Report Confirms Invasive Biomedical Research on Chimps is Unnecessary

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In December 2011, the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine issued a landmark report confirming that the current use of chimpanzees for invasive biomedical research is “largely unnecessary.” Nearly 1,000 chimpanzees remain in six U.S. laboratories, with about 500 of them owned by the federal government. The cost to federal taxpayers is $30 million a year to maintain these animals and use them in research, and the United States is the only industrialized nation to continue… Read More >


I met with my Senator and you can too!

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What would a notable New Jersey Senator want with little ol’ me? I asked myself this very question at the start of 2010 when I received a call from Senator Joseph Kyrillos’ office asking me to come in and share my story, which is explained in detail here. Shortly after, I gained my composure and reminded myself that I am special, unique, and worthy of the Senator’s time because my passion brings me joy and… Read More >


2009: A Banner Year for the Animals!

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Jenny has put together a list of triumphs for our animal friends in 2009. Hope it motivates you to make your first Monday in 2009 a meatless one! This Thanksgiving I was asked to speak at the Berkshire Vegetarian Network’s holiday dinner, and in the true spirit of the day (and a bad bout of writer’s block) I came up with a list of ten things for which I’m thankful. The food was great and… Read More >


Part I: WARM Memories

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Once again, it’s a glorious Meatless Monday! Today, Andy Glick is here to share the first part of his experiences in the animal rights movement in Woodstock, NY… I feel very fortunate to have been involved in the Animal Rights (AR) movement since the early days. In 1989, I formed a group in Woodstock, NY, called WARM (Woodstock Animal Rights Movement). For a few years prior to starting WARM, I had been an avid follower… Read More >


Feeling Beautiful (and Safe) Inside and Out

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People deserve to feel beautiful, inside and out. Feeling good about how you look increases confidence, thereby creating opportunities which can lead to constructive change, more energy, and even a more vibrant community. And then you feel even better, and the cycle continues. Word! To make yourself look/smell/feel lovely, you probably use cosmetics (creams, makeup, deodorant, etc). Most of us do- on average, American women use 10 a day, men use six a day. But.… Read More >