Where do I go from here?

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It sounds really strange but my journey began with a dispute over spaghetti and meatballs. I know it sounds weird especially for someone like me who mainly eats raw food nowadays.

It was an early morning in 2007 when I ran into an acquaintance who told me she had just found a lump in her breast. She was upset and asked me to keep her in my thoughts and prayers. I gave her a big hug while searching for the right words. My first instinct was offering help so I suggested bringing over spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, which she refused, insisting that everything was under control. I tried again but it made her mad. We were about to say goodbye when she looked at me and said: “When you get back home make sure to do a self breast exam.” I am usually not a judgmental person and my parents raised me better than that but I didn’t get what my spaghetti and meatballs dinner has to do with self breast exam?

To make a long story short, her voice echoed in my head for days before I followed her advice and did a self breast exam, which I am ashamed to admit I’ve never done before. After all. I was young, super healthy, never broke a bone or had a scar, never smoked, never drank, never even took an Advil, (yeah, a nerd, I hear ya), no family history of cancer, and not even eligible for a mammogram. I had 2 young amazing kids to take care of and a professional career as a therapist. Like everyone else who had to deal with a dreading diagnosis, in a split second my life turned upside down. This is how spaghetti and meatballs led me to my healing journey. Ever since then I’m working relentlessly to turn it right side up. That day spaghetti and meatballs also made me believe in guardian angels.

A year filled with excitements kept me busy and went by so fast: biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Everyone knows that treatment’s side effects should not be taken lightly but nothing prepared me for the next phase of putting all the puzzle pieces of my life back together. Apparently, moving on and stepping back into day to day life routine is not as simple as it sounds. I realized I couldn’t just pick up where I had left off. How in the world can I navigate on my own? I had such a poor sense of direction. I had to deal with my own thoughts and my own feelings. Nothing seemed the same, and of course it wasn’t.

I thought my life had changed overnight when I heard the word “canser” for the first time, but I had no idea how my life would truly change later after learning about Kris Carr. I came across her documentary the night it aired for the first time. Talking about perfect timing… I was glued to the screen. She entered my life when I was searching for a rainbow after the storm.

Kris’s DVD and books became my very own bible overnight. I traveled all the way from Richmond to Saint Louis where she gave a talk just to see in my own eyes that she is for real. And yes she was. Way more than real. She is the healthiest person I have ever met in my life.

Slowly but surely I adopted a new way of living. I completely changed the way I eat and as a result the way I think. I read the books she found useful and followed her wisdom. I integrated her suggestions into my own lifestyle. I started to juice 32 oz of green veggies every single day, cut out processed, junk food which I once considered tasty. I switched to a plant base yummy diet. I made sure my body got loads of raw leafy greens. I don’t know if it was the oxygen in my greens or what, but before I knew it I started to breathe again. I also practice yoga a few times a week, meditation twice a day, colonics once a month, dry brushing, and tongue scraping. Reiki, energy work, healing touch, acupuncture, chakra healing, massages, rebounder, liver detox, juice fasting, wheat grass juice, wheat grass enemas, visualization, law of attraction and much more. Kris named it, I’ve done it. I still have a lot to learn and improve but have my whole life ahead of me.

Feeling good is an understatement of how incredible I feel today. I have never felt so amazing and healthy in my entire life. Canser is no longer leading my life. I feel so much in control and uncertainty doesn’t scare me anymore. I’m so empowered by all the choices I have. I live in the moment and take it one step at a time. Or as my kids would say, “Mom does it one Kale at a time”. My healing tool box is now filled and overflowing for every mood, or any occasion. I know what to do when I’m overwhelmed, happy, scared, anxious, or grateful. I’m not saying fear is not part of my life anymore, it comes and goes. The difference is that now I know how to respond to it. I have many options. Besides, I have my own juicer… my greatest protection of all.

It’s not canser that changed my life, CSL did. Kris showed me that everyone encounters some bumps along the road of life. Some rocks are heavier than others. It’s how we decide to turn those rocks and move them out of the way that matters. She showed me that It’s about taking control over things when we have none. I learned how to react and accept obstacles and how to be happy regardless. Her message reminds me every single day that it’s not about the glass being half full or half empty; it’s about refilling the glass no matter what (and it better be with a green juice!).

Miri Eynan Breast canser survivor, a family therapist and full time juicer. Lives in Richmond, VA with her wonderful husband and 2 awesome kids.

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17 responses to Where do I go from here?
  1. What an incredible story – thank you for sharing!

    I loved reading about your experience juicing, yoga, meditation…. how you took control of your own healing process. You are inspiring.

    I thought you might be interested in reading this woman’s story as well…


  2. Hey Miri, Thanks for sharing your story with us! :) You are an inspiration! HUGS!

  3. That brought tears to my eyes. Stick with what you are doing, no matter what interference the world might bring!

  4. That is an amazing story. We’re all responsible for our every day health – not just when we get cancer – thanks for the reminder.


  5. I think you speak for so many of us.. change the cancer or problem plug in our names and boom our journey. kris ad csc and then csl changed my world. I have never been one lacking in motivation but she jumpstarted my battery with a mega dose of anti cancer kryptonite and the rest is healing history. love the story. Callie

  6. dear sister,you are an amazing person,the most powerful, solid,determined ,open heart, special,generous. you make others happy with your belief.i love and adorer you.

  7. What a wonderful story. Am so glad you wrote. I needed the reinforcement. I, too, saw Kris’ doc and knew there was hope. I also refuse the chemo route but am at a loss as to how to proceed. Haven’t seen Kris’ ‘how to’ but am eager to. Also, does anyone know of menus available. I have read dozens of cookbooks but how do you put it all together? Need Help! Thanks!

  8. What a great story. Thank you for posting it. I sure the needed the reinforcement. Am also foregoing chemo as Kris did and am at a loss as to how to proceed. Does anyone know of menues available? I have read dozens of cookbooks but don’t know how to put it together. Also, where is the list of Kris’ books, etc. Thanks Ladies I NEED HELP!

  9. Sue, click on “Shop” above and you can find Kris’s books and all kinds of stuff to get you started.
    Miri, three cheers for your transformation!
    Callie, miss your face, even though I’ve never seen it in person! xo..

  10. great story, and a good reminder too.

  11. Thanks for sharing your empowering story I will make sure to share that with my friends.
    You are one of these guardian angels…

  12. Ditto Miri! So many of these mirror my own story! Breast cancer survivor of 7 months (yay me!) and now (WTH!)melanoma. Life has a way of bonking us upside the head to get us to ten-HUT! Accept it, embrace it, honor its lessons…then conquer it! GO GIRL!!

  13. hi Miri a big big kiss

  14. Just think how much you will also change the health life of your family, as you continually serve them healing foods!

  15. Wow! What a testimony. I am about to write my fifth journal of healing journey to update my family and friends my journey with cancer. I am inspired by you. Thanks.

  16. Your writing looks very readable. But it did not answer “Where do I go from here?”. You can go on living for a long time. But when you are old? Will the same fruit juice and bananas help you? I hope so.

  17. Great read for my early afternoon!