kris, your emails arrived at the perfect time. I’ve been feeling that tight anxiety up in my chest, with a little adrenal fatigue. But, I’m embarking on one of THE most exciting times of my life, launching a new business, launching a new website, ideas for a book….. I’ve realised I’m right where I’ve always wanted to be, I just need to trust and count my beautiful blessings. Jxox

  21. Very well stated. The safety mantra is one i have used for years to battle horribly debilitating fear. Thank you for bringing it to light. :)

  22. I am safe :) thank you for this post

  23. Congratulations, Kris! On your new kitchen, your new book, your new websites, your new cooking classes. That’s a whole heck of a lot of new, isn’t it? No wonder you did a bit of a safety freak out.

    I’ve got some new happening in my life too, and it’s pushing my safety button. That’s why I really appreciated what you said. “You’ll probably realize that you’re more secure than you think and that the only one holding you back is lovely, well-meaning you.” Yep, that about sums it up.

    Here’s to the new! (Picture me holding up a yummy glass of juice.)

  24. Thanks for all you do! You are a superhero! Saving lives one veggie at a time, lol. Reality check – you are encouraging and educating people on how to be more healthy. Thanks for all you do.

  25. Kris – I LOVE your safety affirmation. I will be sure to use this one as I know I need it throughout my days. 😉 I absolutely love you and all your do! I have your books and your smoothie eBook, they are all fantastic and I always recommend them to my clients.
    You are moving in such a wonderful direction and it’s a pleasure moving with you.
    Here’s to the movement!


  26. Oh , friend – I think this will resonate with so many people. It did with me. Love how the universe (today via YOU) gives us just what we need when we need it, and I feel blessed for the openness to recognize it! Thank you. The new site is wonderful. Love the new direction you are taking. Much love and abundance to you!

  27. Kris, Every time I visit your website or get a Facebook update from you, I feel so good about life. Congratulations on your achievements. You are an inspiration.

  28. Thank you for this post. It could not have come at a more perfect moment. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia a year ago, and today I go in to the gynecologist for symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer.
    I am safe.
    Thank you. This post really goes to show how important our thoughts are to other people. This will be my mantra today and through the testing this week will bring.
    Thank you Kris.

  29. Hola lovely lady,

    Keep doing your thang! The world needs it. And my word, what a kitchen! It is just beautiful. And a super special mention to that glorious orange singing kettle.

    Big love, positive vibes and soul smiles from the land of Oz,

    Good night!


  30. Love the mantra and affirmation. I keep a document on my computer where I add inspirational quotes from people. I love to read through the quotes when I need a little emotional boost. This little beauty just got added to the list. It is just what I needed to read and focus on today as I am “expanding my wings” and feeling so unsure about myself. Love when a little divine synchronicity comes into play just when I need it.

    ~Thank you~

  31. I look forward to Mondays now simply for Kris’ message. Who knew Mondays could be so great!
    Today’s words hit me to the core. Wow!
    As a “cancer thriver” of 4.5 years, and a whole/real/plant-based food addict and green drink advocate, the time is coming for me to make all parts of my life match. Can’t wait for the next big steps (and the little steps that get me there)!!
    With Kris’ weekly encouragement through KrisKarr.com and my own resliency and beliefs, I know firmly that it will happen.
    Here’s to a world with more green!

  32. Have you ever been criticized for your bubbly, loving, crazy writing?? I sure took the punches for mine…I wasn’t professional, no one would take me serious. Then here you come with the same sweetness and compassion about life. It was refreshing to read the first newsletters from your work. The light oozes from your vision.
    I so appreciate the “I am safe”. What captured me even more was realizing that what was keeping me from being me wasn’t as much about trusting others, but not trusting my instincts. So many times we worry about pleasing others or over thinking about making mistakes. When really we should believe in that little voice that comes from our souls, urging us on to fulfill our dreams and work.
    Stay strong and healthy…may you find peace, love and abundance in all that you do…keep the love and sharing coming…you never know who’s lives you are impacting!!!! :O)

  33. Thank you SOOOOO much for this post! It’s the affirmation I needed to launch the new journey that I’m starting today.

    I’ve always wanted to try a vegetarian/vegan diet but scared to do so, rationalizing that fear with “It’s not practical for my life” or “It’ll be too hard since I don’t know anyone that eats that way.” But I’m not going to let that stop me!!! I was just sitting here, thinking about you, your story ands the words in this post, along with “exhaling anxiety and inhaling calm”. I totally started to feel more centered, more calm, more lucid.

