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The Heart-Tending Happy Hour 

Dealing with grief, loss, or an unexpected life change? Come breathe a big sigh of relief and find proven tools to help you heal in this uplifting + unfiltered event!

Plus, be the first to get a sneak peek at Kris Carr’s brand-new book! 

With New York Times Bestseller Kris Carr 


Event: FREE Heart-Tending Happy Hour with Kris Carr

Date: Wednesday, 8/30

Time: 5–6pm ET 

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Location: Live Online Event

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Kris Carr is a heart-wrenchingly honest and side-splittingly funny author whose insights have touched the lives of millions worldwide & landed her on the New York Times bestseller list. She’s also been living with Stage IV cancer for more than 20 years.

Her new book, “I'm Not A Mourning Person" is a field guide for grief and what to expect when you’re not expecting your world to fall apart.

In this EXCLUSIVE preview event, you’ll raise a glass to your own resilience and learn how to navigate life’s hardest seasons with grit and grace.

Meet your host

“When we’re brave enough to tend to our hearts: Our messy emotions can teach us how to be free—not free from pain, but free from the fear of pain and the barrier it creates to fully living.”

—From Kris Carr’s New Book, I’m Not a Mourning Person

Peek Inside: Be the first to hear an exclusive excerpt from Kris’ ground-breaking, heart-awakening new book.

Get Answers: Get raw and real answers from Kris to your biggest questions LIVE (and share a few big laughs along the way).

Create Calm: Discover a satisfyingly simple exercise to soothe your nervous system and instantly reduce your stress.

Find Your Way Forward: With actionable guidance from Kris, you’ll identify a clear next step on your healing journey. 

Finding Light in Life's Hardest Seasons

Here’s What You’ll Discover in This Free Virtual Workshop

Surprise Bonus!

When you join us LIVE for this powerful event—you’ll also get a chance to win a SIGNED copy of Kris’ new book! 


Resilience is not just about bouncing back. 
It's about moving forward. 

Grab your favorite cocktail, mocktail or cup of tea and join us for this Heart-Tending Happy Hour. Together, we’ll take the next step towards healing, wholeness, and—dare we say—joy.

Kris can’t wait to see you there!