Rachel Bykovny

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. At the time of diagnosis, my husband, Alec, and I were heavily involved in our careers and living fast-paced rat-race lives on a S.A.D. diet. Immediately after the diagnosis, I was being streamlined through the cut, burn and poison process. But something didn’t seem right or true. My husband and I started studying. We were wearing out any and all YouTube videos and online movies, from Gerson to Campbell and so on. On one occasion, my husband asked me to come down to the Tattered Cover Book store and poke around for some reading material. We bought every book that had to do with cancer, took weeks off work and began to read and learn.

Most of the books actually made me kind of sad and perhaps even added to my cancer provoked depression. But, then I found this cool, crazy chick Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips. For a brief moment, cancer was not a threat. I loved your style, how you curse and how you take life head on. From that moment on everything was about, “What would Kris Carr do?”

I grew up on a S.A.D. diet filled with pizza, chips, soda, meat and no vegetables at all. But now we have a juicer and we have kale—a lot of kale. My husband started juicing three times a day, using every organic vegetable he could find. Meat, dairy and sugar were being cut out and replaced with juice cleanses, coffee enemas, green tea, flax seed and so on.

Fast forward four years later—I have been completely vegan for almost one full year, gluten-free for six months and no refined sugar for longer than I can remember. I started baking with unrefined, vegan and gluten free ingredients and am now a star at local farmers markets. Also, today I am graduating from Rouxbe with a 96%. We have been eating like royalty thanks to the classes I have taken there.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because without you, none of this might have been possible. Tony Robbins often talks about raising the standards and finding the reference for ourselves. This is a very important point because you are that reference for me. You showed me that it’s possible to live a meaningful and fulfilling life even when the deck seems to had been stacked against you. I’ve drawn strength, confidence and wisdom from your books, videos and podcasts.

So when the darkness of fear or doubt creeps in on you for a moment, please remember how many lives like mine you have impacted through the years. Think about how dear you are to people whom you have never met. You are a treasure and I hope you always keep this truth in front of you. During my meditation, I send love and light (my version of a prayer) to certain people, like my family and friends. You are one of them, Kris. I send you love and light every day. You helped turn the toughest of times into a meaningful and purposeful life.

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