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Hi Sweet Friends,

This week I’m introducing you to one of my personal doctors. Kenneth Bock, Integrative MD, is the captain of my healing team. Dr. Bock’s expertise and advice are essential to my wellness and so is his lovely friendship. I’m lucky enough to have Bock Integrative in my backyard, but for those of you who do not have a Dr. Bock of your own (I’ll tell you how to find an integrative practitioner later in the blog), I’ve brought him to my home and yours with this Chat & Chew episode to discuss supplements.

Over the years, I’ve received thousands of questions about supplements. Here’s the sitch, there is no one-size-fits-all supplement prescription, but there are some basics that will help to get you started. In addition to the three supplements I talk about with Dr. Bock, I’ve included additional recommendations below.

You might be asking yourself, why can’t I get everything my body needs from a well-balanced diet? I sure wish we could. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case in today’s world. Modern farming practices and environmental issues have depleted the vitamins and nutrients in our food. Plus, everyone’s nutritional needs are unique, especially when facing a health challenge.

Think of supplements as your insurance policy. This is why I completely agree that the best way to proceed with creating a supplement program is with the guidance of a trained professional. Magazine articles and cleansing fads can lead you down a confusing road that wastes your time and money. A trained professional will look under your hood (so to speak) and carefully analyze where you’re deficient and why. They’ll also offer nutrition advice to complement your protocol. After about 3-4 months you’ll want to schedule a follow up to see how it’s all working. Quick story: A few years ago I was deficient in CoQ10, even though I was taking the proper dosage. Turns out my body didn’t like (or absorb) the brand I was taking. Once I moved to a new brand, my levels balanced out. I never would have known if I wasn’t under supervision.

Word to the wise (and let’s take a deep breath together): It’s easy to get overwhelmed by supplements, but integrating them into your life doesn’t need to become a second job. I may take a lot of supplements today, but I didn’t start full tilt boogie. My supplement routine has built up and changed over time and yours can too (if you’d like). Plus, you may not need to take it to the lengths that I have. Sister Kris is one complicated broad and like it or not, I need more help than the average (yet stunning) Jane.

Remember my Crazy Sexy Gentle: How to Cleanse in 2013 post last week? It’s all about turtle power. Slow and steady. Take your time, choose quality over quantity, and figure out what works best for your beautiful bod. Flexibility helps too. I’m not perfect (surprise!). I forget to take my supplements and sometimes I’m naughty about going to the doctor regularly, but on the whole, I try my best to prioritize my health and adjust my routine to life in the present moment.

For example, when I’m on the road, I don’t carry every single supplement known to man. While traveling, I pack my B12, Vitamin D, probiotic, adrenal herbs, magnesium (helps keep the trains moving on time, AKA travel constipation!), omega 3’s and green powder (I like Amazing Grasses brand–for when I can’t get fresh green juice). Use the information in this blog and my Chat & Chew conversation with smarty-pants Dr. Bock as your stepping stone. Ready? I truly hope this post helps you on your quest for sound advice and answers.

Here’s an overview of my supplement showdown with Dr. Bock:

Dr. Bock Tip: If possible, get tested by an integrative MD who can tailor a supplement program for your unique needs and prescribe pharmaceutical-grade supplements. If this is not possible (location or finances), make sure you choose high-quality supplements at the store or online. They may be more expensive, but your long-term health is worth the investment. And in case you’re interested, Garden of Life and Pure Encapsulations are a couple other over-the-counter supplement brands I trust.

How can you find an Integrative Doc? It’s always ideal to get a referral from a pal or family member, but when that isn’t possible, the world wide web offers some great resources. Check out the directories below and interview your doctors to make sure they’re the right fit for your healing team. Another bonus to seeing an experienced integrative MD is that they have vetted supplement companies for you and selected the top quality brands.

Starter Supplements:

Omega 3’s (brain & heart health): Dr. Bock recommends high-quality fish oil or flax oil. There are also algae-based, vegan brands such as Life’s DHA and Dr. Ohirra’s Essential Living Oils. (Fun side note: Dr. Oz introduced me to Life’s DHA when he dropped by my home for some green juice and conversation and filmed a “house call” for my Oprah appearance.) If you’re taking flax oil, keep in mind that B vitamins and zinc aid omega-3 absorption. And if you take fish oil, consider taking a Vitamin E supplement to neutralize free radicals. You can read more about omega-3’s in this Harvard University article.

Vitamin D (bone health & immune system support): Vitamin D is fat soluble (not water soluble), which means that taking too much of it can actually be toxic. A general guideline is 1000-2000 IU’s per day. If your Vitamin D levels are low or if you have cancer, you may need to take more (under the supervision of an integrative MD or naturopath). It’s also important to make sure that the brand is high-quality by checking the label for the word “gamma” (not just alpha). If you’re vegan, I can’t give you a definitive answer on whether D2 (plant-based) is as effective as D3 (animal-based). This particular debate has not been put to rest to the best of my knowledge. This is a personal choice and I recommend that you do research and check out the Vegetarian Resource Group’s take on Vitamin D before making a decision. You have to do what feels right for you. If possible, consult a knowledgeable physician who understands your needs. Full disclosure: I take the non-vegan D3 prescribed by Dr. Ken Bock, which is made by Prothera (5,000 IUs). I used to take 10,000 IU’s because my Vitamin D was extremely low. Because I was taking such a high dose I had to get my blood tested every 3 months. Now that my levels are where they need to be (between 70-90 for a cancer patient), I don’t need to be tested as much.

Probiotics (digestive system & immune system support–approximately 60 percent of your immune system lives in your gut!): Quality is queen as always, especially for probiotics. Dr. Bock suggests that you get your probiotics through an integrative MD, but he also recommends Dr. Ohirra’s brand as an over-the-counter option (you can find Ohirra’s on Amazon.com). Look for a probiotic that offers 20-25 billion (not millions!) of CFUs (colony forming units). I recommend finding one that has (at the very least) lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. Look for a vegetarian brand with enteric coating, which keeps the bacteria safe inside the capsule until it reaches the small intestine.

B12 (nervous system support): Although Dr. Bock did not mention B12 during our Chat & Chew, it is a crucial supplement for vegans. It may surprise you that B12 is naturally produced by microorganisms in soil and water. When animals eat and drink water from the earth, they ingest these B12-producing microorganisms. Vegans don’t reap the benefits of these microorganisms because of modern hygiene and thorough washing of produce. Most practitioners recommend 2.4 micrograms of B12 per day. Dr. Bock gives it to his patients subcutaneously (injection) or as a nasal spray. If taking B12 orally, he recommends taking it sublingually (under the tongue for quick absorption into the bloodstream). Lastly, make sure you choose a B12 in the form of methylcobalamin (check label), since this form of B12 is absorbed best in your body.

Again, this information is just a push in the right direction–not a prescription. These general guidelines and tips are here to encourage you to put your health first. Pay attention to the points that resonate with you and start there.

Your turn: In the comments below, add your take on supplements. I want to hear from you. If you have any tips, please share. Let’s create a bevy of knowledge that brings our understanding and wellness to the next level as a community.

