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In today’s world, it’s not enough to be good at what you do, you’ve also got to be good at online business. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a bangin’ business, B-School gives you the training, community and experience you need to succeed as a modern entrepreneur.

And when you enroll in B-School through my partner link you’ll also get my Crazy Sexy Business bonus!

Crazy Sexy Business is a roadmap for building a successful online business or personal brand. It’s a collection of programs designed to deepen your knowledge and add rocket fuel to your amazing B-School journey.

If you look at my world (content, style, design and branding, New York Times best-selling books, Oprah appearances, impact and so on) and wonder how I do it… like exactly, brass tacks, how I do it… Crazy Sexy Business will show you.

I don’t hold back, instead I give you the keys to the Queendom. Why? Because I believe in collaboration not competition. I’m not worried about sharing the formula to my secret sauce—especially if it helps you come up with a your own winning recipe! So with that in mind, here’s a peek at a few of the topics covered in Crazy Sexy Business.


The Spotlight Crash Course: Level One

You’ll learn how to build your own unique brand

A 10-session audio program complete with transcripts, worksheets and downloads. Together with a team of legendary experts, I’ll teach you how to nurture your creativity, grow your online platform, attract book deals, self publish, give show-stopping speeches, work with agents and publicists, book TV appearances and overcome the fears or doubts that hold you back.

Here’s a preview of the curriculum

My Crazy Sexy Business

A behind-the-scenes look at my award-winning company

Do-it-Yourself Branding

Brand-building on a budget from the ground up

Cultivate Your Creativity

Nurture your muse and manage the voices that crush you

Platform Building

How to grow your online following and your customers

Writing Your Book

How to craft a proposal, get a book deal, and thrive in publishing

Literary Agents

The best way to get an agent and turn your writing into a career

Book Marketing

What publishers are looking for, the secrets behind the NY Times Best-Seller list and how to be a career author NOT a one-hit wonder

A Guide to Publicity

Book your own media or hire the right publicist for TV, radio and print

Lights, Camera, Action

The secrets to landing (and nailing) that big interview

The Business of Public Speaking

A guide to building a lucrative speaking career

Speeches That Inspire

How to use your personal story to transform your audience


Marra St. Clair

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Best. Decision. Ever. These two superstars offer poignant advice, easily executable ideas and industry know-how that is impossible to place a $ value on. My first book was recently published by Random House, my online business has increased 20%, and for the first time since inception, I am enjoying absolute clarity around the vision for my company.”

Marra St. Clair


Spotlight Mastery: Level Two

You’ll get specific systems and strategies for non-stop growth

In this advanced audio program, we’ll dive deeper into the systems, strategies and organization I’ve used to scale my business. My team and I will teach you how we’ve grown a massive following of loyal readers and customers and how you can too. With 500K newsletter subscribers, 900K+ social media fans, 3,000,000+ unique website visitors per year, 7-figure product launches and multiple New York Times best-sellers and awards—we know our stuff.

Spotlight Mastery

Here’s a preview of the curriculum

Secrets to Social Media

An all-access look at my strategy from content development and planning to community growth

Build your List

How to turn your readers and fans into subscribers

Engagement is Everything

How to get likes, clicks, shares, and comments

Facebook Ads Explained

Grow your audience and sell your products on any budget

Plan for Success

The best way to prep and schedule your content across multiple channels so it doesn’t take over your life

The Art of Repurposing

Don’t reinvent the wheel. How to successfully reuse your best content again and again

Write from the Heart

How to develop confidence and craft authentic content that moves and motivates your audience

Dynamic Video

How to create dynamic videos and product trailers

Audio & Video 101

The best equipment for every budget

Feel Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Tips to help you relax and shine


Kelsey Ramsden

In just 6 short months I went from not having ever spoken [at an event] before to having multiple bookings including TEDx and the 2014 Global Economic Congress in Moscow. Naked truth—the reason I had the courage to take the leap was from the bonus I got from signing up for B-School and Kris’ programs. Did I mention that I just got accepted as a mentor at the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship? Never would have gotten that gig without the epic speaking engagements I’ve been able to book…all leading back to Kris + Marie together!

