I, like Kris, didn’t consider self care until my husband and I were both very sick. He was taking over 50 meds a day and has had over 60 surgeries in 20 yrs. One of those meds was chemo to treat polycythemia. His blood was as thick as molasses and the only way to treat it was to shut down his bone marrow. They couldn’t put him on blood thinners due to his other health issues. He was exposed to something over seas while in the military and it is ravaging his vascular system. His arteries shrivel up like worms in the sun and once their gone, their gone. The only treatment is amputation. He’s lost both legs below the knee and fingers on both hands. The disease is now attacking the blood supply to his colon which has caused ischemic colitis. It is possibly affecting other internal organs as well. The Dr’s have no idea what it is or how to treat it but the new diet and lifestyle has helped him more in 1 yr than all other treatments combined in the last 20 yrs. He would probably be passed on by now had we not started green juicing and changing our lifestyles a year ago. He is now only taking 8 meds a day and we’re hoping to reduce those over time as we keep on juicing and eating smart. The chemo was gone only 60 days after starting the juicing and his oncologist still can’t believe that juicing fixed it. She thought for sure he was bleeding internally and dying so she wanted to do exploratory surgery and find it. Kevin said “NO!” so they worked out a deal. As long as he stays healthy she’ll let things lie and just accept it for what it is. His GP is all over the juicing and was on board with it from day 1. She’s very pleased with his improvements and has even asked for recipes.

In October 2014 my total cholesterol was almost 300 and LDL was 175. They put me on a statin drug and I had a deadly reaction that nearly killed me called rabdomyolisis. So, I had to find a new physician and an “alternative” treatment for all my ailments. After all the research I found a functional NP, juicing, and a whole foods vegan diet. My husband did not want to join me but I did not want to bury him so I didn’t give him a choice. I started the journey Feb 1 2015 and he came on board Mar 1, 2015. To date we are both remarkably improved. I was taking about 20 meds a day for asthma, IBS (misdiagnosed), chronic pain, fatigue, and headaches. The only meds I take now are my bio-identical hormones. They are made from organic yams and are much safer than synthetic hormones. They are prescribed by my FNP and made by me. I am the compound tech at the pharmacy where I get them. I know exactly what’s in them and I know they’re safe. The cream base that we use scores a 0 on the EWG scale. She also did all the testing and found that most if not all my symptoms were related to celiac and candida. Now I am gluten and sugar free and I feel AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 21 yr old daughter is a type 1 diabetic and was having trouble controlling her blood sugar. She started juicing and following a whole foods vegan diet. She is now able to control her sugar and feels great. She stole my Crazy Sexy Juice book when she went back to college last week and sends me snap chats of her juices and meals every day. She’s a nursing student and wants to go into juvenile endocrinology so she can teach parents and kids how eating a whole foods diet and juicing can help control the sugar and keep them healthy.

We all want to shout it from the roof tops. Kris has been such a source of help, inspiration, and love over the last year and I just want her to know that I value her opinion and thank her so much. She is in our prayers daily and we love her with all our hearts. Meeting and thanking her face to face is at the top of my bucket list. Second only to meeting and kissing the most beautiful man God ever made, Jon Bon Jovi, lol!!

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