My Top 10 Wellness Tips for Healthy, Happy Living

Hiya Gorgeous,

Getting started can be the most difficult part of change. So today, I’m going to help you take that step.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?: I’ll start juicing next week. This weekend is a better time to take a walk (not now). I should put off visiting the doctor until after the holidays. I’m sure this ache/pain/lump is normal—I’ll just wait and see if it goes away. So-and-so needs me (again)—I’ll get to my stuff later…

I created this list of tried-and-true blogs and resources in an effort to help you nip these inner excuses in the bud. Education, encouragement and a pinch of confidence are all you need to take a step toward positive change today. So, whatever your motivation may be, you’ve already made progress by showing up here and reading this blog. That’s all you need to do for now. Then, take another step tomorrow—and another and another. You’ll get there. Just don’t abandon yourself. And if you’re ever thinking about checking out with your goal, check in with me—I’m here to cheer you on.

Ready? Read (or skim) through the list below. Follow your gut. Identify the bits that resonate most. Then, dive in. OK, let’s find some buried treasure together…

Kris Carr’s Top Ten Wellness Tips

1. Eat more plants (and drink more greens!). You may be having an I-knew-she-was-going-to-say-that moment, but the garden (well, Whole Foods) is where my wellness journey began. This simple advice has been a turning point for hundreds of thousands of Crazy Sexy health seekers just like you. For starters, plants are loaded with nutrients and buckets of disease-fighting (and preventing) goodies. And, juicing takes that plant power and shoots it straight into your cells via liquid sunshine. If you want to find out how easy it is to get started, watch this video for a peek at what I eat on a regular day or check out my juicing and blending demos. And if you’re ready to go even further, pick up a copy of my cookbook Crazy Sexy Kitchen or my ultimate green drink recipe and guidebook Crazy Sexy Juice (now in paperback!).

2. Reduce chronic inflammation. This internal hot mess can wreak havoc on your precious systems. You see, your body gets confused when it’s overloaded by a barrage of environmental, physical and mental invaders, like poor diet, toxic chemicals and stress. And when that happens, your bod turns on itself—not knowing the difference between invaders and healthy cells and tissues. Luckily, you have a lot of control over this piping hot pickle (think cancer, chronic health issues, arthritis, skin trouble and the list goes on). There are a number of ways to reduce chronic inflammation, ranging from the kind of moisturizer you put on your face to the kinds of foods on your plate.

3. Improve your gut health. Did you know that your gut really does have “feelings”? There are nearly as many neurons in your intestines as there are in your noggin! Your incredible digestive tract is one of the body’s most important systems and the bacterias living in this delicate world need to be in balance to maintain tip-top overall health. Eating whole plant-based foods, keeping stress in check and adding some probiotics into your regimen are a few simple ways to support your glorious gut. Find out other ways you can get your gut in shape and how a healthy digestive system can revitalize your entire well-being here.

4. Pay more attention to your sh*t. When your bathroom visits are less than inspiring, it can indicate that your tooter isn’t working at its best (and that it’s time to talk about it!). Maybe you’re not getting enough fiber or water or exercise. Or perhaps, you need to investigate deeper. Whatever the cause, these scoop on your poop and low-down on constipation blogs will help you get to the bottom (hehe) of the situation.

5. Start here if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. Many of you found me through your journey (or a loved one’s) with cancer. Maybe you were just diagnosed and feeling lost or overwhelmed. Or perhaps, you’ve been on this path a while and you want to prioritize prevention and well-being. Regardless, I’m so happy you’re here and I’m confident these two blogs are really going to help you. First up, my ultimate tips for cancer patients. This is what I want every cancer patient to know (in a nutshell), so please read it! And secondly, I hope that you’ll watch my interview with Dr. Kelly Turner. Her extensive research into cancer remission is simply amazing and reinforces what’s really worked for me and countless others. Although please remember, I’m not in remission. I’m living a healthy life with cancer. Oh, and one last thing. I wrote a couple books on the subject too, so if that’s up your alley, check out Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips and Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor while you’re at it.