Kelsey Ramsden,


Bonus 3

Branding Masterclass with Kris + Team

We’ll review one lucky brand, providing invaluable feedback on how to position, update and refine your messaging and strategy across all your platforms—starting with how to create your style guide. This feedback applies to everyone and you’ll be able to ask questions!

Branding Masterclass


Bonus #4

Editorial Calendar Planner

The Editorial Calendar Planner is the key to bringing authentic, quality content to your brand. You’ll learn how to organize your content from copy, to design, to search engine optimization. This planner will help you stay consistent and on schedule so you can create strong editorial that will strengthen your brand and build your audience.

Bonus #5

Social Media Planner

The Social Media Planner will help you map out your content so you can maintain a strong social presence. You’ll learn how to organize your post by the day, week and even over the course of a year. Plus, you’ll understand the key metrics you must pay attention to. Use this plan to grow your followers and reach in no time!

Planners and Guides

Bonus #6

Video Production Guide

Video content is one of the best ways to engage your audience. In fact, it’s essential for online businesses. The Video Production Guide will give you the 411 on the latest equipment. You’ll get my top picks for cameras, audio, lighting, editing and more. It’s taken years of experience to put this together—and it’s updated every year.

Bonus #7

Marketing Resource Guide

The Marketing Resource Guide is a combination of tools my team and I use on a daily basis, plus suggested resources from successful Crazy Sexy Business grads. It covers blogging platforms, SEO tools, graphic design assistance, book publishing and writing resources, proofreading and editing tools, legal and small business loans resources, and more.

Who is CRAZY SEXY BUSINESS right for?

If you want to be a successful blogger, coach, author or speaker, this bonus is for you.

If you want to learn how to amplify your message, product or service through social media, videos, newsletters, marketing emails, viral articles, and this bonus is for you.

If you’ve got a hankering to share your wisdom through live lectures, radio and TV appearances, this bonus is for you.

If you want to create community, connection, revolution, this bonus is for you.

If you want to do all that and make a darn good living, B-School and my bonus are for you!

Total Bonus Value = $1997

Total Cost to You = Zero
(only for Crazy Sexy B-Schoolers)

*To redeem, enroll in B-School through my link from February 22nd through March 2nd.


Now Let’s Talk about B-School——Marie Forleo’s Online Business Training!

What exactly is B-School?

B-School is an 8-week online program for modern entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to build a profitable business, market more effectively, maximize your impact and your income. Plus, you’ll also learn the technical platforms and software needed to support your success.

If you already have a business and are ready to grow it, B-School will teach you what to do next. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a real plan yet, B-School will get you out of the dreaming (or overwhelm) phase and give you specific guidance and direction.


The B-School Curriculum

B-School Modules

Profit Plan

Set a solid foundation for your long-term success


Create websites that sell and don’t suck


Design a strategic plan to consistently connect with your market

List Building

How to strategically and intelligently grow your audience


Create outstanding products and services that practically sell themselves


Leverage timeless, proven principles to skyrocket your sales

The live training takes place over 8 weeks, and includes two full implementation weeks. You’ll receive weekly videos, worksheets, sample copy you can use for your own business, insider resources and a loving and supportive community of students on the same journey.

In addition, Marie offers weekly office hours where she answers questions and coaches people. To accommodate everyone’s needs, she holds multiple calls per week in different time zones.

Speaking of Marie, let me tell you a little about my best friend. Named a thought leader for the next generation by Oprah and one of Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies, her mission is to help people realize their potential and use their unique talents to create successful businesses that make money and change the world—and she’s doing exactly that with B-School!

Marie Forleo


Who is B-School right for?

B-School is the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn how to start or grow an online business. This includes folks who work directly with clients: consultants, coaches, yogis, trainers, personal chefs, nutritionists, acupuncturists and so on. Folks who have a message to share: speakers, authors, bloggers, youtubers, etc. Folks with product-based businesses and non-profits: bakers, candle makers, jewelry designers, fashionistas, humanitarians, educators, community leaders—the list goes on.