Peace & patient progress,

Kris Carr

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  1. Thank you Kris and Dr. Bock!! I really liked Dr. Bock’s statement that integrative medicine is about optimal health… Jeez Louise, I wish insurance companies saw it that way!

    As of right now, I only take B12 (I’m vegan) but I’m interested to know if I have any deficiencies – this was the push I needed to get tested! Thanks again!

    • I have been learning about all the vitamins. I never heard of CoQuinone until recently. My mother in law got her vitamin D level tested by her doc and found it to be about a 7. She needs to be above 50 or more. Now she is back to feeling better and has more energy after taking pharmaceutical grade supplements we sell called USANA. I have friends with fibromyalgia and chronic disease but their regular docs push drugs at them and not supplements. I am trying to educate them on how to be healthier and find a doc who will look at their overall wellness. I am going to a naturopath doc this week after a bad experience with my regular doc who tried to put me on antibiotics ‘just to try something, to see what worked.’

      Thanks for the great info!

    • Look at the book Nutri Search comparative guild to Nutritional Supplements
      ( Professional version ) by Lyle Dean MacWilliam and read the whole thing so you understand about blending standards, I don’t use anything myself rated under a 70.
      You can find it at Amazon for $25.00 It rates almost all the vit brands out their.

    • How does Dr. Block feel about us vegans taking zinc supplements to provide some balance against all the copper we consume? Research shows that copper drives angiogenesis. Many plant foods are high in copper and low in bioavailable zinc.


  2. Dear Kris, THANK YOU for the inspirational session!

    How is Dr. Bock recommending to take the supplements? Are there supplements that should not be taken together? Or can I just put them all on a big spoon and goggle down?

    Thank you!

    • I’m looking forward to hearing the answer to the recommendation of when to take vitamins….

      • Love! Love! Love! Thank you, Kris and Dr. Bock!

        After years of my own reading and research on the subject, I have to say that correctly timing how to take my supplements is still somewhat a mystery. Some labels reference whether or not to take with meals, how many times a day, etc. However, most say nothing, especially regarding what can be taken together, and what would be more beneficial taken apart from one another.

        With so much info out there, how do we always seem to miss touching on this?

  3. How do we tell which are the best beans; the highest quality. They all want us to believe THEY are the best.
    Thank you so much for helping so many!
    You go girl!!!

    • Hi Sue. Check out consumerlab.org. Lots of scientific research on hundreds of supplements. A great resource!

    • I’m also trying to get to the bottom of that question, Sue. How should we define “best”– by type and quantity of polyphenols, by bioavailability of certain minerals and amino acids, by the glycemic response they evoke, by their copper content, which we now know drives angiogenesis?

      Through talking with scientists, I’ve learned recently that the best way to cook beans is to steam them–either in a pot with a steamer or in a pressure cooker that has one. You should soak beans first–yes, even small beans, says food scientist Dr. Sam Chang, and to increase the bioavailability of amino acids, you should germinate them. (That’s an ordeal for many of us. They still have some bioavailable protein, he says, even if you don’t soak them.)

      In terms of fermentable fiber, the new buzz word, I think most pulses are the same. I’m still checking though. When I finish this research project, I’ll report back.


  4. Hi. Thanks for this important information about supplements. Do you know about Do_Terra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack? Its a program that makes it convenient and affordable for anyone to take 3 core supplements like Alpha CRS. XEO Mega and Microplex. They include blends of Curcumin, Boswellic Acids, Coenzymes, Certified Pure Grade essential oils Omegas whole food vitamins, antioxidants and a blend of herbs and digestive enzymes. I’ve been taking them for almost a month now and I truly feel the difference. I’d love to know spread the word about this blend and other Do_Terra 100% pure grade Therapeutic essential oils. Thank you. Namaste. Sara

  5. Good morning and thank you, Kris and Dr. Bock!

    I’ve been wondering a lot about (and have tried researching) how long one needs to be on pro-biotics. Most unfortunately, my teenage dermatologist had me on anti-biotics (tetracycline, etc) for at least 5, if not 8 years! :( :( :( Sadly, I still suffer from acne and am topically trentinoin-dependent; however, changing my diet has improved my skin, as well as taking cod liver oil (yay to omega 3’s, Vitamin D AND Vitamin A!). I also took pro-biotics to attempt to re-establish a biotically-balanced gut again, :) but since most our original healthy flora came from our mamas, I assume that pro=biotics would not be a long-term supplement, provided we don’t need/have to take antibiotics. Is that a safe assumption?!

    Thanks for your time!!


    • Hey Laura. The body has the ability to re-establish it’s natural flora as long as you give the body some time from the bad foods, flush the body and the re-introduce som good bacteria. Some say you don’t need to take propiotics because the body can recover itself if you give it the right circumstances.

      I have chronic fatigue, and I thought I could eat myself to good health again. It can’t be done in mye situation.Brought my body too far down. So you have to do a gallbladder,liver, kidney flush to get stones out. That are blocking your digestion pretty much. Get the old stuff out, and in with the new.

      I also took tetracycline and Accutan.

  6. Hi Kris,

    This video is awesome! thank you so much!

    I know that in the past you listed some of your favorite supplement brands but it would be great to know if you have any other recommendations or if the list has changed.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


  7. Hey Kris! About vegan vitamin D3, it can be cultured from lichen and I take one made by Nordic Naturals: http://www.nordicnaturals.com/en/Products/Product_Details/514/?ProdID=1673

    As for vegan omega 3’s: instead of eating fish oil or even flax, I just take microalgae oil that has both DPA and EPA. That’s what the fish eat that make them so high in omega 3’s anyway! But microalgae is cruelty-free. :) This is what I use:

    xxoo :)

    • Wow!
      thank you, I thought the only way to get vegan omega 3 was from chia and flaxseed and i can see this is a new approach.
      thanks again for sharing.

  8. This is very exciting! My worlds are colliding!

    For 8 years my health has been managed by an Integrative Medicine M.D. (Dr. Christine Gustafson) who also used Functional Medicine. The last year of Dr. Gustafson’s life, her professional colleague, Dr. Elizabeth Board, became her partner in the practice, so became my doctor as well. Since April 2012, I have actually been working in the office of these amazing doctors. Sadly, we lost Dr. Gustafson last year, but Dr. Board has been able to continue with her good work. and is still my doctor and my boss. I am very lucky. I checked the link to the IFM and Betsy (Dr. Board) is indeed listed on the link.

    It is wonderful that you are giving a broad exposure to this important branch of medicine. “First, do no harm,” — Hippocrates

  9. The biggest deficit in our diets are fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus provides the nutrients from the plants in concentrated form – capsules or chewies. It’s the most researched supplement of its kind in the world. And it’s simply fruits and vegetables – you cannot overdose on it, it won’t create imbalances like other isolated supplements, and it’s actually proven to keep you healthy.

    • I’m a Juice Plus+ fan as well. I love the fact that it is just food and because of that I get the nutrients I need while expelling those I don’t. Good stuff.

