5 Tips for Becoming an Ageless Goddess

Hiya Gorgeous,

Last time I saw Christiane Northrup, MD on stage at an I Can Do It! event, I knew I had to share her most recent work in shifting our perspective on aging with you. One thing that came to mind when I saw her speak was just how fun and free this great woman is. She embodies being herself and loving every inch of her bad-ass awesomeness. If that’s what growing older like a glorious goddess is all about, count me in!

Dr. Northrup is board-certified ob/gyn and the author of countless New York Times best selling books that have changed the landscape of women’s health. Most recently, Goddesses Never Age was released into the world showing readers how to embrace aging just like she has—this woman walks the talk! She’s funny, hot and feisty. She’s also an incredible Tango dancer who lives for pleasure. When I grow up I want to be Chris. 🙂

I know that many of you will resonate with her empowering vision—she’s showing us all how to strip away the stigma of the stereotypical old lady and replace her with a glowing, vibrant, thriving goddess. You don’t want to miss the wisdom and tips she has in store for you today. Whether you’re a twenty-something or a sixty-something, Christiane’s approach will revolutionize the way you view your age with each day that passes.

Take it away, Dr. Northrup!

Thanks, Kris! When it comes to aging, our culture’s paradigm is starting to shift. One reason for this shift is that people are starting to understand that the terms “growing older” and “aging” are not synonymous. Aging, like I mention below, shows on the outside of the body long after it begins on the inside, and is associated with deterioration, decrepitude, and decline. How you grow older is entirely up to you. That’s the shift!

If you’re reading this, my guess is that you want to grow older with gusto, not deteriorate. Trust me when I say you are not destined to have to battle with your body, trying to get it to behave. You can get off the road that leads to illness, frailty, and a reduced quality of life. With a little courage—and a look at your underlying beliefs about growing older—you can have a life that’s rich in relationships, health, social connections, and everything your heart desires, regardless of your chronological age.

It’s never too early to become an Ageless Goddess—someone who embraces ageless living. At our core, we are eternal beings.

Here are 5 tips for becoming the Ageless Goddess you were meant to be:

Tip 1: Reframe the term aging. As I mentioned, aging is generally used to describe the process of deterioration and decline—a process that is not inevitable. As Dr. Mario Martinez says, “Growing older is inevitable, aging is optional.” Pay attention to the words you use when you speak about growing older and the meaning you give those words.

Tip 2: Update your beliefs. Your beliefs are far stronger than your genes. What are your beliefs about getting older? Do they include the belief that at a certain age good things stop and bad things begin? For example, do you believe that after 40 it’s all downhill or all the good men are already taken or you can’t have great sex after age 50? Until you bring these beliefs to consciousness, they can adversely affect your biology. Like a stealth program, you aren’t even aware of them, and yet they play a huge role in your health.

Tip 3: Age Proof Yourself NOW! The physical effects that we cumulatively call “aging” begin early. And most of them can be prevented by lifestyle choices. In fact, what we refer to as “aging,” actually begins in childhood. For example, the famous Bogalusa Heart Study found evidence of heart disease in the arteries of children. Loss of muscle mass begins as early as one’s 20’s, if you sit all day. It’s never too late to upgrade your diet and exercise choices, and still have a positive effect on your health.

Tip 4: Stop trash talking about age. And stop blaming your health problems on your age. Your body believes every word you say. Again, notice your language about age. And step out of any negative patterns. I once went to a hairdresser who thought her life was over because she was about to turn 30. I suggest that 21 be your last “milestone” birthday. If you don’t tell your body your age, it won’t know.

Tip 5: Resolve to get younger next year. There is a huge difference between biologic (the age of your cells) and chronologic age (the age on your driver’s license). By implementing lifestyle improvements, you can quite literally reverse the clock and grow biologically younger.

You can claim—or reclaim—a natural, harmonious relationship with your body, and experience pleasure, joy, and vibrant wellness. Act courageously! Live agelessly! When you embrace the innate vitality of an Ageless Goddess, your body and spirit will reflect it for the world to see.

Kris here again! I absolutely love Dr. Northrup’s tips and hope they help you celebrate every beautiful birthday coming your way. I know she’s helped me do just that!

Now it’s your turn: Share some positive love for growing older and any tips you have in the comments below! For me, aging equals survivorship and crows feet are really laugh lines. The deeper they get the more joy I’ve been experiencing.

Peace & goddesses,

Kris Carr

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