Ceri Lloyd

I’ve been a huge fan of Kris Carr for a long time. I was first introduced to Kris when her book Crazy Sexy Diet popped up on my Instagram feed. Immediately drawn to the front cover, I ordered it from Amazon. I had no idea who Kris was or what the book was about, I just knew I had to read it!

Reading Crazy Sexy Diet was an experience. By the end of the book, I felt as if she was a close friend. As soon as I finished the last page, I bought a Nutribullet, and cut out all animal products from my diet. Determined, I set off to our local supermarket and piled the trolley full of fruit and veg. Kris mentions some great food brands, but I wasn’t able to find any of them, since I live in the UK. I struggled for a while, spending hours reading the back of packages, only to find milk in almost everything. Reading the back of these products was a huge eye opener. I had no idea what I’d been eating! Some of the ingredients were horrendous, and there were animal products in almost everything.

Finding out the truth about our food, where it comes from, and what it contains only encouraged me. I had so much energy, my skin was clearing up and I was losing weight, without having to starve myself! I felt amazing, and still do! Juicing and following a vegan diet has changed my life. Being vegan, and knowing that you’re not only saving yourself, but also animals and the planet is an incredible feeling. Without Kris Carr and her incredible book, I most certainly wouldn’t be the happy, confident woman I am today.

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