    I’ve been battling my weight all my life and it’s all my fault… I wilted my own wings. But you know what? I’m better than that! I better than to let my negative thoughts and emotions, my self made road blocks and brick walls keep my wings wilted. Not anymore! Starting today I will not wilt my own wings!

    Thank you again Kris!

    With love,

  34. Thank you universe for the impeccable time for this email :) thank you Kris <3

  35. Loved your post today!! so right u are as usual!!!! Hey TAKE TIME to kick your feet up girl, u deserve it!!!!!!! By the way LOVE the cooking classes, attending a raw cooking class/lecture at Hippacrates tomarrow evening here in WPB, thought it would help me out with your new book I cannot wait to get!! God Bless Denise Watson

  36. Kris,
    Thank you bunches for how you do what you do for people. Your approach is so refreshing!
    I did resonate with every aspect of this post today.

    Let’s fly!

  37. I believe I was meant to read your post today; even as I vacation in Rome.
    It is a beautiful reminder to never compare myself with others! I am safe just the way I am! Caio Bella

  38. Thank you Kris for all that you do! I am currently on my 21 day cleanse from Crazy Sexy Diet and I love it and love teh change in my life! You are awesome and so grateful I came across your lifechanging material! I feel blessed! THANK YOU!! YAY! :) Awesome read also! Congrats on the new kitchen! :)

  39. i simply love you….i feel like we could be the best of friends! :)

  40. Very timely for me today, as I have had some new exciting things coming my way and have wondered if I could handle them or not. No time to play small. :)

  41. Kris, Thank you so much for this post. It is exactly what I need to hear today. I am considering a major career change and the thought brings up such anxiety. You are my hero! Love you, Susan….I am safe.

  42. Kris Carr you are like a glass of water, refreshing, necessary and nourishing. Thank you for sharing your expereinces, these words and your wisdom. It was just what I needed. Let us fly!

  43. Thanks Kris, I always love reading your latest whatever. Instead of feeling guilt/panic about what I am doing or not doing, your words seem to ground me. Whew. And I LOVE the positive self talk…I mean, why NOT? If I don’t think I’m fabulous, why should anyone else? Happy week to you….

  44. You’re talking to me Kris! Launching my new business/website, still running my in person practice and clinic, preparing to move out of my house and to Bali, homeschooling my kiddo.

    I find that self care here is critical: yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Korean Spa… Notes from the Universe emails remind me about perspective and my beloved and my daughter remind me about my deep down juicy-true heart values. It seems that simple heart/soul alignment allows all that ever-present prana to flow and fill up my reservoirs (including my adrenals!).

    Good luck to you and all that you are creating! I’ll see you at rhh Live!


  45. Wow did I need that today. I didn’t realize I was smack Dan in the middle of a fear bases anxiety today. I feel much better now that someone else told me I was safe. Thank you for the reminder! Much love to you and thank you for changing lives!

  46. Hi Kris

    I will definitely use that affirmation, thank you. It really resonates with me. I am finally getting serious about my ‘internal’ health and after reading your article I can see this as being one of my issues.

  47. HI Kris
    I just finished your book and absolutely LOVED it. I have read soooo many book re. health and wellness and have been on a mission lately to find what WORKS for me! I became vegan this year and am transitioniing to being more and more raw. I have obsessed about food and body compositon for as long as I can remember and recently made the decision to eat mindfully and exercise bc I am worth it and I want to live a long, healthy and abundant life. The nice physique is definately an added bonus but I don’t want that to be the driving force behind my self care.
    I am struggling with getting the rest of my family on board- esp my partner whom I like to call the ‘white bread wonder’– and suggestions? I pummel him with knowledge constantly; but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work…lol… I wonder why! Help??
    I am a huge fan and just ordered your cook book. I also just borrowed a juicer from a friend and am starting your cleanse tomorrow. Although I follow a healthy diet; what you stated in your book about cleansing resonated and made alot of sense.
    Much Love

  48. Yes, I needed that! It is possible that my art career might actually be coming to fruition after MANY years of me just continuing to paint and teach. The opportunity presented itself to me, I grabbed it —-with unbelievable support from a friend! And, now I just have to wait and see what happens! I have done all I can do! :)

  49. Chris – thank you for your words in your post today. As a newly diagnosed breast cancer fighter, your wisdom and teachings about healthy eating have been an important part of my journey. Your mantra today reminds me again of all I am in control of as I journey back to health. Thank You!

