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Hi Sweet Friends,

So far, we’ve talked to my trusted pal and doctor Kenneth Bock, Integrative MD about adrenal fatigue and basic supplement recommendations. Today, we’re chatting about Lyme Disease, which is especially important this time of year whether you live in the Catskill Mountains or Palm Beach.

Recently, I was faced with the seriousness of this condition when my dog Lola was bitten. She’s doing well now, but this scary, first hand experience woke me up to the big health implications of a tiny tick bite. I strongly suggest talking to your veterinarian asap about how you can protect your fur-kid from those little buggers.

Every time I walk through my yard or take a hike I immediately check my skin and Lola’s fur and skin for ticks (and I often find a couple on both of us!). This simple precaution prevents what could be a big health issue. And the good news is that there’s a lot we can all do to stop Lyme Disease before it starts or to treat it effectively. So let’s get this tick-busting party started and review what we’ll be exploring in today’s video.

In this video, we’ll answer these questions:

  • What is Lyme disease?
  • How can you identify a tick bite?
  • What are the signs of Lyme disease?
  • What tests should you get if you think you have Lyme disease?
  • How can you treat Lyme disease?
  • What is chronic Lyme disease?
  • What’s a positive long-term perspective on living with Lyme disease?

If you’d like to learn more about Lyme disease, check out Dr. Bock’s website. And to find out where ticks are most prevalent, take a look at these geographic distribution maps. You might be surprised about their abundance in your neighborhood!

Update: Additional Tick Tips & Recommendations

Thank you for sharing your Lyme disease resources and supporting each other in the comments below. I read through every one of your thoughtful words and pulled together the following tips, websites, blogs, videos and educational tools to help guide you on your journey to wellness. (Please note that these are suggestions from my readers.)

Tick Bite Prevention

Helen’s Tips:

  • Wear light-colored clothing. It makes ticks easier to see and remove before they can attach to feed.
  • Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Wear closed footwear and socks. Tuck your pants into your socks.
  • Put a tick and flea collar on your pet and check them for ticks periodically.
  • If you frequent the areas where blacklegged ticks are established, examine yourself thoroughly for ticks. It is important to do this each day. Pay special attention to areas such as groin, scalp and armpits. Use a mirror to check the back of your body or have someone else check it.

Elisabeth’s Tips:

  • For pets: In addition to checking your pet regularly, you need to use repellents, vaccine, keep hair short and avoid “at risk” places. Also, your pet can collect a tick and then give it to you.
  • For humans, I recommend avoiding “at risk” places (tall grasses, bushes, forest border, for example) … Take a shower when you come back and use a fine comb on your hair (especially the neck line).

Tick removal:

Meg’s Tips:

  • The best way to remove un-embedded ticks without exposing ourselves to them is to catch them with the sticky side of a piece of transparent tape and then quickly close it. Then we can look at the insect and also discard it safely. It’s easy to carry gift wrapping tape with you on a hike or to the beach.

Helen’s Tips:

  • Using fine-tipped tweezers, carefully grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible. Pull it straight out, gently but firmly.
  • Don’t squeeze it. Squeezing the tick can cause the Lyme disease agent to be accidentally introduced into your body.
  • Don’t put anything on the tick, or try to burn the tick off.
  • After the tick has been removed, place it in a screw-top bottle (like a pill vial or film canister), and take it to your doctor or local health unit … Establishing the type of tick may help to assess your risk of acquiring Lyme disease.
  • It is important to remember where you most likely acquired the tick. It will help public health workers to identify areas of higher risk.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the bite site with rubbing alcohol and/or soap and water.



Infrared Sauna Therapy

Have you had experience with a tick bite or Lyme disease? Share your insights and experiences in the comments.

Peace & skin/fur checks,

Kris Carr

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  1. This is so timely as I live in the Eastern townships in Quebec and my dogs do get bitten by ticks. So far we have been lucky (no disease) but the search for powerful, effective yet natural tick repellant is quite the quest!

    Thank you for sharing this video.


  2. I live in the UK and, unfortunately, my doctor has refused to test for Lyme disease. Instead I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and told to just go away and deal with the pain myself :( Does anyone know where I can get testing done in the UK other than through my GP?

    • Hi Ellem,
      Can you see a different GP, maybe one in the same office?

      • Shannon,

        I am so sorry.

        My friend was misdiagnosed with Fibromyalgia for 7 years and just 2 years ago
        she switch PCP and found out she has Chronic Lyme Disease, now with the help of her new PCP and a Lyme Literate Doctor she is on the road to recovery.
        Don’t give up hope. I have found you have to be your own advocate and trust your instincts.

        I have Lyme Disease and so do my 15 year old twins. I was diagnosed after 2 years of many test that can back negativity. I never found a bull eye rash and the symptoms were crazy, which made me think I was going crazy.
        But thank God, I too am on the road to recovery. I feel so blessed to have found Kris Carr.com, changing my eating and what I put in and on my body has made my recover from this disease so much better.
        Kris, if you are reading this…..you my dear are a BLESSING!

        I found the following website most helpful and she has a resource to finding doctors in your area.

        Stay strong.


    • You can get a second opinion (although you don’t have a legal right to one sadly) or perhaps change your GP. Lyme Disease is prevalent in certain areas in the UK and is even listed on the NHS website (although they have no clue about taxonomic nomenclature as they have listed ticks as insects whereas they are part of the arachnid family!) If you have not already done so read through this: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Lyme-disease/Pages/Introduction.aspx I have a relative who has been affected by LD and as a child who spent time in Europe we knew the risks of ticks – but they are most definitely here in the UK.

      There is a support charity here: http://www.lymediseaseaction.org.uk/

      I know that Susun Weed has talked about the use of teasels (a herb) in managing Lyme before now (you may wish to read up more on this). Also with fibromyalgia then it is worth contacting support charities for this too e.g. http://www.fibromyalgia-associationuk.org/ I know that diet (often associated with inability to absorb iron, sunshine (often associated with low Vit D3) and myofascial release (a form of bodywork/massage) may all help with the symptoms but please read around before just doing something. I wish you well but if you do more research with support and perhaps present this to your GP he or she may just learn something new and hopefully help you.

    • Go and see Dr Philip Weeks; http://www.philipweeksclinic.co.uk/.
      He is a natural dokter in the UK

      I wish you all the best

    • http://lymediseaseassociation.org/ doctor referral, ask specifically for UK

  3. I contratcted Lyme Disease a couple summers ago. There was no mistaking the rash and symptoms. Though I treated it by taking wheat grass, oregano oil, garlic, and possibly a few others (I don’t exactly remember), the best advice I read was to build up your body’s health meter. Although the Borrelia bacteria is very clever in the way it hides in your body, it still cannot withstand the power of healthy white blood cells to kill each and every one when they eventually come out to attack.

  4. I have FINALLY met with an MD in Ontario who is convinced that the first line tests are not enough and will result in false negative for the bulk of long-term sufferers. As such, I’ve just been guided to get a CD57 blood test. Wish me luck. This is no life. Diet has only marginally helped and the cyclic symptoms have boggled me for years! For anyone in Ontario, research this test, it’s covered but needs to be analyzed at Gamma Dynacare labs.

  5. I found the video very informative. Approx. 4 years ago my dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and had treatment. I got tested and it came back negative. But when I heard there are 2 tests and heard the symptoms I feel I need to get both tests. Can you give me the names of the 2 tests? Also do you have a list of Integrative Medicine doctors in the Washington Metropolitan area? I would appreciate any suggestions to help me.