    • Hi Lisa!
      I was just wondering how long you’ve been using Juice Plus+? My friend recently introduced me to it and I’m still trying to decide whether to try it or not, i’m about 8 months pregnant right now & wasn’t sure if it’s safe to take……..
      Any info you can lend re: the product would be greatly apopreciated :)
      Thanks Much,

  10. Thank you so much for this! Very enlightening. I’m curious to know if Dr. Bock believes in getting a flu vaccine. I don’t trust them, but I’m getting a lot of flack from people I know!

  11. Oh, I forgot – how does Dr. Bock feel about getting probiotics from fermented foods such as kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut etc.?

  12. Hey Kris,
    Great interview. I would love to hear more from Dr. Bock! I was wondering if you would tell me who your integrative oncologist is? I am a breast cancer survivor and need to find an oncologist that “gets it”!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. Completely appreciated. I really needed this today.

  14. Thanks for posting this interview. I got the book mentioned in the beginning of the interview a few years ago when my son was diagnosed with autism and he ended up getting completely removed from the spectrum a year later by following his protocol. Wish I had Dr. Bock in my backyard too!

  15. Hello,

    First off it’s nice to see another Bock out there…rare to see any with the same spelling.

    I am curious about what was mentioned about the probiotics and how some pass through and some stick. Other than getting high quality is there a certain form of it that will make it stick rather than just pass through?

    Also, I was told a few years back to suppliment with D and did and my levels came back up. Last year I began shifting my diet to more raw vegan and started juicing and doing smoothies. I stopped the D and later went for my physical and bloodwork w/o telling my doctor that I stopped the D and all of my bloodwork came back great. My doctor is a vegetarian so she is very encouraging with how I am now eating. I do not like to suppliment though I agree we are bombarded with toxins these days. Could I be absorbing enough from my food now or does D take a while to show any deficiency? I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia years ago too and have a family history of Migraines but after taking meat out of my diet and eating mostly raw 90% of my pain issues is gone. I am a strong believer that we can heal ourselves; give our bodies what it needs to heal through food, exericise and good thoughts but suppliments I am skeptical about.

    Thank you for this interview…it was a joy to listen to and watch and keep up the healthy work!!

    Sandy Bock

  16. Thanks you for this chat with Dr. Bock . Would it be possible to address Homocystein some time and what it means to have 17.5 value.
    Also I do not understand what the following from my bloodtest means . B12 shows 356 pg/ml, folic acid -13.3 ng/ml, Dhea 94.5.
    I am getting conflicting explanations . Have started taking Synervit , a combination of B6, folic acid and B12 to lower Homocystein . Would be grateful for Dr. Bocks comments .I am in Germany and had these bloodtests taken in Germany .recently .
    Love reading your blogs and am grateful for the good message of health you are spreading . Magdalene

  17. I so need to thank you for posting all this info. I have been getting confused as to whether or not take supplements. My husband and I are eating a high intake of raw foods, green juices and so on, but I have read from some other nutritional sources that would say supplements are a waste of money. Our nutrionist suggested the same supplements that you and Dr. Bock spoke of, and physically we do feel better having added them in. So, definetly great to hear that it isn’t a waste of money. I guess I should also pay attention to how my body is responding, because feeling better was a good clue that supplements are beneficial for me. Great work Kris, you are awesome. Dr. Bock is so laid back, open & aproachable. Nice to see a doctor like that.
    Wishing you the Best of Health & Happiness

  18. Love this!! I really believe in the power of supplements for optimum health. I get all of the above and more in LifePak Nano from NuSkin which is a high quality multi-vitamin and supplements pack. Thanks for this excellent and informative interview, Kris!

  19. What came across in the interview so loud and clear is the close relationship you have to your wellness team, and especially this man. I think that relationship, and happiness with your healthcare team is the most important aspect of staying healthy. Great interview (as always), and I can’t wait to see him on your program again soon. I love you Kris.

  20. I recently went to Dr. Kieth Block in Chicago and was put on a regime of many supplements. Thank you for your perspective. It seems like a full time job scheduling and taking the supplements. It helped to hear this. Do you know of Dr. Block’s work? Life over Cancer.
    I have stage four non-Hodgkins lymphoma with it presenting last in my femur. I feel like I am fighting stronger by juicing, diet changes and supplements. Thank you!

  21. Hi Kris,

    I love your website and your message and was happy to see this Chat and Chew on supplements. Vitamin D2 is the vegan version of vitamin D. I haven’t seen Vitamin D3 in a vegan form. There is some controversy on whether D2 is effective in the same dosage (usually recommended is higher levels).

    Also, for probiotics, people need to ensure that the probiotic product is clinically tested. Because probiotics are living organisms, they are finicky little buggers and need to be handled with care. If the finished product is not clinically tested, you can’t be sure that they are alive and kicking in the old digestive tract.

    Wishing all the CSLifers a beautiful Monday,

  22. Just realized you said Dr. Kieth Block was your oncologist. I wonder why you don’t use him for the supplements and testing?

    • I do use him too. Ken is 30 mins from my house. Easier and he works on different issues with me. :)

      • Thanks! It feels good to have decisions backed up and supported. I appreciate hearing this. I flew out in November from California and met with Dr. Block. My oncologist here thought it was a waste of money. But I feel better taking this action verses watching and waiting. Appreciate you!

  23. Thank you Kris for bringing such great information on integrative medicine into the mainstream. I am very fortunate to have a well respected Integrative Medicine Center affiliated with The Ohio State University here in my hometown of Columbus, OH. For those not so lucky, another great resource for information on supplements and quality is consumerlab.org. They test hundreds of supplements and report on the highest quality brands and those that don’t live up to their claims. There is a small membership fee to access all the reports, but it is well worth it for the wealth of information and scientific research.

  24. OK, Kris, I have a HUGE question I need an answer to. I started taking a real food New Chapter Organics B complex as I began to eat less dairy wanting to clean under my hood. lol. BUT, I got huge anxiety right away and wicked nightmares that were really visual, lots of blood, animals with their legs cut off. I am serious. It was awful for like 4 days. I read online about B vitamins can effect SOME people like that. I am super sensitive to meds. As soon as I went off them last week, the anxiety dissipated after about 36 hours and no more nightmares at all.

    Will a supplement of just B12 do the same? If i can’t take the B’s in supplemental form do I need to stay eating some animal products like eggs/dairy? It was awful. So I would like your input on this little diddy!

    THANKS!!!! I am not sure if you have ever heard of a reaction like this, but maybe other readers have had the same.


  25. Hi Kris,

    Thank you so much for another informative interview! I am now in the process of finding my own Integrative MD, and I have to say, it’s been pretty challenging to find someone as smart, kind and charming as Dr. Bock :-).
    As to supplements, probiotics and Vitamin D are the two I am currently using, but since I am vegan, I should probably look into B12 as well.
    I buy my supplements from Kevin Gianni’s website: renegadehealth.com. I find the Vitamin CODE Raw, Vegetarian D3 supplement to be really good. Also, the Friendly Force Vegan Probiotic capsules work pretty well for my body.
    Do you have experience with any of these products and if so, what are your thoughts?