  50. How perfect is this post. Your web site is gorgeous and your kitchen is impeccable. Martha Stewart would be green with envy. I am launching my blog and my web site and renovating my home. It’s all too much. Love the mantra. Thank you! Just what I need this week!

  51. Kris – you are such an inspiration! I love reading your blog, They always make me feel more at peace with myself. I always relate in some way and I LOVE your affirmation today:)

    Thank you!


  52. Thank you Chris for all your inspiration! I am a stage 4 canSer wellness warrior. Treating caSer with your philosophy of diet and spirituality. I find that I do not have the same energy and tire very easily. Do you have the same challenge?

  53. Yes, Kris–your comments about getting so many questions about not eating beef or drinking milk, give me anxiety enough that sometimes I will eat it when I’m with others so I don’t have to answer the questions and they all roll their eyes. AND then who loses? Yes, me—AGAIN! Still trying to learn to take of me, but after 53 years of dropping me for others it’s a tough new habit to make! But, I’m working on it!

  54. Hey Kris, Thanks for your post today! Love Love Love!! It gave me a light-bulb moment with regard to believing that something can be done and that I Can Do It!! Yay!! I do believe our own subconscious is our worst enemy/obstacle of all! Thanks for the great start of the week! You Rock as always! Tell Brian I said “hi” and give Lola a great big nose nuzzle!
    Have a Fantastic Week!

  55. I was really inspired by this article. I realized, after reading it, that it is safety, and not so much trust with which I have an issue. Thank you for writing this.

  56. Thanks SO much for this post! I’m just back from a short but AMAZING trip to Miraval where I was exploring the very same thing – trust versus fear. I realize my fear gets in my way all the time and it’s the fear that causes me to not trust, rather than trust in and of itself. And what Dr. Tim taught me about was the concept of choosing. He spoke about wanting versus choosing, that wanting begets wanting but choosing is an actual behavior that has power, and rewards. So, I created a little mantra for myself…”I choose life, I choose love, I choose me!” I say this when my chest starts to become tight and when my heart wilts a little and my stomach gets all tied in knots. But I really like your affirmation – so beautiful! I think I’ll start with yours and add mine as the cherry on top!

    • I love this and will add to my list of quotes ands sayings I read each morning during my “quiet time” as my hubby puts it. I’ve learned for me it works to start and end each day with simple deep breaths, gratitude and inspirational reading…all to remind me of what’s important and manage my anxiety and frustration over my health. I keep it simple. My therapist taught me the mantra “in this moment I am safe.” I believe it’s originally from Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life book. I say whatever works for you do it. Thanks!

  57. Thank you so much for this . As I go through the next 48 hours until my CT test results of my EHE, I found this article calming. Everything Kris Carr calms me!

    Thank you for being the wonderful you, and devoting your life to making other peoples lives better.

  58. Thank you Kris, your e-mails are so uplifting to me, I too have issues with trust, especially in myself.
    I am told I have stage 4 lung C, however my last scan showed that it was shrinking and I am so happy.
    Thank you for all your education on eating green, I do my green juice every morning. Some days I do have
    a hard time not letting my wings wilt, but reading your emails gives me strength again. I have to trust what is inside me and what I know to be true, not what the crazy world out there tells me.
    Thank you,

  59. Kris, thank you. I extend unending gratitude for this writing. While I have believed in plant empowerment for quite some time, my focus has been on my last year of graduate school and my internship as of late. The stress did indeed manifest in my body last week and I was fearful my wings were wilting… After much reflection, I am feeling genly encouraged and reading this to begin my week has fostered this growth. Great thanks! :)

    P.S. I love your new site and direction; it seems to fit you well and I’m super-excited to receive your new book.

  60. This is a great post for me, too. I’m going through a stressful divorce after leaving a verbally abusive marriage. To leave, and to walk through this divorce I’ve had to stand up for myself in ways I’ve never done before. It’s great news, but it’s as scary as it is exhilarating. I, too, feel like the trap door might just open up underneath me. But the place in me that wants to trust tells me that I am really going to spread my wings and fly once I get through this. I am juicing every day. I am safe. The universe has my back. I’m still transitioning to all veggies, but I’m getting better all the time. And I can sooo feel it when I eat meat, and especially when I eat dairy. Wow! Thanks again, Kris!

