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Ask Kris: The Scoop on Kefir, Oxalates & Frozen Veggies

March 25, 2014|63Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Each week you wonderful readers ask me really interesting and thought-provoking questions. They come in all shapes and sizes, in the comments section of my blog, my inbox, and on social media. Since I can’t reply to everyone individually, I thought it’d be fun and useful to pick a few commonly asked questions and start tackling them here, for everyone to enjoy. Introducing….Ask Kris. Today I’m covering kefir, oxalates, frozen veggies and… Read More >

Caffeine Addiction: To Bean or Not to Bean?

March 11, 2014|57Comments

Dear Sweet Friends, Is a cup of coffee the only thing that wakes you up in the morning? Do you get a headache if you go till noon without a fix? But let’s be honest, for many people (myself included) caffeine addiction is a difficult habit to kick. And although we point the finger at coffee a lot while tackling this subject, there’s a plethora of other habit-forming, caffeinated drinks out there, including soda pop,… Read More >

My Crazy Sexy Soma Water Filter & Carafe Giveaway

March 3, 2014|1270Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, We’re into our third month of 2014 and I’m thrilled to announce March’s Crazy Sexy giveaway—the super sexy, sleek and sustainable Soma Water Filter! I have one on my desk right now. Having accessible, filtered water at arm’s length keeps this gal hydrated all day long. Three lucky readers will receive this oh-so-chic filtration system plus a free two-year supply of filters. Holy hydration! (Update: this contest is now closed) If you’d… Read More >

My Crazy Sexy Guide to Plant-Based Protein

February 25, 2014|79Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Today we’re tackling the topic of protein, which can be a touchy subject in the health world—especially when it comes to animal vs. plant-based protein. And just so you know, this blog isn’t about converting you to veganism or even vegetarianism. It’s about helping you make healthier, more conscious food choices. No judgement. Just knowledge and love. I’ve written a lot about animal and plant-based protein in the past, so I looked back at… Read More >

11 Tips for Cancer Patients

February 18, 2014|69Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, The winter sun rose and set on another Valentine’s day. I used to attach so many desires to that Hallmark holiday. I wanted a man. And then a better man. And then I wanted gifts and romance. Mostly I set myself up for disappointment. Especially when I relied on psychic transmissions, rather than just telling my partner [du jour] what the heck I wanted/expected. Then on February 14th, 2003 I was diagnosed… Read More >

My Crazy Sexy High-Speed Blender Giveaway

February 3, 2014|126Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, With 2014 in full swing (can you believe it’s February already!?) and your healthiest year yet in the works, I could hardly wait to announce this month’s Crazy Sexy giveaway—The Designer Series Blendtec Wildside Blender! One lucky reader will receive this top of the line machine plus a twister jar (update: this contest is now closed). She’s one of the very best high-speed blenders out there—stylish, functional and oh so powerful! (In… Read More >

My Crazy Sexy Guide to Beans

January 30, 2014|48Comments

Hi Sweet Friend, Does this charming chant ring a bell? Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you… toot! Whether this tune gives you the giggles or makes you blush, you get the point: beans wake up your gut! Beans are an essential component to any plant-based diet. They’re loaded with protein and fiber and add heft and heartiness to any meal. Did you know that there are more than 800 varieties… Read More >

The Down & Dirty on Dairy Free Living

January 21, 2014|116Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Well, it’s late January, so I’m guessing that more than a few of you have slipped on your New Year’s resolutions (me too!). First of all—no biggie. If the goals you made while ringing in 2014 are still important to you, keep moving toward them one step at a time. Turtle power! But if you haven’t pinpointed what you want to do to improve your health, you’re not alone. Many of my… Read More >

My Crazy Sexy Sauna Giveaway!

January 6, 2014|151Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Happy New Year! I know that many of you made a fresh commitment to your well-being as the ball dropped and 2014 began (yeah you!), which is why I’m thrilled to announce this month’s giveaway—a Sunlighten Solo Sauna! Yes, you read that correctly. We’re. Giving. Away. A. SAUNA. (And if you’d like to check out Sunlighten’s saunas directly, start here.) I’ve been hooked on infrared saunas for almost a decade. These are… Read More >

Crazy Sexy Cookbook Giveaway & Holiday Recipe Roundup

December 16, 2013|27Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, The weeks leading up to launching The Spotlight Crash Course were filled with excitement, butterflies and creation. Now that it’s out in the world, I’m coming up for a little air and realizing that the holidays are already here! There’s a blanket of snow outside the window (dotted with paw prints) and twinkling lights strung throughout the house. It’s heaven. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to some… Read More >

My Favorite Pumpkin Comfort Food Recipes

November 4, 2013|38Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Can you feel it? The air has a little bite, the wind is stronger than it was last week—winter might be coming, but fall is here. There’s something magical about the first nights that are cool enough to light a fire and the sea of jack-o-lanterns flickering throughout the neighborhood. The coziness of fall is a great time for soups, stews and all varieties of warm, delicious comfort food. Speaking of magic,… Read More >

Kris Carr Ken Bock MD

Nutritional Supplements – Which ones should I take?