6. Get organized so you can get (and stay) healthy. If you haven’t taken my Crazy Sexy Meal Plan for a spin, um, what are ya waiting for? It’ll save you a lot of empty-fridge frustration, whittle down your grocery bill and help you eat better. Even beyond those big-time benefits, there’s the priceless practice of planning and prepping. When you attack any project, whether it’s your weekly meal plan, a house renovation or your next book, sitting down to figure out exactly what you’ll need sets you up for success. That’s why I also created this handy self-care planner. Sure, sometimes life throws in a wrench or two, but that’s OK. You’ll adjust, keep jammin’ and plan again for the next meal. And for those of you who want to boost your energy, bust cravings and finally build healthy habits that stick, check out my free Wellness Workshop. This 4-part series runs June 14-20 so sign up today!

7. Choose less toxic products. I talk about this important to-do in my 11 Tips for Cancer Patients blog, but it bears repeating here. Did you know that the average person uses 9 personal care products per day containing about 126 chemical ingredients? That’s a whole lot. And unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t have your back on this one—most products are not reviewed or approved by them. But wait, there’s more. Companies aren’t required to test their products and are allowed to leave hazardous chemicals off their labels. Bottom line: many of the chemicals found in personal care products have been linked to increased risks of cancer, infertility, birth defects, hormonal issues (ahem, endocrine disruptors), etc. The same holds true for household cleaning products. Please don’t panic. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your non-toxic makeup bag and abode. Get an intro to this topic by watching my interview with former Executive Director of the Environmental Working Group. Then, get the scoop on how to make your home a healthier, non-toxic place (checklist included!) to enjoy your life.

8. Realize how awesome you are. Realizing how awesome you already are creates more peace and joy in your heart. That negative self-talk will fade into the background and you’ll be better able to make decisions with ease. Knowing how awesome you are isn’t arrogant, it’s generous. Because when you love yourself more, you love others more, too. I’m never going to stop telling you that you’re awesome, but if you need more self-love nudges, head over to this blog or listen to this free Pep Talk meditation.

9. Connect with your true purpose. Ok, I’ll be honest, this is one of my all-time favorite posts. It’s so easy for us to judge ourselves. If we don’t have the “right” career or the “right” education or body or whatever the heck else, we often slip into a thick haze of unworthiness. I thought I had a pretty good thing going with the work I do and the sense of purpose it gives me, and then, blammo, life took me for a loop. After some soul searching, I learned to focus on letting go of my attachments to outside markers of achievement. Valuing ourselves from the inside out can drastically change our level of happiness. Try it!

10. Work on managing stress. Stress is one of the biggest health epidemics today. All that stinkin’ thinkin’, worry, fear and anger contribute to chronic disease, not to mention how much they chip away at your happiness each day. Check in with yourself. Do you feel like the world is weighing on your shoulders? Are you heavy with dread? Future-tripping disastrous events? One of my greatest missions is to help people feel less stress and more joy. I’ve got a few places you can start, but you’ll notice as you explore my blogs and books, that stress is covered again and again. There are a variety of ways to begin. You could try meditating with me or one of the countless amazing meditation teachers out there (it only takes 10 minutes a day to feel the benefits!). Start prioritizing sleep more so that you can handle life’s challenges with a clearer and healthier mind. Learn more about how natural approaches, like essential oils and adaptogens (herbs), can help lessen stress levels. And, one more tip: If you’ve been stressed out for a while and are feeling chronically tired, talk to your doctor about adrenal fatigue. It could be part of your personal health puzzle (was for me!).I know there’s a lot here to take in, but remember that this blog isn’t going anywhere! Bookmark this page, email yourself a link, write down the title—whatever you need to do to save this spot! And don’t forget, you only need to take one step at a time, dear friend. My extensive blog library, Crazy Sexy books, programs, free goodies and more are waiting if you need some extra support! Can’t wait to here how your path unfolds.

Your turn: What’s one wellness habit or practice you want to focus on? Put it out there so we can support you!

Peace & first steps,

Kris Carr

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