  61. Hi Kris,

    I love your deeply nourishing soul-soothing advice. I relate to your way of life.

    Now, I do have a question. How do you ensure enough B12 and zinc?

    I really appreciate your input.

    Big juicy hugs,


  62. Thank you. I so needed this today.

  63. Dear Kris,
    Fantastic, timely insight, as usual! Two nights ago, I destroyed some agreements with my world that were holding me back. And today? Bam! My ribs wents out. Lots of yoga.stretching helped, but your wise words and meditation brought clarity. I’d been feeling unsafe and, literally and figuratively, holding my breath. Now I know to breathe safely into my new chapter. Thank you, lovely one! May you, and all of us, be connected to Divine order, and know that we are safe.

  64. Thank you Kris,
    I’m realising that I have some safety issues too. I’m fearful of getting sick again (I have MS). but I’m also fearful of changing my diet (it’s already pretty good but could use some fine tuning). It’s the “why” that matters though, so I have some work to do to get to the bottom of that. Fear of failure? Fear of “missing out”? Fear of it not having the results I’d hoped? I don’t know. I have read your book. I know the reasons and benefits, yet I’m crippled. Something in me keeps buying that last loaf of bread… That last bottle of wine… And that turns into another last loaf and another last bottle.
    I feel the same about other aspects of my life too. A serial procrastinator. Perhaps a subject for my next blog post (I’ve been putting that off too!) So today I’ll use your mantra in my meditation and try to “feel the fear and do it anyway”.
    Thanks Kris!

  65. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this mama. Came at the perfect time. Not letting the wings wild. I am literally in the process of writing my first online course+ book proposal. My online course called “Healing Broken Wings” haha, and as life often does- the whole process of writing is about me expanding and taking flight. Not allowing my wings to wilt or stay broken and helping others to do the same.

    Thank you for pouring some medicine on my soul.


  66. You are appreciated!!!!!

  67. This has been a really tough year and I, too, have found that the mantra “I am safe” has relaxed me and beat back the fear and anxiety. Great post!

  68. What exquisite responses. Soothes my heart and my adrenals! Thanks all. So terrifically happy this post resonated with you. xoox kris

  69. Thank you thank you thank you for being real and for being a rock. Maybe more like a stepping stone. You are always there for me to rely on to keep my footing and keep moving forward. I continue to learn so much from you, your experiences and your resources. You remind me that this is a journey into myself and not a quest for perfection. This article resonated perfectly with me today. Thanks! xoxoxo

  70. Hi Kris,
    Loved your msg. Can’t wait to see more of your new kitchen. I just want to tell you that I loved your movie when it first came out and it really resonated with my story. I had thyroid cancer at age 37, diagnosed in 2002, and like you, I didn’t look like the face of cancer. I was fit, young, a dancer. and ate relatively well, no red meat, lots of whole grains and fiber. My sister had breast cancer at age 50, and my mom died of pancreatic cancer all in the same year! I cleaned up my eating a bit and started eating organic foods, but in the last year (after watching “Forks Over Knives” have become completely vegan. I’m sharing my msg. with others and two days ago started a blog to inspire my friends, and your site is referenced. I’ll give a plug for your new book later today! Soon I will take the plant-based nutrition course at Cornell. Thank you for making healthy eating so palatable, you are a God send to many, and I’m glad you are doing so well! Consider adoption, btw, my 3rd child is adopted, it can happen for you!

  71. Your timing was impeccable! I had been feeling great and then wham! all this anxiety and stress bombarded me this afternoon-I was in “comfort zone expansion”! Now I have a new mantra for situations that push my vulnerability buttons. Thank you! Also, lump me in the “loving my own throne” posse! Gotta be home:)

  72. I just wanted to add that reading the majority of these responses does make me feel somewhat inadequate and unjustified in my anxiety/overwhelm/stress. I am not blogging or on my tenth book, starting a new business or launching my zillionth website…I have no letters to speak of after my name, I am a homeschooling mother of 4 and besides running around all day doing kid activities and lovin’ them up, that’s it…I also do the books for my husband’s business. I guess everybody has their limits but just being out there all afternoon socializing between drops and pick-ups is enough to make me run for the hills! I am very impressed with you gals!

