New Year Meditation Bundle Sale

This sale has expired!

The sale expired on January 12th, but you can still get both meditation albums…


Extraordinary: Meditations for a Magnificent Life

Extraordinary Meditations for a Magnificent Life

Using a combination of guided meditations, contemplations with mini-spiritual talks, breathing exercises, mindfulness training and affirmation work, the Extraordinary album was designed to help you shift from ordinary thinking to extraordinary living. This digital album will help you step into your power, fall madly in love with yourself and realize that anything is possible for you.

Inside this digital album, you’ll find these inspirational tracks:

Cultivating Presence
Instant Stress Reduction
Releasing Fear Visualization
Forgiveness Visualization
You Are Wonderful Reminder
Body Cleanse Relaxation
Manifesting Visualization
Magical Intuition
Gratitude Practice
Warm Embrace (music only)
Breathe (music only)



Self-Care for Busy People Meditation Album

Self-Care for Busy People Meditation Album

With meditations for all times of day and situations, the Self-Care for Busy People Album will help you create a joyful routine that works with your schedule. These meditations will help you reduce stress and increase inner calm so that you can live your happiest, healthiest life. Deepen your connection to yourself and others through the simple tools found in this digital album.

Inside this digital album, you’ll find these powerful tracks:

Morning Meditation
Pep Talk Meditation
Affirmations for Healing
Guided Relaxation
Basic Meditation One
Basic Meditation Two
Self-Love Reboot
Sleep Hygiene Tips & Checklist
Evening Meditation
Ocean Dreams (music only)