    • Pat, I’m with the Kentuckiana Lyme Support Group and the tests are very unreliable. As the doctor stated here, it is to be a clinical diagnosis. The tests can be used to confirm it but never to rule it out. The tests he is talking about is the Elisa and the Western Blot. Most doctors use Igenex lab for testing. There are a couple other good ones however. You must see a Lyme literate doctor to get well. Also, LLMD names are not given out but you can contact us on our Facebook page and private message us and I can give you some names.

      • Dear Vicki,

        Dr. Mark Sivieri – 1(410) 312-5280
        terrific Integrative MD, and extensive experience with Lyme & Adrenal Fatigue


    • Dear Pat,

      Dr. Mark Sivieri – 1(410) 312-5280
      terrific Integrative MD, and extensive experience with Lyme & Adrenal Fatigue


  6. Hi Kris! Thanks so much for this post. I too had a friend (and client!) with this and it was a scary process trying to figure out what it was. Thanks for bringing attention to this.
    Your videos are always such a breath of fresh air.

  7. Thank you so much writing about Lyme Disease, it is indeed on the rise and important for everyone to learn about this dreadful disease. If you live on a farm, consider getting Guineas, they live on insects, seeds and grasses. We have 20+ guineas on our farm and it has made a huge difference in controlling unwanted insects. They will eat a lot of insects!

    Thanks again for writing this article!

    • Kris,

      Thank you so much for discussing this very difficult and under-recognized disease. I too suffered with late-stage neurological Lyme disease and as the doctor mentions, it can take a while to recover from but it is possible. I found that a comprehensive approach involving both medication and healthy nutrition (and herbs and supplements) got me to a place of healing and in remission (3 years going). It also changed my course in life to help others with the same: http://lymehealing.blogspot.com . I wish everyone the very best on their path towards healing and thanks again for starting this conversation.

      Cherie Lester
      Washington, DC

  8. Great post! I most likely contracted lyme congenitally and became debilitated in 2001. It took many doctors and misdiagnoses until I was diagnosed in 2009. I was extremely ill by then. I’ve been on IV and oral antibiotics and herbs and supplements for almost 2 yrs and have been improving. This disease is horrible and is being ignored by many MDs, NDs, etc. People need to be informed about it.

  9. I’ve found two ticks on my skin two years ago and , luckely, I’ve not Lyme disease. But now I know a lot about this disease, sproud even here in Italy!

  10. Hello!
    Thank you for this! I was misdiagnosed for years…education can lead to less suffering.
    In good health,

  11. Thank you Kris,
    You are a blessing!!!!
    Libby Donahue
    (Lyme Disease since 8/2012)

  12. My husband and I live in TX with our 5 felines. I have not been bit in TX that I am aware of, however, we stay in Northern CA for about 5-6 months of the year with our cats. I was bit a few years ago on my neck while in CA. . Fortunately, the tick did not bury itself, I caught it in time. We have a lot of deer coming through our property and our cats are outside with us usually 3 or 4 times a day. Because 3 of them are long hairs ( we clip their fur in the summer) it is difficult to check their skin for ticks.

    1.) Is there anything that a Vet can give them that isn’t toxic to the cats to prevent tick bites?

    2.) I check myself for ticks and we keep our grass cut short but does anyone know of something non-toxic we could put on the lawn to deter ticks as well?

  13. How timely! Literally went to the vet this morning with concern that my baby may have gotten Lyme over the weekend. He was bitten by a tick on Thursday, started limping Friday, didn’t eat on Saturday. So, Monday at the vet. They did a physical test but believe he doesn’t have it because he’s not exhibiting multi-limb lameness, didn’t have overall pain and no fever. Otherwise, they’d have to order the test kit. It seems he may have had a coincidental incident with his foot. I’ve been told to monitor his temp and watch for signs of more pain… I hope and pray they are correct!

    • He should have been treated anyway. The symptoms are not always clear cut. A person might have pain in their shoulder one week and then be seeing their doctor the next week for stomach trouble. For pets, its the same thing. They won’t have as much energy as usual. They may not eat. They may limp. They just are not themselves. If they could talk, you could figure it out but they can’t.

      Vicki P.
      Board Member
      Kentuckiana Lyme Support Group

  14. Great segment! Thank you…. After 20 years misdiagnosed, 4 years ago i had my first round of Lyme treatment for 2 years. I have always been into natural therapies so taking antibiotics IV and orally was almost against my religion. I was so dysfunctional though I would have done anything. Sadly, I did not get all the little buggers and relapse into the disease. Back to fabulous integrative MD, antibiotics, herbs and supplements. My number one management is, lifestyle… diet, exercise and brain exercises. I have learned to say no to sugar, alcohol, gluten (actually most starches), and dairy. I do have a cup of joe, juice 3xs per day, make bone broths, and eat raw deserts for a special treat! Lyme and their coinfection friends are nasty but with the proper focus and environment we can make great strides. Thanks for bringing up this topic.

    • So sorry to hear this…… this website was so helpful to me http://www.livinglyme.com
      I also joined a online face book support group for Lyme Disease, it was so helpful and
      gave great insight.

      Following Kris Carr too has been a blessings in keeping my body healthy.


  15. Nice that another Lyme doctor is on board and really gets what this disease is.. Lyme is not going away anytime soon and the numbers of sick patients are only climbing higher every year as docs turn their backs on a real disease like Lyme..

  16. I had Lyme disease for three years before I received my diagnosis. I had no rash or apparent tick bites, but I did suffer from frequent migraines, muscles aches, and fevers. You MUST be persistent and demand that you get tested if you suspect LYME. Now I’m battling chronic LYME for nearly 10 years and I’m looking toward more aggressive treatment combined with alternative treatment. Joint paint, fatigue, and headaches are only a few of the lasting symptoms. I can say that proper nutrition has been an amazing help in relieving symptoms.

  17. He talks about treating Lyme with high quality probiotics–this brings up a question for me: what IS a ‘high quality’ probiotic? what is the difference amongst aaaaaaalll the brands they sell? would love a chat and chew on this subject Kris. thanks for all the good information you give us! love ya.

  18. I am so excited that you are using the “Functional and Integrative” terminology for your wonderful doctor! This type of healthcare truly is the way of the future, and the world will benefit from opening to it. I am forwarding this to my doctor and employer, Elizabeth Board, MD (Atlanta Functional Medicine) who is also a Functional/Integrative physician. She is helping to keep me well as I live with MS (diagnosed 1997), as did the late, legendary Christine Gustafson, MD (Alpharetta Integrative Medicine) before her.

    Kris, as always, I’m grateful for the inspiration and validation you provide!

  19. If you can find someone who does a dark field blood test, it will show the Lyme bacteria. The dark field blood tests are usually free, too. That is how a couple family members found out about their Lyme early.

  20. Although Lyme disease is rarely fatal, it proved deadly for a close friend of mine.

    For years my friend, my neighbor and running partner, suffered a myriad of symptoms. She was told she had chronic fatigue syndrome. She sought help from traditional medicine and from alternative therapies. She tried altering her already-healthy, organic diet by eliminating common allergens or combining foods differently and took several herbal and nutritional supplements. She exercised, did yoga and tried for years to find out what was causing her fatigue, head aches and fog, and weight gain (she was a small woman but her belly became distended and she looked 5 months pregnant).

