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Do You Need a Health Breakthrough?

Are you sick of feeling exhausted and run-down?

​Are you tired of never-ending diets that always end in disappointment?

​Or have you experienced a full-on wake-up call in the form of a diagnosis that’s pushing you to take action now?

Are you sick of feeling exhausted and run-down?

I’ve been there, my friend, and I’m here to tell you that change is possible!

In just 21 days 

You Really Can Reset Your Health

For these real users, all it took was three weeks to get the health and vibrancy they craved.

​People lost anywhere from 5–20 pounds.

​Type 2 diabetics brought their blood glucose levels back into a healthy range.

​Folks reduced or eliminated their cholesterol and blood pressure medication.

​People with chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues improved their energy and vitality.

​Food cravings and digestive troubles became a distant memory. Skin conditions cleared up.

​And best of all, people felt totally empowered again!

These are real transformations that happened for our real users… in just 21 days!


These four grads know that thriving, even with a serious health challenge, is possible.
They could've given up, but they chose to act. Press play for their stories!


“I feel amazing after completing CSY. I lost 10 pounds and I can’t imagine eating any other way. Thank you so much for creating this plan, Kris! It has truly changed my life.”

- Amy G-B.

“Totally life-changing! My body is singing with gratitude. I feel good, and I feel alive. I had health issues before I started and the miracle happened… I got my health back!”

- Zhanar Z.


“I gained confidence in my ability to stay on course, my depression and brain fog vastly improved, my energy level soared and my achy joints feel so much better.”

- Carol W.


“This wasn’t a cleanse, it was an indulgence! The program was so well-organized and thought out that we were set up for success.”

- Margaret H.

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“My family’s health totally changed with Crazy Sexy You. I dropped 12 pounds and hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Never expected that! Insomnia went away. Brain focus increased. And my 6-year-old asked if we could continue the program!”

- Leah H.


“It felt effortless because I didn’t feel deprived of food and the recipes were a great replacement for the bad food I ate! Thank you Kris for this program. I am happy I made the investment!”

- Keshelle D.

It’s possible for you, too! You just need the right plan.

And this one’s been proven by 10,000+ real people just like you.

Here’s My Little Secret to Life-Altering Health…

While most diets rely on restriction and deprivation, I don’t believe in any of that. Why should you have to shrink your plate or your joy to feel better? My 21-day program is built on abundance instead. It’s about filling your plate with delicious, nourishing foods you’ll love!

On top of that, we combine the eating plan with fun, joint-friendly workouts so you can feel wonderful in your body again, and anxiety-reducing meditations to calm that beautiful brain of yours!

This powerful 21-day total wellness program follows my 5 Pillars of Wellness approach. These are the foundational structures that allow you to build sustainable health. With all five pillars in place, it’ll finally feel easy to reclaim your health!

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How It Works...


Sign up & pick your start date.

Once you join the program, I’ll guide you through a brief orientation to get you set up for 21 days of transformation. You can start whenever you’re ready and come back as often as you like!


Follow the program for 21 days.

Use the meal plans, workouts, meditations, and coaching sessions to make massive progress in just 3 weeks. The planning’s all done for you. Just follow along, one day at a time.


Sign up & pick your start date.

When the 21 days are up, it’s time to pop the bubbly and throw some confetti! We’ll help you celebrate your success and set yourself up for sustainable, long-term progress.


"She’s an absolute game-changer."

- Oprah Winfrey


"Kris Carr is a beacon of light for anyone with a health problem."

- Mark Hyman, M.D.

You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are

Kris Carr here and I know what it’s like to need a 180 in your health. 

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable stage IV cancer.

That moment changed everything. It inspired me to live like I mean it and take back my life. I became a full-time wellness detective—researching and testing the leading diets and wellness practices for optimal health, immunity, and vitality.

Like many of you, I had to sift through mounds of conflicting information and endless self-doubt, but over time I was able to distill the best principles into one effective and proven plan.

As crazy as this may sound, while I still technically have cancer, I’m healthier NOW than I was before I got “sick!”

I know this same radical change is possible for you too. No matter where you’re at in your health journey, you have the power to improve your wellbeing. The good news is, you’re not alone AND now you have a plan…

Introducing Your 21-Day Plan for Renewed Health…

Crazy Sexy You

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Crazy Sexy You is the exclusive 21-day program that’s helped 10,000+ women just like you see extraordinary change in their health fast. It includes a plant-based meal plan, daily motivation and meditations, plus fun workout routines—all planned out for you by my team of registered dietitians! All you have to do is show up and say Yes to you.


