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Vegan Junk Food: Blessing or Curse?


Hiya Smarties! Check out this super informative guest article by Brenda Davis, RD from my blog archives. Do you reach for plant-based convenience foods not knowing whether they’re helping or hurting your health? Read on to find out how to make the best choices at the store and how much is too much. Take it away, Brenda… Many people assume that becoming vegan means giving up donuts, cheesecake, s’mores, gummy bears, ice cream bars, cheezies, chicken wings, cheeseburgers and… Read More >

Seven Steps to Getting Through a Bad Day with a Better Attitude


Hi Gorgeous! Check out this helpful guest article by Madison Sonnier from my blog archives. Her tips on how to handle tough days (we all have ’em!) might be just what you need to turn your day around. Have you ever had a totally awesome day followed by a totally crappy one? This happens to me all the time. One Friday night, I went to bed with a giant smile on my face, loving life… Read More >

Do Milk and Sugar Cause Acne?


Hiya Smarties! Check out this super informative guest article by Mark Hyman, MD from my blog archives. If you or someone you know struggles with acne, the information and tips in this post could change your life. Take it away, Dr. Hyman… As our sugar and dairy consumption has increased over the last 100 years, so has the number of people with acne. We now have over 17 million acne sufferers, costing our health care system $1… Read More >

10 Essential Ingredients for Healthy & Easy Vegan Meals


Hiya Smarties! Check out this incredibly helpful guest article by Jennifer Reilly RD, from my blog archives. Tips for tasty, fast and easy vegan cooking never go out of style. Hope this inspires you! Take it away, Jen… Healthy food fast is easy if you have the right ingredients in your arsenal and don’t let stress or time gum up your nutrition as a top priority. Here are 10 essential ingredients that will maximize your chances of success… Read More >

How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Treating Autoimmune Disease


Hiya Smarties! Check out this fabulous guest article by Mark Hyman, MD, from my blog archives. This information is always timely. Hope it helps! Take it away, Mark… Inflammation is a “hot” topic in medicine. It appears connected to almost every known chronic disease: from heart disease to cancer, diabetes to obesity, autism to dementia and even depression. Other inflammatory diseases, such as allergies, asthma, arthritis and autoimmune disease, are increasing at dramatic rates. As physicians, we… Read More >

Coconut Oil: Menace or Miracle?


Hiya Smarties! Check out this super informative guest article by Brenda Davis, RD from my blog archives. If you or someone you know wants the full scoop on coconut oil, read on! Take it away, Brenda… There are few foods that have been at once maligned and acclaimed as much as coconut oil. Some view it as a notorious health villain because it’s the most concentrated source of saturated fat in the diet – even higher than butter or… Read More >


It’s time to say good-bye …


Hi (& hugs) dear reader, Today will be the very last blog post at as we know it. (Read the announcement here and the inspiration for here) It’s been five glorious years and once again I want to thank all the visionaries and copy editors who have shared their words in this sacred space. This post will be up all week. Next Monday, September 17th, we’ll reveal a brand new site that I… Read More >

I thought I could have it all, but now …


Hi again, Friend, Last week I shared that cha-cha-change is coming. If you missed it, you can review all the juicy details here. In short, after much consideration I’ve decided to fold all my existing web worlds into one new site, — launching on September 17th! This week I want to go deeper into the “why.” It started a month or so after the majority of my new year’s resolutions flopped. To say they… Read More >


the declaration of deserving…just because you’re here


I’ve been asking around: “What do you think you’re entitled to?” “What do you know that you deserve?” Holy-loaded questions will get you some passionate answers: “I’m not entitled to a damn thing. But I deserve love.” “I don’t deserve anything, everything needs to be earned.” “I’m entitled to be on the planet, I work for the rest.” “I deserve right pay for right work…a foot rub and to be fanned and fed grapes…no less,… Read More >


Yes, You Are a Teacher


I know, all the way down to my purple nail-polished toes, you are a teacher. As in: You have something to share with the world that you care so much about, sometimes you think you’ll burst with your love and passion for what you love … and maybe, burst from frustration. Frustration, because you aren’t getting it out there. You aren’t sharing it. You aren’t taking your seat as a teacher. Yet. I was thrown… Read More >


Can a Raw Vegan Lifestyle Affect the Health of One’s Blood?


