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Most cherished reader,

Welcome to kriscarr.com! I hope you like love our new world–I created her with YOU in mind. In case ya missed the 411, catch up by reading my big announcement, the inspiration behind KrisCarr.com, and my farewell to Crazysexylife.com. I’m overjoyed to be reconnecting with you more personally, it feels like a fresh new chapter, filled with emotional posies and possibilities!

Tour around and let me know whatcha think. I’m sitting on pins & needles waiting to hear if our new wellness headquarters sets your heart a-flutter! If you run into a glitch here/there, know that we are ironing out our wrinkles and should be in tip-top, ship-shape by the end of the week.

Now that my web makeover is complete, you’ll find a fresh blog or video, hand-crafted by yours truly, once a week (usually Mondays). We’ll chat, chew and cook together in this digital playpen. And you won’t want to miss some of the powerful guest interviews I’ve got lined up this fall. Brian and I have created a little studio in our new home and will be broadcasting straight from my kitchen to yours!

Speaking of kitchens…

Another HUGE happening today: Crazy Sexy Kitchen pre-sales have begun! Yes, in addition to the grand opening of Kriscarr.com, you can now pre-order my new plant-passionate cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

Friends, I am so PROUD of this book! It’s sexy, exquisitely delicious and healthy (but in a shocking, I-can’t-believe-this-is-good-for-me way). Perfect for a newbie or a pro. And I know it will fuel your revolution. Even meat- and tater-loving folks will be blown away by the YUM factor that is Crazy Sexy Kitchen!

With the help of the ever-talented Chef Chad Sarno from Whole Foods Market, plus a posse of superstar vegan guest chefs, this magical recipe tome is getting ready to transform your kitchen and life. For more salivating details click here.

Gift time: Would you like a beautifully designed sneak peek of Crazy Sexy Kitchen with free recipes, gorgeous food porn photography and the entire introduction of the book? Sure would, sweetheart! Click here.

Check out the “making of” Crazy Sexy Kitchen mini-documentary (edited by my talented hubby!). Literally, it’s the best cookbook trailer I have EVER seen–an epic, full access film project that took us back to our roots. (And I’m not just saying that to stay in Brian’s good graces.) Watch it here.

More gifts to come: Over the coming weeks and months I’ll be giving away some fabulous “thank you” prezzies for purchasing Crazy Sexy Kitchen. Your commitment to my work matters so much to me. My commitment to thanking you is a must.

In addition to the fabulous free stuff, I’ll be sharing a lot more of my heart and my path through videos and blogs here at KrisCarr.com. I’m so pumped to dive into our new digital wellness universe together. Can you feel the love? I hope so!

Peace, new beginnings, measuring spoons & bear hugs,

Kris Carr

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133 responses to Welcome to KrisCarr.com!
  1. Great looking site!

  2. Looks great Kris, excited to see what’s in store :)

  3. First of all, I adore you Miss.Kris! I bought, read and took notes from your amazing book “Crazy Sexy Diet” and loved every page. I’m a 26 year old vegan who lives a very healthy lifestyle, and was looking for a book that had the kind of things I was looking for AND had the humor factor as well, and that’s just what your book brought me.

    I find you such a beautifully strong role model and I enjoy everything you do. Including this sexy new site! Congrats on it all and keep on being lovely 😉


  4. I am sooo excited!!! xoxo kc

  5. This is beautiful! I absolutely cannot wait to spend some quality time in this gorgeous new wellness phenomenon!! Thank you for shining your light on all of us! We need it!

  6. How exciting! Love your new site.

  7. LOOOOOVVVVEEEE it! It’s so nice to have everything in one place. Woot!

  8. Loving it so far! And I love the idea of you creating content for us, can’t wait to see it!

  9. YAY!!!! I’m so excited! It looks so beautiful!!! You are beautiful. This is going to be so so great. Can’t wait to join you in all of it. xo

  10. AMAZING!!! this looks so great :) i’m ordering the cookbook now!

  11. Awesome site Kris. Great graphics, colours and images. The digital download is beautiful and mouth watering. Glad to see you included your YouTube channel in the update too.

