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How to choose the best juicer


Hiya Smartie, I’m swimming in a sea of juicing and blending right now, and I couldn’t be happier. My newest book, Crazy Sexy Juice, was just released on October 20th, and for weeks I’ve been chatting with all kinds of curious folks about the whats, hows and whys of sipping your produce. It’s been so fun spreading the good word on the impact that a regular intake of nourishing juices, satisfying smoothies and decadent nut… Read More >

Crazy Sexy Juice is here!


Hello Wonderful Wellness Warrior, Oh baby, I’ve been waiting for this day for close to two years now! My new book, Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ simple juice, smoothie & nut milk recipes to supercharge your health, hit bookstores TODAY. This project was such a delicious labor of love to create for you. It’s filled with everything I know about sipping your way to health and it answers all the questions I’ve been asked over the… Read More >

The difference between juicing & blending


Hiya Sweet Pea, If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “What’s the difference between juicing and blending?” I could open an animal sanctuary and pay for you all to come and visit! I began incorporating both juices and smoothies into my diet over a decade ago, when my cancer diagnosis had me searching for ways to give my body the support and nutrition it needed. Juicing and blending became—and have remained—staples… Read More >

Free Crazy Sexy Juice recipe cards!


Hey Sweetheart! Do you collect recipes? I love to. I picked up this habit from my grandma who used to clip them from magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Day and McCall’s. She’d carefully cut out the pictures and directions, glue them to an index card and tuck them into her metal recipe box. Grandma got such joy out of sharing her recipes and cooking for friends and family, because that’s what you do… Read More >

Video: You picked the book cover (thank you!)


Hiya Hot Stuff! This is a huge day for me, and I wanted to share it with you! Tada: the very first look at my new recipe book, Crazy Sexy Juice: 100+ simple juice, smoothie & nut milk recipes to supercharge your health. I just got an advanced copy and since I wrote it for you, I wanted to share the unveiling. This is my fifth book and it’s always nerve-racking and totally exciting when… Read More >

Giveaway: Win a Breville Juicer, Blender & Citrus Press!


Hiya Sunshine, I’m so stinkin’ excited! Today, I’m announcing a giveaway that’ll transform the kitchens of 10 lucky winners into juice- and smoothie-producing super factories! I’ve never given away this many juice and smoothie machines at one time. I hope Lady Luck is on your side. Read on to learn what you could win (update: this giveaway is now closed)… My Breville Bonanza Giveaway Package Okay, so what will each winner receive? Well folks, my… Read More >

Constipated? 9 tips to get things moving


Hiya Gorgeous! Do you sometimes feel like you’re carrying around a load of bricks in your belly? When I get backed up, everything suffers—my overall energy, mental clarity, attitude… So although I covered the basics of healthy poop in an earlier blog, today I want to tackle constipation head-on and talk about how we can all be more regular. Constipation is obviously uncomfortable, but did you know that it could lead to health issues like… Read More >

Crazy Sexy Profile: Living Vibrantly with Ella Woodward


Hi Sweet Ones, Today I have a fabulous treat for you—an exclusive interview with Ella Woodward, a woman on a mission to make the world a healthier place. Four years ago, she took a diagnosis of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome and turned it into a personal revolution. Today, she’s sparking that revolution in others through her teachings and plant-based cookbook, Deliciously Ella. Ella has a very special place in my heart. Earlier this year, I was… Read More >

My Not-So-Secret Healthy Habit: Green Smoothies!


Hi Sweet Friends, Juicing may be my main squeeze, but green smoothies take a close second and sometimes they’re exactly what my body needs to function at it’s best. These blended nutrition blasts certainly save the day when I’m short on time in the kitchen, but don’t want to short change my health. Toss all the plant-based ingredients in a blender and press a button! Within minutes I have a fiber-filled, satisfying meal that balances… Read More >

Top 5 Food Tips That’ll Help You Sleep


Hiya Gorgeous, How did you sleep last night? I hope you effortlessly drifted off to dreamland and clocked around 8 hours. But if you didn’t, you’re certainly not alone. My restless nights creep in when I spend too many long, stressy hours at the computer and not enough time noodling and decompressing. Since I know how frustrating these nights can be and how crucial sleep is to our overall well-being, I wanted to continue the… Read More >

Not sure when enough is enough? Listen to your body.


