Josephine Bila

I was born with a rare genetic illness called Beta Thalassemia Major. My body can’t produce red blood cells on its own, so I get them donated to me by other people. I have been doing this since the age of 3. I’m now 35. Before learning about you, I was receiving transfusions every other week for survival. After juicing for several months and changing to a vegan (mostly raw) diet, the amount of time spent in the hospital has decreased dramatically. I managed to go four weeks on one occasion and now regularly go every three weeks! My heart bursts with fireworks for you every time I step into my doctor’s office. You’ve changed my life. There isn’t a patient I meet who I don’t tell to go buy your books and watch your movie. I’ve been buying copies of Crazy Sexy Diet and handing them out to family members. Thank you for being a catalyst of grand proportions in my life!

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