  73. Kriss… this is actually what I did really need today to reassure me about career andrelationship. «You are safe». Thanks,

  74. I just wanted to say thank you for the wisdom & affirmations note on your newsletter. It made me cry…I guess I needed that particular affirmation at this particular moment.

  75. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love that you write so freely from the heart. It
    ALWAYS strikes a chord in me and encourages me wherever I am at the time.
    Congratulations on your new kitchen and new book! You are awesome!

  76. I definitely resonate with what you said. I’m exactly going through something like this. Me and my husband are designing an ecological house and will start building in November. I’m also redefining my tiny little business as I feel ready to grow. I feel so scared sometimes, I’ve notice a lot of tension in my back and shoulders and I really felt a relieve when you said “Your safe”. That’s what I needed to hear. We have to be brave to receive (it’s not that easy as many would think) and we have to feel grateful for the opportunities to grow but also be kind to ourselves and acknowledge that it is normal to feel scared and that it’s ok as long as we are aware of our fear and recognize if it is an illusion. Thank you for your insight Cris!

  77. I love your article today. I resonate DEEPLY with the notion of the pervasive feeling of -unsafe. So much so that it was easy for me to live in a state of ungroundedness. I once had a gifted psychic say to me, “gosh you have so much to bring to this planet but come ‘on, girl, you leave your body like you blink your eyes. : ) She was right. I’ve since done a TON-O-WORK and and fully in this amazing bod I’ve been given for a while. I appreciate your passion for sharing your insights for healthy living so I can keep it fueled now that I chosen to be here fully. : )

  78. Kris,
    You are such an inspiration! Beautifully written post.

  79. I loved this.

    I’ve been saying my own version of it the past two days. I got it in my welcome packet for the Hay House weekend at the Javtiz Center in November, hope to see you there!

    “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. From this situation only good will come. I am safe.”

    You’re right, it soothes the crazy and makes me calm and happy.

  80. This could not have come at a more perfect time. I find myself lost in CHANGE! My relationships, my job, my finances etc. Every thing around me is changing and i sometimes want to run and hide because it all boils down to me not feeling safe. The “what if’s” are grabbing my attention way more then i would like for them to. I look foreword to this mantra to help me threw these winds of change and i look foreword to opening up more spiritually to them. Thank you Kris for being so beautiful and for making it your life to spread the love, green juice and positive vibes! You are wonderful in every way!

  81. That helps. I’m a travel agent and while I’ve booked travel for people for 20 years I’ve never tried to put together a group that I would escort and then “sell” until this year. I’m doing a Mediterranean Cruise out of Rome next April and have only sold 6 of the 17 cabins I’v blocked.

    I’ve really put myself out there telling myself it’s a super deal and a wonderful trip (It is!) but I’m not a natural saleswoman and I feel vulnerable – and worried that I won’t fill it.

    Your post reminds me that we all need to take chances to grow. And if I don’t try I’ll never know…

  82. Kris,
    Thank you for “you are safe” – you are soooo on the money with that one! When I first read it, I thought “Nope, doesn’t apply to me” – but when you expanded on the idea and touched on trust issues, well you hit my nail right on the head! I’m having a lot of trust issues right now (I left a secure job to go to grad school full-time and I haven’t been a student in quite a while, I’m in the midst of a career-change, potential new relationship on the horizon…it’s a lot for this gal!) and your words helped me to realize that I’m getting worked up about these things because I wasn’t feeling safe. I didn’t like my old job but it gave me security; I’m struggling with my coursework and doubting my own intelligence and ability; being alone gave me the security of not getting hurt – but let’s face it, who wants to go through life alone?

    I’ve been trying to change my focus and work on staying positive – and I think I’m going to try the “I am safe” mantra. Actually, I’m going to try mixing it in with “I am safe. I am enough.” And heck, with all the great things going on in my life right now, maybe I should add “I am one damn lucky gal!”…or something like that :-)

  83. Needed to hear that right now feeling sorry for myself on v restricted diet cleanse. Never thought food was so emotional for me. Will take inspiration from you kris! X