Hiya Gorgeous, As I type this I have bronchitis. A few weeks ago it was something else, a violent stomach flu. Sickness definitely slows our lives way down and sometimes that’s exactly what’s needed. We refuse to stop, so our bodies stop it for us. Thanks, bronchitis! Thanks, stomach flu! Man, I must be really stubborn to need two back-to-back lessons—especially after the bug. It was like my personal Apocalypse Now. I’m sure you’ve been… Read More >

4 major signs you may have gluten sensitivity


Hiya Gorgeous, I’m guessing you at least know someone who has gone gluten-free (GF)—whether it’s because they’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or they just feel healthier, think more clearly, and have better digestion without gluten on their plate. Maybe you’ve removed it from your own diet. Regardless, you can’t turn around in a grocery store or browse most restaurant menus without seeing the gluten-free label. Reuters has predicted that the revenue in the GF… Read More >

7 incredible edibles to give your sex drive a boost


Hi Sweet Friends, Last week, Aviva Romm, Integrative MD and I walked you through the main causes of sex drive dips and how you can start to address these issues to move toward a healthier, more fulfilling sex life. Today, we’re back! Although we touched upon food’s role in sexual health in part one (you can read that blog here), we’re going to go further in part two with an in-depth look at food, supplements and… Read More >

5 ways to overcome food cravings


Hiya Gorgeous, French fry frenzy. Bread bonanza. Pizza pandemonium. Candy captivity. In other words, food cravings! We all have them, but do we really understand why? In the past, I’ve been so deeply under the spell of my cravings that I’ve sprayed Windex on my Ben & Jerry’s (after throwing it in the garbage). You probably already know that food cravings can have little to do with true hunger, but you may not be aware… Read More >

Supplements for women: Find out what you may need & why


Hi Gorgeous, My supplement plan has changed over the past ten years as many times as my wardrobe. It’s not a one-size-fits-all fixed approach, which can make supplement selection a bit daunting. As always, I recommend that you work with a holistic practitioner or functional medicine MD to find the right supplements for your needs. And of course make sure you’re getting most of your vitamins and minerals from whole foods, but if you’re going supplement there… Read More >

How to Sleep Better: 10 tips for healthy & restorative sleep


Hiya Sleepy Head, Sleep impacts every part of our lives, from our performance at work and interactions with loved ones, to our long-term health and mental well-being. In today’s 24/7 go-go-go world, restorative, blissful sleep is often hard to come by. I’ve sacrificed many nights of slumber to stress, work, over-indulgences (gulp gulp, nosh nosh), and Boardwalk Empire marathons (just one more!). Today I want to talk to you about why sleep is integral to… Read More >

My 7 Must-Have Kitchen Tools


Hiya Fabulous Foodies, Blonde Santa here. I’m filled with holiday spirit and I want to make sure you know about your awesome gift. I’m giving all of my readers free Cooking Classes! 13 videos, over 1.5 hours of training with me and the fabulous Chef Chad Sarno. If you’ve already started watching the videos, I hope all the step-by-step tutorials, recipes, and handy kitchen tips are helping you feel more excited and confident in the… Read More >

Top 12 Allergen-friendly, Vegan Protein Sources + 6 Recipes


Hiya Smartie, When I blogged about plant protein many months ago, I got a lot of interesting follow-up questions. One reader’s comment really struck a chord with me and inspired me to write today’s follow-up post. (If you’re curious about protein basics like understanding complete proteins and all that jazz, check out my first protein blog & infographic.) Here’s what this inquiring reader had to say: Reader Question: “If I’m allergic to soy, grains, gluten,… Read More >

Fall Food & Fun: 6 Simple Vegan Recipes + New Adventures


Hiya Cooks, There’s something I’ve been thoroughly enjoying lately in an “oh, I guess I like pain” sorta way… Cycling! If you follow my husband Brian on Instagram (@parallaxchillax), you know he’s really into his bike. Well, this year for my birthday he got me some gear (those shorts with built-in cushy diapers and a jersey—Team Sky here I come!) and for the past few weeks we’ve been hitting the road every chance we get.… Read More >

pH 101: Acid-Alkaline Balance & Your Health


Hiya Gorgeous, You may have heard about pH or the acid-alkaline balance in your wellness travels. I was oblivious to this concept when I began my health journey. But my overall well-being changed when I started to connect the dots between pH balance, inflammation and what I was eating and drinking. I’ve covered this topic in all of my books, but I realize that I haven’t blogged about it for years. Since many of you… Read More >