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If You Feel Lost, You’re on Your Way to the Miraculous

March 22, 2011|15Comments

by Tama J. Kieves If you choose to live a life that launches you into the highest stratospheres of your potential, yet fits you like silk, you might first have to stumble into some brick walls. Poet Galway Kinnell says, “And the first step, shall be to lose the way.” When I read this at my “Unleash Your Calling” workshops, participants gaze at their shoes. Some look at me as though they want their money… Read More >


How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

March 21, 2011|33Comments

by Natalie Duhamel So you want your kid to eat healthy foods, but they just want pink, green and blue cereal with stars and marshmallows. What to do? Kids are all about the fun factor. Think about it: When was the last time you heard a kid turn down fun in favor of something that’s good for them? Even kids who like things that are good for them (like reading, for instance) regard them as… Read More >

Crazy Sexy Miracles

Crazy Sexy Miracle Snuggets

March 18, 2011|32Comments

Hi Miraculous Maven, I’m back, and I’ve missed you! Welcome to my little “Stoop Talk” segment. It’s too dang nice to stay in the house, so Lola and I brought the rig outside where the snow and the sun and the birds are all singing and shining. Miracles are on my mind, my friends. There have been so many in my life. As my friend Gabrielle Bernstein discussed in her blog last week, a miracle… Read More >


How to Find the Right Therapist for You: Part Four

March 17, 2011|2Comments

  Here we are with the fourth and final installment in this series on how to find a good psychotherapist. In the posts leading up to this one I’ve addressed the stigmas that keep people from seeking out therapy, the various kinds of therapy that exist, and the differences between practitioners. Now, with all of that information in mind, how can you go about finding a good referral, and making sure that the therapist you’ve… Read More >


6 Tips to Boost Your Positive Vibes with Negative Ions

March 16, 2011|9Comments

by Stuart Watkins Have you been getting your daily dose of negative ions? We need exposure to negative ions to be more positive in our life. I know, it sounds a little backward at first, doesn’t it? Negative ions are invisible molecules that clean the air around us by attaching themselves to positive ions (from dust, smoke, electronics, car exhausts, our breathing, etc.), so they’re not just floating around for us to breathe into our… Read More >


How Will You Show Your Body Some Love Today?

March 15, 2011|42Comments

by Cora Poage For many years I was caught in a steamy, intimate and tumultuous relationship. I would call it codependent, maybe slightly abusive. I placed my “Ex” on a pedestal and truly saw him as an idol of sorts. If my Ex was kind to me, I had a fabulous day. If he was moody or “off,” my day was ruined. I was yearning for freedom from my partner, but I was too scared… Read More >


March Gladness

March 14, 2011|3Comments

You’ve heard of March Madness? Well, I’m officially declaring March Gladness. Why? Because (along with college basketball championships) March is host to National Nutrition Month, the Great American Meatout and the first day of spring! Let’s start with National Nutrition Month. The American Dietetic Association created this nutrition education campaign in 1973 as National Nutrition Week and expanded to a month in 1980 based on growing interest in nutrition. The campaign provides free online resources… Read More >


Creating Crazy Sexy Miracles

March 11, 2011|24Comments

I believe in miracles. Period. Full stop. For some of you, that may be a pretty ballsy statement. For others, it may seem like an unrealistic pipe dream. Still others may want to believe in miracles but encounter resistance. Why have miracles become a cute concept we tweet about, or a possibility we turn to only when all hell breaks loose? Why aren’t miracles an everyday occurrence, a moment-to-moment thought, an expectation? A miracle is… Read More >


How to Find the Right Therapist for You: Part Three

March 10, 2011|7Comments

  Hello Crazy, Sexy Lovebugs! If you’re just tuning in now, this is the third article of a four-part series on how to find a good therapist. In posts one and two I addressed the stigmas that keep people from seeking out therapy, and the different kinds of psychotherapy that exist. Several people have requested that I write about the difference between psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and the like, so in this installment I’m going… Read More >


The Power of Practice

March 9, 2011|23Comments

by Jackie Vecchio Practice can be infused into every corner of your life. What is it that you desire the most? To be an amazing vegan chef? To learn to love your body? To be more kind, or less judgmental? Practice, baby, practice! There is nothing that can’t be viewed as a practice. In fact, I’d say that every single thing we do is a practice. As ever-evolving and growing beings, that is what we’re… Read More >


Will Feeding Your Spirit Release Excess Pounds?

