Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies e-guide

People always ask me what’s the one thing they can do to improve their health TODAY.

Answer: Press play. Cheers!

Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies is your ultimate digital e-guide to juicing & blending. This green drink guidebook is the next best thing to having me right in your kitchen!

Learn everything you need to know about making juices and smoothies from buying the equipment to savoring your first sip—including how to maximize nutrition and adjust flavors to suit your taste buds in this digital juicing and blending guide.

You’ll get 60 of the best recipes from the Crazy Sexy Community—hand-picked by me—full of fun options, new twists and delicious goodness.

If you’re new to the juicing and blending scene, I’ll teach you how to make this healthy habit stick so you can have more energy, a kickin’ immune system, clearer skin, bright eyes and thighs any pair of skinny jeans would cherish.

If you’re an experienced pro (boo-yah!), then you already know the amazing health benefits of juicing and blending. I’ve got you covered in this ultimate recipes book with a fantastic variety of delicious drinks (good-bye boring routine) and handy tips you may not have in your juice and smoothie toolkit.

What Is It?

This complete guide is an 80-page digital e-guide that answers all of your questions about juicing and blending PLUS includes 60 tasty recipes.

Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies e-guide

This blending and juicing guide is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file that you can DOWNLOAD to read on your computer, laptop, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Here’s what’s included …

  • The science and philosophy behind the Crazy Sexy alkaline lifestyle and all its benefits.
  • My story and how I’ve used juicing and blending to kick ass!
  • The difference between juicing and blending and how to decide what works for YOU.
  • My answer to your burning question: What juicer and blender should I buy?
  • Who has time? You do. And I’ll show you how.
  • How to pick the best produce to save you money every week on groceries!
  • A handy list of helpful kitchen tools.
  • The best ratio of veggies to fruits to stay in the alkaline zone and why it’s important.
  • How to avoid toxic chemicals that weaken your immune system.
  • How to juice and blend while traveling or on the go.
  • How to ease green drinks into your diet without gagging.
  • My tips for building your own recipes.
  • The right way to do a one-day fast and how to minimize detox symptoms.
  • How to handle mental and emotional hurdles that come with change.
  • Resources for alkaline charts, farmers markets, fresh juice & wheatgrass delivery, reading list and more.
  • Plus 60 unique and delish recipes from the Crazy Sexy Community!



Charts A-Go-Go

Also included are two charts you won’t find in any other juicing or blending book:

Pick of the Crop – Don’t waste your money on fruit that won’t ripen properly. Learn how to pick the best produce and store it properly so it ripens to the peak of nutritional perfection.

Nutrient Density Guide – Bitchin’ Dietitian Jen Reilly, R.D. created a custom nutritional analysis of all the ingredients specifically used in the recipes. You’ll know exactly which foods, herbs and spices are the best sources of nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients and the important health benefits of each.

Crazy Sexy Benefits

Curious how a regular juicing and smoothie practice can transform your life? Behold …

  • zippy energy
  • glowing skin
  • cellular detox
  • less inflammation
  • boosted immunity
  • mental clarity
  • restful sleep
  • leaner body
  • more sizzle between the sheets
  • random bouts of happiness
  • increased longevity
  • ability to wear tiny bikinis long after it’s appropriate!

Return Policy: Read this!

Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies is an 80-page downloadable digital e-guide. (Please note: This digital e-guide is NOT available in hardcover.) There are no returns & no refunds – no exceptions. Consider this a small investment that will reap big, healthy rewards! 100 percent of the proceeds from this digital e-guide go towards maintaining kriscarr.com and my.crazysexylife.com.

Crazy Sexy Juice & Smoothies e-guide Praise

The fastest and most effective way to get the luscious nutrients we need from fruits and vegetables is to drink them. Kris Carr's smoothie and juice recipes are the easiest and most delicious I've found! And I highly recommend them. Enjoy!

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

I get asked about juicing a lot ... I'm all for it. You can fit more of the good stuff in! ... Juice your veggies and add a little bit of fruit. For amazing juicing info check out the juicing queen Kris Carr and her e-guide.

Mark Hyman, M.D.