    Thank you!
    Hug, Sylvia

  26. Hi Kris! I so very much appreciate all you do to “create and promote wellness awareness”! This episode just made me want to climb through my computer and join in the conversation….alas I am working on being health passionate, not health pushy :). But since you asked for more tips in the comments, and I happen to know you’re open minded about anything that is truly helpful and healthful, I just had to comment here.
    The Doc mentioned a couple of times the importance of trying to afford pharmaceutical grade supplements, but also that they are often not available to the general public. There is however a very great company that does voluntarily manufacture according to pharmaceutical cGMP and is readily available to the public through a network of distributors. I know you must know about it, but you’re readers and your awesome Doc needs to know also! I also know you have friends that are part of this company and highly recommend their products. The company is USANA Health Sciences. Go to their website, or even better just call, and have your Doc call also, and ask to speak to the scientist…(YES! They will take time to answer ALL of your questions, so go ahead and pick their brains:).
    In case you’re wondering why I feel so extremely passionate about this company, it is because NO other company does what USANA does in the way of scientific cellular nutrition! Please check them out and see for yourself.
    Hugs and Health ,

  27. This is some great information, I would love to see a list of brands that you use or that your doctor has researched and that meet the criteria for purity.

  28. Do you recommend any particular brand(s) of magnesium for traveler’s constipation?

  29. Hi there! Love that this very popular and perplexing topic is getting some air time. I want to ask about Magnesium and a Multi – both not mentioned, but in my mind pretty integral, especially to stressed-out city dwellers. Any thoughts?

  30. Thank you! I found that very useful!

  31. How about Chia Seeds for Omegas?

  32. loved the article thanks so much, buying supplements is so very confusing. I agree with you quality vs quantity very important.
    quick question; I would like to be a part of the Dinner with Kris and I had already bought the book when you were offering the cooking lessons. Do I have to purchase another book to get in?

  33. Great post on such an important topic. I’m glad you and Dr. Bock both emphasize that we just can’t get ALL our nutrients from food. After being diagnosed with a very painful autoimmune disease (and told there was no cure) I was determined to live my best life and have optimal health once again. Since incorporating a supplement regimen into my plant based diet I have been able to dramatically reduce my medication and am living a healthy, thriving life.

    I chose to use Shaklee products – the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. Dr. Shaklee created one of the first multivitamins in 1915 and the company has been a pioneer in natural health and environmental stewardship since 1956. They conduct over 100,000 quality tests to ensure safety and purity and are published in over 90 peer reviewed publications. It’s true that not all vitamins are created equal. Shaklee has been life changing for me and millions of others.

    Kris – so thankful for the work you do!

    Health and Happiness,

  34. Hi Kris,
    Great video and post. I’ve been hearing about fermented cod liver oil but wonder if it’s really any better than other fish oils?

  35. I think one thing we all need to keep in mind is that more is NOT necessarily better. For instance, so many people are taking a B-complex with huge doses of B vitamins. In the case of B12, not such a big deal but B6 in large doses is neurotoxic, which means it’s bad for your nerves and can cause numbness and tingling just for starters. I’ve had several such patients in my office. Vitamin A, which comes in different forms, such as retinyl palmitate and carotenoids, is another vitamin when taken in inappropriate amounts of the wrong form can be toxic. Supplements are great but really should be taken under the guidance of a physician. And, because Kris really promotes this with her delicious healthy food – remember that they are supplements – meant to supplement good eating and a healthy lifestyle, not take their place. :-)

  36. I loved your chat and chew. As usual, you provide useful information and you entertain along the way. You are a fabulous teacher and such and inspiration to take our health into our own hands! Thank you!

  37. You said that you had to have your blood checked every 3 months when you were on 10K of Vit. D. & I was wondering why. I take 10K of Vitamin D every day just for maintance since I live in the midwest in the winter. So I’m wondering what they were testing for with the blood test.?

    Thank you!

    • If your levels are too high in Vitamin D it can be toxic. It’s always best to have regular testing for this stuff.

      I’m about to get my first live blood analysis next week to develop a new health plan. Super exciting!!


      • Hi Tash,

        You write “Australia”. Are you in Sydney by any chance? I am looking for an integrative doctor here, but I have not found one yet. :(

        Do you know any integrative doctor here in Sydney?


  38. I really like your site and your spirited attitude. I believe it is Dr. Block (not Bock)? I also have been to his Integrative Cancer Center in Illinois and gotten a supplement regimen (I am breast cancer survivor…mastectomy was May 2011 followed by chemo) Loved his book LIFE OVER CANCER. Thanks for all your encouragement!

    • Whoops, Kris and all..I was wrong in my previous email about spelling of name of Dr. Bock…I was talking about another integrative doc…Dr. Keith Block! Sorry!

  39. Isn’t there an onest all in 1 product out there? With enzymes,oils,herbs,probiotics etc. That contains it all? 1 Product to buy. 1 product to take.

    Something like this

    And what does it mean after the ingredient descriptions when it says vitamin c, as ascorbic acid for example? To me it sounds like industrialized pharmaseutical substance that does little to nothing. Anyone knows the meaning behind the name in paratheses?

  40. In the green powder that I currently take, I noticed on the bottom of the container that there is a disclaimer that the product contains Lead! I have stopped taking this product, but wonder why in the world there would be lead in this product. It is called Kyogreen and it gives me amazing energy (especially if I take it later in the day), so I am sad about giving it up. Help??? I am confused why anyone would knowingly put lead in a product like this. Thanks!

    • It’s so sad when you have to give up a product you love. I found that with so many things but its for the best health of course.

      My stupid one? Antiperspirant. It has heavy metals and I put it under my arms near my boobs?!?? I stopped and started back using it so many times.

      Anyway, for green powders I use Green Qi, from neways and I sell it online now (tashcorbin.myneways.com.au). But you can join up and purchase yourself from pretty much anywhere in the world.

  41. Hi Kris, I wanted to let you know that Nordic Naturals recently introduced a Vegan Vitamin D3 supplement (1000 IU/drops), sourced from lichen. I carry it in my small health food store, which I opened last year after my own mini health crisis projected me onto my true path. Thanks for your ongoing inspiration!

  42. Thanks for this great video!
    I make kefir in coconut juice instead of probiotics, and very happy with the results. I assimilate
    it better and it’s pretty powerful.

  43. What adrenal herbs are you taking? In the follow up write up, they were not mentioned

    • Ashwaganda & licorice. xo

      • Hi Kris!
        Thanks for all the info. You are an INSPIRATION. I have a few friends and one family member with Cancer at present. I tell them all to check you out. :)

        LICORICE – How much of it? I have read that it is “estrogenic”, which is not supposed to be so good, particularly when trying to avoid cancer. (A bit confusing :( )

        Thanks for sharing!

  44. Hi Kris, glad you wrote this – people give me a hard time about my use of supplements – even though i’m doing it under care of an alternative doctor and a naturopath. Also, glad you wrote about B12 methylcobalamine – was going to write to you and point out that your “Crazy, Sexy Kitchen” book says cyanocobalamine – which i understand is not a good form to take. Also, have you looked into the additive magnesium stearate, which should be avoided in supplements because it’s a chalk used to help move the ingredients through the machinery, but which supposedly gunks up our digestion by lining the gut and suppresses T-cell production. Dr Mercola’s supplements don’t have any magnesium stearate.

