A Manifesto to Help You Believe in Yourself and Thrive

Hiya Gorgeous!

So we’re just about to hit the halfway mark on the first month of the new year. This is where the rubber meets the road, my friends. Because get this—90% of the folks who set new year’s goals quit by now. Well, guess what? I’m on track to be one of those people!

Just last night I was reviewing my end-of-year journal and I realized that I’ve already blown off some of my most important intentions. Cue the sirens! That’s why I’m reaching out to you today. I need to phone a friend and get back on track—and maybe you do, too. I also created a little somethin’ somethin’ to help us do just that, keep reading!

So what trips us up from living the healthy, beautiful lives we desire? Well, you and I both know that there are many answers to that loaded question. But the #1 cause is usually our beliefs. Somewhere in the nooks and crannies of our minds, we just don’t think we can pull it off.

“Too old, too fat, not good enough, smart enough, healthy enough, pretty enough, talented enough, rich enough, strong enough, decisive enough…” Yuck. Just writing this list makes me want gin. If you’re struggling with any of that crap, I’m here to give you a little love blast and reminder of your greatness.

Here’s the deal: No matter what your life looks like right now, or how you feel in body and spirit, you’ve got what it takes to thrive—whatever that looks like for you. In fact, you were born to stretch your wings and soar, and it’s easier than you think.

Thriving isn’t about striving, pushing or fixing yourself. You’re already amazing. It’s not about having perfect health, a perfect body, relationship, kids, resume and so on. In fact, it’s less about self-improvement (I’m not enough) and more about self-acceptance (I’m loveable and phenomenal, just as I am).

Sounds delicious, right? So how do you get a piece of that thinking?

The key is to consistently cultivate positive, flowing energy in your body and spirit. It’s about how you feel about yourself, talk to yourself, take care of yourself, treat your wonderful self and others, and how you show up for your magnificent life—every day.

To cultivate that powerful energy, we’re also called to dismantle the barriers, practices and beliefs that keep us stuck. That crazy-ass thinking that makes us say awful statements like “I can’t.”

Real quick, let’s establish some rules for how to use the word “can’t,” because it can be a big thrive blocker when not applied correctly.

Thumbs up ways: I can’t go out tonight because I need to catch up on my sleep so I can rock my meeting tomorrow.

Thumbs down ways: I can’t write that book because everything’s already been said and my story isn’t that interesting. GONG! That’s a no no. Got it?

If you’re not feeling on your game right now, that’s OK. When I’m in that place it’s just a sign that I need to wake up and redirect my focus. For me that means giving myself a loving (no-nonsense) pep talk. Once I’ve cracked through my defeating chatter, I’m better able to create healthy habits (actions) that support who I want to be and how I want to feel.

Here’s a simple example: If I want my body to be strong, then I need to create a fitness routine that supports my goals. If I choose to believe that I don’t have time to work out (my go-to excuse), then I’m choosing not to thrive. I’m prioritizing Netflix over how I want to feel. Now, as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression at times, that’s not a loving choice. Exercise does a world of good for my mood.

Sure, it’s hard to uplevel my cozy, creature comfort habits. I frickin’ love my shows. In fact, I have a detailed spreadsheet of when they’re on hiatus and when they return! But if I can take the time to create that darn document, then for the love of goodness, I can create a few sit ups.

So as we harness the magic this year has to offer, as we step in to the fullest expression of who we are—joyous, loving, thriving, forces for good—I want to invite you to join me in channeling your energy in to creating the vibrant life you desire (and deserve!).

To help you do that, I whipped up what I call The Thriver’s Manifesto. Think of it like a declaration of intentions for how you will cherish yourself moving forward. You can check it out below and download a designed copy of it, if you like. Use it as a way to wire your brain to thrive. Enjoy, sweetheart!

The Thriver’s Manifesto:

1. Regardless of my circumstances, I have the power to thrive—at any time on my journey!

2. When I’m thriving my energy is flowing—body, mind and spirit. I’ve got pep in my step, peace in my mind and joy in my heart. If I’m not thriving, it’s a sign to redirect my focus.

3. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to thriving. My version is right for me and it changes as my needs change, therefore I refrain from comparing myself to others.

4. I choose thoughts and beliefs that support my health, personal goals and highest good.

5. I listen to my body and trust my intuition, because I know what’s best for me.

6. I feed my body clean food because I’m worth it. Improving my diet improves my life.

7. I understand that self-care is health care and I practice it daily.

8. I support my immune system by lessening my exposure to a toxic environment.

9. I practice progress, not perfection in my pursuit of vibrant health and happiness.

10. I ask for support when I need it and I make time for my friends. Community = longevity.

11. I love and accept myself just as I am today—not down the line when I create some mythical better version of myself.

12. I can’t please everyone, and that’s OK. People pleasing drains my energy. And when I’m too focused on living up to other people’s standards, I forget to raise and honor my own.

13. I practice gratitude on a regular basis because it puts me in a positive state and reminds me of what’s already great in my life.

14. I understand that healing isn’t linear. It happens in seasons, zig and zags, steps forward and backwards. Therefore, I am patient, loving and supportive of my body and life.

15. I say yes to my life and make time for me, and for the people, animals and experiences that matter most. I give myself permission to live like I really mean it, starting today!

May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you cherish yourself, may you know how deeply loved you are and may you pay that love forward to other people, the animals and the planet—so worthy of your care.

Your turn: Which belief from the Thriver’s Manifesto resonates with you most? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Peace and taking flight,

Kris Carr

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