New York Times best-seller Crazy Sexy Diet lays out the fundamentals of healthy, plant-based living. It also includes a 21-day cleanse for those interested in taking this compassionate practice out for a spin. Crazy Sexy Diet will help you take back your health, reclaim your energy and heal your relationship with food.


Crazy Sexy Diet 

  • How to make regular energy deposits instead of constant withdrawals
  • Debunks common diet myths and trends that leave you depleted and unhealthy
  • Learn tips on detoxifying your body and boosting your mindset 
  • Helpful hints on natural personal care
  • Explore how to stretch a dollar, navigate the grocery store, eat well on the run and how to work through the inevitable pangs and cravings for your old not-so-healthy life
  • And oh so much moreā€¦

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