Here at last! Crazy Sexy Kitchen debuts October 30th, 2014!


PLEASE NOTE: Cooking Classes and Dinner with Kris are no longer available.

The wait is FINALLY over! On Tuesday, October 30th, Crazy Sexy Kitchen will be sitting pretty on bookstore shelves across the country and shipping out to your magnificent mailboxes. I am bouncing off the walls with giddy anticipation! Every book I write is like a child to me and I am deeply proud of this one. The recipes are over-the-top inspiring and delicious. The philosophy is life-changing and the tips and know-how will totally transform your skills in the kitchen.

As always, I want to thank you, dear readers. Ever since I started sharing some of the phenomenal plant-powered recipes in Crazy Sexy Kitchen, you’ve blown me away with your excitement and anticipation for the cookbook. Chef Chad and I created this cookbook with your happiness, health and taste buds in mind, and we hope that it brings you ultimate joy and vitality.

Over the past month, we’ve already started cooking together with the recipes in my delicious Sneak Peek and learning together through complementary Crazy Sexy Cooking Classes. You even got to take a behind-the-apron look at the making of Crazy Sexy Kitchen in our mini-documentary book trailer. So now that book launch week is here, it’s time to reveal yet another juicy surprise. And I always save the best for last.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

I’m tickled tangerine to announce that beginning October 30th, those who pick up a copy of Crazy Sexy Kitchen at a local (actual “bricks & mortar”) bookstore, will be invited to Dinner with Kris–a 3-part virtual soiree with some of my inspiring colleagues in my very own home in Woodstock, NY. Bookstores really need our love. I bet you have a great one in or near your town. Join me in supporting them.

Press play on today’s video to celebrate Crazy Sexy Kitchen’s long-awaited debut with me and click here to learn more about Dinner with Kris. I put together this series to share the game-changing knowledge of today’s thought leaders directly with you. The people I’ll be featuring have changed my life and I know they will change yours too. Guests will be revealed soon. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this! But remember, you’ve gotta go to the “bricks & mortar” bookstores to get in on this experience.

More than ever, my heart is filled with gratitude for YOU. Without you, treasured reader, there wouldn’t be a Crazy Sexy Kitchen. I wrote this cookbook with Chef Chad Sarno to transform kitchens across America (and the rest of the world!) into mouth-watering, plant-happy, disease-fighting, love-filled headquarters. Ready to cook? I sure hope so!

Are you as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments below. :)

Peace & empowered plates,

Kris Carr

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74 responses to Here at last! Crazy Sexy Kitchen debuts October 30th, 2014!
  1. I’m EXCITED… Waiting for mine to be shipped from the States. Kris, when it it be available to buy in UK book stores…? I see great gifts for my clients on the horizon.

    Much love Jo xo

  2. I can’t wait to get my copy of the book! Quick question: are the online offers only for US buyers or can UK buyers also have access to them?

    • I’m going to guess that its for U.S. residents and or books purchased from U.S. bookstores only. I would think offering this worldwide would be very hard to verify actual receipts to qualify as official entries. But I could be wrong. I’m sure Kris and her teal will confirm one way or the other to avoid those outside the U.S. purchasing books from local stores thinking they are eligible for the dinner give away when maybe they aren’t, especially those who maybe can’t afford to buy the book both online and in person. As I live in Canada I’m going to buy mine online and be sure to get at least one give away…and the classes look great.

      • OK re-read your question and realized I must be having brain strain (or menopausal). Thought you were asking about books bought at actual retail stores outside the U.S. being eligible for the dinner invitations. Oh we’ll. Hope Kris’s team still answers this question for those of who can’t buy a book in the U.S.

      • Hey guys, I’m in the UK and I pre-ordered the book through (it’s not out here until the 7th Dec, booo!) and I then went and typed my receipt number into the box for the cooking classes and it all came up fine. So the cooking class offer definitely works if you pre-order online via amazon, not sure about the dinner with Kris option for those who buy in-store. Hope that helps!

  3. CSK is going to change many kitchen’s in Miami, FL, starting with my own, I’ve got a copy! I’m going to help make this happen.

