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Crazy Sexy Life archives are brimming with health and happiness content from my old site, Some of the best minds on the planet graced these pages with their teachings. All of the posts were curated and vetted by my editorial team. Quite simply, there is a treasure trove here. Use the search tool provided to better navigate these brilliant pages. Grab a cup of tea or a green juice and empower yourself with knowledge. Enjoy!

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Pens — They’re Good for You


Stephen King wrote “Dreamcatcher” in longhand — using a Waterman pen. J. K. Rowling penned “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” — all 157 pages of it — in longhand, and the leather-bound tome sold for an amazing $4 million at Sotheby’s. F. Scott Fitzgerald did it, as did Hemingway, Kafka and countless others, each of whom had access to either a typewriter or, later, a computer. They chose to put pen to paper and… Read More >


When All Else Fails, Just Breathe


When we talk about getting healthy, we always assume that it is changing something in our diet or joining the gym (or actually going to the gym that you belong to). But there is something we can do, right here, right now, to bring health into our lives, and it’s literally right under our nose. Along the way, we have forgotten how to breathe, and if we could make this one change, we would see… Read More >


Leo New Moon: Re-ignite Your Passion & Fall In Love


Friday, August 17–Welcome to the jungle! The new moon in fiery Leo revs up our animal instincts and cranks up the heat in our lives. Passion, romance, fame: this new moon will take all three and supersize them. Friday’s lunar event certainly adds some drama to the mix, but what’s life without a little spice? Here are a few ways to harness this new moon and restore your roar. Bring On That Blaze of Glory… Read More >


Three Tips for Dating After Loss


When I decided to start dating again after my husband died it was almost like guilt started screaming at me so loud that I felt sick to my stomach. I literally had to sit down and think this decision through. It was not as simple as a yes or a no answer. I was a 34-year-old widow, with two little girls by my side. When I sat down to think it through, along came some… Read More >


Alopecia Areata: A Life Journey


Alopecia Areata has taught me a number of things: Life is too short, and with or without hair, life is good and worth living. When hair starts to thin, and strands fall out, you think maybe it will resolve itself. Sometimes it can just mend itself, but more times than not, it can lead to further medical problems, and this needs to be dealt with. Alopecia areata caught me off guard. After years of stress… Read More >


Plant-based Diet: Good for You, Good for the Planet


Throughout history, we can identify moments that occur that can only be attributed to a paradigm shift in public opinion. They generally precede government policy. These moments are generally brief but are the harbinger of huge changes in culture and eventually policy. We are in the midst of a monumental shift in the perception of nutrition and the global benefits that can come from this change. At the core of the change is people want… Read More >


Re-write Your Gospel


I did something wonderful and adorably dorky tonight in the name of self-love. I worked on my new gospel. For 30 minutes on my car ride home, I spoke out every damn thing that went right. I accounted for every person I could think of who I met at the exact right time, who taught me exactly what I needed to learn. I channeled Al Green and transformed my ballads into sweet love songs. That… Read More >


Beat the Heat: 9 Ways to Halt Heartburn


Heartburn – lots of us get it, but how do we stop getting it? For some it’s little purple pill or a swig of a vile pink potion, while others just grit their teeth and bear it – none of which solve the problem or prevent future episodes. Fortunately though, heartburn is very treatable and all of us have the power to stop the fire before it starts – without drugs, potions or unpleasant side effects.… Read More >


Embodied Spirituality


A new and soulful orientation to personal growth is taking root in our collective consciousness where the high ideals of spirituality are becoming more and more grounded into our bodies and our lives. This merging of spirit and matter is called embodied spirituality. In order for spirit to be embodied, it has to have some weight. These days we’re looking to soulful stories, authentic laughter and good old-fashioned gut instinct to guide us along with… Read More >


Antidepressants: Not A Life Sentence


Many people are surprised to learn that I took antidepressants in my early 20s. On the surface, I looked like I had it all together. I was valedictorian of my graduating class, I had an active social life, and I was pursuing my PhD in psychology. But inside I was screaming. I’d spent most of my youth desperately seeking male approval. I was also an achievement junkie who was obsessed with getting good grades. I’d… Read More >