My raw foods journey began with a fractured elbow. After receiving an operation to pin, screw and plate my arm back together, my surgeon told me that I needed a transfusion of magnesium, because my mineral level was lower than he desired. I thought to myself, “How could this be? I eat turkey on whole wheat, fish with lemon, cottage cheese and cantaloupe. I never drink soda.  I live by the ‘healthy diet’ rules.” I… Read More >


Your Work: The Often-Overlooked Path to Healing


When we’re not well, we first think about healing by way of modern medicine. For some, that works. Others turn to alternative therapies: nutrition, meditation, or yoga. For some, another path is required, one often overlooked and easily discounted. For me, my healing path has not been paved by green juice and acupuncture needles (though both have helped). My healing path has been paved by my work. Following the wrong path made me sicker, but… Read More >


I have a BIG announcement to share …


Hello Dear Friend, Today is my birthday. I’m 41 and proud! As part of my birthday, I’m compelled to reinvent and rebirth. And so I have a BIG announcement to share. After much consideration, I’ve decided to fold all my existing web worlds into one new site, – The Home of the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution. My new digital sanctuary — — will launch on September 17th, and I can’t wait to share… Read More >


Living Positively with HIV


I was fresh out of high school with top grades, enjoying a year off before starting at a top university, living life like any other middle-class 18 year old. “Do you know why you’re here?“ the doctor asked. “No,” I answered meekly, knowing it must be something bad, as I was called in especially. “You have HIV.” Silence. “How long do I have?” “Five years, give or take, medications, reduced quality of life, life expectancy… Read More >


Forget Willpower: Seven Steps to a Healthy-Eating Mindset Even If You Love Chocolate


I was always pretty good about eating healthy, or at least I thought I was until I heard the three most dreaded words: “You have cancer.” Even though I am considered an expert in emotional eating and the psychology of weight loss, and have helped thousands of people with emotional eating, I now had to revamp my own entire diet. Ironically, two surgeries and 33 radiation treatments later, people who didn’t know that I had… Read More >


7 Tips for a Healthy Nursery


A child’s nursery is a sanctuary of sorts – a safe, peaceful place away from the hubbub of the household and the din beyond its doors. Most parents pay close attention to detail as they create the space, lovingly choosing just the right shade of paint and decor to reflect their child’s budding personality, and bedding that hopefully helps promote long hours of tranquil slumber. But one thing that’s often overlooked is creating an environment… Read More >


Great Expectations, Great Disappointments?


Unrealistic expectations, and even realistic expectations, have to be buried far beneath the soil of chronic illness to maintain good mental and emotional health and well-being. Living with a chronic, progressive and “incurable” neurological disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS), for almost seven years has produced numerous disappointments, and they can each be traced back to unmet expectations. Most of us have expectations. They are created and designed to help us attain peace… Read More >


Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work!


This is what I want you to know and maybe someday take to the streets like a liberated fool: You’re meant to succeed in the work you love. Your desire will take you all the way. Welcome, to this amazing frontier of good. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to just “follow my bliss.” I wanted to follow my bliss, say to a bank, or to a bestseller list, or to some… Read More >


How I Quit Drinking


Three years ago today, I quit drinking. I was 27 years old and a regular social drinker. But I was also a health coach working at a nutrition school and I was training for the Big Sur marathon. These two parts of me — party animal and health nut — were not in alignment. After a weekend partying in London with friends, I decided to stop drinking until the marathon, which was a month later.… Read More >


Is Your Self-Care Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss?


Exercise. Avoiding sugar. Green smoothies. These are brilliant weight-loss tools. However, just like exhaustion and high cholesterol tend to be symptoms and not a diagnosis, consistently making sound nutritional choices and moving your body are “symptoms” of self-care. When working with my clients, the self-care basics of bio-individuality nutrition, exercise and manicures and massages helps to re-organize depleted energy, frustration and weight-gain. They start to feel better, lose a couple of pounds and then BAM,… Read More >