  45. Hi Kris,

    Following a ten year hiatus from breast cancer I had a new tumour. I git a new doctor who recommended supplementation so I’ve been looking into supplements for over a year now and have been taking Neways products. I love their probiotic, Lacto Flora, it has changed my life, and I’m glad to say that by radically changing my diet and introducing thirteen different supplements, the tumour has disappeared.

    But it’s hard to get information about the quality of neways supplements in comparison to others. Has anyone seen anything out there that could give me some assurance that I’ve chosen the right path?

    I know that their multivitamin Orachel rated quite low because it doesn’t have minerals in it, but then I get my minerals from their colloidal mineral supplement called Feroxin anyway. So it’s not apples vs apples.

    Argh! So confusing! And I’m also in Australia so we don’t always get access to the products you guys do.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    • I’m also in Australia but I prefer to take Metagenics range (practitioner only). Found it in good pharmacies that have a naturopath, natural medicine practitioners and health food stores with a naturopath. As for probiotics, I like to take BioActive P.D.A (Pre Digested Algae), not milk based and has wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, oat grass, yam (all organic) and a massive list of probiotics. Available from Natural Remedies Group (Qld) and created by the owner Glen Gillard who has been a naturopath for over 30 years. Great guy with lots of information and very approachable. It comes as a green powder which I add to my juice. The trouble I found with Nuway is that the people selling it aren’t naturopaths. Their products are ok but you could do better.

  46. I completely agree. I was trying to get all my nutrients from food, but I didn’t feel good. (I just had my 5th baby). I started working with a nature path, I bought some prescription supplements, and I cannot believe how much better I feel! I think the B vitamins are imperative along with the probiotics, and customization is vital.

  47. Thanks Kris and Dr Bock for your insightful presentation. I am off to look for an Integrative Functional Medicine Doctor here in Perth, Western Australia. Just a quick question regarding probiotics…..I don’t take them as such but I do drink kefir on a daily basis and was wondering if that one drink a day would suffice and provide me with all the probiotic cover I need to stay healthy? I have been neglectful of my health for many years and have started the kefir, juicing and yoga to slowly bring myself up to my optimum. Interestingly, I started taking Omega 3 (fish oil) yesterday so it was good to read that it is your recommendation. I just love your work and thank you so much for sharing. X

  48. I absolutely agree that for optimal health, taking supplements is a must. And it’s essential to take high quality, pharmaceutical grade. Which is why I started selling them. I was in a horrible auto accident in 2009. Nearly lost my foot. They were able to save it. Then I got a bone infection and almost died and almost lost my foot again. I was on heavy duty IV antibiotics for 2 months, then on pills for 8 months. Happily, I came out great. I did have to go to rehab and learn how to walk again and I was mostly wheelchair bound for a year. I don’t take pharmaceuticals so I was living with a lot of pain. One day a freind of mine introduced me to a company (Market America) and their number one selling product, Isotonix OPC3 (stands for Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins–which basically means super antioxidants). This is no lie. After 3 days of taking them, I woke up with no pain. Within one week, I put my wheelchair away and haven’t used it since! Was I sold? You bet! So, I started trying out all the rest of our Isotonix Nutraceuticals and our supplement pills and I absolutely felt a difference. I have been a vegetarian for 13 yrs, a non-smoker for 13 yrs, I am a senior caregiver, I’m getting ready to get cert. for CNA, I plan on being a cert. Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and I own an internet marketing business with Market America where I specialize in our health/wellness products. I also plan on becoming a juice addict along with my two youngest children. LOL
    We offer a free online Physical Analysis which will give our customers a list of recommended supplements and our customers can purchase our Gene SNP kit which helps our customers set up a Personalized Health Action Plan. A person no longer has to accept a ‘one-size-fits-all’ vitamin and nutrition regimen.
    I’m very glad I found you! Thank you for what you do.

  49. Hi Kris! Thank you so much for this informative post. Its very confusing when trying to decide between pharmaceutical and food grade supplements. I found this info on another site “Drs. Weil and Mercola sell products that are pharmaceutical grade. Top companies include: Metagenics, Xymogen, Designs for Health, Thorne Reasearch, Pharmax, Body Ecology, Purium, and Biomatrix”. Also I used to take Dr. Ohhirras, but turns out there is Carrageenan in it which has been linked to some horrible things (http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA401181/Is-Carrageenan-Safe.html). Not sure why everyone is so hooked on that brand, but I would really like recommendations on something better. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  50. Thank you for this informative interview. It is always very hard for me to decide what I need most and sometimes get so fed up I end up taking nothing. It was nice to get a simple recommendation on the 3 most important.
    I have taken classes in Holistic healthcare and learned kinesiology for testing clients with supplements. I was wondering if either of you have experience with it and/or your thoughts on this method. The thing I find the most difficult with choosing supplements is not knowing if I need it and if it is even benefiting me. In your opinions, do you feel that routine bloodwork is the best way to know what your body truly needs?
    Thanks again for the helpful info!

  51. There was the question of, can we get a vegan D3? I did some research and found out that D3 ONLY comes from animals (sheep) and D2 only comes from plants. D3 is better for you. But the good thing is, they don’t have to kill the sheep, they get it from their wool.

  52. Kris, do you recommend taking Multivitamins or taking the supplements discussed in this Chat & Chew should be enough? Thank you

  53. so disappointed to hear that this doctor push fish oil. we are depleting the oceans and killing our fish friends and it is totally unnecessary.

  54. hi kris
    what brand vitamins do you take?
    i take xymogen and designs for health mostly….
    i am wondering what your doctors are telling you to take….

  55. What about Vitamin B complex, which includes all of the B vitamins in one tablet? Is getting my vitamin B12 as well as the others in a complex tab just as effective as if I took them individually?

  56. Very interesting. I absolutely love his face expression, especially at the beginning!!! :):):) XX

  57. Being a vegan I would prefer to hear what Dr. Barnard has to say about (essential fatty acids/vitamin D and b12).

  58. Hi everyone!
    Great questions. We’ll pick 10 total and run them by Dr. Bock. Check back at the end of the week/over the weekend if you’re curious. Thanks! xo kc

  59. Kris & Dr. Bock,
    What is currently being done, if anything, to push insurance coverage for Integrative medicine/naturopathic medicine? I am a firm believer in this type of medicine but I cannot afford these prices. Why does current healthcare coverage not understand, or should I say, refuse to see these health benefits? Is there any movement on “the Hill” to get these services covered? And why do they also vary by state? Unfortunately, I live in Virginia where these types of services are not even recognized as health care! Apparently one does not even have the choice to decide what is best for us regarding our health care. We are definitely not “one size fits all” when it comes time for diagnoses. Any other guidelines you can give, as I have seen a couple of these doctors and am completely not sold on what they have been telling me (based on my most recent surgery), would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you could email me, perhaps?
    Sincerely, Nicole

  60. Hey Kris! Excellent article! I just wanted to let you know that there IS a vegan Vitamin D3 now!!! It’s made from lichen, a plant. By VitaShine. You can get it here http://veganproteins.com/vegan-protein-shop/VitaShine-Vegan-D3-5000IU-SoftGels-Sourced-from-Lichen-a-plant-NO-Lanolin-NO-gelatin-NO-porcine.html

    I just wanted to let you know! Take care!