Move out of Pain and into Love


Yesterday I was playing with my 4-year-old daughter, Sabina, and she cheerfully stated “I love Sabina!” To which I replied, “Me too! What do you love about Sabina?” She said, “I love that she is funny and her cute little butt.” This made me laugh and melt. What genius children possess. Loving ourselves and our bodies is our natural state, but somehow, somewhere along the line, we often lose sight of this. There are numerous… Read More >


When Jonesing for Sugar Teaches You the Secret to Life


Sometimes I find myself staring into the depths of a pint of Cherry Garcia at eleven o’clock at night, wondering where all the ice cream went and when I started eating it. But for all the angst a gal can feel when her spoon scrapes the bottom of the carton, it was the cookie dough ice cream that taught me the secret of life. The first thing my wildly spiraling sugar cravings taught me is… Read More >


Eat Like an Olympian: Top Ten Veggie Gold Medalists


When it comes to competing for stellar placement in your grocery cart, consider vegetables to be the equivalent of Olympians—in fact, they are the gold-medal winners. Packed with fiber, macro- and micronutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other disease-preventing & health-enhancing qualities, they taste great and make you healthy at the same time. 1. Green leafy vegetables: Whether it’s kale, spinach, Swiss chard, collard greens, mustard greens, beet greens, turnip greens, bok choy or Brussels sprouts, these… Read More >


Three Tips for Raising Self-Confident and Spiritually Aware Kids


Just yesterday, I worked with an eight-year-old client named Ava. She is highly creative and intelligent, yet also struggles with her self-confidence. So I asked her, “Would you like to paint today?” and she replied, “I am not sure if I can do it.” Of course, this is a clear sign that she continues to need help building her sense of outer to inner confidence. Since I also know her family as a spiritual but… Read More >


Vegan Myths Debunked


I’ve been vegan for years, so I’ve grown accustomed to certain myths people believe about what it means to eat a plant-based diet and live a creature-free life. Here are a few things people often get wrong about veganism. All vegans are skinny, white women We come in all colors, shapes, sizes and genders. Not all vegans are frail/anemic-looking waifs either – some are ultra-marathoners, UFC fighters, famous talk-show hosts, actors and actresses … most,… Read More >


Miracles Happen…


It is crazy how time changes the way you look at things. There was a time when I could not have imagined being where I am today. A time so dark and scary that it literally took my breath away, crippling me with fear in a way only one’s threatened life could! By the time I was 9, I had seen a lot. Truth is, most of the memories I have of my childhood are… Read More >


Are Competition Commandos Controlling Your Brain?


It’s safe to say that I’ve been known to have a bad attitude when it comes to meeting new people. And though I’ve become more open over time, my husband is still programmed to say, “Babe, I know you don’t like new people, but there is someone you really have to meet.” Bizarre, right? What’s up with that? I’m a happy, outgoing, easy with a smile, kind of a person. I like people. My job… Read More >


Five Ways to Not Raise a Bully


Quentin, three-and-a-half, was happily darting around the playground, like usual, when out of nowhere another little boy ran right up and kicked him in the shins. Quentin looked stunned, like he couldn’t believe what had just happened. But he didn’t kick back. First, he cried for a few minutes — not unusual for a small child. But then he collected himself and walked right up to the boy. “Martin,” said Quentin, calmly but with emotion.… Read More >


How to Create Your Own Urban Garden


Since you are part of the Crazy Sexy Life community, you know the importance of your food, where it comes from and how it’s grown. You also want to start growing your own food, but aren’t sure where to start and what to do since you live in an urban environment. I understand because I was in the same situation back in 2009. During that time I was living in New York City. There was… Read More >


5 Tips for Crazy Sexy Manifesting


You know those women who seem to get absolutely effing everything they want? Admit it. Even the most enlightened of us have moments when you see another chick’s success and think “Lucky blank!” Am I right? Whether it’s the abundant lifestyle, glowing yoga body, hot boyfriend or just the shiny hair you covet, you have just as much chance as the next girl of getting “lucky” too. Take it from someone who has manifested bank… Read More >