When I think of juicing, I think of Kris Carr. Juicing is the best way of getting a direct shot of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes. Nothing else gives you a boost of energy quite like it while giving your digestion a break at the same time.

Frank Lipman, M.D.

3 Words: Crazy. Sexy. Juice. Throw in Kris Carr and you have a must-buy e-guide.

Jason Wachob @mindbodygreen

I have battled acne for most my life, so bad at times, I’ve had cortisone injections for cystic acne. Making fresh green juice and smoothies everyday and eliminating dairy has cleansed me from the inside out, smoothing my skin. I love cheese, but I love my clear skin more! THANK YOU!

Andrea Huhn

Give yourself an awesome gift of love today ... Kris Carr’s e-guide!

Jodi Briden

Got my copy of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Juices & Smoothies! Can't wait to do some green damage in the kitchen.

Erin Weed

When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew it was time to get back on track with Kris Carr's diet and lifestyle practices. Drinking green smoothies and juices every day fueled my body and my growing baby with the nutrients we needed to thrive. I had amazing energy and excellent health throughout my pregnancy. Kris is the North star of health and wellness!

Corinne Bowen

So in LOVE with Kris Carr and her e-book Crazy Sexy Juices & Smoothies! Best $20 I have spent. Check it out soon, and cheers!

Aimee, @thestylishnest

Just finished reading your amazing e-book, and just downed my first green smoothie. Yeah, me! Nothing to be fearful about after all.

Jenny Wood

I'm on day 8 of my first juice cleanse. I just bought this book, and it's awesome! Everything you would expect from Kris. It's beautifully laid out, colorful and very inspiring. I'm only on page 10! Can't wait to try some of the recipes.

Nicki Serquinia

I owe Kris Carr for putting the "Wow Factor" back in my life! Using Crazy Sexy Juices & Smoothies recipes, I have rebuilt my immune system and vitality after chemotherapy. I built my entire diet and health on the foundation of Kris' delicious and alkalizing recipes. No need to buy any other e-guide on juicing or smoothies. This e-guide is all you will ever need.

Mia Ogletree

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 CIN precancerous cells on my cervix. I read Kris' three books and immediately cut out meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, sodas (especially my beloved Diet Cokes) and all processed and cooked foods. I began juicing everyday and made my husband start drinking the juice. I lost 22 pounds in 3 weeks. Evan's daily migraines went away. We slept better. I had my surgery, and I came out of it with flying colors. I recently had a follow-up pathology report, and my doctor said it was the best he had ever seen.

Jennifer Lazarus

I was fortunate to study with Kris back in college at NYU. As a teacher drawing from her own experience, she exposed me to a new way of thinking about my health and my life, and she influenced not just the person I was to become but the path that I decided to take in my career. I am one of the thousands that Kris has inspired - teaching me to continue to challenge myself, to set my goals just a little higher, to never take no for an answer and to live life to the fullest - all while laughing along the journey.

Hayden Slater

I am 2 months into juicing heaven. Why has it taken me until my 40s to discover how awesome juicing is?!?! I try to drink at least 500 ml a day. I have lost 6 kgs in 8 weeks, sleep better, feel awesome and have my husband and one teenage daughter aboard.

Trudi Grant

I incorporated juicing into my life 5 years ago when going on a 100-day juice fast, and my life was forever changed. Not only did I lose 55 pounds during the fast and improve my health, but I also helped myself reset my vision and focus and get back in line with my purpose. I discovered increased mental clarity and was able to untangle any food attachments I was dealing with.

Philip McClusky

Get your juice on peeps! Made my first from [Crazy Sexy Juices & Smoothies] from Kris Carr this morning, and it was delicious. Great deal!

Jana Sooter

What hasn’t juicing and blending done for me? On top of a glowing complexion, reduced pain and inflammation, improved digestion, increased energy and overall health and vitality, juicing has helped me to reverse a “chronic and progressive” neurological disease, RSD/CRPS. I'll never stop juicing and blending. Thank you, Kris!

Maria Mooney, MSW, LSW,

Your [e-guide] Crazy Sexy Juices and Smoothies is amazing. Ordered it today! Great recipes.

DJ Foundos