October 14, 2013|164Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, This week I’m introducing you to one of my personal doctors. Kenneth Bock, Integrative MD, is the captain of my healing team. Dr. Bock’s expertise and advice are essential to my wellness and so is his lovely friendship. I’m lucky enough to have Bock Integrative in my backyard, but for those of you who do not have a Dr. Bock of your own (I’ll tell you how to find an integrative practitioner… Read More >

Ultimate Prevention Tips from My Favorite Experts

September 9, 2013|51Comments

Hi Prevention Partners, Welcome to our first installment of Prevention Month goodness! I’m excited and inspired to help shift our collective attention towards wellness, especially after your incredibly powerful response to last week’s kick-off blog. This week, I turned to some of my most-influential mentors and health experts to give you their utmost prevention tips. We’ll get to that wisdom in a minute. First, a little back story, followed by a new definition of prevention… Read More >

9 Phenomenal Arugula Recipes

August 22, 2013|20Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, You all know that leafy greens are the cornerstone of my diet and lifestyle. Where would I be without the incredible boost of chlorophyll? (I shudder to think.) Thankfully, these glorious greens provide us with buckets of nutrition, and they’re tasty and versatile to boot. We’re all used to seeing them in salads galore, but do you ever find yourself making the same exact recipe, day after day, with little variation? That,… Read More >

Thyroid Health: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Healing

July 29, 2013|92Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, I’m usually a chirpy and peppy gal, so when I started feeling sluggish on a regular basis, I put on my detective’s hat and headed to my regular investigative hot spots—the doc’s office and the bookstore. After looking under the hood and between the lines, it turned out that my adrenals (and some plain ole stress) were the major culprits. But through my sleuthing I learned a lot about thyroid health and… Read More >

How to Make a Green Juice: Video, Recipe & FAQs

July 24, 2013|118Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, I haven’t been able to stop talking or writing about green juice since my first sip. What can I say? That green nectar feels like pure, invigorating oxygen shooting to every corner of my being. Today, juicing is as much a part of my life as brushing my teeth, but it wasn’t always second nature. I’m reminded of my early juicing adventures each time I receive a question from a reader who… Read More >

Understanding How Soy Foods Impact Your Health

July 15, 2013|61Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Oh, boy, we’re talking about soy. It’s a hotly debated topic these days, especially in the plant-based community. You’ve probably heard mixed reviews on this elusive bean — some good, some bad and some very ugly. I know it can be frustrating, but don’t throw your tempeh piccata in the trash just yet. With a little extra smarts, you can make an educated decision on how, why and if soy should be… Read More >

My Not-So-Secret Healthy Habit: Green Smoothies!

July 1, 2013|61Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Juicing may be my main squeeze, but green smoothies take a close second and sometimes they’re exactly what my body needs to function at it’s best. These blended nutrition blasts certainly save the day when I’m short on time in the kitchen, but don’t want to short change my health. Toss all the plant-based ingredients in a blender and press a button! Within minutes I have a fiber-filled, satisfying meal that balances… Read More >

How To Make Vegan Penne A La Vodka

June 7, 2013|188Comments

Hi Sweet Friends! Today I’m going to show you how to make vegan penne a la vodka (aka Dirty Penne): a rich, creamy gluten-free vegan pasta recipe with a splash of vodka! It’s super easy to make, and you can whip it up in a jiffy. I love keeping the ingredients on hand for when I don’t have a lot of time (or energy) to play in the kitchen. If you prefer to omit the… Read More >

Understanding Food Allergies & Food Intolerances

June 3, 2013|74Comments

Hi Sweet Friends, Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, right? Well, not always. If you have food allergies or even intolerances, some foods can take a toll on your body and mind. When my readers speak (or write), I listen. Many of you are experiencing physical and mental snafus on a daily basis. These issues can add up and seriously impact your overall well-being and enjoyment of life. Fatigue, brain fog,… Read More >