Here’s your Crazy Sexy Starter Kit. A roadmap to vitality!

Hiya Health Seekers,

Feeling good can’t be found on a prescription pad. It comes from an interconnected way of life that centers around nurturing ourselves in a holistic way. This approach is really what’s at the core of my teaching. Over the years, I’ve figured out how to use this philosophy to feel fabulous from the inside out.

Today, I want to give you something that’ll help you do the same. So many people ask me for an overview of my diet and lifestyle philosophy. They want to know what to do and where to start. Well, after months of work, I was able to condense years of research into the biggest, most robust wellness guide I’ve ever created, The Crazy Sexy Starter Kit! I’m releasing it free of charge to my followers as my way of saying thanks for all the love, support, and positive energy you’ve sent my way.

Wellness is a process, a journey—and on that journey it’s important to have a map so you don’t get lost.

Your Starter Kit is the ultimate guide to living and eating the Crazy Sexy way. It will help you take the first step toward your wellness goals. And it’s filled with some of the best wisdom I have to offer. Plus, it’s delivered in bite-sized amounts so you don’t get overwhelmed.

The Crazy Sexy Starter Kit includes:

  • My top recommendations for boosting your energy, immunity and overall vitality.
  • The best foods to balance your blood sugar and nourish your body.
  • Simple self-care practices to help you reduce stress and feel better.
  • Basic supplement recommendations to help you thrive.
  • How to stock your fridge and pantry (including an easy checklist).
  • A plant-based nutritional guide with all of your key nutrients.
  • Wellness resources including my favorite reads, informative films and helpful products.
  • Best of all: You’ll get sixteen ridiculously delicious, satisfying and energizing recipes!

No matter where you begin, you’ll start to feel the shifts and results in every corner of your life. You might decide to prioritize sleep, seek out an integrative doctor, dust off your juicer, or eat your way to wellness with the 3-day plan.

Soak in the knowledge and resources at your own pace and think of this kit as a touchstone. Every time you need some direction, inspiration or comfort, it’s there for you!

Your turn: What’s one thing you could do to feel better today?

Peace & self-care,

Kris Carr