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Crazy Sexy Life archives are brimming with health and happiness content from my old site, Some of the best minds on the planet graced these pages with their teachings. All of the posts were curated and vetted by my editorial team. Quite simply, there is a treasure trove here. Use the search tool provided to better navigate these brilliant pages. Grab a cup of tea or a green juice and empower yourself with knowledge. Enjoy!

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Take Care of Your Skin


This is a true story with three very important lessons.  If you can take anything helpful from what I am about to share with you, then I have done my job.  This is a story about a young man, but let me be very clear whether you are male or female this story relates to you. I know this guy.  He is 23 years old.  He is handsome, sweet and extremely smart.  He works for… Read More >


Healing the “wHOLE”


I understand struggling with low esteem and having dampened spirits. I know from working through my own bewilderment the importance and healing power that came from valuing the “hole” that is part of my whole. And, through experiences with clients who have worked their way out of the hole, I observed the value of accepting each one’s individual hole. I applaud all of our grace and courage, while acknowledging the process does not always look… Read More >


A Meditation on Nothing


There’s something about the promise of variety, novelty and sheer quantity. The other day, while I was at my trainer’s studio, I noticed a popular women’s fitness magazine on the coffee table. Mixed in with the usual headlines (flat belly, sexy legs, yada yada yada), one line with an eye-popping number grabbed my attention: “860 MOVES FOR A HOT UPPER BODY.” Not six moves, mind you, or even 60, but 860. That’s a lot for… Read More >


Exercise: It’s a Love Thing


It’s a Friday night, and the gym is packed with the masses straining to look as good as they can before the weekend commences. Stripped down to just a towel, I coax myself onto the scale. Squinting at the numbers, I see that the dial is advancing farther right than it ever has in the past. “How can this be?” I mutter. I’m doing all the proper things someone who wants a better body can… Read More >


Uncovering The Secret to True Happiness


Happiness is something we all want. This is a universal human desire, no matter what age we are, gender, or where we come from — we all seek as much happiness as possible. However, as much as we all crave bliss, how to obtain the most happiness out of life is elusive to most people. Many people assume happiness can be found in experiences, like enjoying a heaping cup of ice cream, watching a movie,… Read More >


Gemini Blue Moon: Connect, Dance & Explore Your Alter Ego


June 19, 2012—Gemini new moon: take two! That “once in a blue moon” time is upon us with the advent of this week’s new moon in Gemini. This is the second consecutive new moon to light up the sign of the Twins—the last one came a month ago during the solar eclipse in Gemini on May 20. Since there are thirteen new moons each year but only twelve months, the “spare moon” is called a… Read More >


Nothin’ Wrong With You, Baby


The beauty industry would have us believe that we’re inherently flawed. We have poor genes, faulty willpower and –gasp! — our mothers’ thighs. The constant parade of unrealistic, Photoshopped bodies makes us look in the mirror and mentally flog ourselves for not having a similar physique. Is it any wonder that according to the National Eating Disorder Association, 10 million women and girls are struggling with anorexia or bulimia? Millions more suffer from compulsive and… Read More >


A Quick Remedy for Your Over-Committed Life


What was I thinking? It’s so often what we ask ourselves when we look at our insanely busy schedules. It’s also a very good question! Being over-committed has become our cultural norm—what people expect of you, and maybe also what you expect of yourself. But what’s the cost of all those commitments? How do they affect your energy, your wellbeing and health, both physical and mental/emotional? When you look below the surface, there’s a layer… Read More >


Be Present Pit Stops


Lots of people live in the past. They reflect on what might have been if only they made a different choice at a specific moment in time. “What if I took that job, moved cities, stayed with that guy … he wasn’t so bad, was he?” Then, there are people who live in the future. They constantly imagine themselves further down the road and love to make “five-year plans”. Occasionally, I’ll catch myself dwelling on… Read More >


Cancer World


An unexpected benefit of holding your baby while she dies is the wisdom that comes from tragedy and deep, deep suffering. Some years ago, I discussed this with my friend and spiritual mentor, Marge. At the time, I was pregnant with my third son, and Marge was living with terminal cancer. We had been friends for some years, since about the time my newborn daughter Grace died. Marge and I would spend time together while… Read More >


Love, MS and Letting go: a Discourse on the Heart (with a List to Match!)