  84. I’ve been following you for about a year now and have recently started to read your messages. Thank you for being SO honest. All of them resonate with me in some way but, today, I cried because it is exactly where I am. I had a bilateral mastectomy just shy of my 40th birthday last Sept. and I was given your book to read which started my journey back to health. I thought I was a pretty healthy eater but, your book was very inviting and life changing. My family is very good about trying all the new recipes and green smoothies. We still eat chicken, eggs, dairy and are slowly weeding them out more and more. I too am at a loss sometimes as to protein choices that will fill our tummy’s as well as, satisfy everyone’s taste buds. (as they already think of me as the food warden)! I am excited to get your new book and try all the new recipes. Your story is inspirational and I love how you say it like it is! I am in better shape now than when I was 20 and I was in the military then. My cancer has given me a new outlook and much like you, pushed me to do EVEN better. I run 5k races, run 5-6 days a week, eat better than ever, went back to school, love deeper, appreciate more, and try my very best to live in the moment. Thank you for the hints on stress reduction. You are right…I feel safe and more relaxed! Continued health and success always. Lisa

  85. Thank you!! An old coworker just posted this on facebook and it was exactly what I needed (if I can continue to meditate and then implement my action plan!) I had just finished texting my husband that I am so overwhelmed with xyz in our lives. I look forward to reading more of your blog and finding new ways to energize and move forward in life!

  86. Thanks for the reminder, Kris! It’s a good mantra. I’m going to give birth in a couple months’ time, and although it is my 2nd child, I had a C-section last time, and still don’t know what a vaginal birth is like. I know it’s not a huge deal; millions of women have done it, do it every day. But it still scares me. Especially when I read in a pregnancy book just yesterday that giving birth is akin to shitting out a watermelon. Good god. Sooo, yes. Repeating “I am safe” and other affirmations and breathing techniques will hopefully alleviate this fear and instead turn it into courage and strength.

    • Christa,

      No worries! You are right, billions of women have done it since the creation of humankind. Our bodies were designed for just that exact purpose. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you – it hurts like HELL!!! But it is over so shortly and afterward the pain just disappears and all you are left with is the sweet, amazing, miraculous blessing! You are gonna ROCK your delivery and astound everyone in the room with your strength and power!

    • You will be great! Remember that just when it feels the worst…it’s almost over! It’s all relative too…if childbirth was so awful, there wouldn’t be so many wonderful people in the world! Stay present within and ride the waves of contractions! You go girl!!!!

  87. Thanks as always, Kris. This is perfectly perfect for me today!

  88. Absolutely fabulous – Cancer Thriver – I love that….I’m going to copy you (: ! I also love the affirmation – very powerful for me.

    I always admire people who dedicate, all or part, of their lives to helping others – I know we all have the ability to do this but there are certain individuals that have a great impact and you are one of those individuals (for me!)….thank you for opening your heart and sharing your knowledge…there are no words to properly express my gratitude.

    Enjoy your day!


  89. Hi Kris,
    You’ve hit the nail on the head again!! Just when I start to slip down the insecurity slope you pop up with another life affirming mantra, my personal struggle as an artist has been that I am afraid of being creative,why you may ask I think I associate it with getting cancer and cannot seem to break out of the creative block I am currently experiencing, so when I read your article it resonated with me on so many levels thanks so much and thank you for being you.
    Love and light to all Sarah xx

  90. Hi Chris, thanks for you post. When you spoke about it being more about safety and less about trust it hit a chord with me. The thought that came to me was that if we created a soft and safe place for ourselves then it might be easier to let go and trust.

    I am currently reading your book Crazy, Sexy Diet and loving it, thank you. Many blessings Leah

  91. I wrote the mantra in my journal today and plan to make a lovely card with it printed on the front to put in my meditation basket, so I can use it when I’m in my crazy place. Thanks Kris!

  92. Friday note: I love you. Your responses are FULL of such high-level teaching and insight. Wow. You gave me 5000 ideas. xo kc

  93. Yes.
    This is good.
    I can (sheepishly) say I am one of the countless women who has the (TMI warning!) same issues with becoming ‘wickedly constipated’ in all areas of my life! I’m so glad I clicked the link & read this article…I’ve written down the affirmation & am putting it to good use, thank you for sharing what’s worked for you. As always <3

  94. Boy do I know that feeling of having bitten off more than you can chew. Being scared and out their on your own! Congratulations enjoy your new kitchen. carla

  95. Thank you for sharing this. I love the affirmation and will use it daily :-)

  96. Thanks so much for this! I love your excitement about being in your new kitchen. I have a few things in my life I’m in the middle of, I’m enjoying the process but really looking forward to “enjoying my kitchen!” Love love love.

