Slow Birth

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Slow Birth is ecologically attuned midwifery/doula care with respect to the balance of nature. Over the years, the Slow Food movement has benefitted from a lot of traction in the sustainable food community. Everyone speaks about slow food, the ecology of mother Earth, where our sacred food comes from, how it’s been cultivated, even the soil composition. The food justice and sustainable food movement prides itself on preserving just food for all. Because I’m in… Read More >


When Your Home Birth Doesn’t Go As Planned

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Everyone who follows my blog knows I planned a home birth. “Plan” is the operative word. Even though a home birth was my first choice, my birth plan included backup plans in the event I transferred to the hospital (separate plans for hospital vaginal and C-section deliveries). I imagined the major scenarios, so I wouldn’t be forced to make difficult decisions under the duress of labor or in an emergency. On Thursday night, I started… Read More >


My Home Birth Team

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It’s a beautiful time in my life. I’m six months pregnant and feeling blissful beyond belief about my plan to have a home birth attended by my husband, midwife and doula. It’s going to be the ultimate birth team! I have no fear of childbirth and actually view it as an exciting rite of passage. I have confidence in my body and baby to do what we women have been doing since the beginning of… Read More >


Part I: Childbirth Today

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Denise Spatafora, author of “Better Birth, The Ultimate Guide to Childbirth from Home Births to Hospitals”, is the creator of Bornclear, a nationally recognized birthing method backed by renowned doctors, midwives and celebrities. Her revolutionary book, Better Birth is based on the mind-body connection preparing women and couples on all levels for conception and birth: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually-leaving them educated, empowered and trusting themselves and their choices. Be the first two people to… Read More >