Love … Gorgeous love. We all crave it. We’re all terrified of losing it. We all struggle through the moments when we feel we don’t deserve it. We’re all capable of giving it … and receiving it. At times, it seems to vanish. We wonder why love has left us. But it never does … Love is expansive and complex. I grew up in a tough household. Out of some misguided belief that too many… Read More >


Getting Healthy With A Plan


When I embarked on my journey of transformation, I approached it like I was packing for a vacation. I made lists, Excel spreadsheets and binders with recipes for easy reference. Having attempted to get my weight under control many times, only to fail, I took an inventory of what had gone wrong in those instances. I wanted to learn how I could avoid those pitfalls again. My unsuccessful forays were marred by disorganization; I would… Read More >


Fill Yourself Up From the Inside


Fabulous and fresh thinker — Do you know how to love yourself and feel loved each and every day, in a consistent way? Definition of self-love: You loving you, so you can love the world more. I’m inviting you to live like a “full cup of self-love, sharing the overflow with the world,” and not like a half-empty cup trying to get filled. And when you do feel half-empty, to use your transformational practices and… Read More >


Sip on This: Three Teachings on Tea


If you’re on the road to health but have yet to say no to your daily cup of Joe, let it go! You’ll be doing your bod an enormous favor because excess caffeine prevents our insides from absorbing all those vital nutrients from our organic green juices and salads! A cup of white or green tea in the morning (sans milk and sugar) may help you ease off your caffeine addiction because tea contains bio-caffeine,… Read More >


Connecting to Your Divine Spark


How has your divine spark been winking attcha lately? Are you winking back? Maybe you’re flirtin’ with the sacred on a daily basis and consider yourself quite “spiritual.” Awesome. But remember, no matter how many divine winks you receive or yoga classes you take, self-help books you read, meditations you practice, mystical experiences you have, spiritual workshops you attend, energy work you do, or positive intentions, vision boards, and prayers you make – there’s always… Read More >


From Meat to Millet: How an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Changed My Life


When you’re diagnosed with a disease like cancer, you quickly become an expert on things you never thought you’d want or need to know, like how many doctor appointments you could cram into one day. You’ll experience a new form of tired you’ve never thought possible; you’ll understand defeat and isolation; and you’ll also develop possibly the strongest connection between you and your body that you will ever have. It’s a connection I never truly… Read More >


Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse


Monday, June 4 marks the second eclipse of the summer of 2012—a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, the zodiac’s Archer and seeker of higher wisdom. Get ready: The arrows of truth will go a-flyin’ this week. Some will be enlightening, others may sting. Lunar eclipses reveal what’s in the shadows and bring all that is hidden into the light. Mix that up with Sagittarian’s penchant for bluntness and there could be some “open mouth, insert foot”… Read More >


You Are the One Thinking the Thought


Despite how the title of this post might make me sound right now — no, I’m not high. What I’m talking about is a little thing that we refer to in my line of work as “projection.” In the broadest sense of the term, projection refers to the human inclination to take an internal thought or feeling and to make it external — to place it outside of yourself, psychologically speaking. Strange as it may… Read More >


Three Ways to Celebrate Being Cancer-Free


The day my sister, Jo, learned she had breast cancer was the scariest day of her life – and mine. Jo is more than just my sister; she is my best friend and confidant and has been by my side through thick and thin. The thought of losing her was impossible to comprehend. After months of intensive treatment and a mastectomy, she learned her cancer was in remission. When her doctor revealed the results of… Read More >


Green Your Period


Thankfully, in recent years tips to go green have become rampant, and environmental awareness is on the rise. Many of us have done everything from the simple — change out our light bulbs, use recycled bags at the grocery store — to the invested: go solar, give up animal products, and so on. However, the issue of feminine hygiene and the accompanying products are rarely, if ever, mentioned. Is this because the topic is too… Read More >