    After years of battling an unknown condition, she was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease–the culprit of all her many health issues. Sadly, the diagnosis came too late and my dear, sweet friend died. Lyme had ravaged her body for too long. It has been 5 years since she died and I still miss her.

    Thank you for sharing this important information on identifying Lyme disease. I appreciate Dr. Bock’s view that the disease must be treated in an integrative manner both aggressively and longer.


  21. First of all, many thanks Kris for discussing Lyme disease. I lived near Lyme, CT when I was diagnosed. I was treated with antibiotics for 30 days. Long story short I have had relapses 4 times now over several years. The only treatment that truly helped me was a Lyme kit I was given by my naturopathic doctor (Dr Jonne Groves). Basically, there are 10-12 vials of various strands and strengths of Lyme. This along with an herbal immune support (immunitone), saved me. I still take an immune support supplement daily to prevent another episode. Also, for pets there is a Lyme vaccine. Best wishes to all you Lymies!

  22. Thanks for writing about this!

    I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease in Feb of 2012.

    It had never crossed my mind that that was why I was feeling so lethargic & had such terrible headaches but when I received the diagnosis it made all the sense in the world (I was bit in May 2011 by a spider).

    My herbalist gave me a remedy & within 3 days the symptoms were gone & I’ve felt great since!

    So fortunate to have a great herbalist who was able to diagnose & treat it so quickly…it was not fun when I had it!

  23. Hi Kris,

    It’s great to see that you are opening up a conversation about Lyme. I’m a nutritionist and work with Dietrich Klinghardt who specializes in treating chronic Lyme disease. We see people with Lyme from all of the world. Often times our patients will have been suffering for 10, even 30 years before they find our clinic. BUT people do get well. I just want to drop that line of hope for any of your followers struggling with this. I see people heal from chronic Lyme, it is possible. You MUST connect with a Lyme literate practitioner who really knows what they are doing.

    Most people are not familiar with Lyme as a chronic illness, so like always, I am SO happy to see you open up this dialogue.

    Love and light to you my friend!

    You are such a healing force,
    Alexis xo

  24. Thank you for helping shed some light on Lyme Disease, it’s diagnosis and treatments! I would love love love if your doc would join you again to talk about the co-infections as well. For most people who have Lyme, they also have co-infections, which if treated, will make the recovery process that much faster. I know I would have loved this info back when I was trying to navigate my own Lyme journey.

    If you have Lyme Disease it doesn’t need to be as arduous of a journey if more good information is out there, so definitely find a good Doc who knows her/his stuff and you’ll be able to find some peace. Having Chronic Lyme for over 10 years, I have learned heaps, about my spirit, my body, and what not to focus on:) Sending LOVE to anyone going through health challenges…it’s an education for sure!! <3

    Thanks again and lots of love!!

    Twin Tree Healing

    PS. If you're in the Philadelphia Tri-State area and need a knowledgable doc, look up Dr. Frank Noonan near Reading, PA. He's awesome, and holistic minded (along with a traditional approach) as well.

  25. Thank you so much for the vid and info! I live in a place called Woods Landing and I am concerned about Lymes disease, especially for my kids. A lot of friends and their families are struggling with this in our area, hence the name! And so far, we are lucky, no ticks for us but I’m pimping this post out to all of my peeps. So informative!

  26. I have had tick bites but have not contracted lyme disease. If I find one one me and think that it could have transmitted something to me I take homeopathic Ledum to prevent it.

  27. I had the classic tick bite rash followed by flu like symptoms when I was around 16. I lived in NH and was always covered in bug bites so I didn’t think much of the tick bite. I was unaware of Lyme. Now, 12 years later I was finally tested for it. The Western Blot test showed strains of Lyme but not in the combination that the CDC requires for an official diagnosis, which I think is silly. I am seeing a Lyme specialist now that wants to put me on a high dose of antibiotics. However, I have been battling a bad case of candida since I took antibiotics a year and a half ago for a sinus infection. I am very hesitant to start taking them again. Has anyone treated their Lyme naturally?

  28. Many thanks to Kris for all that you do (I am a big fan!) and for helping to raise awareness about Lyme Disease.

    At least 50% of chronic cases do not recall having a tick bite and I’ve also read that in 65% of these cases Lyme symptoms occur after a trauma. I went in for surgery in 2011 and had an intense flare of Lyme-like symptoms almost immediately afterwards. It’s taken me almost 2 years to get a diagnosis and I finally had to have blood-work sent to Igenex lab (which specializes in Lyme-related cases) in the States from Canada. For anyone, looking at the map (http://www.cdc.gov/ticks/geographic_distribution.html) of the ticks spread —the ticks do not need a passport to cross the border!!! Lyme is now widespread all across Canada as well.

    I have come across people who have healed their chronic cases *without* antibiotics. This is the route I’ve chosen to take and am currently using a GB4000 Rife Machine, as suggested by Lyme Advocate Bryan Rosner (http://www.lymebook.com/) who healed himself with Rife and swears by it. I’m also using an intense herbal protocol inspired by Steven Buhner’s book ‘Healing Lyme’ (http://buhnerhealinglyme.com/) along with lifestyle, diet, etc. Any treatment for Lyme is a long term commitment and it’s still too early to tell how well I’m responding to treatment but I feel hopeful.

    This disease is getting out of hand and we need more doctors like Dr. Bock who are Lyme-literate and more public awareness of the extreme risk of tick exposure. There are no Lyme-literate MDs in Calgary, Canada like may other places and this is a huge problem! Also important to note that Lyme is transmitted through more than just ticks! Some literature says mosquitoes, body fluids and through pregnancy. There are more and more cases of married couples who both end up with Lyme.

    In the spirit of healing,

  29. I have been battling chronic lyme and co-infestions for about 8 years with my all my family. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this poorly understood, tested and treated diseases. Thank you so much also for your wonderful website and diet recommandations that are absolutely instrumental in helping to fight these diseases.
    I just would like to comment on Kriss saying on the video that we need to keep checking for ticks after going outside. It’s absolutely true but far from being enough. A large number of victims vever saw a tick on them or had a rash. A ticks lives 2 years and in its 1st year is as small as a dot a the end of this sentence. Even at this size, it can bite and transmits multiple diseases. So there is clearly much to be done to stay safe. For pets, you need to use repellents, vaccine, keep hair short, avoid at risk places in addition to checking the pet regularly Also, your pet can collect a tick and then give it to you. For humans, I recommend to avoid at risk places (tall grasses, bushes, forest border for ex) and when going out, wear long sleeves, tall boots, tuck your pants in your socks, wear light colored clothes, wear a hat, use repellent., etc …Take a shower when you come back and use a fine comb or your hair (esp the neck line). I know, it’s very cumbersome but lyme is not a clearly picnic, esp chronic lyme, that you can transmit to your family. It seems that chronic lyme cannot be cured today, just controlled by our immune system. We don’t know the impact on our kids when they have their own babies or on us when we’ll be getting older and that our immune system will be less strong …

  30. Thank you for the video. Dr Bock is also doing a community Lecture followed by a Q & A on ” Lyme Disease – The Great Imitator” on Thursday, May 9th at 6:00pm at the Woodstock Day School on Glasco Turnpike in Saugerties, NY. A very special opportunity to listen and speak with this internationally known doctor.