    I look forward to viewing, hearing and reading more from you.

    The new book looks great too and love the mini-trailer.

    Here’s to connecting with your audience at a personal level – the best of Kris is right here.

    Hugs Wellness Goddess,


  12. Oh I can’t decide what’s looking more gorgeous – you or this site!!!!??? ;D (YOU of course ;))
    Great work Miss Kris! All is looking very sexy indeed. Congrats on this new chapter.


  13. Site looks awesome and I can’t wait for the new book ! It’s amazing how the success of another influences the success of another :)
    Good Luck!

  14. So proud of the new site! The perfect combo of fresh and fabulous!

  15. Hope y’all love the new site! We had a blast working on it and making it purdy for you

  16. Beautiful!! So excited for the book and what’s to come!!! Xoxo

  17. Love it!! Thanks for your hard work.

  18. Love how bright and colorful your new site is!

  19. Love this site! Especially since my work’s firewall prevented me from viewing CrazySexyLife! My sister and I are starting the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse today. This is my birthday gift to myself as the 21st day will be my birthday. Thanks for spreading the love!

  20. Fantastic! Absolutely love your new site~ The images are gorgeous, and the new book trailer for Crazy Sexy Kitchen is what’s making me go to pre-order the book now 😉 ~ I bought your book, Crazy Sexy Diet, 3 months ago, bought a nice juicer, and am happily enjoying “liquid green gold” every morning now! I simply can’t wait for more amazing recipe ideas from you, and to regularly visit and see what this excellent site has to share!
    You have truly been an inspiration, Kris~ your energy, ideas and exuberance make me imagine an overflowing concoction of sunshine, veggies, flowers, dancing and laughter spilling forth to us all. Thanks for sharing your beautiful, bold, courageous, smart, vivacious self with the world. I definitely know my world is better because of it!

    • Can I ask a personal and potentially embarrassing question…do you find juiced veggies like cukes give you gas? Im just about to start and as per Kris’ advice will be using only mild green veg to start juicing with like cukes and pea greens. I have a VERY sensitive system and very weak. If anyone else reading this can offer some gascious insight I’d really appreciate it!

      • Try taking some enzymes before you drink your juice, that might help.

      • Hi Kris, thx for the suggestion. I’m really hoping to tolerate the fresh green juices and so is my family doctor who is fully supportive of me trying.

        Best wishes on the new site and next phase…very exciting!

  21. BEEEautiful, nice work


  22. BEAUTIFUL, love the site XO

  23. Yay! LOVE IT!

  24. Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, inspiring, website Kris – just like YOU!

    Thank you!

  25. LOVE :) Cheers to a new chapter and always keeping us on our toes to embrace and nourish our bodies, our temples…!!

  26. Love it! I feel the energy & support jumping off the screen.

  27. Do you know how hard YOU ROCK Kris?….Harder than an 80’s headbanger at a Motley Crue concert with Poison opening up! You are a rockstar! Thank you for your major contribution to bring healing to this world. The site is beautiful! High five!

  28. I’m so happy that KrisCarr.com is finally free to fly! Welcome, everyone. Can’t wait to forge ahead with all of you :-)

  29. Really beautiful and amazing. Thank you! You are a gift to all x x

  30. Love you, and love it. I can’t wait to try the recipes and read more! xo

  31. Loving the look and feel of the new site Kris. So easy to navigate and so many places to explore!

    Celebrate Life and Capture It!

  32. Hey Kris!
    Happy Launch to you! It’s my bday and I am so glad to share the excitement!
    Your books, and blogs have kept me healthy and on the right path!

    Best to you!!

  33. Congratulations on your new site! It is bursting with love and positive energy. Wishing you a wonderful week!

  34. Great site..looking forward to the book. Awesome truck!

  35. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I’m doing a happy dance. Love the new site. Love the recipe section. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us readers!!

