Ashley Habben

You are incredible. You inspire me every morning when I wake up to your emails and fill myself with your advice, humor and honesty. I just finished your blog about your spiritual forest fire.

I am a teacher by trade, passion and calling. I stay home with my young son and attempt to run a home business. I Can’t ignore the nagging and “fire” that is always inside me…….teach kids. Simple as that. Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to go back into the classroom, but that isn’t what the universe is telling me. I want to do something, create something that teaches kids and their parents how to be healthy….spiritual….and true to themselves. As kids, we are not taught self love, how to care for ourselves and listen to our callings. We are always competing, whether it is with grades, sports or our looks. I see it every day and I never knew how to help these events change. I am a huge fan and student of people like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, YOU and so many more that speak to my heart, mind and soul.

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