  31. Wondering about recommendations for repelling ticks naturally/safely? YES we will wear long clothing and inspeact often, but I have kids in the woods in prime tick season and am wondering if there is additional safe protection available?

  32. Great topic. I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme in 2011. I developed this really large strange looking bruise (in a circle) on the side of my leg and did not remember bumping into anything. I took a picture of it and had gone to see the doctor to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot or anything serious. The Dr didn’t think it was anything serious – just a large bruise. Within two weeks of the bruise appearing I began to experience neurological symptoms such as pins and needles and tingling in different areas of my arms, legs, and back that would come and go. Then I experienced extreme fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. I went to the ER because I felt like I was going to faint. They ran a ton of tests and everything came back normal. They thought it was just a virus coming on. Then in the next couple of days I experienced bad headaches, pain in my knees, hands and ankles so I went back to the doctor.

    Thank goodness my doctor put it all together and clinically diagnosed me with Lyme. The large bruise was my body’s version of the erythema migrans rash. My Lyme test was negative but since my Dr clinically diagnosed me I was treated with antibiotics for 4 weeks. I still had symptoms after initial treatment so I needed another course of antibiotics. I used good quality probiotics throughout treatment as well as supplements.

    My advice on getting properly diagnosed is be persistent – if you don’t feel well your doctor needs to find out why. Get a second opinion if needed. Also, my immune was shot after the antibiotic treatment and from the disease itself. Sleep, exercise, supplements, and really healthy eating are important in recovery. I still don’t feel like I am back to 100% how I was before Lyme (allergies are worse and I suffer from anxiety) but I keep up with a healthy lifestyle and I am slowly getting there!

  33. Hi, I was curious if anyone had information regarding Lyme and pregnancy? My husband has had Lyme Disease since he was young, and I am curious if there is any way this could be genetically passed on and have an effect on our children?

  34. Hi Kris,

    Thanks so much for the great information – love Dr. Boch! He’s wonderful!

    I was diagnosed with lyme disease in June 2011 and it was completely debilitating. I was in between primary care physicians at the time (due to insurance changes), and was seen by an ER doctor who treated me with antibiotics for 10 days (way too short!) and told me to come back a month later. I had a 101 fever and severe aches and pains for so long, and when I did return to the ER, they ran more blood work that told me I was in early stages of Lupus!!!

    I’m someone who likes to be my own advocate, so I researched (and researched!) lyme disease and came across this site: http://hisgoodherbs.com/HGH-Lyme01.html. I learned that, as Dr. Boch said, lyme disease is the great imitator – and that’s likely why it *looked* like I had Lupus. Lyme was messing with my auto-immune system big time!

    I ordered and took the tincture of teasel from His Good Herbs, and within a week or so, my lyme symptoms began to fade. When I finally found a new primary care physician in September 2011, she ran more blood work and retreated me with a 21-day course of antibiotics. My tests came back negative for both lyme and lupus, thank God.

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks again for the great post!


  35. Thank you for discussing Lyme. I have Chronic Lyme & several co-infections. Myself and fellow lymies have had so many misdiagnosis it’s staggering. Please get tested for Lyme and co-infections at a knowledgeable lab so you know what you are really dealing with. I would highly recommend getting tested through http://www.igenex.com/Website/ Some people also use http://www.frylabs.com/
    In Canada a good resource for info is http://canlyme.com/ It can not be stated enough Lyme is worldwide, many do not have the rash or remember a bite. It can be transmitted through insects other than just the deer tick. If you find an attached tick please remove it properly. This is an example of Dr. Murakami (retired LLMD) 2 removal methods. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9dsmFVPDqs Personally I would keep the tick and send it for testing. I know this is only a fraction of the info people could use but I hope it will help in some small way.
    Much love.

  36. I had Lyme about 26 years ago and I had to ask my doctor to test for it. I had all the symptoms, fatigue, joint aches and he still thought I was crazy. Turned out I had it and was treated early. I live on Long Island and I think the best way is to check yourself and animals and kids every day. Never had a rash either! Horrible disease.

  37. My childhood friend Rosa Williams Nesmith nearly died before she was correctly diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She wrote a book about her experience and is trying to spread the word to help others. This is her website.


  38. Thanks for sharing Kris. So important to know, particularly if you like to go for hikes.

    We are seeing new areas up in Canada where ticks and lyme disease are showing up. Here is an article from the Toronto Star for the areas in Ontario: http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2012/06/22/ticks_that_can_carry_lyme_disease_agent_spreading.html

    Knowledge and identifying the symptoms is so important.

    Keep the info coming,

    Jo-Ann Blondin

  39. Hi All,

    I see Dr. Nicholaz Gonzalez in NYC for my cancer that is incurable in the conventional world. He uses diet, supplements and detoxification to treat all types of cancer and chronic disease and is absolutely amazing.

    He has been treating lyme with great success for many years. I don’t believe that he uses antibiotics.


    Good luck!

  40. Would it be nice if you include closed captioned (CC) for the deaf or hearing impaired so any of us can understand what u and other were saying in your videos.

  41. How do I avoid ticks?

    Wear light-coloured clothing. It makes ticks easier to see and remove before they can attach to feed.
    Wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt.
    Wear closed footwear and socks.
    Tuck your pants into your socks.
    Use a tick repellent that has “DEET” (following the manufacturer’s directions for use). Apply it to your skin and outer clothing. Avoid your eyes and mouth, as well as cuts and scrapes.
    Put a tick and flea collar on your pet and check them for ticks periodically.
    If you frequent the areas where blacklegged ticks are established, examine yourself thoroughly for ticks. It is important to do this each day. Pay special attention to areas such as groin, scalp and armpits. Use a mirror to check the back of your body or have someone else check it.

    What do I do if I find an attached tick?

    Prompt removal of ticks from your skin will help prevent infection, since transmission of the Lyme disease agent usually requires the tick to be attached for more than 24 hours.
    Using fine-tipped tweezers, carefully grasp the tick as close to your skin as possible. Pull it straight out, gently but firmly.
    Don’t squeeze it. Squeezing the tick can cause the Lyme disease agent to be accidentally introduced into your body.
    Don’t put anything on the tick, or try to burn the tick off.
    After the tick has been removed, place it in screw-top bottle (like a pill vial or film canister), and take it to your doctor or local health unit. They can send it to the Ontario Public Health Laboratory for identification. Establishing the type of tick may help to assess your risk of acquiring Lyme disease.
    It is important to remember where you most likely acquired the tick. It will help public health workers to identify areas of higher risk.
    Thoroughly cleanse the bite site with rubbing alcohol and/or soap and water.

    A website for those in Ontario, Canada

  42. Hi Kris,
    As you know I have been fighting Lyme Disease since I was 17 been bitten twice..
    It is so much easier to get your pet treated and tested for Lyme . I am so glad Lola has awesome parents and educated ones 😉
    It comes down to be aware of this disease and go to the right knowledgable doctor. If you catch it early you have a great chance of being healthy. Plan and simple
    So please protect and check yourself, pets, and everyone :)
    Athen CSL

  43. Yes, yes, yes – he is so right!! I will be recommending him to people.

  44. Looking for a Lyme literate doctor in Arizona. I live in the Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  45. In 2004 my daughter became violently ill. I took her to doctor after doctor all over CT. Nothing. According them, there is no illness, no sickness, it must be in her head. She could just about stand up and you think it’s in her head? I spent 2 years and thousands of dollars out-of-pocket before I got lucky and found the right doctor who steered us in the Lyme treatment direction. But her Lyme tests done in CT were always negative and we had never seen a tick bite, so how could it be Lyme?
    In 2006 when she started seeing a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD) we became more knowledgeble about the disease, took chances on the meds and although I am broke, she is back on her feet living a normal life.
    It was a rough road. A very long 6 years of treatment and out-of-pocket expenses but to see her well again, it was well worth it.
    To all the Lyme patients, don’t give up. You can be cured.