  36. Your new digs are ab fab- what a big, bright, sexy, light-filled space you have created! So excited for you, and what’s in store!

  37. Hi! Just wanted to say how thankful I am to have found your books, DVD and website! With a family history of cancer it feels great to know I can take some preventative action :)
    New book is pre-ordered and I can’t wait to get it!
    ~Morgan XO

  38. love Love LOVE!!!! Congrats and THANK YOU for all that you do!!! You are truly an inspiration!

  39. Love. Adore! Heart is a fluttering love this dare I say even more than the other space! Super excited for more you. Congrats this place is shiny and magical!

  40. omg!!! love it Kris!! great job, there’s so much to go through here, so I haven’t checked everything out yet, but I’ll be a regular here for sure :)

    much love, you are great!! <3

  41. You sure this site isn’t really called DA-BOMB.COM?
    Just sayin’. Well done. :)

  42. Congratulations Kris, and thank you for your love and inspiration. It looks great!

  43. Thanks so much everyone! xoxo

  44. bravo … love it!

  45. Hi Kris and the whole Crazy Sexy Team! Love the new site and looking forward to seeing its evolution. The behinds scenes video was great. I’m waiting to receive my new first juicer and crossed fingers in time I will rebuild my health as so many other of your fans have. I do have one big request and question, for those of us with nut allergies or even severe intolerances (I know LOTS) can the subject of what to use for alternatives in recipes be posted on the site. I was really disappointed to read so many of the new recipes and vegan dishes in general use as ingredient…like your new dumplings that look DELISH but I need to know what to sub for the nuts…Thx and green hugs!

    • There are many recipes without nut too. :)

      • I know but so many of the ones with nuts look so good I was hoping there was a way to make them with a substitute. I will admire the dumplings from a distance (I’d say yours but that would sound a bit creepy…LOL)


  46. Hi to the community,

    I have a question I would like some help with. It concerns smoothies. I want to benefit from them but I cannot stand the consistency. I almost gag even tho the flavor is great. I have never liked shakes or malts due to the same reason.
    Any ideas to help me get the health benefits from smoothies, while avoiding the gag impulse would be appreciated.

    Thank you for all the love!

  47. I LOVE IT! Such a gorgeous website. Im so excited to get my Kris Carr Fix every week <3 Your just an inspiration. Sending you lots of love and thanks at this time!

  48. Love the site, Kris! ♥

  49. Oh Kris! The site is fantastic. I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see the new book too. Congratulations on a job well done! :)

  50. Hey Kris

    Reinvention and rejuvenation is such an important part of every thinking person’s life and it is great to see your new site and what it means in terms of who you are becoming.

    I’m relatively new to juicing and smoothies but not to vegetarian eating and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of your old site so far, and already I’m lovin the presentation of you and your teachings in your new home even more.

  51. It’s just perfect! Good for you for taking the leap – change is never easy. Your books have changed my life – I’m closing in on the end of a monthlong detox including tons of juice and smoothie recipes from your e-book. My CHILDREN love fresh juice – my 2-yr-old sucks down green juice like mad! And i’ve pre-ordered my copy – CSK can’t get here quickly enough. I am ready to keep learning about ways to nourish myself, my soul and my family. Thank you :)

  52. I love your books & your spirit. Can you tell me how many gluden-free, dairy-free, egg-free recipes I will find in this new book? My Dr. just put me on that diet so don’t want to buy a book I can’t use. Thank you for sharing yourself and your ideas and your energy with the world. It is a better place because of YOU!!!

  53. This is one the best looking sites I have ever seen! Absolutely love it. Also chocked full of awesome information and inspiration. Well done Kris :)

    I am so excited right now I could just burst! Cooking classes online?! WHAT THE? YES PLEASE! I am pre-ordering cookbooks for myself, my Mom, and my sister! And for all the other special ladies and gents in my life too. 😉
    Kris, you are such an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing! You have truly made a GIANT impact on my life (and my husband’s as well). Keep that unicorn rainbow sparkle shining strong!