  61. I live in Southern California. I am in the sun all the time yet, I was still highly deficient in Vitamin D. I would have never thought it would be a problem for an outdoor girl like me. So it just goes to show you everyone should get tested. I feel so much better now that I take supplements. Dr. Hall in Venice, CA is really awesome.

  62. Great info! Thank you for answering the question. Which vitamins should I take? I am always asking myself this question. I was wondering if you could give your readers the brands of D3, Omega 3, Probiotics, and B12 you use Kris. I tend to shop at whole foods for my supplements. Any help would be appreciated in a BIG WAY!
    Love & Light

  63. Thanks so much for this interview! I am wondering if Dr. Bock, or anyone you know, has any information about kidney disease, and appropriate diet and supplements for HEALING diseased kidneys.

  64. Thanks, Kris! As always, your blogs are interesting and informative. I have a healthy food blog, SiciLean, and my readers are also asking for advice about supplements. I will refer them to this post and to Dr. Brock’s good advice. (I’m LOVING Chat and Chew!) :)

  65. Thanks, Kris! As always, your blogs are interesting and informative. I have a healthy food blog, SiciLean, and my readers are also asking for advice about supplements. I will refer them to this post and to Dr. Bock’s good advice. (I’m LOVING Chat and Chew!) :)

  66. Loved the interview with Dr. Bock. Very informative and helpful. Thanks for the specifics about the supplements and where to get them.

  67. Just watching the camaraderie between patient/ friend and doctor was so delightful!

  68. Thank you so much for all of this information! And also for a great community space–I learned a lot from the comments re. D3 and am happy to find a source for a veg supplement.

  69. Totally Awesome Episode!!! I am now researching my Vit. D’s for more information concerning such as well as Probiotic’s for Vegans! My question pertains to Sugar Addiction, of which I have been on and OFF the wagon with many times. What are some steps to overcoming this addiction that you could recommend? Taking note, I am a Mother of 6, writer and I have MS/Optic Nueritus and Graves Disease (yep, 3 Auto Immune’s ALL together, but aye, I am Unique anyway…this just makes my assignment unique too)…Could Stress be the major attribute or Play a Major role in the actual ‘spark’ or need for the sugar?

    • Hi Leah,
      I definitely think stress could be a factor as many times sugar acts as our relaxant… our drug!! Try swapping out refined sugars with less processed ones like raw organic cane sugar or with fresh fruit. Slowly but surely once you eat less and less sugar your body will stop craving it – magic!! I know its hard – but you can do it! When I’m craving something sweet I’ll make some lemon water with a couple drops of stevia and fresh mint to overcome my craving. Being mindful also helps – really think about WHY you’re craving, what your triggers are and what you can do to stop them. A great saying I learned is that when you crave something (anything really) or think you’re hungry, ask yourself: am I willing to eat greens instead? If not, you’re not truly hungry. Drink some water instead :)
      Peace & Greens

      ~ Christine

  70. Great information, thank you!

  71. I was so inspired by this that I looked at the website for the institute of practical medicine and had my appointment with a great doctor yesterday.
    She reviewed what I eat, how I feel and what supplements I was taking and then gave me a acupuncture session.

    So refreshing to finally sit down with a doctor who looks at you as more than a bunch of unrelated symptoms!

  72. I am taking Dexelant for GERD – like prilosec. Will probiotics work for me with this other medication?

  73. thank you for mentioning the American Association of Naturopathic physicians in your listing! How cool is that, Ken was my doc in the late eighties and treated me for Lyme disease way back then. He is great. And I sure miss living back there in Woodstock. Laura

  74. Hi Kris! Great interview and very informative as I usually find myself wondering if the supplements I take are enough, not enough, if I should be adding more into my routine, etc. There was no mention of an all around multi-vitamin which I was surprised about. Any reason why?

  75. Thanks for the Info Kris & Mr. Boch. I just started a supplement regime based on my bloodwork and a visit to my Naturopath. He recommended flax oil, probiotics, vit C, vit D, B12 and zinc. He also wants me to take iodine drops which I’m having a lot of trouble with – the taste is less than pleasant. I’ve upped my sea veggie intake instead which I hope helps. Does anyone have any other tips for increase iodine/thyroid function? Also, any pointers on iron rich foods? I’ve upped my spinach and pumpkin seed intake.

    Veggie love,


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  77. Love dr bocks interview w kris
    Would like to know what dr bock thinks about
    Krill oil, and is it ok to take krill oil with omega
    and bio Austin Hawaiian astaxanthin

    Thank you

  78. can’t wait to see more of Dr. Bock! He’s a sweetie! You two had great smiles and cute giggles the whole time, very sweet; and even though supplements are intimidating, there was an easy amount of info here. =D Thanks, Kris and Ken!!

  79. I love this video! I personally have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on supplements not knowing what to take and overwhelmed by the information.

    Can anyone recommend a fantastic integrative doctor in NYC? The databases tend to be overwhelming. I’m in desperate need for a good integrative doctor to help me with a chronic and mysterious ailment that the “regular” doctor is dismissing with traditionally prescriptions that really don’t work.

  80. I have been really wanting to up my probiotics, viatamin D and omega 3’s but i’m not sure how much I need daily and what supplements would be best. are there certain brands that are better? what should I be looking for when getting supplements for probiotics, vitamin D and omega 3’s.

  81. I am suffering from OA of kneees,i have taken glucosmine etc for few years.can you suggest something more effective(time-tasted) one?

  82. Enjoyed watching this. I thought I heard him say that Vitamin C was important, too? Maybe to take along with the Omega 3’s?

    Kris, you are so beautiful! I just love to hear you talk cause your voice is so sweet and comforting!! Keep up the awesome work that you do.:)

  83. I was just researching the Dr Ohhira Probiotic and their website says that the probiotic only has 900 million CFUs for the Lactic Acid Bacteria Blend, but Dr Bock says we should get 20-25 billion. Is there an over the counter probiotic that you recommend that has the 20-25 billion CFUs and good quality, or is the quality of Dr Ohhira’s better that 900 million is sufficient? I purchased it just the same, since I’m not taking any probiotics at the moment, but I am confused by this point. Thoughts, suggestions?

  84. Hi Kris!! I want to first say that I absolutely love you and you have become my inspiration :) second, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on astragalus root and its benefits as a nutritional supplement or lack of. Thanks and I hope to hear from you!
    Sincerely Your crazy, sexy fan
    Jessica ✌

  85. Kris
    Thank you for doing this valuable interview with Dr.Bock. I wanted to ask you about Magnesium stearate that its often present in so many supplements. What is your take on it?
    Its almost inevitable to avoid it.

    Another question I would like to ask you as I have noticed in your videos you have a water filter in your kitchen. Is it Kangan water? There is lots of different opinions that their filtration system is very toxic. Can you please recommend some good water filters?

    Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

  86. Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been trying out different supplements for a while now and have been trying to figure out which ones are right for me. Does anyone know of any good online supplements store where I can get good deals? Thanks!

  87. I loved this chat. It was very informative.
    Thank you

  88. I noticed you said you take adrenal herbs. I don’t have cancer but have high adrenal levels. I seem to live in the flight or fight mode. Plus going thru menopause on top of. Insomnia, anxiety, panic, hair loss, etc. I know living in this mode of constant stress is not a good place to live and very hard on my body. But not sure how to stop the bus to get off! Could you tell me herbs you take for adrenals?

  89. Thank you so much for all of the great information! I aboslutley love this site!! I wonder if you would consider asking Dr Bock about reccomendations for children’s vitamins? I know that the ones I have come across are loaded with sugar, sugar & more sugar.
    : )

  90. I got very nauseous, lethargic and thoroughly ill from taking vitamin D3 and had to stop taking it. Do you have a suggestion? Maybe the D3 I got from the doctor wasn’t vegan. Should I try vegan D3 and see if I can tolerate that?

  91. THANK YOU Kris & Dr. Bock – really informative! Dr. Bock seems like such a down to earth guy in addition to being so knowledgeable and accomplished! really awesome, thank you, sending you much gratitude for this!

  92. Could you please tell me what type of adrenl herbs you take? Which brand also.
    Thanks much,

  93. Hi,
    Thank you Kris and Dr Bock! <3
    I am taking Omega 3, D3, zink, B12, selenium, chlorella, Q10 in the morning with my breakfast (green juice, oat porridge with a lot of berries, mixed flax- and sesam seeds etc).
    Kan I take every tablets on the same time or are there any contraindications?

  94. You are truly amazing Kris. I do believe that taking vitamins and supplements daily is important. Most people do not realize that it is important to choose a product with high quality and that has an effective delivery system.

  95. Thanks so much for all the great info!
    Just wanted to let you know that vegan Vitamin D3 softgels are available. I found them on iHerb.com. The brand I bought is Country Life, but I believe there are others as well. Country Life D3 is certified vegan by the AVA and contains 5000 I.U. per softgel.

  96. What can you say about vitamin C? I know that our bodies don’t produce it and it is so beneficial for SO MANY THINGS. Your thoughts on it and in reference to the “Nutritional Supplements – Which ones should I take?” posting.

    Thank you.

  97. Mam, I love the information you are sharing and if not mistaken you are winning the cancer fight!! Congrats!! My wife is a 5 year survivor of colon cancer that has now spread to the lung. She is actually doing well, but the chemotherapy is starting to wear on her liver, kidney, ……. I can’t get her to supplement, smoothie/juice and it’s very frustrating because I know this stuff will help her. Any advice?? Thanks!!

  98. I want to sign up for your news letter

  99. Just wanted to let you (and anyone else interested) know about a plant-based Vitamin D. To my knowledge (I work as a nutritionist), it benefits you in the same way as animal-based D3. It’s a product from Botanica (Canadian company) made from organic portabello mushrooms grown under UV light. I rely on this, and safe amounts of sun exposure to fulfill my Vitamin D needs.

    Also want to thank you Kris for always asking about the vegan option. At the beginning of this, I was disheartened to hear a Dr refer to omega’s only as fish oils (when there are SO many plant sources!), and again when the Vit D came up. Thank you!

  100. Hi Kris,

    Can you please tell me what do you think about pink lady for vitamin B12. It has DMSO in it.

    Thank you

  101. This is the best advice on this topic and you have tackled it in a noble fashion

  102. I really only like to comment if I have something to add. Of course disagreeing with a post is easier because I automatically have something new to say, whereas if I agree, I might not have anything new to add.

  103. First off let me say thank you ! Reading your book has helped me back such amazing an positive changes in my life and my diet (and I am working on my girlfriends as well!) Most of the vitamins we take right now but I am wondering what you think about taking multivitamin and what brands are good. We take the RAW garden of life ones but you have a to take four a day to get everything and my girlfriend is just not down to take 4 a day on top of vitamin D, probiotic, and B12… Any recommendations?

  104. I am new to your website and I love all of the information that is posted (I love love learning about nutrition, supplements, etc. – thought I knew alot but there is so much more I need to learn. Have you in the past or will you cover post-menopause? I just entered into this new chapter and I am 53. Just wondering if any supplement changes take place? Do you recommend any books for reading and gaining insight? Thank you so much for sharing with us so we can learn and apply to our lives and share with others!!!!! :)

  105. My 80 year old mom takes Cod Liver Oil, but learned it is a blood thinner and her skin is so thin now any bump turns into a bruise. Do you know if Flax oil will have the same effects. The oil helps with her arthritis.

  106. I have been exploring for a little for any high quality articles
    or blog posts in this kind of area . Exploring the web I finally stumbled upon this site.
    Reading this content I’m glad to show that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling that I came upon exactly what I needed.

  107. Awesome Guys! This was a really nice, informative interview. Very empowering. Great approach. I really want to see more of Dr.Bock, he is Amazing. And Thank you to Kris for bringing the wealth of knowledge out of him and to us. Great Work, keep it up 😉

  108. Thanks for the supplement info, but what we need are brand names as so many supplements are garbage.
    PLEASE furnish the BRANDs you use.
    Or at the very least send them to me personally. I am widowed after my husband died of lung cancer and I was diagnosed w/breast cancer 2 months later (5 years ago).
    I have refused chemo and am trying the natural route and have not found an intergrative md in my area.
    So, the brand name info will be a tremendous help.

  109. Hi Kris –

    I just wanted to say, for anyone who lives in the UK that what is called Integrative Medicine in the US is known as Ecological Medicine in the UK. I was despairing of finding someone who could help me after many years of LESS than helpful doctors appointments, but when I discovered that it was called something else in the UK, I discovered several practitioners right in my home town.

  110. I really appreciate your work , Fantastic post.

  111. If you get a chance, would you find out a good probiotic for a young child that can’t swallow a pill yet! Thanks in Advance.

  112. Hi, Kris I’ve been trying to find a High Quality Fish Oil. Who and Where would you recommend? I also suffer with Yeast “thrush” and I do not take antibiotics but I am severely sick. I am suffering with Venous Insufficiency..I’ve had 3 brain surgeries and 2 fusion surgeries and have a shunt. Now No Blood flow to certain parts of the brain. I see where it was recommended to use Dr. Ohirra’s brand for probiotic? Are there any other alternatives you could recommend? I went to a Integrative MD one time $300 for him to right out a list of websites to check out for myself. NEVER again!! Please help? thankyou

  113. Hi Kris! Thanks for all you do! My question is on fish oil. I used to be a loyal fish oil supplement taker until I started reading about how it is being linked to certain kinds of cancers. So, now I have started incorporating chia seeds into a lot of what I eat and I’ve upped my intake of Salmon A LOT!!! Do you still take fish oil supplements? have you heard any of these new findings? I’m very interested in hearing what think:)

  114. Thank you for your wonderful videos that a full of great knowledge! I got my blood tested and I am very low in vitamin D even though I’m in the sun at least 45minutes a day.