“Before the program, I felt mentally and physically exhausted all the time. Today, I woke up smiling, realizing I have changed my life. In every aspect of my life I am living more authentically, passionately and lovingly.”

- Efiya A.


“I’ve had my share of health challenges, including stomach ulcers, heartburn, colitis and fatigue. After years of just treating symptoms, Crazy Sexy You taught me to eat for health and healing. Plus, I don’t desire or crave sweet treats anymore!”

- Don P.


“This is the first program, of the many I’ve participated in, where I genuinely succeeded. Not because of any number on a scale, but because it’s easy to understand, completely manageable and ridiculously informative. Life-changing!”

- Carol W.

Your 3-Step Path to a Total Health Reset...

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1. A Delicious, Plant-Based Meal Plan

Ditch calorie-counting and restrictive diets. And say farewell to wasted hours scouring the web for “healthy” recipes. We’ll give you a complete plant-based meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner—plus snacks and desserts. I’ve even made the grocery list for you! Finally, you can eat delicious meals with zero guilt and tons of ease. Yum!

Your delicious benefits:

Three weeks of mouth-watering gluten-free and dairy-free meal plans

Customized shopping lists for your household

A complete cookbook with close to 50 proven recipes

​Prep plans to batch cooking and cut your time in the kitchen

PLUS healthy alternatives to soy, nuts, nut butters, and nightshade vegetables to accommodate any food sensitivity.

Our dietitians and chefs rigorously analyzed each recipe and meal plan to ensure they provide the ideal balance of nutrients for overall health, energy, weight loss, and optimal digestion. Do away with foods that inflame your system and say hello to 100% plant-based meals that repair and renew your body.

2. Workout Routines for Every Level & Ability

Feel strong in your body and get moving again! No matter your level of fitness, these workout routines are designed to meet you where you’re at.

You’ll receive:

A collection of easy, joint-friendly yoga exercises

Moderate level flow and cardio dance workouts

High intensity HIIT workouts to boost your heart rate

​15–30 minute guided videos coupled with inspiring mantras

​PLUS audio workouts so you can move anywhere, anytime

We partnered with a world-class fitness trainer to craft these routines. Even if you haven’t worked out in forever, we’ll ease you back into healthy movement that feels great.

3. Meditations to Calm Your Mind & Enhance Your Wellbeing

Ease that beautiful brain of yours with our stress-relieving audio meditations. Even if you’ve never meditated before, simply hit play to relax your body, and create a healthy mindset one listen at a time!

You’ll get:

A morning meditation to ground you at the start of the day

Pep talk meditations to dial up your motivation

Evening meditations to put the day behind you

Affirmations for healing your body

​PLUS, calming, music-only meditation tracks to soothe whatever’s weighing on your mind

All of this is coupled with a guidebook, simple schedule, and coaching videos from yours truly, so you’re never alone in this journey.

This 21-Day Reset Has Transformed 10,000+ Lives— And It’ll Work for You, Too!

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Dawn’s rare autoimmune disease went from stage two to stage zero (the lowest possible stage!). Plus, her debilitating fatigue and extreme itching are now things of the past.
In just 3 weeks, she fell in love with the kitchen, introduced her family to healthy meals, made her wellness a priority and is feeling fantastic. Yup, it's that powerful!
After being diagnosed with this debilitating illness, Alex was “giving up hope” and knew he needed to make a change. He dove head first into Crazy Sexy You and his results will leave you speechless!


Ana Maria cares for her patients with excellence. Now she’s finally showing herself some care, too—and learning new skills to supplement her work in mainstream medicine!
After a health crisis, Fatima learned to feed her body and spirit, but was still intimidated in the kitchen. Crazy Sexy You helped her expand her wellness practice and support her health!
She also healed her digestion post-colon surgery and is living a healthy and happy life. She even taught her grandkids to love veggies!

Join Today and Unlock These 5 Powerful Bonuses! 


BONUS #1: Wisdom & Wellness Workshop

In this full-day video workshop, you’ll learn from 10 legendary teachers in personal development, spirituality and wellness (including Cheryl Richardson, Wayne Dyer, Iyanla Vanzant and yours truly!). This bonus workshop will fan your motivational fires as you embark on your journey to better health!
VALUE: $150 — Yours free!

BONUS #2: Say Yes to Your Life! Coaching

This event recording is with me and my dear friends, New York Times best-selling authors, Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein. We dish on self-care, miracles and how to manifest your dreams to make an impact on the world. Cozy up and soak in this soulful event!
VALUE: $50 — Yours free!