  4. Congratulations!!! Cannot wait to see it. I think it will be very exciting taking a trip to the local bookstore and picking up a copy. It is so exciting buying books in the store vs online. Just something about it that I love so much.
    I will use your cooked recipes for the rest of the family and any raw ones for me!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  5. Congratulations on the book Kris. I received mine (here in Canada) last week. I can’t put it down. Such great and helpful information. I can’t wait to start trying some of the receipes this week. Cooking classes have been great too. My 11 year old son wants to be a chef so he watches with me and has alread started using some of the cooking techniques you and Chef Chad talk about. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Much success on the book! I will be buying…can’t wait!

  7. Lovely! So many ways to support peeps in plant-based eating and the joy of it all.

    Am I missing something or are the details about the brick-and-mortar book purchase to be forthcoming? I went to the “Dinner with” page but the instructions about how to proceed are eluding me.

    Thanks for all you do for the cause Kris!

    Lani Muelrath

    • Hi Lani,

      You’ll be able to sign up for “Dinner with Kris” tomorrow (10/30). Check back at the Dinner with Kris web page then, and there will be a new form to fill out.

      Creative Director at

  8. At first I felt left out because I bought the book online as soon as I heard about it, but this is such a good thing, helping book stores, that I realized I could buy the book and thereby be a beneficiary and a giver at the same time. How cool is that?

    Thanks again Kris. Brilliant idea.

    Sharon Beck

  9. I am so excited!! I want in on both fun adventures, sooooo I will be off to buy my 2nd book at the book store tomorrow!
    Kris Carr you are a Rock Star and you rock my world! Thank you for everything!! XO

  10. I plan on doing a little Julie/Julia project with it. Maybe in the end I will be an awesome vegan chef too!

  11. I have tried twice to get registered for the cooking class, I pre ordered the book from Amazon .com
    Please advice. Thank You, Mari

  12. Inspired by Kris and others in her web community I bought my first juicer and it just arrived this weekend…an Omega 8400 which is really great so far. My wonderful hubby test drove it for me and made me my first batch of fresh organic cucumber juice. Wow! No one tells how much the great smell of cucumber will fill the air! Since I’m dealing with longtime severe digestive and other serious health issues and in between major back surgeries so VERY weak and depleted on many levels,I am taking it very slow and trying one spoonful each morning to see how we’ll I’ll do. Yes, like many others, if my body is going to accept it, I need to go very slow and even a spoonful is enough for me to feel it. I have to say I was struck by how fresh it tasted and the feeling that my body was taking it in like a long lost friend…albeit cautiously. I really hope juicing will finally give my poor body a way of taking in much needed nutrients in a way I can tolerate and absorb and one day work up to some of the great recipes I’ve read Kris’ juicing e-book. Next on the list to try is my doctors advice to get some coconut milk and avocado for healthy fats but one thing at a time. I’m so grateful for Kris’ website and all the stories I’ve read on here to give me some hope of putting my health back on stable ground and after over a decade of pain and dysfunction and having the freedom to do the things I want and need…that there is a light and I need to keep the faith even through those very dark days and endless medical exams, tests, treatments, drugs, surgeries etc. But I do practice each day finding something to be grateful for and how it could worse while still honouring the fear and anger and feeling your best may not be good enough to cross that finish lie to healing and health truly hope I will join the world of not just survivors but thrivers. As so many of us have learned its one step at a time. Thanks!

  13. Hey,
    The book looks great. However, I have an honest question. Are there any recipes in the book that consists of simple inexpensive ingredients that don’t require that you go to a specilaty store to buy?

    • Hi Mimi,

      Yes, there are tons of recipes in CSK that don’t require specialty ingredients. And as I said below to Cara, if you don’t have something, use a substitute (google is great for that!) or just skip it. These recipes are built to be flexible and delicious. I’ve tried at least half of the recipes in this cookbook and the experience has changed my life. I’ve learned that cooking isn’t about doing everything perfectly. So, my recommendation is to try the recipes that are simpler first and then go on to try the more complex recipes later or when you have time to plan ahead for special ingredients:)

      Creative Director at

  14. I’ll never make these complicated recipes…they are a bit too much time and effort for me, but I’ll probably buy the book to support you :) Congratulations!

