It’s like spring cleaning… for your health!

Kris Carr Green Drink

Adding just one green drink a day to your diet can have incredible benefits and I’m going to show you just how easy it can be to fit juicing and blending into your busy day.

Let’s get our green drink on, together!

Join me for a FREE 7-Day Spring #greendrinkaday Challenge starting on Monday, March 26th. I’ll provide everything you need to get started including recipes, a planner, tips and daily guidance from me. I promise you’ll see the benefits in no time.


The benefits of green drinks in your diet

People often ask me, “What’s the #1 thing I can start doing today to improve my health?”

My answer is always the same: “Start sipping your greens, sweetheart!”
This advice has been a turning point for hundreds of thousands of Crazy Sexy health seekers just like you. For starters, plants are loaded with nutrients and buckets of disease-fighting (and preventing) goodies. Juices and smoothies take that plant power and shoot it straight into your cells via liquid sunshine.
Adding a green drink a day to your wellness practice has extraordinary benefits for your overall well-being. Say hello to sustainable energy, glowing skin and improved digestion. Say goodbye to inflammation, dull skin and excess weight. It’s a perfect way to press reset and kick your health into high gear this spring!

green drink recipes

What you get when you sign up

green drink challenge planner

I’ll make sure you’re set-up for success with everything you need for the challenge, so you can feel and do your best! When you join me for free, you’ll get:

  • Delicious juice and smoothie recipes
  • A 7-day printable planner
  • Daily guidance from me
  • Tricks for maintaining your green drink habit
  • Must-have tips for purchasing a juicer or blender

What people love about our Green Drink Challenge:


Every time I drink a homemade juice I feel so grateful and I can literally feel how beneficial they are for both my body and my soul. A special thanks goes to @crazysexykris who is such a great inspiration for me!!!



When it’s the last day of your 21 day challenge to have a #greendrinkaday, a juice stash is appropriate! Thanks to @crazysexykris for the great recipes from #crazysexyjuice. I can say without a doubt I’m integrating greens into my everyday diet and healthy lifestyle. Cheers!



Sometimes we just need some motivation and push. Thank you @crazysexykris! After this challenge I am definitely going to continue. I feel energized every day and happy that I’m doing something for myself.