Cici Sinohui

I have been in a health rut the past two years. I went through some tumultuous times and it really did some damage to my stomach. This, in turn, affected my diet, I would go from being terrified of eating because I didn’t want to upset it, to binging because I was so hungry. It was so frustrating! One day I would eat something and feel totally fine a week later I would eat the same thing and it would take me down for the rest of the day. It was the same story for my exercise routines. I would go to the gym and feel okay, other times I would get so sick while working out I had to stop. I wasn’t able to run at all! I remember actually feeling proud for running 12 minutes straight, and this is from a girl who used to run 45 minutes every other day.

It’s been an extremely frustrating and depressing time. I’ve tried meddling with my diet but nothing seemed to work.

I read your story and immediately took to the true inspiration you are. I purchased your book and thought I would do the cleanse as soon as I got a juicer (I’m getting married soon and we have one on our registry). Then I thought, why wait? I just finished the three day cleanse and I have to tell you: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I have a minor case of anemia so I was worried but I woke up after the first day feeling incredibly ENERGIZED. I decided to hit the gym thinking, “okay if I get woozy I’ll have to eat and then just start over and know I can’t exercise.” I did the most powerful run I’ve done in years and finished my day strong without headaches or wooziness. I pushed it again the next day and went to the gym to do a small amount of cardio and weights and again felt GREAT.

I cannot express how GREAT my body feels right now. My body feels rested, calm and most importantly HEALTHY! I am forever grateful for your book and cleanse plan that helped me get my body back on track. Oh! and by the way, your recipes are incredibly delicious! I loved every one of the dinner meals, I was doing this solo but my fiancé was definitely jelly of my dinners these last few days.

The tummy tamer is one of my favorite juice recipes. Again I was nervous because I’ve never had fennel so it was so great once I tasted how delicious it is. My fiancĂ© who is not a vegan or a “juice person” even made one for himself on his day off! I couldn’t believe it.

I am praying that this amazing feeling continues to last. Thank you again and again!

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