    • Hey Cara,

      I encourage you to try some of the simpler recipes in the book. Check out the “Quickies”. I cook from CSK all the time and if I don’t have all the ingredients or don’t prefer them (I’m not a sea veggie fan!), I just omit them. If you don’t have whole spices, use ground. If you don’t have a fresh herb, use dried. It’s all about flexibility and joy. I hope you’ll give it a whirl!


  15. I am stoked! My one question is: when are these dinner scheduled for? I’d love to participate and hope I can. I’ll be buying the book anyway, and thanks for the reminder to support the local bookstores too. I already bought it online, but want my mom to have a copy, so I’ll give her the bookstore one for Xmas. Yay!!

  16. Looking forward to getting Crazy Sexy Kitchen. A friend posted about u on FB last week and I am glad I clicked on the link and checked it out! love what u are all about! Keep doing what u do best ’cause you are awesome!
    Debbie from Ohio

  17. This sounds awesome!!!! If we can’t “attend” a dinner party, though, can we get a recording of it afterwards by e-mail or something like that?
    Thanks! :)
    – Laura

  18. Can we only sign up for the dinners tomorrow? It will be impossible for us here in NYC where bookstores will be closed due to the Hurricane.

  19. Hiya Kris,
    So so so LOVE your work! I live in Australia and as soon as I saw you had a new book coming out, I bought 2 copies from Amazon AND the KINDLE version as well. I have a 23 yo friend with follicular lymphoma and she too is a huge fan of yours. The 2nd book from Amazon is going to her as a surprise as soon as I get it!
    Now, re supporting little bookstores, LOVE love love them! Get lost in them often! But I couldn’t WAIT for your book to get here in a bookstore in Australia. I want it NOW! And I feel greedy but I ALSO want the 3 night soiree virtual dinners too! I know that sounds greedy but you’re just so darn inspiring and I have purchased 3 books so please please please Kris, don’t disadvantage those of us who were quick off the mark! Virtual dinners can hold millions of guests…
    With love and gratitude for all you do,
    Michelle Ross <3
    Melbourne Australia

    • Hey Luvvly,

      Have you been shipping this gorgeous book south of the equator to bookstores? I have long since ordered my online copy and would happily buy another copy(or copies) as a gift from a book store if they are available and also if overseas purchases also receive access to virtual dinner. Could you clarify that for me, pretty please? It will be the start of Christmas shopping if I can grab a copy at my local book shop! Thanks Kris <3

    • Hi Michelle, I’m from Mornington,Melbourne,Australia and am also a HUGE fan of Kris…How awesome is she for sharing this with us…hope to get my book soon.

  20. Hey Kris,
    Love you and the bright shining light to the world that you are. THANKS for being you! :-)
    I’m in Australia. If I buy a book at a bookstore here, do I get to dine with you too? Love & JOY, Karakrista

  21. Over the moon excited! Cannot wait to get my copy in the mail!!

  22. ~ really excited to receive your book, Kris. I bought it several weeks ago and have been eagerly anticipating it’s arrival. I so wish I could afford to buy two, as I’d love to “come to dinner” with you too!
    Congrats on this wonderful accomplishment! I can’t wait to open this book and take it all in!

  23. Looking forward to checking this puppy out. Congrats on your latest book!

  24. Somehow all seven copies in the Vancouver Public Library holdings have been checked out as of *Monday, Oct. 29th*??? Kris, your book is a Crazy Sexy Time Lord!!! 😀


  25. Congratulations!

    I just bought it. Can’t wait to have it here (Barcelona, Spain)


  26. I was the first one to purchase Crazy Sexy Kitchen at the Barnes & Noble on Wolf Road in Albany. We had a celebration dance, I was that excited!

  27. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to get the book and try all the recipes.

  28. I ordered the book online from B&N and I went there today to take a sneak peek! It looks beautiful, I can’t wait to get mine.It will make a great Holiday gift. Cheers!! I love your style and attitude gratitude! ♥

  29. Got my pre-ordered book today!!!! Very excited to settle down with it and explore! Congrats Kris and Chad!!! xxoo

  30. I’m halfway through reading your new book – I am in love! Thank you SO much. These are inspired recipes – you and Chad have outdone yourselves and I can’t wait to get started cooking! In fact, I’m not – I’m off to the kitchen now xxx

  31. Yahoo, Green Juice-a-roo! I have heard from Amazon that my book should arrive next week and I am thrilled to pieces! Just watched your video with the fabulous Marie and am drooling over your recipes and can’t wait for my very own copy of your cookbook. Thanks for working so hard to put it out there for all of us!

