Marisa Matsumoto

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on November 9th. I am 32. I was freaking out and decided to go Christmas shopping with my hubby the next day. We were in the bookstore, and I was looking at fitness books, thinking, “How can I stay fit through this”, and nestled into a corner in the wrong section was Crazy Sexy Cancer. Kris, this book has saved me. I finished it last week and just got your documentary and basically will be purchasing everything you have written… Most likely, [I] will have to go through 52 weeks of specialized HER2 chemo. I have brought this book to every appointment and have told all of my doctors and young women in the waiting room about you and your book. It should be required waiting room material and/or suggested to young patients.You have made an experience that seemed hopeless a journey for me. You have inspired me, and I will not get down about this. Thank you for writing this book. It was fate, and the universe put your book in front of me when I needed it most. I know that living with cancer, I will never be the same, but your book has made me realize that I can make something great happen out of this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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