  55. Wow! The site looks fab – just gorgeous – love it and YOU! :)
    Hugs – Jeanné

  56. Fabuloso….felicidades

  57. Lovely! I adore the recipe page. SO nice to have them all right there in one spot!!
    Hard work pays off as you very well know. COngratulations.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  58. Love, love, love! The photos are fantastic!!

  59. Looks amazing! Thanks so much for all you do Kris.

  60. Gorgeous, gorgeous Kris! The new site and YOU! Love it! Congratulations :)

  61. Kris,
    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! This site is FANTABULOUS! I am all verklempt! I remember “back in the day” when I first saw your documentary, to a google blog, to CSL, to this beautiful inspirational site! You have already inspired me, and stopping by the new site today just added to my passion!
    In supreme gratitude, and with loads of love,
    mj “granola” xoxo
    P.S. I am planning another juicing/smoothie classs for the students again! They are psyched!

  62. Wow Kris!….. CSL was already amazing….. but you’ve created something fresh, inspirational and so wonderful!!!…. huge high fives, hugs, kisses and love xxx

  63. Love your new world! I look forward to your weekly news and inspirations. Also can’t wait for the new book, it looks great.

  64. The new site looks GREAT, Kris! Congratulations!

  65. It is so much fun watching you reinvent yourself, girl. I feel like we’ve come full circle and are now back in our intimate group from years ago—but this time with all of the benefits of your explosive community. I love you to pieces. Keep soaring, sistah!

  66. I’ve been following Kris Carr since the first time I found Crazy Sexy Cancer at the bookstore when I was going through chemo treatment. Her books and documentary changed my way of thinking about food and I’ve never been healthier (and cancer free). But, I often have difficulty juicing everyday because I’m a working mother with two small kids. Is it okay to make a large batch, freeze it in containers and defrosting one daily? I figure it is better than not juicing at all. I often only drink green smoothies because they seem so much faster to make.

    • Hi Denise,

      I checked with Kris on this one! Freezing wouldn’t be her first choice, but it’s still a great strategy for time-crunched peeps.

      Happy juicing!
      Creative Director at KrisCarr.com

      • Thanks Denise and Corinne, I was wondering about this as well. My husband helps with my meal preps right now and doesn’t have much time in the morning so he wondered the same.

        Best to both!

  67. Your new website is really really fun and so easy to get inspired by! I just want to dive into every new morsel you have coming up! Really a great site and you continue to bring vibrancy and hope for real health to us all! THANK YOU!

  68. The new site is lovely! Congratulations!!!

  69. love your new site! I can not wait for the new book, So excited!!!

  70. Kris, Fantastic job! The site is so clean and crisp. (Can you say that about a website?) I can’t wait till all the sections are open and I can click my little heart out. I got hooked on your style since seeing your documentary. I’ve been chillin’ with you since. The CSL site was a pleasure, and lord knows you got me hooked on a zillion of your guest bloggers, but I am glad that we will be hearing from you again.
    Thanks for all of you and your teams hard work!

  71. Love your new site! I was waiting all weekend to be able to log on! You continue to be an inspiration! <3

  72. Love the new site..it’s pretty! The recipe section is awesome and I’m glad you can search for keywords in the recipes. Great!

  73. Kris:
    We so need to see a line of Crazy Sexy tee shirts and jammies! Water bottles and tote bags while you’re at it! Por favor!

    San Antonio

  74. Great site Kris (I obviously put a short cut on my laptop)! I just finished Crazy Sexy Diet a few months ago and have been juicing ever since; thank you cause I feel amazing and have been looking to improve every day. And here I thought being vegetarian was enough; next stop Crazy Sexy Kitchen after I finish the China Study. Keep it up Kris, you are a true inspiration. (hugs)

  75. Day 2 of kc.com and still the love pours in. Thanks YOU. xo kc

  76. Congratulations on the re-launch! It’s a beautiful space!

  77. Love the new site – can’t wait to try the recipes – congrats !

  78. Kris:

    I love your new website. I have been following your journey even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August. I eating lots of veggies and green drinks. I will be ordering your new cookbook. I loved the Crazy Sexy Juices book. Thank you so much.