    QUESTION! How do you get those darned GF rice wraps to stay in one piece? My always tear. Clearly you have a secret to make them pliable (aside from Marie spanking one) . Would you share your trick – pretty please?

    Thanks ever-so-much! Peace!

  32. Kris! Made the coconut lentil soup tonight from your new book and it was amazing!! Can’t wait to try more recipes, thank you so much for being the single most influential person in my life so far. You are truly spectacular! Sorry to have missed you in my hometown of Pasadena, Ca but a little too pricey for me right now. Hope it went well, all the best!

  33. I made Madeira Peppercorn Tempeh from the cookbook. Check it out.
    1 recipe down 149 to go!

  34. I am looking forward to diving into your new book! You have inspired me to eat clean and you are the reason that I juice! Thank you!

  35. Ahh! I wish I had known about the ‘Dinner With Kris’ offer before I pre-ordered mine through Amazon!! The cooking classes were neat, but as someone who’s pretty comfortable with veggies and with being in the kitchen, I would have rather had access to the e-dinners and would have waited to pick the book up in stores. Oh well! I’m sure I’ll still love cooking my way through the book. ^_^

  36. I just plucked your beautiful cookbook out of my mailbox! I am soooooo excited :) Thank you for being such an inspiration for living a veg lifestyle. I have been vegetarian for 6 years and now trying to eliminate all dairy from my life. I have also been drinking fresh green juices and smoothies almost everyday because if Crazy Sexy Diet. I feel amazing!! Thank you thank you thank you <3

  37. I love the idea of juice 3 times a day but I dont have a juicer. I have a Vitamix and I drink a green drink everyday. Do you think making a big batch in the Vitamix would last all day as well?

  38. OMG just got my book today and I can’t put it down! Love it love it!!! Awesome job and I’m only on page 19!!!! Thank you again Kris u are truly a blessing!!!!!

  39. Sipping Morning Glorious before trick-or-treating! Check it out:

  40. Thank you for you dear Kris! You are the proverbial breath of fresh air.
    I also would like to know if we can expect the book here in the uk soon?
    And if not do you have any suggestions which publishers we should persuade? Love an blessings to you an yours

  41. Just got my book today!! It’s beautiful! I am so excited to try my first recipe! Thanks so much Kris.

  42. OMG – CSK arrived via Amazon yesterday and I swear, I couldn’t rip open the package fast enough! Kris, THANK YOU!!! You have completely outdone yourself this time and I can’t wait to cook everything! Thanks so much to you and Chad! My mouth is watering already!!!!

    PS: This month marks 5 years out from my BC diagnosis and embracing a plant based diet! It was YOU who turned my life in a completely new and wonderful direction!!!!


  43. Hi! Hope this finds you well!! So excited about Crazy Sexy Kitchen have to ask, when will it be available in the UK?? ( has not yet released it). Much love and best wishes! Elly xxx p.s hope one day Crazy Sexy Cancer will be released in European region DVD – or even better on UK television. Fingers crossed :) xxx

    • Hi Kris, no worries I just saw it will be available in the UK on December 3rd – I guess this means UK buyers will miss the dinner with Kris and cooking classes, but heynonny we’ll get a lovely cook book full of awesomeness still! Yay :) xxx

  44. I just feel more like a goddess drinking my Crazy Sexy Goddess Smoothie. Check it out:
    3 recipes down 147 to go…

  45. I love your kitchen and despite not having your recipes in Spanish I have translated and have tasted, dine yesterday at work your tuna sandwich not: YUMMY YUMMY.
    Sell your book HOPEFULLY IN SPAIN!

  46. Hi kris

    I have been diagnosed with candida and aspergillus Niger fungal infections. Does your juicing/blending recipes work for me when sugar feeds the infection?

  47. I have just received my Crazy Sexy Kitchen book but there is no CD , NO VIDEO, isn’t it suppose to come with a cd



  48. I have so been looking forward to this book! I made almost all the recipes from Crazy Sexy Diet and yum, yum, yum! Every recipe, with the exception of one (palek paneer), had me swooning.