Find Your Purpose By Following Your Heart

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The animal loving, totally bohemian, so very emotional Cancer in me somehow managed to ignore my inner purring instincts and chose a fast-paced career that was completely ill suited for me. I went straight from college, to law school, to a big New York corporate law firm. I could only describe my career at a law firm as feeling like I was walking in someone else’s shoes, stiff plastic shoes that didn’t fit me at… Read More >


The 411 on Probiotics

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Probiotics – sometimes called “good bacteria” – help to keep a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract. There are many strains that come together to allow this, but the two most prevalent are Lactobacillus, which make up the majority of the probiotics living in the small intestines, and Bifidobacterium, which is more prevalent in the large intestines (colon). They help to maintain healthy colon cells as well as promote bowel regularity. Recently,… Read More >


Vote for Your Thoughts

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You have the right to vote for which thoughts you want to listen to and which ones you want to ignore. Usually it’s easier to convince my clients they can choose how to act than to convince them they can change how they think. Thinking just seems so automatic that we believe we can’t change it. The truth is we are not very talented at controlling our minds because we don’t practice, and we don’t… Read More >


The Lupus and Gluten Connection

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Today I am healthy, vibrant and pain free, but it wasn’t always this way. A few years ago, I became afflicted with intense, severe muscle pain and joint swelling, leading to hospitalization. It wasn’t until I discovered I had a severe gluten intolerance that I was able to turn it all around. My symptoms began with random traveling joint pain. Then more joints started to ache. My feet were so swollen that my shoes would… Read More >


Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

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Does sugar feed cancer? Well, yes and no. Um, OK – yes. All cells use sugar – aka glucose – for their primary fuel source, so sugar does indeed feed all cells. But if you’ve ever had a PET scan, you know that before you get your scan, you get to drink a lovely shake of radioactive glucose or get an injection of a similar concoction. Cancer cells are very greedy; they like to gobble… Read More >


Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies: What’s Going on With Our Kids?

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I want to begin my first post here by talking about something that is very basic to the perpetuation of our society: our children. The specific question I want to ask is simple but key: What the heck is happening to our kids? Why am I starting with this question? Let me give you some background information. In the United States and other industrialized, developed nations, epidemics of malnutrition and common childhood infectious illnesses are… Read More >


President Clinton’s Momentous Intervention in the Health Debate

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These are momentous times for sharing with the public the exceptional benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet. By now, many people have seen President Clinton’s comments on CNN and elsewhere about the dramatic turnaround in his personal health when he adopted this dietary lifestyle. Some of us have been doing research, clinical practice and writing about this dietary lifestyle for many years, sometimes having to overcome considerable skepticism (my own experience in experimental research… Read More >


Yoga for Artists: Unleash Your Creativity

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I have been in the art world for nine years as a critic, curator, theorist, philosopher and artist. Most of my endeavors place me in front of a computer writing reviews, press releases, essays, catalogues and the like. This has caused my erector spinae to shorten and my rhomboids to extend beyond their normal limits. These muscles are imperative for a straight spine and an open heart but are consistently put at risk by my… Read More >


Voting with Our Food Choices

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In September, the House Energy and Commerce Committee conducted a hearing on this summer’s massive egg recall, and witnesses included the owners of the factory farms that spawned the salmonella crisis and a couple of the downstream victims – consumers who ate foods containing eggs contaminated with salmonella and nearly died. The testimony of some of the victims was chilling, and it even prompted one congressman, Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, to declare he’s now switching… Read More >


Replacing the “Guinea Pig”: Safer, Humane Chemical Tests

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In June 2010, the Environmental Defense Fund and its partners in the campaign to reform U.S. law to regulate chemicals made an impassioned plea for American consumers not to be treated like “guinea pigs.” I’d like to remind our friends and colleagues in the environmental and consumer protection communities that advocates for animal protection – while respecting the interests of all animals and believing that none of them should be treated like disposable lab equipment… Read More >


Is Candida Sabotaging Your Health?

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I always thought I knew yeasts. They were the good guys that put the foam head into my beer and the bubbles into champagne. I was surprised when a holistic doctor told me that they can live almost anywhere. Believe it or not, one type of yeast called Candida albicans lives in each one of us. With other beneficial organisms it occurs in our digestive tracts where it forms a part of the intestinal flora.… Read More >


Using Stimulation to Your Advantage

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Unexpectedly hearing a loud noise when the room is quiet, you might feel a sudden rush of energy. This is the most basic form of stimulation, left over from your primal survival mechanism. Your body assumes the loud noise is a threat and prepares you for action by engaging the adrenal glands to draw more energy. In reaction to the first onset of stimulation — a form of stress — we gain energy. We become… Read More >


Adrenal Fatigue 101

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Adrenal fatigue is one of those illnesses most people haven’t heard about. It is usually caused by stress; if you overload your body with too much physical, emotional, and/or psychological stress, your adrenals have to deal with it. Even infections, injuries, and environmental stress take a toll on the adrenals. If the glands aren’t in an environment to recover and replenish, adrenal fatigue often occurs. When you hear someone say that they’re burnt out, it’s… Read More >

KrisCarr.com Healthy Home

20 Ways to Detox Your Home

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Many of us have done a detox to eliminate internal toxins from our body, but how many of us do anything about the toxins in our own homes? Common household and body care products are increasingly being found to have negative health effects on the nervous and immune systems, on our reproductive systems, and on our endocrine, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The average home contains 500-1,000 chemicals, many of which we are unable to see,… Read More >


Low-Glycemic for Better Health

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My extensive research over some 35 years has confirmed that a low-glycemic diet is one of the key components for good health, optimal gene expression, a healthy living colloid field, stable blood sugar levels, and a quiet mind. These all support spiritual awakening. The primary purpose of the low-glycemic diet is to prevent the “self-composting button” from being pushed. As briefly discussed in Chapter 6 of my book “Spiritual Nutrition,” the subtle organizing energy fields,… Read More >


Taking the Nutrition Prescription to the Living Kitchen

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Illness and the desire for wellness set me on a unique journey. It was in my mid-teens (in the funky ’80s) that I started to realize that what I ate (among many other things) actually affected the outcome of my health. I was enlightened by what I think was a Sesame Street memory—“You are what you Eat”— but also by my summer job experience as a cook at a natural foods café and by the… Read More >


Health Challenges: Ten Tips for Happiness

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By Maria Mooney Over the past five years, my illness evolution has unfolded exactly the way it was meant to unfold, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the process, admittedly becoming impatient at times. My diagnosis of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) has been my greatest gift, my teacher, and my master, bringing me closer to my core self, others, and a higher power. I received the message loud and clear in the form of… Read More >


From Disabled to Differently-Abled

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By Maria Mooney In a society that values youth, independence, materialism, and duality, the term “disability” has been marred with negativity, much to my dismay, which stigmatizes the victim. Today, I am honored to present to you an alternative, empowering way of viewing illness and disability. My personal experiences with a progressive neurological disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS), have provided me with first hand experience and perspective on disability. At 25 years… Read More >


Beating the Odds

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Today’s Meatless Monday inspiration comes from Keri and Paul Haken’s personal journey. Read on to learn how they are beating the odds and savoring each day of their lives together. An essential part of their wellness plan includes an organic vegan (mostly) raw diet! By Keri Haken “There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein In… Read More >