Kris and Marie

What makes B-School Different?

B-School is a proven online business program for entrepreneurs who want to leverage modern marketing to fuel higher profits and higher purpose. It isn’t a random grab bag of tactics thrown together, it’s an elegant and easy-to-follow system that delivers measurable results.

What kind of support will I get?

In addition to weekly video trainings, support materials and coaching calls with Marie, you’ll also have specialized B-School mentor coaches to help answer your questions and provide guidance, encouragement and feedback during the live program. These mentor coaches are successful small business owners and highly experienced B-School graduates. From business building to tech, design, e-commerce and copywriting—this additional professional support it outstanding. And yes, those dedicated coaches are included with your tuition.

What if I can’t participate live?

Not everyone is able to sync their schedule with the live B-School experience. Plus, not everyone finishes on time (it’s a lot to learn). That’s why you have lifetime access to B-School and to the community (which is ongoing). You’ll also get the call recordings from Marie’s live coaching calls and can retake the program annually with the new live class. So if you can’t participate live right now, just enroll and go at your own pace. Take advantage of all that B-School has to offer today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Lifetime Access

But I don’t have time!

You don’t have time to spin your wheels as the world of online business grows and passes you by. Even if you only have a few hours a week to focus on your business, those hours will pay off tenfold. So many successful entrepreneurs started their businesses on the side while working a full-time gig and raising families. And remember, you’ll have lifetime access to B-School and Crazy Sexy Business.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can now take advantage of Marie’s 12-month payment plan.

15 Days Risk Free

Is there a money back guarantee? Absolutely!

Marie offers a risk-free, 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’re on the fence, take the leap knowing that the refund is available. Did I just hear you sigh and relax your shoulders? Great.

What happens after I enroll?

You’ll receive instant access to Marie’s Start The Right Business program, The Follow Through Formula quickstart course and Marie’s Top Tech Habits for B-School. There’s plenty to jump start your journey before class officially starts.

B-School Programs

When do I get my Crazy Sexy Business bonus?

You will receive the entire Crazy Sexy Business bonus after the 8-week program is over. This way you can stay super focused on B-School. After which, we’ll begin our work together. Don’t worry, we’ll send you all the details and dates so you can put them in your calendar.


RSVP: Live Q+A with Kris Carr & Marie Forleo

Join us on Wednesday, February 22nd at 3PM EST / Noon PST to get your questions answered about business, B-School and my Bonus! This call will help you decide if these programs are right for you!

Praise from B-school & Crazy Sexy Business Graduates!

Meet Bridget

When I met Bridget years ago, she was an artist with a vision and gorgeous products, but she was stuck in a business model that wasn’t growing. B-School and my bonus changed everything. She took what she learned and turned her business into a wild success. She now works with clients such as Apple, The Vatican and Calvin Klein, has been able to send her kids to top tier colleges, and bought her dream home thanks to her super-successful business!


Pauline Pollard

Kris’ bonuses are a pure extension of B-School, they go hand in hand. They take you deeper into the specifics of getting this amazing business you’ve created out into the world. I love the way Kris guides us through her own personal experiences with her business, which makes everything relatable. She’s also sourced amazing speakers who are exceptionally talented in their field to present their expertise, which is invaluable. Kris is an amazing, talented teacher herself—a kind, giving, generous soul. She truly wants to see us all succeed. Thank you Kris!”

Pauline Pollard,


Nicole Perriella

Since B-School and Kris’ bonus I’ve become more selective about my clients, raised my rates and lowered my business expenses. They gave me the tools to start small, grow sustainably and find out what truly works for me. Now I have the LIFE that I truly desired.

Nicole Perriella,


Kris Carr & Team have created something truly magical with these programs! They deliver the real goods and treat you like an old friend in the process. It’s a MUST for entrepreneurs, artists and anyone sharing their work with the world. It’s also been wonderful to get to know some of the other grads in a more intimate space—the energy is genuine and supportive.