BONUS #3: The Accountability Tracker

Staying on track is easier when you have a place where you can measure your progress day-to-day, write down your reflections and get a boost of inspiration. This tracker will keep you grounded and motivated so you can stay consistent.
VALUE: $50 — Yours free!

BONUS #4: The Social Survival Guide

It’s easy to slip up in social situations, unless you’re prepared with strategies that work. We get swept up in the moment or we don’t want to make a fuss about our new healthy habits. This guide will help you navigate tricky situations and field any questions that come your way.
VALUE: $50 — Yours free!

BONUS #5: Crazy Sexy Favorites Recipe Pack

Fifteen of the tastiest, most nutrient-dense breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts you’ve ever tried! Combine this bonus pack with the 50 recipes in Crazy Sexy You, and you’ve got endless healthy meal choices. Yum!
VALUE: $50 — Yours free!
That’s $350 worth of healthy BONUSES you get when you enroll in Crazy Sexy You—on top of the proven program, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, workouts, meditations, coaching sessions and more!
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A Total Health Reset for One Affordable Investment

The entire 21-day total wellness program

(including meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, meditations, and more!)

BONUS #1: Wisdom & Wellness Workshop

BONUS #2: Say Yes to Your Life! Coaching

BONUS #3: The Accountability Tracker

BONUS #4: The Social Survival Guide

BONUS #5: Crazy Sexy Favorites Recipe Pack

PLUS a 100% money-back guarantee!

Regularly $299






Total Value =

Available NOW for just =



Pick Your Plan and Reclaim Your Health!

most affordable!


6 monthly payments of


easiest option!



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Plus Enjoy Our Risk-Free 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so confident in you seeing life-changing results from this program that we’re offering a 7-day, money-back guarantee from the date of purchase (yes, that means you can try a full week risk-free!). You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from trying this program.
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Big Results in Just 3 Weeks

She also reawakened her personal power, deepened her spiritual practice and connection to herself and others!
She shed the extra pounds, her clothes fit better, she got her energy back and is feeling empowered and fantastic!


Get the Entire Crazy Sexy You 21-Day Program
PLUS $350 in bonuses

AND a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Is This 21-Day Program for You? Yes!

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Are you looking to radically improve your overall health? Crazy Sexy You is great if you want more energy, healthy weight loss, immune support, radiant skin, and better digestion. Plus, you’ll finally feel some relief from inflammation, chronic health conditions, and food sensitivities.
Do you want to improve your relationship with food? If you’re looking for freedom from food cravings and unhealthy or emotional eating habits, you’ll love Crazy Sexy You.
Do you have a specific medical condition or dietary restriction? We include customized options for different needs. Sensitive to nightshades? Do you have issues with soy, corn, or tree nuts? Need to stay gluten or dairy free? We’ve got you covered. We even have specific adjustments for folks with type 1 & type 2 diabetes, autoimmune issues, and cancer.
Are you a pregnant or nursing mother? Welcome! Crazy Sexy You is not an extreme diet—it’s a healthy, balanced, and dietitian-vetted wellness plan that’s easy on your system and provides your body with essential nutrients for long-term health.
Do you just want to look and feel great? It’s amazing what happens when we care for ourselves by nourishing our bodies, reducing stress, sleeping better, exercising, and learning to love ourselves. Our skin glows, clothes fit better, moods lift, and confidence shines. All of that’s waiting for you inside Crazy Sexy You!

We’re Here to Answer Your Questions!

It’s Time to Say ‘Yes!’ to Crazy Sexy YOU!

You Deserve This.

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This is it. The crossroads where you have a decision to make: will you keep waiting for your health to get better on its own, or will you finally get the support you deserve and become an empowered participant in your wellbeing?
I know it’s not easy. If it were, you would have done it by now. But, if you are committed to this program, you will see results—just like the 10,000+ people who’ve completed Crazy Sexy You to date and loved the results. This is a proven system (backed by a 100% risk-free guarantee). If you put in the work, I promise it’ll work for you and I really want that transformation for you.
I want you to experience vibrant, abundant health because you deserve it. And because I want you to lead by example and show the people you love what’s possible in their own lives. Feeling your best isn’t something you can outsource. It’s a reality you create one choice at a time.

Like Pamela, who lost 6 ¾ inches in 21 days.

Like Mary, who’s finally sleeping through the night.

​Like Kandee, who got her type 1 diabetes under control.

And like Julie, whose psoriasis is gone.

These beautiful women are no different than you. They just committed to themselves and then followed the program. Now it’s your turn. Commit to yourself and give Crazy Sexy You a try. In just 21 days, you can reclaim your health and start writing your own success story.

I’ll see you inside!