  46. I have been diagnosed with Lyme just recently, but have been suffering from chronic joint pain, foot pain, and brain fog for a few years. I am so glad to finally know what is going on and have the correct diagnosis. There were times where I thought I had fibromyaglia and/or arthritis, but with all that has been ailing me Lyme makes more sense. I am seeing a naturopath for it and the supplements and naturopathics have helped but I don’t know if it will be enough to fight it off. I also just found out that it can be inherited. My grandfather died of Lyme and so it’s possible I was born with it and then just last summer I did get a tick bite, and from that point on the symptoms have hit me full force. My doc. is confident that my body is capable of fighting it off and I know it will be a time consuming battle but I will fight it. I’m so glad that you put something on here about Lyme. There are many who don’t fully understand what it is and how it affects you. Thank you.

  47. I’m writing this before reading/listening to Kris’ blog, but I hope this is emphasized, because I must recommend immediately: One of the first things to do, (NOT the “last resort” thing) is to commit to cleansing the gut (colonics) as fast and close together as the body can handle, along with nourishing the gut with very high probiotics and/or cultured/fermented foods in small amounts to start. Then maintenance cleansing should never stop. Just as we continue to clean our teeth and mouth for a lifetime, cleaning the gut should also be a priority! After all, it’s the most unclean part of the entire digestive “tube”! To keep the unfriendly “guests” under control, we must keep it cleaner (just like in our mouth); otherwise, the friendly bacteria can’t do their many jobs and even half of them can turn against us if they have a bad place to live. Having 10 times more microscopic “guests” in or on us (with the majority in our gut) than we have cells, surely means we need to respect and nourish/cleanse the gut. http://www.helpmygut.com http://www.i-act.org http://www.colonic.net

    I have twin girl clients (age 19), after/along with doing many other things, who are now getting much better able to concentrate, study and function in general (including able to drive again). Their mother is so thankful that she says she won’t even care if the insurance company ends up not paying (which they should pay), because, the reason is obvious!

    ALSO, having just attended The Take Back Your Health Conference April 27/28 near Washington, D.C. (founded by Robin Shirley in 2011 with encouragement from David Wolfe of The Longevity Now Conferences/Superfoods fame–which I’ll be attending in California May 3, 4, 5! ), I HIGHLY recommend looking into the AMEN CLINICS Lyme Disease testing/treatment protocols, etc. They have 6 locations now; the closest to me is near D.C. in Reston, VA. Doctor Daniel Amen also speaks/associates with David Wolfe. Website: http://www.AmenClinics.com

    One of our speakers at TBYH Conference was the chief psychiatrist at Dr Daniel Amen’s clinic, namely Dr Joseph Annibali, who’s treated many Lyme Disease/Co-infected patients, including his own family members! They could probably refer people in UK to an experienced Lyme doctor there. He stressed that it’s VERY IMPORTANT to find an experienced and knowledgeable doctor! The symptoms of Lyme can be misdiagnosed and resemble so many other horrendous maladies, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder, etc.!

    Blessings to All

  48. We are being treated by an Integrative Medicine doctor and he is treating chronic Lyme with TruRife. We are just a month and a half in the treatment and feeling terrible. Evidently this is to be expected. His experience is that because Lyme and coinfections hide in biofilms they are unable to be detected by antibiotics, therefore for chronic Lyme patients antibiotics are not that helpful.

    Anyone have any experience with the TruRife and Lyme?

  49. Thank you Chris… again. Please also tell others about the nymph stage of the tick. My husband and I visited the East Coast and returned home with flu like symptoms plus rashes several places on our bodies. We told our West Coast doctor that we had been in Long Island and there was talk about the unknown effects from the early baby stages of the tick called the Nymph stage. They are the size of a freckle or dirt and do not make the text book bulls eye. After 6 different doctors we saw one that immediately said oh you have Lyme symptoms. Because i was “child bearing age” i was given a three day super powerful antibiotic. Within twenty for hours it was like flipping a switch. Unfortunately my husband was given the standard dosage which needed repeating before any relief.

  50. What a great discussion thank-you Kris and Dr Bock! I am currently being treated for what has most likely been a chronic Lyme picture – So far it seems the natural treatment has done amazing things for my long term variable joint pain and swelling previously diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis! This was eventually given this name about 7 years ago! I have also had MS for the past 25 years so we wait and see if the treatment has any effect on the neuro aspects of this! So for any others with a chronic picture do not despair – I have been treated by a QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) practitioner and done a protocol which Qantum Nutrients / Premier Research Labs out of Austin Texas suggest of high dose Betaine Hydrochloride with a couple of other minor dose products. I live in New Zealand and received many tick bites from living in Australia. I also traveled to the East Coast USA end of 2001 which I’m guessing is not tick season and I don’t remember a tick bite although I did a lot of hiking in Maine so who knows! We definitely have this disease here but conventional medicine has not embraced the full awareness of it yet. I am thankful I have had an insightful natural health practitioner.

  51. Dr, Bock actually just tested me for Lyme and am so grateful … don’t have it! :)

  52. Thank you for confirming my intuition on Lyme: when my then two-year old contracted it, I broke with (my own) convention and gave her antibiotics. It remains the only disease for which she has had them. As we were on the road at the time and not as gut flora-savvy as we are now, so she didn’t get the right supplements (for liver support, gut flora, etc) hence we now have a twelve-year old with a slew of allergies! Any ideas how to proceed?
    Thanks for your wonderful website, Kris. I’m not a cancer patient but I love it!

  53. I am 60 years old, had Lyme disease last summer (2012), and was on antibiotics for 2.3 months.
    A few first hand observations:
    – It seems that Lyme first affects the joints that are already compromised in some way and lingers there after treatment.
    – If one is in bed for up to a month, limping around for another month or 2, and feels like there is a lingering of joint pain, try stretching and exercise to strengthen the muscles and tighten the joints. This will help get you back to normal.
    – I found very little improvement with 4 different anti-inflamatories, including Prednisone (3 courses).
    Do these seem to be common among Lyme sufferers?



  54. Ive been sick 20 years this coming Dec. Ive been diagnosed with Lyme, Babesia and Erlichia. Early treatment included IV and orals. Never really got well.. Digestive system is a disaster, havent’ been able to swallow solids in 10 years. Stuck in the South because of financial reasons. Wish I could say I feel hopeful but no, I don’t feel there is any help for me..

  55. Hello,
    I was bit by something when I was pregnant. I had a rash, but my doctor refused to test me because they claimed that, “there are not one case of ticks with Lyme disease in this area..” which is untrue. My boyfriend had a tick on him that tested positive for Lyme. What do you do if you’re doctor refuses to test- and is there concern for my son, since I was pregnant. He is now 10.

    • Please find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD)! Now!

      • I know of a woman who had Lyme and gave it to her unborn child who was sickly her whole life until they figured out what they had. You need to find a Lyme doctor, keep asking around, post on face book, call and get a referral, it is very important that you do this.