Emily Florence,

Lisa Douthit

After combing through every lesson in Crazy Sexy Business and applying everything I could, my book debuted in the top 5 on Amazon and then went to #1 in three categories. The kindle version went to #4 on all of Amazon!

Lisa Douthit,


Simone Baldwin

For somebody like me who wants to use video, books and speaking to spread my message, there is no better program. One of Kris’ bonuses, Spotlight Crash Course, offers priceless access to professionals who share tips and experiences, so that we can benefit from learning about what works and what doesn’t. I continue to go back to these programs over and over.

Simone Baldwin,


Carly Zimmer

B-School and Kris’ bonus gave me the tools I needed to build this business and make it successful. It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. It made me take a look at my life and dare to dream of a better one—my ideal one. I recommend enrolling to ANYONE looking to start a business, even if they have no idea what that business might be. Kris and Marie will help you figure it out. I’m so grateful everyday for the friends I have made, and the inspiration I have to dream big and put everything I have into living my life to the fullest.

Carly Clark Zimmer, LMT,


I went into B-School and Crazy Sexy Business without a business or any idea how to monetize one. Business and marketing were “eww” words. Since completing these programs, I now have thousands of email subscribers, more than 10K Facebook followers and a successful online course. I went from zero to profit!

Yeliz Utku Konca,


B-School and Kris’ bonus gave me my confidence back. They reminded me of my mission to help women care for their mind, body and spirit and fulfill their purpose in this world. Once the creative constipation, as Kris calls it, was gone, opportunities began to flow my way. Kris’ honesty, evolving business strategy and consistency helped me to adopt a new way of being. My business isn’t just something I do; it is who I am.

Tracie Braylock,

Lisa Douthit

B-School laid a crucial foundation for my business and Crazy Sexy Business pushed me into another dimension. I turned my dream of helping women overcome depression and mental illness, into a bona fide business that reaches clients around the world. Now, I’ve worked with women in New Zealand, Australia, England, and Scotland and have had website visitors from 63 countries across South America, Asia, and Europe.

Lindsay Maxfield,


Dr. Lisa Sulsenti

Together, B-School and Kris’ programs have given me personal clarity and passion to grow a successful business, providing financial freedom we have not had as a family, but are now enjoying. These programs have changed my private practice AND allowed me to create my own online biz! Best decision ever!

Dr. Lisa Sulsenti,



I was able to quit my day job, get my work into major galleries, and have a limited time home decor line at Anthropologie. With B-School and Crazy Sexy Business training, I was able to confidently negotiate the contract and earn more money than initially offered. B-School and Crazy Sexy Business really changed my life (not even being dramatic)!

Amanda Adams,


I formed an awesome Indie Rock band, Wildwood Bleau, that has successfully recorded their first EP and booked multiple gigs in a matter of months. And with the knowledge and tools I got from the Video module in Crazy Sexy Business I’m currently creating music videos!

Elyza Bleau,


I was able to shift my yoga studio, Sacred Arts, from an unsustainable model to a strategic membership system which has increased my membership base by over 100%, plus my client base grew from about 40 to over 1200! B-School and Crazy Sexy Business were essential tools for helping me translate my gifts into the income I needed to make a living.

Lisa Borin Miller,



B-School and Kris’ bonus rocked my world! I opened a retail store in my neighborhood and was able to take my family with me to Bali on a month-long buying trip for my interior design and decor business.

Christa Keyser,


Christine Rose Elle

B-School and Kris’ bonus are perfect companions. I needed B-School’s foundation that boils down everything for you and provides the right business tools. Then Kris’ programs provided me with the exposure I needed to identify my road map. Knowledge, exposure and inspired action were the missing ingredients for my creative cake. Now, I’m able to deeply and effectively share my skills and talents. Priceless.

Christine Rose Elle,


Not only am I a proud grad of Marie Forleo’s B-School, I’m also a partner, which allows me to add massive value to your training by giving you my bonus business program during enrollment!