Cookbook Club: Raw Food Recipes + Meal Plan

Hiya gorgeous!

As I mentioned last week, I’d love to explore new recipes and cook with you more. That’s why I’m kicking off the Crazy Sexy Cookbook Club! We’ll be getting creative, messy and deliciously inspired with a regular featured chef and cookbook–all with the goal of expanding our repertoire and having some fun. Whenever I grab a new cookbook I drag it around like a woobie. I take it to bed, on the bus, to the pool. I break that sucker in and cook my buns off. I hope this new club will motivate you to do the same and stretch your talented self in the kitchen.

To get us started this month, I teamed up with my friend Gena Hamshaw–raw chef extraordinaire! Gena and I created a 1-day meal plan, which includes all the raw food recipes you’ll need to enjoy a simple and tasty, plant-based blowout. This is a great way to hit the reset button on your health, try a new technique, or reinvigorate your love of high-raw, veg-happy foods.

Read about how to get involved with the Crazy Sexy Cookbook Club below, but first, a little more info about Gena and her gaga-glorious book!

I’m a longtime fan of Gena’s fabulous blog, Choosing Raw. It’s one of my go-to resources for plant-based recipes and nutrition information. Lucky for us, Gena’s intellect, energy, and quick-wit blend together in her first masterpiece, also titled Choosing Raw. Why “choosing?” Because this isn’t your typical raw food book. Rather than pushing a 100% raw diet, Gena gently encourages you to add raw foods to your diet, however quickly or gradually you want to (now that’s my cup of tea!). She allows us to decide how raw we want to go, and reminds us that cooked plant foods aren’t necessarily inferior to raw ones.

Choosing Raw features 125 recipes. All of them are easy, quick, and no-fuss. You also get a healthy serving of Gena’s hilarious, no nonsense approach to nutrition science, as well as her savvy (and spot on) responses to some of the biggest myths and misconceptions surrounding plant-based and raw food.

In addition to all of this, the book features handy information on why you might want to move toward a whole foods, plant-based diet, a list of resources for fabulous veg-focused living, a glossary of ingredients, and plenty of tips on transitioning over to more plant foods. I wrote the foreword to this amazing baby and I’m so proud of Gena!

Crazy Sexy Cookbook Club

Here’s how to join me and Gena on a tasty cooking adventure this week (August 5 – 11):

First, grab all your materials below. The packet includes:

  • Your 1-day meal plan
  • Your raw food recipe booklet (8 in all!)
  • Your shopping list. Take it with you the next time you hit the farmers market or grocery store. Note: We’ve included everything you’ll need for the meal plan, plus we threw in some essentials for any week of plant-based living (almond milk, greens, etc).

Next, stock up!

Whether you’re just trying one recipe or diving in kale-first and participating for a full day, pick up all the ingredients you’ll need to prepare your meal(s).

Prep & cook…

  • Prep & Cook: While putting together these meals (and beyond), try to see your kitchen as a soulful, self-care sanctuary and your time in the kitchen as an investment in your vitality and joy. These recipes are going to support your well-being and the health of those who share them with you—celebrate that!
  • Tip: This weekend might be the best time to join in, since you’ll have a few days to get ready and more time to spend enjoying your delicious meals.

Share & connect

  • Share: If you’d like to jump on the social media bandwagon with me and your fellow cooks, share snapshots of your meals and festivities on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag: #crazysexycooks. I’ll be RTing and re-gramming my favorites!
  • Connect with Gena & fellow Crazy Sexy Cooks: Gena will be hanging out at my Facebook page all day on Thursday, August 7 (starting at noon EDT), ready to field your burning curiosities. Come on over and share your challenges and questions, whether you’re confused about an ingredient, need grocery shopping tips, or could use some kitchen assistance.

Choosing Raw Cookbook Giveaway (update: this is now closed)

Your turn: I want to hear from you if you’re planning on joining in on the #crazysexycooks fun–have any questions for Gena?

Peace & Crazy Sexy Cooking,

Kris Carr