Get the Lead Out (of Lipstick)

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  Dear Cosmetics Industry: Please stop defending lead and other nasty chemicals in your products.  Love, Mia A $25 tube of department store lipstick should be safe, right? You might assume it is safer than $2 drugstore brand. Not necessarily … During the busy 2011 holiday season, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quietly released its new data on 400 popular lipsticks sold in the U.S. These products are contaminated with widely varying levels of… Read More >


What You Don’t Know About Products You Use Everyday

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You strive to lead a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps you exercise regularly, are on the lookout for healthy recipes and read product labels before you buy? It’s time-consuming to stay well-informed and do all of this legwork. But – you’re not done yet. If you want to keep your family safe and healthy, you’re going to need a Ph.D. and find a way to gain access to trade secrets. Think you can fit that into your already… Read More >


Love List: Luscious Skin Care


Hi Radiant Queen, From time to time I love to update my favorite organic beauty products. A few months ago I got the best gift ever! Annmarie Gianni sent me a slew of her healthy potions and lotions from her new skincare line. Ya know why I say it was “the best gift ever”? One: Because her products blew my mind (not easy to do). Annmarie harnesses the power of Mother Nature in a bottle.… Read More >


Love List: Hot & Healthy Beauty Products


Hello Gorgeous! You are what you eat, but you’re also what you put on your skin. Everything we lather on our pores is absorbed into our bloodstream! So if you wouldn’t gobble it up, think twice about rubbing it on your beautiful bod. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your beauty products? Can you even pronounce half the words in the ingredient list? My pal, Stacy Malkan at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics,… Read More >