  56. I’ve had Lyme for 35 years. I was bitten in California near Santa Cruz when I was 18. No one knew about Lyme then so I was misdiagnosed until 4 years ago. That was when the real struggle began. I’ve struggled with my health, which became significantly worse with treatments. I’ve struggled with doctors who won’t treat adequately or long enough or who won’t look or treat co-infections. I’ve struggled with insurance companies who won’t authorize treatment when I did find a doctor who would at least go part way with me. It’s been a really difficult journey and it’s not over. I’ve struggled with the general population who are ignorant of Lyme and what it does and how prevalent it really is.

    Recently, soon after moving to Texas, I had one Vet. ask me why I was so sick all the time. I told her that I had Neurological, Chronic Lyme. She looked at me as if I had grown two heads and said, “Oh, you must have gotten that up North. We don’t have that in Texas.” I was floored. A veterinarian telling me they don’t have Lyme in Texas? How ignorant could a well educated person be? I guess very, is the answer. I asked her if she had ever heard of the “Lone Star Tick”. She denied every hearing of such an insect. I think it was more from trying to save face than the truth. Needless to say, my dog doesn’t see her.

    So this is all just to say that Lyme patients suffer in so many ways, and most of they far beyond just the physical suffering, which can be immense and profound, that Lyme causes. I have 54 symptoms, most of which come and go but some which are always present. I also have co-diagnosis, which may or may not have their roots in Lyme. I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, Psoriasis, Chronic Migraines, High Blood Pressure, and hernaited disks, to name a few. I have been denied disability, both privately funded and publicly funded because I don’t fit the “box” of known disabilities although I am barely able to make it out of bed on most days. I am not a quitter and I will survive this horrible disease.

    I am currently not on any Western Medicine, such as antibiotics. I am using a very new method which allows my body to see, acknowledge and kill the Lyme on it’s own. Generally, they are called, “Healing Codes”. Only a hand full of people are doing this method but the success rate of those of us lucky enough to have found it, is staggering. Because I am so sick, it will take several years to accomplish this task but I will not give up.

    Lyme also mutates, which makes it harder to find and kill it. Also, because the Lyme bacteria is spirochetal, it doesn’t stay in the blood stream but bores into every bone and tissue in the body, making it inaccessible to blood borne medicines. This is why I have chosen this method of treating my Lyme. I’ve tried almost everything else with varying success, none of it permanent or significant.

    Every time there is a Lyme “Die-off” there is dead Lyme in my body and I go toxic and get very sick. It’s called a Herxheimer reaction. Then I use several methods of clearing the toxins from my system. It’s a crazy disease and getting rid of it is crazy, as well. Lyme is complex, and multi-symptom. It mutates and hides from the immune system. It’s difficult to diagnose and harder to kill. And, it’s my belief, that many more people have it and just don’t know it. I believe that we will see a surge in the number of people being diagnosed in the next 10 years. A great movie to see is “Under Our Skin”. It is on Netflix. It explains Lyme and the controversy surrounding it better than any thing I’ve seen.

    There is hope. Even for someone who’s had it as long as I have. I refuse to give up, even on my worse days. I think that courage is not for the faint of heart.

    Blessings, Hope, and Courage to all my fellow “Lymies” who suffer every day with this horrible, life stealing disease.

    Rachelle LeMond

    • Rachelle,
      Could you give me some more info on how you get these toxins out of your body? My 12 year old has completed 6 months of IV antibiotics and is now in the stage of building her immune system and trying to get stronger. What is “healing codes” and how does it work? Let me know if you can.
      Mary O’Hara

  57. When Dr. Bock said, “Well, I know alot of your listeners are vegans and they’re more naturally-oriented but I would say this is a disorder that really needs to be treated with antibiotics …,” Kris, you said, “We’re definitely not against meds, when we need them.” As one of your followers and a vegan, I completely agree. However, the issue – which exists whether it is with Dr. Bock or anyone else, integrative or not – is that “treatments” are either derived from or contain animal ingredients, whether they are prescription medications OR natural supplements!! It is nearly-impossible to be given a treatment that has not harmed and does not contain animals, even when you ask your practitioner for them! And I am STUCK with not knowing how to proceed. I’m not asking you to reveal anything personal but would be BEYOND grateful if you could share some perspective on this issue as it relates to veganism. What’s a poor, little, sick, vegan girl to do? :/

  58. Hi Everyone,

    I’m 27 years old andI live in West Palm Beach, Florida and have been misdiagnosed with several autoimmune diseases (i.e., lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, etc.). All of my blood work has come back negative. I saw an infectious disease doctor who told me I had a false positive for lyme disease. I am desperate to seek answers. I have not been well since 2008. I don’t know what else to do because I have been through SO many tests and blood work. Doctors are beginning to think it’s psychological. My life has been forever changed. In the midst of this chaos, I was diagnosed with sensory neuropathy. My symptoms have been getting worse. I’m lost and just trying to manage my health the best I know how to. My symptoms are as follows: constant nausea, constant headaches in back of head (some piercing), hot sweats, the shakes, extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss, eye discomfort/dry eyes, diarrhea, chest pain, heart palpitations/fluttering, shortness of breath, racing heart, tingling and numbness in arms, fingers (painful), legs, toes, left side of face, purple feet, extreme foot cramps, achy muscles (arms, neck, back, abdomen), easy bruising, mild tremors in arms and hands (comes and goes), neuropathy (nerve damage), memory problems. It was recommended that I go to John Hopkins or Mayo Clinic, but I don’t have the finances. If anyone has any recommendations, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I’m desperate!

    Thank you,


    • Shauna,
      You have to find a doctor that knows about Lyme Disease. I took my 12 year old to an infectious disease specialist and I knew more about Lyme than he did. Keep asking people, look on facebook, I can give you our doctor in CA # and you can see if she knows anyone if Florida who knows about this. We have been treated with IV’s and she is so much better but we still have work ahead of us. Don’t give up, just find the right doctor.

  59. Why are people not protecting dogs with k9 advantage from fleas and ticks ear mites and worms and heart worms. Unfortunately people must be protected by checking but animals are easy to protect. Hope all goes well. Good luck ! Callie

  60. good work, but you forgot to mention the parasites which come along with the tick 50% of the time: babesiosis, Bartonella, and Erlichiosis. these need to be treated with an anti-parasitic medication, similar to treating malaria or typhoid. Mepron is the medication of choice. if you don’t treat the parasite, the antibiotics will not be, ultimately, effective. i had to do this. After being on anti-biotics for 6 months, which were not giving me much SX relief, i took Mepron. within one week i felt 50% better.

  61. Hi Kris
    Thanks SO much for bringing awareness how to prevent and treat this disease.
    Glad you pointed out at the 3.5 minute mark (compared to the beginning when he said you have a rash always), that to know that only 50% of the time (give or take?) the bullseye rash occurs. Often the baby nymph ticks are not even seen, nor is there always a rash. FYI.

    Also if you see a tick on your dog use tweezers! Don’t touch it to get it off.

    Also hope is available, there is a great Ayurvedic Dr, Dr. Naram from india that helped many get symptom free when western meds and all other lyme MD’s did not. He goes to the USA 2x a year.
    Healing to all.

