Align Your Work & Passion

How to prioritize what truly matters

December 9, 2013|57Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, The other day I was being interviewed by my lovely friend Nitika Chopra. She asked me the ultimate question, something that we all struggle with: “Balance is a very frequent buzz word in the wellness industry and I know it is crucial for me in my business, setting boundaries, not overcommitting, making “me” time, etc. How do you find balance and prioritize self-care with your business?” We often chew on this topic… Read More >

The Spotlight Crash Course launches today!

December 2, 2013|13Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Do you have a burning message you want to share? A desire to help the world? Uplift the world? Heal the world? Can you visualize your work improving countless people’s lives and making a difference? Tada, it’s here! The Spotlight Crash Course launches today! I’m so thrilled to share my latest passion project with you all. It’s been about a year in the making and this creative baby is definitely ready to… Read More >

I’m writing a new book!

November 14, 2013|77Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, I started writing again. A new book, from me to you. Ready for the title? Crazy Sexy Woman. Tingles… Truthfully, I think this will be my most personal book. New stories. Fresh teachings. And a whole lotta humor. It’s already pushing me to deepen my spiritual practice and hopefully become a better writer. But for all you creatives out there, it’s not always thrills n’ chills. I’m human and beautifully flawed. I… Read More >

The Inside Scoop from “Passion Whisperer” Marie Forleo

October 6, 2013|48Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, You know how much I respect and adore Marie Forleo–as an entrepreneur, teacher and friend. Marie’s programs, writing and web TV series have elevated my personal life just as much as they’ve enriched my business. As far as I’m concerned, Marie is the ultimate “Passion Whisperer” because she has a freaky-amazing ability to identify and ignite passion in others. And that’s why I invited Marie to my home in Woodstock for an… Read More >

How to do less and live more

March 18, 2013|178Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, How can you make room for your well-being when there aren’t enough hours (or coffee) in the ever-exhausting day? We’ve been asking ourselves this question for decades. This isn’t breaking news. We all know that our lives are overbooked, and it seems to be getting worse. But lately I’ve been wondering if we’re busier than we really need to be. Are we creating extra work and obligations for ourselves by thinking we’re… Read More >

Sorry. No. Thank you …

January 28, 2013|170Comments

I have a deep-rooted calling to feel happy. To love the skin I’m in and to embrace all the nooks and crannies that make me, me. I need peace of mind like I need oxygen. I need unstructured time like I need water. Consistent contentment and less stress probably boost my immune system more than green juice. And yet I often get lost in my to-do list, complain about too many commitments and align myself… Read More >

5 Tips to Make Changes That Stick

December 31, 2012|67Comments

Hi Precious Pals, Happy (nearly) New Year! Tonight, I’ll be tooting my party horn and tossing virtual confetti towards the heavens. This is going to be a grrreat year for us both. I can feel it my bones. More than anything, tomorrow serves as a symbol — of expansive new beginnings. In the past, I’ve lunged upon New Year’s Day, beating it over the head with a bat and broom. (We all know how this… Read More >

The myth of finding your purpose

December 24, 2012|471Comments

Hi Sweet Friend, Lately, I’ve been working on being softer towards myself. Kinder. Slower. Why? Because it just feels so darn good, but also because I’m feeling anxious. You might be feeling the same way. Anxiety is fairly common this time of year. There’s lots of pressure to party, socialize, buy and give the right stuff, pressure to map out the perfect new year, and let’s not forget the nagging pressure to finally dump the… Read More >

Tina Corinne Kris

My Crazy Sexy Team Reveals Their Deepest Desires

December 17, 2012|81Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, It’s about that time. Another year is coming to a close, and it’s a great opportunity to look back and take stock. 2012 was full of new beginnings for me. I had ups, downs and everything in between. You probably did too. And like me, you probably have a lot to be grateful for, what a year! Instead of launching into a lengthy list of resolutions and goals, I’m reflecting on how… Read More >