The my.CrazySexyLife website has gone into retirement.

It was my first website early in my journey, and I thank the myCSL community from the bottom of my heart for all the love and sharing that happened there over the years.

Our beautiful connections need not end here!

I invite you to join me over at (you can sign up for my newsletter on the homepage). I’d also love you to check out my membership, Inner Circle Wellness. The Inner Circle Wellness community exists to support your health and well-being—mind, body and spirit. It’s a safe place to connect and get inspired by others on the road to wellness. We provide recipes, kitchen how-tos, meditations, nutritionist support, and coaching every month, and cheer one another along in an active Facebook community. These relationships truly make a difference in our health, and in our lives.

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See you soon,

Kris Carr