  62. lynda said on May 1, 2013

    I really enjoy your site – bought your book and am trying to live by it! I had tests for Lyme disease that showed I had it- and all the symptoms were there. My doctor said she had to treat me as though I had Lyme disease beacuse of the postive test results “even though she did not believe that Lyme disease is real”. Yes. You heard me. I went to a second doc who had the same mind set. I now see a functional medicine doctor and am getting the care I need. If your doc does not think Lyme disease is “real” leave them. Find a doc who will listen to you. Thanks for this post.

  63. Thank you for sharing this! I am another one in your thread here dealing with Lyme along with my entire family. I am so thankful you are shining some light on Lyme. One thing that really made the difference for me with Lyme disease was tracking my symptoms and those of my kids.
    My passion is empowering people on this Lyme journey to reclaim their health and get themselves back on the road to recovery. I created a site for Lyme:
    http://lyme.chronic-tracker.com to help people get better faster. We’ve done it…after over 10 years we are putting Lyme and it’s symptoms behind us. We struggled so much at first and it took keeping track of what we were doing, feeling, and who we were seeing, and observing what was really working for each of us…to be able to make the decisions about how to spend our precious resources in the best way possible. Recovering from LYme can be SO expensive…but it doesn’t have to be. Anyway – I hope if anyone reading this has LYME they will take heart and NOT give up. It feels amazing to be on the other side now…and I just KNOW this awareness video piece and others will provide the information to lead you to what will work for YOU. Much love & gratitude, amazing Ms. Carr. Thank you thank you!

  64. Meg said on May 3, 2013

    I teach young children and we have found that the best way to remove un-embedded ticks without exposing ourselves to them is to catch them with the sticky side of a piece of transparent tape and then quickly close it. Then we can look at the insect and also discard it safely. It’s easy to carry gift wrapping tape with you on a hike or to the beach.

  65. Sarah said on May 3, 2013

    I’m so appreciative that you are spreading awareness on this issue. Everybody needs to know what to look out for and what to do if bitten. Everybody! One bite and your life can change. Mine sure did. Prevention and early detection + treatment is key, or things can become very, very complicated.

    I’ll be posting this on my Lyme Community page: http://www.facebook.com/getlostlyme
    Everybody is welcome to visit and be a part of the discussion.

    Thanks again, Kris!

  66. This is so timely for me and my household. Even though it is still snowing here in MN, my puggle’s diagnosis was just confirmed today as being Lyme positive. I took him in yesterday as I suspected Lyme – she agreed and started him on an antibiotic and a pain med. Today he can walk again and is eating and drinking (which he wasn’t yesterday – and that was the scariest part). With today’s confirmed diagnosis I learned that he will be on antibiotics for an entire month and we will need to do more blood work in 6 months to make sure the antibiotics worked. I’m very grateful for my vet’s knowledge and for this video so I can keep a closer eye on myself and my kids (they are 3 & 5).

    Thank you so much, Kris & Dr. Bock!

  67. Thanks so much for spreading awareness of tick borne diseases. Many of the pathogens are chronic. Brucellosis, Q fever, Mycoplasmal and Chlamydial infections can all be chronic as well. The ticks are injecting a myriad of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and parasites into us. We do not even have tests for many of the pathogens. We see lyme patients show up with compromised immune systems and coming down with the opportunisitic infections of AIDS patients. We need research to understand and eradicate these pathogens and we do not need to spend valuable tax payer monies on a vaccine that will not be able to address all the pathogens.

  68. The interveiw with Dr. Bock is one of interest for me as I have been treated and suffered with chronic Lyme Disease for years. I will contact Dr. Bock as I live in NY near Hudson Valley. I am also interested in purchasing the book you have about juices for health. I wish I had purchased it @ the conference in NYC “IGNITE”. Thank you and have a good day. Sincerely, Janet Bacon

  69. Viki said on May 6, 2013

    I had Lyme Disease last year and I can’t stress enough how important is to be pushy with your Doc. I started out with an EXTREMELY itchy rash, which is a pretty rare symptom, apparently. Because of the rash, my Docs were unable to see the bullseye mark. Because my Mom is a nurse, she kept pushing me to go back when the steroids they gave me didn’t do anything. Thank goodness she did because it turned out I had already moved into the second stage of Lyme Disease. Some of my other symptoms were fatigue, elevated blood pressure and flu-like symptoms.

    I still suffer from the fatigue, which I might have for the rest of my life. Thankfully, I have a great support system who understands when I just have to nap, even if I don’t want to! Pay attention to your body and if it doesn’t feel “right”, seek treatment quickly!

  70. I’ve had Chronic Lyme Disease since 2006. I was bitten by a tick, pulled it out, & got the classic Bull’s eye rash 10 days later. My life basically stopped at that point. I have been to so many doctors in the past and still do, get shots in my back (I have Lyme Arthritis) & take approximately 14 medications with no hope in sight. I’m praying for a cure.

  71. I have been diagnosed with Lyme’s…and live in California and cannot find the right Dr…do you have a referral or perhaps be treated long distance from someone in Northeast?

    • My 12 year old daughter has Lyme, it took me a while to find a doctor. We live in Orange County, our Doctor is Lyme literate, she is amazing and has helped so many people. Her name is
      Dr. Chitra Bhakta and she is in Santa Ana CA
      801 N. Tustin Ave. #405
      Santa Ana CA 92705 714 667 5222
      Good luck

  72. Although Lyme disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick, (See http://www.cdc.gov/lyme/transmission/index.html ) knowledge of any given tick bite is not helpful to predicting whether or not you may have Lyme disease: the majority of individuals that contract Lyme disease will not remember the tick bite. Also, only 2% of tick bites result in Lyme disease. Late spring and early summer are the highest risk season for Lyme disease, when the nymphal stage of the ticks emerge. Adults ticks are present year round and can be feeding any time when temperature exceed 40 degrees. Although both genders and all ages are susceptible, Lyme disease is most common among boys aged 5-19 and adults 30 or older.

  73. Ryan said on May 8, 2013

    I think it’s so important to continue educating on Lyme’s disease. It is misdiagnosed so often.

  74. My 12 year old daughter has Chronic Lyme Disease, she got them from mosquitoes in Yosemite CA. I just wanted to make you aware that you can get it from mosquitoes as well. She did 6 months of IV antibiotics and now we are trying to build her immune system. She is so much better but still very sickly. Thanks for making people aware. Here is her website

  75. Lyme disease (LD) is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacterium called a spirochete (pronounced spy-ro-keet) that is carried by deer ticks. An infected tick can transmit the spirochete to the humans and animals it bites. Untreated, the bacterium travels through the bloodstream, establishes itself in various body tissues, and can cause a number of symptoms, some of which are severe.

  76. Kris – Thank you so much for this terrific video on Lyme disease and for mentioning infrared sauna therapy as a supplemental treatment option. As you know, we are big fans of a holistic approach to health and wellness and of functional/integrative medicine. ~The team at Sunlighten infrared saunas

  77. Andy said on May 21, 2013

    Thank you for posting this valuable information. I have a four month old boy and I always worry when we are on our outside walks. I see bees and other bugs flying around and my paranoia kicks in. I guess I’m not too far off in my worries. A small bit can cause extreme health issues so it’s important to be aware of the signs. Keep up the great work, I love reading your blog.