  115. My only comment are:So real unest and thru THANK YOU for all of your informatinon,i almost alway read it,and about this one THANK YOY and bless you!!! <3

  116. My question is…..CLA. Is it necessary to take on a daily basis? or at all? I juice everyday and if I can twice a day.
    :) Bridgette

  117. Hi Kristen!
    This is neat stuff!
    Am working on incorporating much of this into my routine…not always easy;)
    Hope you and Bryan are well.
    Your Aunt Liz!

  118. Dear Kriss,
    Love your site and all your info.
    Iam interssting in the B12 issue.
    I have done alkaline cleanse and a lot changed. But still:
    I do you need B12 as injection. What has happend in the body? and is it possible that the body can reshape back to where it doe not need injection?
    I seem a Question no one really knows about!

  119. Thank you! I was wondering… Isn’t there ANY way to get B12 without having to take a supplement? What about Spirulina? From your point of view Kirs, which is the most natural way to get this vitamin? Thank you

  120. Where can I get a vitamin B12 injection the Los Angeles area?

  121. hey guys! I’m hoping you all can recommend a good “brand” I can trust for supplements. There are so many out there that I hear are a total waste of money. I would be very curious to see Kris Carr’s supplement supply…ya know like you showed us your fridge? :)

  122. Kris, i just started drinking Amazing Grass green drink and find that I get extremely nauseaous after drinking an 8 oz. glass. what do you think that could be?

  123. i just started drinking Amazing Grass green powder mixed with water and find myself very nauseaous afterward. Any ideas why that could be? I’d like to continue drinking these but its tough …..

  124. Got a few minutes? That’s all it will take to complete our FREE, simple, thorough, confidential assessment. Our patented IDAssessment software will then develop a set of recommendations based on scientific studies targeted to YOUR needs.


  125. Hey Kris,

    A family member of mine sent me this link on spirulina and i was just hoping you could weigh in:).

    Thank you!

    Peace and love❤️


  126. The new Buick Regal is a lot more or much less a rebadged Opel Insignia, right?

  127. can cause several digestive problems like ulcers etc.
    A doctor’s advice should be sought before using this medicine in sufferers with liver disease.
    Tablets should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed, split or chewed.

  128. Hello,

    What brand of COQ10 are you currently taking?


  129. i have been following you for years and have everything you have written…even the video. i have parotid gland cancer. familiar with it? i was wondering what you thought of the supplements of bla and glutam using alkaloh externally. heard of these? Any info that might help this type of tumor. i have had no surgery chemo or radiation. am presently following budwig protocol. please advise anything you can that might help.

    Thank you.

  130. i have been following you for years and have everything you have written…even the video. i have parotid gland cancer. familiar with it? i was wondering what you thought of the supplements of bla and glutam using alkaloh externally. heard of these? Any info that might help this type of tumor?. i have had no surgery chemo or radiation. am presently following budwig protocol. please advise anything you can that might help.

    Thank you.

  131. Can you take Hawaian Spirulina, Testosterone supplement and CLA together for there different health benefits

  132. I have read from here that vitamins are not beneficial and therefore the doctors are urging us to stop taking them. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/multivitamin-researchers-say-case-is-closed-supplements-dont-boost-health/#postComments

    Does this mean that the Health Science Research of USANA and NuSkin are all lies and they just after our money? Remember that the two companies are competing selling health products that includes vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

  133. Wonderful items from you, man. I’ve be mindful your stuff previous
    to and you’re simply too magnificent. I actually like what you have got
    here, really like what you are stating and the best way by which you are saying it.
    You’re making it entertaining and you still take care of to stay it smart.
    I cant wait to learn much more from you. This is actually a tremendous web site.

  134. Hi Kriss,

    Thanks for what you are doing, you are very inspiring, sexy and fun to listen to.

    I have only one remark. I went to the Dr. Ohhira site to check out his probiotics supplement and discovered that for the capsule he uses : ” capsule (tapioca processed from Manihot utilissima root, glycerin, carrageenan and caramel color) “. Don’t know about the rest but I know that carrageenan and caramel colour are not so nice ingredients…

    Just thought it worth mention.

  135. Hi Kriss,

    My husband, daughter and I are vegetarians, (almost vegans) since the beginning of 2012.

    I would like to know if my 8 years old daughter should take supplements on a regular basis? If yes, what should I gave her and what would be the recommended dosage?

    Thank you for your precious information.

  136. Hi Kris
    I want yo tell how happy I am to find your site it is hard to find some one on the internet that you can trust but you are one just reading and watching videos you on tell you are trustworthy.
    I have started making and taking milk kifer and kombucha would this be enough probiotic to replace taking probiotic supplement?
    Thank you all you do

  137. i’m not sure if anyone would still have a look at this thread of comments…but i just wanted to see if there was anyone whose nutritionist suggested non-vegan supplements. mine is trying to persuade me into taking digestive enzymes and probiotics that are non-vegan. she says that she has never seen good results with another brand and that my health should be my number one priority…i really don’t know what to do. i am suffering terribly with hashimoto’s and systemic candida…

  138. HI! A bit late to the party but i just made an appointment with an integrative Medicine/Functional medicine Doctor from the Institute of Functional Medicine link you provided ( Boston) and I am so stoked!! I would have never found one with out your help. What a relief!! I told them I found them because of the Crazy Sexy Cancer Lady. You are the bestest!! Thank you!!!

  139. Thanks for the great information Kris – neat interview with Dr Brock too…

    My question is around the supplementation of Vit C – how important is this as it is
    recommended here in NZ (New Zealand) to help support the body through Cancer especially when used intravenously …

    It upsets my bowel so am interested to hear about the hypo allergenic buffer brands of Vit C…

    appreciate your response ….many thanks

  140. Loved your interview with Dr Boch! Thanks for sharing and massive congrats on your awesome journey! you’re an inspiration! xxx

  141. Thank you Kris and Dr. Bock.

    If i use vegan protein powder like brown rice protein, can it good for me? its tasting is not good :(

  142. Hello Kris
    I am a raving fan of JuicePlus! I love juicing, but I don’t always have the time. I have just started on my path to a healthier lifestyle, one step at a time.

  143. Can you lost and take picture of all your supplements and green power you take? Would like to see visual Ty so much

  144. the goodness of vitamin B3 and D are well known, though probiotics are not that much of a fad. I have been taking my multivitamin supplements after I crossed 30, and felt the improvement in my general health, shall start taking other ones mentioned here to check the result.

  145. I think Magnesium should be added to your list. Low magnesium levels are dangerous.



  146. I don’t know a lot about supplements, but I have been looking for natural ways to improve my health. I like that you included what these different supplements are used for. Thanks for taking time to write, I am going to look into getting some of these.

  147. hello kriscarr

    very information ad well researched article,Omega 3 and vitamin d3 are getting needed vitamins day by day as peoples life style is changed much.

    Keep posting nice stuff

  148. Have you tried Thrive? It has everything you mentioned in the article plus more! And it’s pharmaceutical grade which means your body absorbs 95-98% of it instead of 5-8% you get from over the counter supplements. http://Www.Hchism.le-vel.com