  79. Hi Kris,
    I love your site! Could you share a name of your web designer/ team?

  80. Wonderful new website! I really really really love the pictures, colors and the whole atmosphere this website ‘breathes’ out. I’m looking forward to the cookbook and can’t wait to try some of the recipes I saw in the mini-documentary.

  81. Love your new site, such a power house of optimism sharing your passion to the fullest.

  82. So amazing. Looking forward to all the goodstuff Kris!! Woooot!

  83. Just wondering, will I still be able to access all those wonderful articles that I have loved so much from the old site? Now I wish I have copied and saved the ones that really resonalted with me! Are there archives? Please say, “yes”! Otherwise my heart will be broken!

  84. I got hooked on you with the launch of Crazy Sexy Diet. Your recipe for green juice made me adore juicing. Thank you for sharing. It made a difference in my life and well-being. Thank you.

    PS Love the new look and vision for the site. Its very KISS – Keep It Simple Sexy!

  85. Congratulations on this new interface! I ADORE it and can feel the energy and love you’ve put into it! :) Thanks a bunch and don’t stop (especially making videos! they are so AWESOME!) :)! Can’t wait to learn more about the cooking lessons and the dinner :)!

  86. Hi Kris,
    Bess Hammer here.. blast from the past from highschool! I have wanted to reach out and reconnect with you. I have all your books and lent them out as well. I love how you have turned your experience around! I am happy to report that I am on the other side of my experience with Breast cancer diagnosed almost 2 years ago. Caught early, but given my age and family history, I decided to have a double mastectomy and go through 4 rounds of chemo. I feel great and so far clean and clear of the big C! Your books were a great addition to my journey through the crud! So fun to see you online, on tv etc after all these years! You are more beautiful and… funnier than ever! As my life returns to “normal” I realize I have learned so much about my self and my health – gaining more from cancer than it took away from me. Thank you for sharing all of your experiences! I hope to run into you again sometime in the Rocky Mountains… I still live in Aspen and remember coming to see you perform dancing at the Aspen Highschool… can’t remember the name of the show… I am headed to NYC in early October to see Dede and Devon….would be great to give you hug if you happen to be in the city! Let me know!
    Much love and know you are in my thoughts daily.
    XOXO Bess

  87. It’s a beautiful site—really appealing to the eye! Very clean and easy to navigate! I love that you continue to evolve. Please don’t ever stop what you’re doing. You spread such great love, knowledge and empowerment that’s so needed in the world today. I’m so inspired by the work that you do—know that you’re making such an impact on the world. Your passion for wellness is contagious, as I find myself telling all my loved ones about the work that you’re doing! BTW, just received an email of the full interview that you did with Hungry for Change and I’ve forwarded along to many friends and as expected, they’ve come on board with the CSD! Thank you Kris Carr!

  88. Kris,
    The site is awesome! You are such an inspiration!! and I can’t wait for your new book! Crazy Sexy Diet is one of my absolute favorites <3 <3 <3

  89. Wonderful new site. Welcome back. Happy to hear (read) your voice. Enjoyed the book trailer….Looked like everyone was having a good time.

  90. Love love love your new website can’t wait for cookbook to be released. Will the recipes be easy? It looked so gourmet in video and I need it nice and easy full time working mum :) going vegetarian and raw for 4wks next wk can’t wait nervous because I love a cooked dinner :)

    • Hi Michelle! There are lots of simple dishes and some that take more time. I’d say it’s a fair amount of both. We wanted to include dishes that are fun and festive for the holidays and special occasions as well — those take more prep. Lots of salads and simple sandwiches and one pot meals too. Hope that helps! xo kc

  91. Hey Kris,

    I am curious to hear what you think about Paleo Diets?