  97. This post was amazing! I am one of those women who “can only poop on their own safe and cozy thrown.” If I am not relaxed and stress-free everything seems to just STOP in my body. Of course, my mind keeps racing a mile a minute so that all adds up to one toxic mind, body and soul! I still haven’t figured out how to stop the crazy but this post helps- I Am SAFE! Thank you so much, Kris for your inspiring words and your inspiring life!

  98. Dear Kris,

    Congratulations on all of your life miracles! I am thrilled to pieces to find you. I feel tingles everywhere because you are living your life exactly as I wish to live mine and…I don’t want to jinx myself ;)… but I think I’m taking my first steps in that direction. I have made a huge life change (living in a new country, have a boyfriend for the first time in 8 years – hip, hip, hooray, and determined to find a career direction – maybe nutrition – about which I feel passionate), began Vipassana meditation 3 months ago, became a vegetarian and then, a vegan. I can’t wait to follow you and to continue to feel inspired. Bravo, thank you, thank you, thank you, and you get ’em girl! Heaps of warm wishes, Andrea

  99. Dear Kris,

    Congratulations on all of your life miracles! I am thrilled to pieces to find you. I feel tingles everywhere because you are living your life exactly as I wish to live mine and…I don’t want to jinx myself ;)… I think I’m taking my first steps in that direction. I have made a huge life change (living in a new country, have a boyfriend for the first time in 8 years – hip, hip, hooray!, and determined to find a career direction – maybe nutrition – about which I feel passionate), began Vipassana meditation 3 months ago, became a vegetarian and then, a vegan. I can’t wait to follow you and to continue to feel inspired. Bravo, thank you, thank you, thank you, and you get ’em girl! Heaps of warm wishes, Andrea

  100. Hi Kris, I really am grappling with the same question, why do we always want to be safe? Every time I put myself out there and take a risk, it pays off hugely. But, it does cost me to stick out my neck and my instinct always tries to keep me back. Thanks for your wonderful posts! Very inspiring.

    Sandra, at http://www.thecookingconnection.com

    BTW. I’m Laurentine of Foodmatters’ Aunt!

  101. Hi Kris, I really like your affirmation. My shoulders dropped about 3 inches when I read it! I easily stress myself out–worrying about what has already happened or feeling anxious about what could happen (health-wise, at work, with my baby girl…) I’ve been trying to catch myself in those moments and ask “Are you (or is she, or is it) ok right now?” And the answer is almost always yes! I’m going to try adding your affirmation as well. <3

  102. I am excited to find what I’ve been looking for… that something that’s been missing, that I knew was out there, that I just needed to find it, or rather find you. A real person who can teach from the heart was I need to learn about real food, super healthy changes that need to happen. I’m 55 years old and happy to be here today. Life is great! Thanks

  103. I am excited to find what I’ve been looking for… that something that’s been missing, that I knew was out there, that I just needed to find it, or rather find you. A real person who can teach from the heart what I need to learn about real food, super healthy changes that need to happen. I’m 55 years old and happy to be here today. Life is great! Thanks

  104. You are a true inspiration!!!!!! Every time I am on your page (so beautiful) reading a blog post, watching a video or else sparks my joyous part within even more. So delicious and juicy:))))))
    Thank you, thank you so much!
    I can’t wait to find your two books in my post box (crazy sexy diet and creazy sexy kitchen) getting myself back to a healthier & happier life.

    Can’t wait for your next post.

    Much love,

  105. Hi Kris!

    You are lovely, I love you! Every time you write a new post on your blog, I can’t help but feel so happy and a big part of why has to do with the pictures you post of your new kitchen, the country side, your and the love of your life sitting on your front porch. They are so simple but filled with light, I love it! I’m a city girl but SO country at heart and I love seeing real pictures of a beautiful life like that. I know this is a long shot, but if you have more pictures, post them! Chances are some of them will end up on my dream board or mirror because I want that type of beautiful, simple, crazy happy country life in my future with the love of my life, family, my soulmate friends and all the happy animals :)


  106. This totally resonated with me. Thank you so much.

  107. Awesome article and your kitchen looks amazing ! Thanks for those amazing words especially those three, You are safe:) Funny how three simple words can mean so much and bring a person, me , to tears with out even contemplating them. Your affirmation will be kept close to my heart , its definitely something I need to hear over and over right now!! Hugs!!

  108. Thank you! That feeling of safety, of being safe, is a tough one for me, but I’m definitely making headway into actually believing that I am safe. It’s always great to receive new affirmations and simple understanding. Hugs