  78. I just saw this video on Lyme, so I’m a little late to comment. I am in the midst of intense IV treatments for Lyme by a fantastic Lyme Literate MD. The emotional trauma just trying to obtain a diagnosis, let alone suffering the actual symptoms are enough to make you feel crazy. As a psychotherapist and writer, I’ve decided to document my journey on my blog:http://writeronpause.blogspot.com. It’s a working journal for this experience, and I hope it will serve to make others feel less alone and be a reminder that you are NOT crazy. I don’t have to re-iterate to my other fellow Lymies out there it takes an extraordinary amount of strength to soldier on through this illness. I hope one day that everyone can get the proper treatment we deserve!

  79. Lyme Disease is one of the most stubborn, treatment-resistant infections in the world. It is also spreading rapidly on all continents. Recent research indicates that, in addition to tick bites, Lyme Disease may also be transmitted by sexual contact and bites from other insects.

  80. Eight months after a number of tick bites I nearly died. I was in hospital for a week with no diagnoses and only the offer of anti-depressants. Thankfully I met and was treated by a natural health scientist who saved my life using herbal teas to cleanse my kidneys and liver. It was the liver cleanse that I really needed. Yes, two cups of Alfalfa leaf tea a day saved my life!
    Symptoms persisted and I found great relief using Dr Hulda Clark’s protocol – http://www.drclark.net and I removed over 1000 stones after doing her liver flush every 2-4 weeks for over a year. Although some uncomfortable symptoms persist, I go surfing regularly. Twenty years of chronic fatigue is gone as are my food allergies and many other symptoms!!! I’m surfing some of the biggest and best waves of my life! What joy!
    I am reluctant to take antibiotics for fear of losing the good health I do have. But due to the discomfort that I still experience, I will if need be. Its been over four years so I’m in the chronic category! Lyme in Australia is very controversial but I had all the symptoms and the bullseye which I thought was ringworm that wouldn’t respond to treatment. I now know better. The tests that I had the week after being bitten seem only useful for the paper they were printed on which could be used for one thing. (Excuse me for that suggestion!) But before trying antibiotics, I am now awaiting shipment of my Dr Clark Varigamma/zapper which can be set to the specific frequency of any parasite, bacteria, virus etc including the Lyme bacterium, to electrocute them! I am sharing my story and the great treatments I have used, you can read more if you like – http://www.dianneellis.com.au
    I need ideas for a new website so I came to have another look at your site Kris which looks great and seems very functional. I was so surprised to see your talk with Dr Bock and all the tips on Lyme Disease. FANTASTIC!! Many thanks. Good on you, you’re doing such great work. An inspiration!

  81. Ticks are carriers of the Lyme bacterium in their stomachs. The ticks then are vectors that can transmit the bacterium to humans with a tick bite. The number of cases of the disease in an area depends on the number of ticks present and how often the ticks are infected with the bacteria. In certain areas of New York, where Lyme disease is common, over half of the ticks are infected. Lyme disease has been reported most often in the northeastern United States, but it has been reported in all 50 states, as well as China, Europe, Japan, Australia, and parts of the former Soviet Union. In the United States, it is primarily contracted in the Northeast from the states of Maine to Maryland, in the Midwest in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and in the West in Oregon and Northern California.

  82. Greetings! I am currently being treated for Lyme disease with doxycycline 2x a day for 2 weeks. My symptoms began less than a day after I returned to NYC from visiting the Catskills for a 3 day weekend. Stiff neck, sore muscles, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, head ache, exhaustion, brain fog, chills and 102 degree fever. I never saw the tick or the tell tale “bulls eye” rash.

    I am grateful the MD I went to was willing to hear about my symptoms & recent visit upstate and treat me for Lyme before the blood test result for Lyme antibodies came back. My concern is that even though I started antibiotic treatment quickly that 2weeks isn’t enough. Is four weeks more effective to avoid chronic Lyme? On the CDC website they recommend 10-21 days.

    Thanks in advance!
    Peace + Wellness ~T

  83. Good morning!

    A post by a fellow blogger inspired me so much this morning that I’d love to help her out.

    Here it is: http://www.practicallypure.com/2014/02/my-natural-acne-routine-progress.html

    We communicated on Twitter after I read this very courageous and revealing account of her battle with debilitating Lyme’s disease and acne.

    I asked her if she has ever tried infrared saunas. She wrote that she is too sick to get out but it is one of the things she would love to try to relieve her pain and suffering. (The exchange is on Twitter between @saritacoren and @PracticalPure.)

    I would love to start a campaign to raise money to help her called “Sofie Needs a Sauna.” Can you help guide me on this process?

    Thank you so much,


  84. I had Lyme disease for 2 years before anyone could figure out what was wrong with me. I finally underwent a few blood tests which showed I was positive for Lyme. I experienced temporary paralysis and blindness in both eyes- it is a very frightening disease. A friend told me how her husband had been healed of Lyme with homeopathy years ago so I gave it a try. I was healed in 6 months…no antibiotics needed. With biofeedback, my homeopath was also able to find 7 borellia co-infections that needed to be wiped out as well. I am very thankful to feel alive and well once again!

  85. I’m new to your website. And this may have been mentioned before…And please know I say this with love. Please be very careful, and ask your vet about the side effects of the Lyme vaccine!!! Our sweet, at the time, 5 month old puppy almost died from it. I spent 6 weeks nursing him back, and as he ages (he is now 4) he will have issues with his hind legs as his growth plates were so altered by the vaccine.
    I thought nothing of it….I wish I had known!

  86. Help me please, I now am what I thought was a healthy person all my life prior to battering lymes 4. 18 yrs now inially missed diagnosed with bullseye rash flu etc. then 3 months later Bell’s palsy they thought I had stoke. Lymes discovered
    Under treated. Nightmare continues. Recently got it agitating this past summer put on doxy x 3 weeks started to see a lot of past symptoms ease up now 6 mo later lost 25 lbs in 3 mo
    Checked 4 pancreatic cancer. Due to much aching there
    Scan neg. for it. Thank God. But now bloodl shows type 1 diabetes may need insulin. Down to 125 lb. at height of5’7
    Not pretty. I’ve had surg, disorders etc. that r unexplainable. In an otherwise healthy person. I feel I’m losing my battle with this disease! I live in Waukesha WI. Any recommendations on a TRULY KNOWLEGDABLE Doc?
    Please help & respond ASAP
    Thank u & God bless
    Renee. Thomas

  87. WMTW New Channel eight has reported 18 new cases of Babesiosis “Babesia” just lately recognized in Maine.

  88. In need of kris’ doctor resources. I have her crazy sex cancer books, follow her on FB and joined b-school through her spotlight course, which it am much looking forward to. However, my life is at a complete stop twitch being diagnoses as having chronic Lyme disease. I haven met with several specialist and I follow everything to the letter. I eliminate sugar, take all supplements, and all required antibiotics but I don’t feel I am getting better. I am willing to travel anywhere to meet with a top doctor who specializes in Lyme but it is difficult to find the right one. I am hoping and praying Kris May know since she researched so many docs on her recovery from cancer. I have a 1 and 3 year old who need their mommy strong! I also am a doctor of psychology and I find I am having memory issues at work impairing my job, which terrifies me! Ai love my job. And I am also not being very nice to my husband who trying to support me. So if Kris’s could guide me in the direction of an excellent doctor, I will make it happen. I just want my life back. Thank you!!!

  89. I’ve heard about a new ultraviolet machine called the UVLRx that’s being used for Lyme patients. It uses a fiber optic thread which is inserted directly into the vein and the treatment lasts for an hour, so all the blood is treated. Has anyone tried this?