March 8, 2011|42Comments

by Ali Shapiro Weight loss for the chronic dieter is not about willpower. It’s a wake-up call. It’s your body’s way of literally grounding you, often to a standstill. Those stubborn pounds are delivering a message: A lighter life is waiting. Spirituality and its relationship to weight loss don’t often get discussed. Why? Partly because spirituality is hard to define, but mostly because it doesn’t offer a profitable quick fix. Let’s start with a working… Read More >


Anti-Cancer Effects of Onions and Mushrooms

March 7, 2011|12Comments

by Dr. Joel Fuhrman Conventional wisdom tells us that vegetables are healthful foods that can help to protect us against disease, but scientists are finding that some vegetables provide more dramatic protection than others. Epidemiological studies have suggested that cruciferous vegetables (such as kale, collards and broccoli) are far more protective against cancer than vegetables overall.1,2 New research is now revealing that onions and mushrooms have previously unrecognized but potent anti-cancer effects. We usually think… Read More >


Making Climate Change Personal

March 4, 2011|16Comments

In 2006, I became increasingly concerned both about climate change and the military action taken by the United States to secure its access to oil supplies in the Middle East. As a journalist and author, I wanted to find a way to make the case for a lower reliance on fossil fuels and other natural resources to the American and European publics. However, I did not believe a typical political discourse would do the trick.… Read More >


Sharing Your Diet and Lifestyle Changes

March 3, 2011|26Comments

by Kim Kleinman Everyone wants to change, but everyone fears it, too. Changing the status quo stretches us and the people around us, and like a rubber band, SNAP! Reaction! You probably have your own issues with change. Wouldn’t it be great if the people around you would help you get past the anxiety that comes with creating a new lifestyle? Of course it would. But what can you do if the people around you… Read More >


5 Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Affirmations

March 2, 2011|16Comments

by Danea Horn Affirmation: “I am abundant.” Thought: “Wait, what about all that credit card debt?” Affirmation: “I am filled with vital energy.” Thought: “I don’t think so. It took a giant cup of coffee to open my eyes this morning.” Affirmation: “I give and receive love freely.” Thought: “Yeah, right.” Affirmation: “I am happy.” Thought: “Nope. Not even close.” Affirmation: “I am fully present in this moment.” Thought: “What is it that I have… Read More >


The Tumor on My Last Nerve

March 1, 2011|39Comments

by Sandra Joseph Did you know you have twelve nerves in your head? I don’t get too picky about the exact whereabouts, but I know that they are located somewhere around your brain stem and each one has a different gig. For example, your eighth cranial nerve controls the hearing in your left ear. Or maybe it’s the right ear. I’m absolutely certain about the job of the last one, the twelfth cranial nerve. It… Read More >


Nutrition: The Future of Medicine

February 28, 2011|15Comments

I doubt that few would disagree with the observation that nutrition is one of the most confusing words or concepts in the English language. What we choose to eat also is one of the most emotionally intense topics of human discourse, ranking up there with sex, religion and politics. Yet, properly practiced nutrition, as a dietary lifestyle, can do more to create health and save health care costs than all the contemporary medical interventions put… Read More >


Hey, Soy – Let’s Be Breast Friends Again!

February 25, 2011|22Comments

Soy. That little three-letter word that strikes fear into the stomachs of so many. Why are we so afraid of soy? Well, I bet you’re asking … What’s so great about soy? The soybean is the only bean that is a complete protein on its own. It has lots of good stuff like phytic acid that can bind dangerous heavy metals, alpha-linolenic acid that helps control inflammation and isoflavones like genistein and daidzein that help… Read More >


How to Find the Right Therapist for You: Part Two

February 24, 2011|14Comments

  Hey, Crazy Sexies! This article is the second in a series on how to find a good therapist. In the first installment, I addressed some of the stigmas that keep some people from getting into therapy and reaping its rewards. Hopefully it helped readers with apprehensions about therapy to consider giving it a try. Today I’m going to decode some lingo and demystify a few things, so that if or when you seek out… Read More >


Dear President Obama: Stop the American Cancer Epidemic

February 23, 2011|22Comments

How many carcinogens did you put on your body today? Probably more than you’d guess, since many popular brands of shampoo, body wash, soap and even children’s bubble bath contain cancer-causing chemicals that are not even listed on labels. How can this be? Right now, it’s perfectly legal for body-care products and other household goods sold in the U.S. to contain chemicals known to cause cancer and other diseases, with no warnings to consumers. This… Read More >