  92. Ah, major website envy! Kris, you never fail to inspire me. Huge congrats to you and the Crazy Sexy team – this place is divine <3

  93. Your site looks great! When I was dx with bc back in 09, Crazy Sexy Cancer was one of the films I watched when I was terrified and trying to find my way to wellness. I had decided not to go the route of chemo and radiation and to follow my heart and reboot my lifestyle instead. Your story inspired me and gave me hope and determination. I needed all of the encouragement I could get at the time as I was feeling quite terrified. My path has worked very well for me and I am happy to report that my health has been very good with no evidence of cancer to date. I have followed you ever since and still hope to see one of your live talks one of these days. All the best to you. Us wellness warriors have to stick together! I hope you feel as wonderful as you look. You are an inspiration to us all.

  94. Love Learning from You

  95. Love love love you You are an inspiration beyond belief.
    Question… Can I juice my greens at night for the next morning without the potency diminishing ? If it does diminish too much I’ll just bite the bullet and get up earlier. If I’m going to take the time to do this I want it to be as beneficial as possible. Please reply. Thanks.

  96. Follow up to my last question—If I make more green juice than I can drink how long will it last during the day in the fridge?

  97. Hi Kris, like you, I have been diagnosed (in 2010 the 9cm tumor was removed) with a very rare adrenal tumor called a Pheochromocytoma. Just when I thought was in clear, I was hit by a bomb last week… it had mastastisized to my rib, spine and lung. No cure :( My very cool and loving sister-in-law turned my on to you, your movie and books. Loved the movie, inspirational is the word I used to describe it! What book do you think I should dive into 1st? I have now used your line “I refuse to live my life in fear”, so thank you for that!! Still in the middle of a tornado of Doc’s, 2nd opinions and scans. I want to dive in as soon as I can take a breath and get over the shock of it all. Hope your doing well and feeling great!
    I could be your new biggest fan.
    Thanks for all you do,

  98. So nice to “Connect” with you. My name is Joei Marie Lucey from BUFFALO, New York and I own an all Organic / Holistic spa as of April 2012 called “Green Spa Village Holistics” and BY THE WAY…TERRY LUCEY is my husband. (Yes, your Dad’s employee) ..Please contact me as I have SO much to discuss with you I think you will like to hear.

    Thank you!

    Joei (joeimariegreenspa@yahoo.com)

  99. Hi Kris,

    Thank you for being such an incredible source of inspiration and power. I just got your book (cook book) and I’m drinking the Morning Glorious. I love the website and ALL you do!!! I’m blessed and empowered by you honest testimonial living…you rock Kris!!!

    Thanks, Trulin

  100. I purchased your smoothie e book on Thanksgiving day. When I attempted to download the book, I don’t know what I did, but the screen went blank. I did not even get to print myself a receipt. I did not get a down load. I emailed you after several tries to get page back, unsuccessfully. I would like a link, at least, to be able to down load he book, since I paid for it on line.

    No reply from your help line in a week now. Not good, guys.

  101. Very nice looking site and lots of great information Kris!

  102. Hi Kris,
    Check this http://threefarmers.ca I am sure you and Chad will like it.
    Have a sunny day, Kris !

    P.S. Nice girl,nice smile, nice web site and nice work , I am sure you already know that you are realy special …

  103. I know you are an advocate of pet health, I have a dog I am concerned about where can I go for information? Thanks

  104. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously believe that this
    site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the info!

  105. I have been unable to see your evaluation of deodorants. Please direct me

  106. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some guidance from an established blog.
    Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but
    I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking
    about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or
    suggestions? Many thanks

  107. Hi. Big fan of yours and I just love your web design and virtual logos. How have helped you out with this? Just starting my own business and want to start out with a fabulous page like yours. /Maria

  108. Hi miss kris
    Am happy to find ur blog I wish I have ur sprit and be strong to fight my cancer

  109. Everything is very open with a really clear description of the issues.
    It was really informative. Your site is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!